Bible Prophecy. The Seventy Sevens

hello and welcome to another video from
the only channel that you need to not
only survive the current apocalypse but
actually enjoy it in today’s video is
going to be about the prophecy of the 70
weeks at some point we’re going to have
to talk about what is in store for us in
the future and the only reliable source
of information about the future is Bible
prophecy this video is going to be
somewhat of guide to understanding how
Bible prophecy works the prophecy of the
70 weeks has already been fulfilled in
its entirety so we can look at this
particular prophecy examine its
fulfillment and then apply this pattern
to the prophecies the concern our date
many people think that prophecy is given
in some kind of code that only
theologians with college degrees can
figure out and this cause is a great
deal of confusion because exactly the
opposite is true every word of the Bible
was written for common folk these people
are called um hot rats in the Bible
which some translate as the people of
the land the first time that this term
is used is it Genesis chapter 23 and
verse 7 and in that instance is a
respect to full term however by the time
of Jesus ministry it was a term applied
to those that were considered society’s
outcasts John chapter 7 and verse 49
highlights the contempt the Jewish
society had for this group of people
saying this crowd which does not know
the law is accursed the crowd that they
were speaking of was a group of people
that associated with Jesus every Church
that I have ever attended as hell to the
belief that many of the prophecies are
figurative and that prophecies have
multiple fulfillments layers of
fulfillment minor fulfillments and major
fulfillment this too is not at all true
there are prophecies in the Bible that
relate to other prophecies and there are
prophecies that are written in a style
that is similar to other prophecies
however Bible prophecy unlike the words
of priests rabbis preachers and fortune
tellers are not at all vague and
although translation of the thoughts
found in the original Hebrew and Greek
text can at times be difficult to
understand due to social differences the
prophecies themselves always concern
very specific singular events when Bible
prophecy reaches fulfillment everyone
that is familiar with the prophecy can
easily recognize that what they are
experiencing is in fact the fulfillment
of the prophecy when Zechariah said in
his book at chapter 9 and verse 4 that
tires wealth would be thrown into the
sea the religionist at that time would
have had 200 years to explain to people
that this prophecy was a multi-layered
figurative prophecy with a minor
fulfillment and a major fulfillment they
may have had charts calendars brochures
and graphs for sale to help explain
their theories and the vast majority of
the members of Jewish society would have
believed them even though they probably
wouldn’t have understood them eventually
around 332 BC Alexander the Great
destroyed the offshore portion of Tyre
by throwing the debris from mainland
tire into the sea in order to create a
causeway for his forces to use to attack
and destroy the offshore portion of Tyre
to the people that actually live during
this time there was probably no more
discussion of multi-layered figurative
minor and major fulfillments but even
after a prophecy is fulfilled false
prophets will often devise ways to twist
these fulfilled prophecies in such a way
as to suit their own agendas and one
that comes up quite often is the
prophecy of the seventy sevens this
prophecy is said to take up just two
final four verses of Daniel chapter 9
but since the prophecy is an answer to a
question posted by Daniel in verses 1
through 23 it would be wrong to not
include Daniel’s question as part of the
prophecy or repeatedly transgressing
God’s law the Jews have been delivered
into Babylonian captivity the captivity
was supposed to be for 70 years and the
70 years was almost over but Daniel
recognizes that his people are still
just as self
ish and arrogant as the day that they
were taken into captivity Daniel may
have been thinking that God would only
allow the Jews to return to Jerusalem if
they turn from their bad ways he may
have been afraid that God had already
abandoned them for their lack of
repentance another thing that is
troubling Daniel is that the nation that
took them into captivity has been
conquered by the Medes and the Persians
for many years Daniel had been
high-ranking official in the Jewish
Babylonian government and now as an old
man is unfamiliar with the ways of the
new administration all of this has him
quite unsettled so he asked God what is
going to happen to his people and what
is going to happen to his homeland these
are the question that Daniel wants
answered so it’s important that we
understand that anything contained in
this prophecy has to have some relevance
to Daniel’s question if some religionist
explains this prophecy to you in a way
that avoids answering Daniels question
then you just need to know that he or
she is lying in response to Daniel’s
questions Gabriel the angel goes to
Daniel and he tells them that 490 years
have been determined for Daniel’s people
and he gives Daniel details about what
major events will occur during that time
this would have been good news for
Daniel after all he thought that God had
already abandoned his people find out
that God was still going to use them for
another four hundred and ninety years
would have been quite encouraging to
Daniel but God did not relay this
information just for Daniel so the words
of the prophecy were recorded in the
Bible for future generations in
particular the generation that would
find themselves at the fulfillment of
the prophecy 490 years later the details
within the prophecy would have allowed
those living at the time a way to
confirm that the final fulfillment
wasn’t just a coincidence we’ll examine
those details in a minute but first
we’re going to discuss the unusual time
period of 490 years Gabriel did not
simply say 400
in 90 years but referred to as seventy
times seven or sabelline saddle wean
simply means seven and can be applied to
measurements of time other than years as
a beam of seven of days would be equal
to our time period of one week however
in Daniels dais abilene often meant to
period of seven years in our culture we
no longer observe this unit of time so
even though it may seem strange to
prefer to seven years as a standard
measure of time in Daniels day it was
not there are several references to sab
aleene’s of years in the Old Testament
for right now all it is important is
that you understand that Jehovah is
giving the Jewish people seven years of
freedom for every single year that they
have spent in captivity it would not
make any sense to give them seven days
for each year plus the context of the
prophecy is that during this time a lot
of things are going to happen including
the rebuilding of Jerusalem as well as
the appearance and death of the chosen
one things that could not possibly take
place in the limited time frame of four
hundred and ninety days I encourage you
to follow along in your own version of
the Bible and look into this prophecy
for yourself Daniel chapter 9 and verse
24 says 77s or decreed for your people
and your holy city to finish
transgression to put an end to sin to
atone for wickedness to bring in
everlasting righteousness to seal up
vision and prophecy and to anoint the
most holy place this verse is somewhat
difficult to understand because in most
English translations of the Bible
including this one it mixes together
what is actually two different thoughts
from the original Hebrew text the first
part is about what is going to be done
to the Jews at the end of the 490 years
and the second part is
would be accomplished by allowing the
Jews to have this extra 490 years it
begins by simply saying that it has been
decreed that the Jews would be given
another 490 years before jehovah would
end their transgressing against him by
putting and into them and an end to
their city this is not about
exterminating the jewish race are making
the promised land into a crater but as
the Scriptures clearly states about
sealing up prophecy and vision every
aspect of the law of Moses related to
one thing Jesus sacrifice every rule
every ritual every fast every feast the
implements used in those rituals the
dietary restrictions the sexual
standards the rulership of the land the
priesthood the temple of tabernacle all
of this was given to the Jews directly
by God in prophecy and visions so that
year after year they as a nation could
perform a prophetic routine would reveal
to the whole world what Jesus was going
to do and where he was going to do it
Jesus sacrifice would anoint the most
holy place which as Paul pointed out in
Hebrews chapter 9 verses 11 through 12
was not the most holy place in the
earthly temple but in heaven having
finally accomplished the act that all of
those rituals were designed to prepare
us for the Jewish system of worship
would no longer serve any purpose to
finally after thousands of years anoint
the most holy in heaven and yet still
return to an annual anointing of the
most holy on earth would have made
absolutely no sense at all several times
the Bible speaks of Jesus sacrifice as a
propitiation or as a propitiatory
sacrifice this means that Jesus
sacrifice would replace all previous
sacrifices and that it would serve for
perpetuity or over and over again for
all eternity the next verse says know
and understand this from the time the
word goes out to restore and rebuild
Jerusalem until the Anointed One
ruler comes there will be seven sevens
and sixty two sevens it will be rebuilt
with streets and a trench but in times
of trouble once again it may seem
complicated but it isn’t the translation
is rather awkward put all that is being
said is that the Messiah would begin his
ministry in 483 years and the
fulfillment of this part of the prophecy
occurred 483 years later when Jehovah’s
Holy Spirit came down on Jesus and gave
him the supernatural ability to perform
miracles another detail that was given
was that Jerusalem would take 49 years
to rebuild and that it would be rebuilt
in times of trouble the fulfillment of
this part of the prophecy is recorded at
Nehemiah chapter 4 verse 18 where we are
told that the workers had to wear swords
while doing the rebuilding work verse 26
says after the 62 sevens The Anointed
One will be put to death and will have
nothing the people of the ruler who will
come will destroy the city and the
sanctuary this end will come like a
flood war will continue until the end
and desolations have been decreed this
verse is saying that during the final
seven years of the prophecy Jesus would
be killed and that after Jesus was
killed Jehovah had decreed that the
ruler of the Roman Empire would send
troops to destroy Jerusalem this part of
the prophecy was filled as fulfilled as
well in a very profound way verse 27
says he will confirm a covenant with
many for 17 in the middle of the seven
he will put it in to sacrifice and
offering and at the temple he will set
up an abomination that causes desolation
until the end that is decreed is poured
out on him here we’re told that Jesus
would be killed three and one-half years
after the holy spirit entered into him
but during the entire seven years even
for the three and a half years after his
death the two-way agreement between God
and the Jews would
remain in effect this was confirmed
after Jesus death at Pentecost when
Jehovah’s Holy Spirit came down on about
120 people giving them supernatural
abilities similar to the abilities given
to Jesus at his baptism those that
became filled with the Holy Spirit were
able to share it with others through
physical contact but only if the others
were Jews as well but this all came to
an end 490 years to the day after the
beginning of the prophecy when Jehovah’s
holy spirit entered into a family who
were not Jews giving them supernatural
abilities similar to those that have
previously only been shared with Jews
these people did not practice
circumcision did not observe any
particular dietary restrictions did not
concern themselves with the lunations of
the moon and did not participate in any
of the Jewish rituals at the time many
of the religionist that associate it
with those early Christians demanded
that these people become Jews it is
recorded in acts chapter 11 and verse 17
that Peter tried to reason with them
when he asked who am I to stop Jehovah
from giving the power to perform
miracles to non-jews much of the
remainder of the Bible is dedicated to
Jehovah pleading with the Jewish
Christians to stop harassing the
non-jewish Christians even though the
early Christians continued to
participate in the earthly temple
arrangement as verse 27 says Jesus put
it in to sacrifice and offerings and
when he began to pour out his Holy
Spirit on people from other cultures it
confirmed that in fact the nation of
Israel had served its purpose their role
in prophecy and vision had come to its
conclusion as for the abomination it
causes desolation this part of the verse
is about Rome’s role in the destruction
of Jerusalem but it is a blatant
mistranslation of the original Hebrew to
cover over the Roman national simo which
was the eagle the scripture actually
reads on the wings of the disgusting
thing as in Leviticus chapter 11
verse 13 each of the empires that the
Bible refers to as Satan’s throne which
are specifically Egypt Assyria phoenicia
Greece Rome and even the Empire that
Satan rules from today are used and used
and still use predatory Birds particular
the eagle as their national symbols
secular history confirms this and at
Matthew 24 and verse 28 even Jesus
referred to this fact just for future
reference remember that any time that an
eagle is used in prophecy it is a clue
that Satan’s empire is involved and if a
scripture uses the word vulture look it
up in the original Hebrew or Greek
because oftentimes English translators
will substitute the word vulture in an
attempt to hide the identity of Satan’s
Empire Gabriel’s word to Daniel had been
kept just as he had given it and
perfectly on time so how to false
prophets still get away with overriding
such obvious fulfillments of prophecies
such as this especially when it has been
fulfilled so completely part of the
problem is in the fact that there is no
scripture in the Bible that specifically
says that Jesus ministry lasted exactly
three and one-half years the bible does
not confirm that it took precisely 49
years to rebuild jerusalem there is
nothing in the Bible saying that
Alexander the Great through the wealth
of Tyre into the sea but all of this is
recorded to some degree in some way
throughout the Bible as well as in
secular history so when a false prophet
wants to twist God’s Word to conform to
some insignificant event that is useful
to his agenda he feels no fear of being
revealed for what he is because he can
always say show me that from the Bible
and the same is true of the 77 s being
years nowhere in the bible does it say
that the sevens of this particular
prophecy or years when jehovah gave us
his word the Bible he did so with the
understanding that we would use basic
reasoning skills combined with some
common sense when reading it
false prophets most useful tools or
confusion and your trust without these
two things he or she is powerless in my
videos and in my comments i have several
times referred to jesus three and one
half year or 1278 day ministry as an
indisputable fact each time that I have
done so someone has reminded me that
Jesus ministry was only four hundred and
ninety days long and not 1278 days long
I am sure that this will continue to
come up as this is becoming a very
popular belief I do not know how many
religious leaders are perpetuating this
satanic propaganda however several of my
subscribers have sent me videos by one
particular man that claims to be the
person that unraveled this so-called
mystery I’ll not be able to claim that I
can show you directly from the Gospel
accounts that Jesus ministry was exactly
three and one-half years or 1278 days
long because the writers of those
accounts simply didn’t record the
information that would be necessary to
ascertain such a thing but a can show
you that his ministry was not four
hundred and ninety days long quite
easily the story of Jesus life and
ministry is recorded in four books of
the Bible Matthew Mark Luke and John
these four books do not cover four
different phases of Jesus life but are
simply four different versions of the
same story because this is the case
there are events in Jesus life that are
recorded in some of the accounts that
are not recorded in other accounts some
events are recorded in association with
events that can be dated others or not
some events are recorded in only one
book but are placed chronologically as
following or preceding events that are
recorded in other books the point that
I’m trying to make is that these four
books can be aligned with one another in
a way that allows us to see the whole
story in chronological order from all
four perspectives when this is done it
is called a harmony of the gospels
online i have seen them
called interwoven Gospels I won’t be
recommending any particular one because
just like anything else I already know
that they all contain inaccuracies some
worse than others and I don’t really
want my channel associated with
something that may be designed to
mislead for me to recommend something so
complex from what would have to be a
brief scan would be somewhat like
guessing but for getting a general idea
of when certain events in Jesus life
took place probably most of them will do
in this video I won’t be comparing the
four Gospels side-by-side even because
even if I did the information in the
Gospels would never allow us to come up
with any kind of solid fixed length for
Jesus ministry and in any case jumping
back and forth between the four books
would be confusing not being a false
prophet myself confusion would not work
to my advantage so we will only be
looking at the very easy to prove fact
that Jesus ministry was much longer than
the four hundred and ninety days that
the false prophets are claiming to do so
we will only have to look at three
scriptures in the book of John one of
the videos from the man claiming that
Jesus ministry was only four hundred and
ninety days long also quotes from the
book of John at chapter 10 and verse 22
this account is about the Jews trying to
stone Jesus and this particular verse
explains what the Jews were doing at the
time and when they were doing it it says
at that time the feast of dedication
took place at Jerusalem nothing else
from this scripture our false prophet
maintains that Jesus celebrated Hanukkah
despite the fact that there is nothing
in the Bible to indicate that Jesus ever
did such a thing the point that I’m
trying to make is that if someone wishes
to use this part of John to support some
agenda then he has to acknowledge the
rest of the book of John as well he or
she would simply have no choice if you
want to claim that Jesus celebrated
Hanukkah you cannot find anything in any
of the other Bible accounts about this
incident book of John is the only one
that recorded it I mention this because
I am always running into people that
claim that certain books that are in the
Bible were
there by the Catholic Church and other
books that are not in the Bible or
intentionally left out by the Catholic
Church so if someone wanted to use that
defense of Jesus 490 day ministry just
be careful and consider that you would
be losing your only Hanukkah scripture
should you choose to claim that the book
of John does not belong the book of John
or cords that a visible manifestation of
the Holy Spirit came down on Jesus at
his baptism as far as I know no one
questions that this signaled the
beginning of his ministry 29 versus
after this event John chapter 2 and
verse 13 says when he was almost time
for the Jewish Passover Jesus went up to
Jerusalem the Passover was an annual
event that took place in the spring
annual means once a year there were
other annual events that the Jews
observed such as the Feast of Trumpets
in the Day of Atonement however Jesus
and His apostles refused to observe or
participate in any of the rituals
associated with the fasts and perhaps
that is why none were recorded in any of
the Gospel accounts when questioned
about this Jesus said point blank at
mark chapter 2 verses 18 through 19 that
as long as the bridegroom was with them
there was no reason to fast this was a
direct reference to the relationship
between the Sun and the moon that I
spoke about in my written in stone video
series the signal to mark the beginning
of this season was always the appearance
of the new moon there has not been a new
moon in over 2700 years and until the
solar system goes back into conjunction
there will be no way to determine the
timing of the fast of Yom Kippur if you
question this I highly recommend that
you watch that series before Jesus left
Jerusalem the Bible records that there
was a conversation between Jesus and
Nicodemus after which he traveled
extensively through Judea and on
Tiberius Samaria Galilee Nazareth Cana
and copernum the other three Gospel
accounts give details of many more
locations but for now we are just going
to stay
to the account of John in order to keep
this simple after doing all of this the
Bible records at John chapter 6 and
verse 4 that the Jewish Passover
festival was near the reason that I’m
telling you about all of the traveling
that Jesus did between the two
Passover’s and so that you can
understand that John was not simply
mentioning the same pass over twice
since the Passover was an annual event
this record of Jesus activities confirms
that the time covered by this portion of
the Bible narrative would have required
at least one year there is no scriptural
way around this fact one years
approximately 52 weeks or if you prefer
52 sabihin Jesus was executed during a
Passover festival but it was not the
Passover recorded at chapter 6 verse 4
because after spending some time in
Jerusalem preaching he moved on
traveling once again to visit many
places the account events that take
place between this Passover and his
final Passover take up seven entire
chapters of the book of John the last
time that the Bible specifically refers
to a Passover associated with Jesus
ministry by name is at John chapter 13
and verse 1 which says before the
Passover festival jesus knew that the
hour had come for him to leave this
world and go to the father so the
portion of the Bible associated with the
events that took place in Jesus ministry
between John chapter 6 verse 4 and
chocolate chapter 13 verse 1 would
require at the very least another full
year it’s incredibly easy to see that
there is no way out of the fact that the
events recorded just in the book of John
covered a time of no less than two years
that works out to about seven hundred
and thirty-one days or 104 sabu m34
sampling longer than what some religion
is claimed but that is not the only
difficulty that such false prophets are
going to experience when called to
account because even a figure of two
years would not be nearly long enough to
cover all of the activities associated
with Jesus ministry when the four Gospel
accounts for examined side by side
also according to just the book of John
alone Jesus did not begin his ministry
on the day that the first Passover is
mentioned he began it by getting
baptized in the Jordan River after being
baptized he went out into the wilderness
of Judea and fasted for 40 days then he
relocated to the upper jordan valley to
begin choosing his first apostles he
then attended a wedding feast in Cana
where he performed his first miracle it
was not until accomplishing all of this
that the first Passover of his ministry
is mentioned some might argue that these
events could have been accomplished in
as little as two months if he was deadly
running the entire time but that is
unlikely in any case this would have had
Jesus being baptized in the winter which
just doesn’t sound reasonable but a
three-and-a-half-year ministry would
have had Jesus getting baptized during
the vernal equinox the first day of fall
which occurs in mid-september for us
such a date would be much more
reasonable than mid-january for someone
wishing to get baptized in the Jordan
River anyone that reads the Bible will
eventually see a pattern of major events
occurring at either the fall or spring
equinox most if not all prophecies
relating to time start and stop on dates
associate it with the equinoxes since
every event recorded in one way or
another is a reference to Jesus ministry
it is only logical that Jesus ministry
would do so as well the Jewish calendar
even has two separate years the secular
year and the whole year each begins and
ends on opposing equinoxes so just with
a very few basic scriptures and just one
of the Gospel accounts we have uncovered
with absolute certainty that the
shortest possible duration of Jesus
ministry would have been 911 days about
130 sabbah lean or 7s that is almost
twice as long as this particular
misinterpretation of a prophecy allows
so if Jesus ministry was three and
one-half years long why is one of the
Passover’s missing from John’s account
first off it is possible that Jesus
simply didn’t attend the religious
belief that Jesus participated in all of
the festival’s required by a Jewish law
is just that a religious belief we
already know that he didn’t participate
in any of the fast and there is nothing
in the Bible to indicate that Jesus took
part in any of the Jewish festivals
either other than the final Passover
where he himself served as the passover
lamb fact that he was in Jerusalem
during the time of several Jewish feast
does not mean that he himself
participated I’m not saying that he
didn’t only that it isn’t mentioned in
the Bible that he did secondly it is
possible that he did attend and
participate but that John simply was not
inspired by the Holy Spirit to document
anything that occurred at the missing
Passover another possibility is that
Jesus did attend and that it was
recorded in the book of John a chapter 5
and verse 1 the Bible says some time
later Jesus went up to Jerusalem for one
of the Jewish festivals chronologically
this festival could only be Purim or
Passover and the argument that it was in
fact the Passover is very strong while
the argument that it was purim is quite
weak but since the Bible doesn’t make an
issue of it neither will i I know that
Jesus ministry was three and a half
years long because Gabriel told Daniel
that it would be for me it is not
necessary for Gabriel Daniel or John to
give me a detailed breakdown before I’ll
believe it what I’m about to say may
sound rather harsh and I don’t want to
discourage anyone from communicating
with me but every week one of my viewers
sends me a link to someone that speaks
about the same things that I speak about
in my videos when I click on the link
that they send I’m usually led to some
costume wearing preacher with buttons on
his page that say things like books
prayer requests pamphlets DVDs calendars
spiritual vacation packages or some
other such
nonsense which leads to another page
asking me for my credit card information
it is very rare that I bothered to go
any further than that on such pages
these people may not be adhering to the
lives of any of the mainstream religions
they may in fact denounce the lives of
the mainstream but what good is it to
trade in mainstream lies just to take
home some shiny new trendy lies and
especially if you have to pay money for
them all prophecies regarding time are
related to one another and if you
convince yourself to believe some false
interpretation of even one of these
prophecies and you’re not going to be
able to understand any of the other
prophecies regarding time I’m not in any
way trying to dictate to you who to go
to for spiritual instruction but I would
like for you to keep in mind the
computer programming term g i– g 0
which stands for garbage in garbage out
this axiom applies to bible
understanding every bit as much as it
applies to computers when Peter asked
Jesus if he had to forgive his brother
seven times jesus replied no but they’d
have to forgive him 490 times and he did
so the same way that Gabriel did by
saying seventy times seven this is not
just a coincidence a person that doesn’t
understand the 77 times prophecy is not
going to understand Jesus when he refers
to that prophecy in verse 26 the
prophecy says that after the 70s a
between the city and the sanctuary would
be destroyed Jesus didn’t want his
friends to be destroyed along with it so
he added some details to help them to
discern the times at Luke chapter 21
verses 20 through 22 he said when you
see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then
recognize that her desolation is near
then those who are in Judea must flee to
the mountains and those who are in the
midst of the city must leave and those
who are in the country must not enter
the city because these are days of
vengeance so that all things which are
written will be fulfilled the Bible
records that just prior to the
destruction of Jerusalem there were
already breakaway groups within the
Christian organization
led by charismatic false prophets they
were probably much like the ones that we
have today when explaining their
versions of Christianity they may have
had items for sale when asked what Jesus
meant when he said flee to the mountains
they may have told their followers
something about the mountains were
symbolic of the Roman Senate or even how
all of this related to a particular
lunation of the moon the fulfillment of
this prophecy is not recorded in the
Bible however once again secular history
gives us a considerable amount of detail
in 66 siiii a Jewish revolt caused Rome
to send in forces under Cestius gasps
the Roman army surrounded Jerusalem and
nearly breached the walls when all of a
sudden they simply left those within the
city celebrated as if it was a victory
the Nazarenes on the other hand would
have gathered up their possessions and
fled to the more rural areas of course
they knew not to go back because Jesus
had warned those in the country not to
enter the city but remember that much of
the information in the final books of
the Bible related to the question of
Jewish law disputes over such things as
clean and unclean foods circumcision
festivals and rituals would not have
kept coming up if those issues had
already been resolved well four years
later after Cestius gas withdrew the
Roman forces returned under general
Titus Jerusalem’s walls were breached in
the Roman forces exterminated nearly
everyone in the city 1,100,000 were
slaughtered and ninety seven thousand
were taken into slavery the soldiers had
to climb over heaps of dead bodies
during the attack the reason that so
many were there during the siege was
because it took place at the time of the
annual pass over those Christians that
were unwilling to give up their
religious traditions did not survive
Titus reportedly refused to accept to
read the victory saying that the victory
did not come through his own efforts but
that he had merely served as an
instrument of God’s wrath so who did
survive was that those that carefully
studied the constellations
was it those that had a deep
understanding of dates and times and
seasons or perhaps was it though
theologians that had studied under the
great teachers of law from the San adran
no it was those that had the ability to
understand the phrase get out and don’t
come back damn hot Rex the social
outcast if you don’t want to survive
don’t listen to me

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