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The Root Of All Evil

Hello, and welcome to another video from the only source of information that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse but actually enjoy it, and today we are going to be talking about money, in particular, the love of money.

1Timothy6:10 says “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

Most people are aware of the gist of 1Timothy6:10, but never quite get it right when quoting it. The average person believes that money is the root of all evil, but those who are more familiar with the verse, will correct such a person by saying that it isn’t money that is evil, it is the love of money. Why this is even an issue, should be obvious.

We are all dependent on money from the moment that we come into this world. Even though we all recognize our dependence on money, and the effect that a lack or abundance of money can have on our emotional state, none of us wants to admit to it. But that isn’t necessarily even what this verse is about.

If we look at what is actually said at 1Timothy6:10 when properly translated, we can get a much better idea of what Paul was telling us, and what the Churches don’t want us to know about.

“The Philargyria is indeed the root of all of the evil. Which some Orgomenoi have been separated by deception, Stabbing themselves all over with much odins.”

I have rendered parts of this verse into English, but left three of the original Greek words untranslated. If you look this verse up in any reference book, such as an Attic Greek Dictionary, Lexicon, or Concordance, you will be able to see that quite clearly, I have translated all of the ancient Greek words exactly as they have been understood in English for hundreds of years.

The three words that I left untranslated are the ones that are going to be the key to revealing precisely what this verse is about. Those three words are philargyria (Strong’s G5365), Oregomenoi (Strong’s G3713), and Odynais (Strong’s G3601).

For the most part Odynais, which many Bible translators render as sorrows, or grief, or pain, could rightly be translated exactly as it is traditionally rendered, or even as suffering, or hardship, but there is information about that word that we probably need to understand that is not included in any Bible translation. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

Philargyria is the word that usually gets translated as love of money, but this rendering needs to be better understood. Philargyria really is only one word, but it is clearly made up of two.

Philos, (Strong’s G5384) as far as I can tell, is always translated as love in our modern English Bibles, but this is misleading, because the word agape (Strong’s G26) is also consistently rendered as love. If two words are translated in the same exact way, we should want to know why.

The explanation that is presented by the cults is that unlike the English language, the Ancient Greeks had six different words to describe love. Of those six, only agape and philia are found as stand alone words in the New Testament. Each of those words supposedly describes a different kind of love, that in English would simply be called love.

This isn’t true at all. Language is language, and even though languages may have different words, and may be structured differently, as far as I can tell all languages are designed to do the same thing. Communicate.

In English words like romance, love, like, lust, and desire might be perceived as the same word to an outsider, but to those of us who speak English, these two words are obviously different.

If the ancient Greeks wanted to communicate something, we can trust that we as English speakers we would have the ability to communicate that same idea. The ancient Greek words philia and agape could easily be communicated using the English language.

Agape is love. It is the only word found in the Bible that accurately communicates what love is. Most definitions of agape as found in Christian reference material are not misleading, but neither are they clear. Fortunately we can come to a better understanding of how agape and philia relate to one another simply by looking at how these words are used in The Bible.

1John4:8 says, “He that does not love, does not know God because God is love.”

Nowhere in the Bible is anything comparable said about the word phylia.

All of the emotions that a human being can feel were created by God. As such it is not a sin on man’s part to experience the emotion of philia, but since God is agape, we can conclude that the emotion of agape is somehow not the same as the emotion of philia.

Even though God is agape, according to John5:20 God experiences the emotion of philia.

“For the Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing. He will show him even greater things to do than this, and you will all be amazed.”

In this verse the kind of love that God has for his son is philia. According to the verse God is revealing things to his son that he is not revealing to mankind in general. It is obvious from this verse the the relationship that God has with his son is more intense than the relaitonship that he has with others.

John3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (agapao/egapesen Strong’s G25)

At this verse it is the word agape that is used. So, what the Bible is telling us, is that God is agape, and it is also telling us that God had so much agape, for mankind in general, that he was willing to allow his son to be sacrificed for us. While at the same time telling us that the son that he had philia for the son that he was willing to give up.

After years of Church indoctrination, it may be difficult to understand the subtle nuances that are being expressed in these statements, but since we are familiar with the complexity of human emotions, we shouldn’t have a problem recognizing in ourselves the difference in feelings expressed by the words philia, and agape.

It should be obvious that God used the word philia to describe his love for his son, because that love was unique, and somehow superior to agape. That doesn’t mean that Agape isn’t a complete and perfect version of love, because Jesus himself said that his father loved him and in doing so he used the word agape.

John15:9 says “As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you. Remain in My love.”

Here Jesus is using the word agape, three times to describe the similarity between the love that he had for his disciples and the love that his father had for him. Being the recipients of that love, it would me ridiculous on our part to be jealous of the special relationship that Jesus had with his father. Jesus love for us is wonderful. God’s love for us is wonderful. We for our part should joyfully reciprocate that love. It would be unreasonable to complain that our God’s love for us isn’t enough.

If we compare every verse where these two word appear, we will start to see a pattern emerge. Agape is always just love, nothing more. Perfect love as placed in mankind at creation. The love that everyone Earth wide is suppose to have for everyone else. Philia is preferential love.

Obviously if God had philia for his son, then it is not wrong to have preferential love. We all experience this emotion. We may love everyone, but we probably have friends with whom we share a unique bond. Our feelings for our close associates are obviously going to differ from our love for the general population. It is likely that our English word feelings, evolved from the Greek word philia.

Our love for mankind would be agape love. The feelings that we have for those close to us would be philia love. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have agape for our friends. In fact in many instances agape would be required before we could develop philia love.

Another way to think of the difference between agape and philia, would be as instinctive love, and love according to personal choice. In most cases, the Greek word philia could be translated as prefer, or preference. A philial relationship could be described as an aliance.

Now that we understand that philia is preferential love, or love by choice, also known as friendship, or an aliance, and that agape is the instinctive love that all people are suppose to have for one another, we need to talk about a perverted version of philia love. Philia love was never intended to be used to love things that were not instinctively part of natural or agape love.

God very obviously would not instill into humans the capacity to have a closer relationship with our friends so that we could develop a closer relationship with money. Loving something artificial in and of itself make no sense. Loving something artificial more than we love our fellow human beings would be an insanely evil perversion of what God intended.

Understanding this concept reveals why Paul referred to the love of money as philargyria, and not agapagyria.

Since this verse is about an emotional attachment to something evil, it should be obvious that such an attachment would not be part of any natural, or instinctive behavior. Love may be part of our natural makeup, but love for money is not.

Even though it is obvious that God understood how mankind’s emotions could be perverted, there is nothing in the Bible, or the natural world that would lead us to believe that the artificial alliance between humans and money is pleasing to God, or that it is even acceptable to God.

We can now say that the word philargyria means preferential love of gyria. So all that we have to do now is figure out what gyria is.

Believe it or not, this word has come down to us as the modern English word hero. But in Spanish this word has come down to us as guerra, which in English translates as war. But in the ancient past this word simply would have meant “spinning things”.

In our Bibles it is often translated as pieces of silver, and if we look at the surrounding text that translation actually makes some amount of sense. In fact there is no reason to doubt the Empire’s rendering of the ancient Greek word argyrion (Strong’s G694) as silver.

But, if we look at the word in it’s original form, it’s resemblance to the modern Greek word (hero)gyro can not be just a coincidence.

The sandwich that is known as a hoagie, or submarine sandwich is also known as a hero sandwich. We are all led to believe that it is a sandwich that is made for a hero. But the word hero sounds exactly like the Greek word hero(gyro) which is spelled G-Y-R-O. The earliest hero sandwiches were the Greek version, which is named for the fact that the originals were made from lamb roasted on a spinning spit. What we in America might call an upright rotisserie.

The official Greek definition of the word (hero)gyro is “spinning”. In English the word gyro, which is spelled exactly like the Greek word (hero) gyro is so called because of the upright spinning spits of lamb used to make the Greek version of a hero sandwich.

The way that I discovered the linguistic connection between the gyro, and the hero, was by traveling to the Mediterranean.

I don’t remember which country I was in, but I do remember being hungry and asking whoever I was with if they wanted to get something to eat? He said yes, let’s get a hero. I said OK, but when we got to the vendors stand, I said “Instead of getting a sandwich, why don’t we get one of those” pointing at a sign that said gyro. The person that I was with didn’t make a big deal out of it, but I seem to remember a chuckle.

I was a little bit disappointed when the vendor gave me a sandwich, but since it was a really good sandwich and I got to watch him slice the meat off of a huge roast that was slowly turning on an upright spit, I felt OK with it because I knew that I was experiencing something unique to that culture, that I would not be able to experience back home in Mississippi.

Even as I was walking away with my sandwich, I was a little confused about why the vendor did not give me the gyro that I asked for. I did not figure it all out till years later, which is why I don’t remember who I was with, or where I was. From what I understand those Greek (heros)gyros are served all over that part of the world, not just in Greece.

Another connection between the ancient Greek word which is spelled like our modern English word gyro, is it’s pronunciation in Greek which would be more like guerra, the Spanish word meaning war.

It really wouldn’t make any sense to say that the word philargyria means preferential love of sandwiches, spinning things, war, gyros, or heroes. But if we consider the fact that this word makes more sense as an alliance with pieces of silver, we can use all of those modern definitions to get a better view of what those pieces of silver actually represented.

Coins in general are round, the images that are found on coins are usually heroic figures, they are usually the motivation for war, they are always used to fund war. And there should be no reason for me to have to explain the link between money and sandwiches.

Another very strong connection exist between the word philargyria and the concept of a preferential love of the planets. All planets are named after the gods, people in the ancient past left records that indicate that everyone Earth wide knew that the planets were round, and spinning, and most of the stories associated with the gods of the ancient past are associated with carnal warfare. The gods represented by those planets were the heroes of old. Nothing that I am saying is conjecture. Everything that I am revealing to you is linguistically accurate.

Paul could have easily said that the love of drachmas was the root of all evil, or the love of shekels was the root of all evil. Both terms are used in the Bible, so obviously his listeners would have understood what he was saying. But instead he used what might be called a generic term, for coins in general. Since paper money had as of yet not been invented, Paul’s use of the word that would be understood to mean coin, would have been understood as our modern word money. But considering what life was like back in the first century it is also likely that Paul’s listeners would have recognized what he said as a direct reference to the gods, or the planets.

There are way too many scriptures about gods that seemingly would have to be about coins, and way to many scriptures about gods that would absolutely have to be about the planets.

Genesis Chapter 31 is all about Jacob, Rebekah, and Rachel escaping from Isaac’s Father in Law, Laban. Laban had used treachery and deception to manipulate Jacob into a legal agreement that cost him 14 years of his life. As a way of recovering some of those years of lost income Rachel stole what the Bible calls Laban’s Household Gods. If you read the story in it’s entirety there is no denying that it doesn’t make sense.

Jacob is spoken of throughout the Bible as being fully dedicated to the worship of his God Yahweh, and so was Rachel. There is no way that Rachel would have been at all interested in stealing a bunch of statues of Ba’al. Plus, according to the story, the way that she was able to hide the gods from her father was by putting them in a bag and sitting on them. The gods that Rachel stole were obviously coins.

What Paul was saying was very much like our modern English phrase “love of money”. But if we look at the history of money, we can see why Paul would use the word philargyria instead of saying something like philiadrachma, or philiashekel. In a way, Paul was exposing a conspiracy against mankind that has been going on since long before he was born. I will be talking more about this concept in my next video “Keep Your Eye Single”, based on Matthew6:22.

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

You now have a better understanding of what Paul meant at 1Timothy6:10 than anyone else alive on the Earth today. But it gets even better.

“The alliance with the gods, or money is indeed the root of all of the evil. Which some Orgomenoi have been separated by deception, Stabbing themselves all over with much suffering.”

Orgomenoi in many English translations of the Bible is rendered as wandered, craving, erred, want, eager, set their hearts on getting rich, reaching for it, hankered,and stretching after. The odd way that this word gets used is based on the fact that it is not a common term found in Greek literature.

If we look at this word and similar Greek words it seems as if there is much more involved than simple covetousness. If this word was about, lust, craving, error, eagerness, greed, struggling, or any of the other words that translators use, then the Greeks would have had words to express those concepts.

Orego(Strong’s G3713) is used three times in the new testament, to describe someone attempting to acquire a higher social status. Sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. But in each case it is obvious that the word orego is about social climbing.

According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, “orego is apparently from a prolonged form of an obsolete primary.” Meaning that Strong’s isn’t really sure of what this word means, but only that it is formed from the word oros, Strong’s G3735, which means to rise up.

Other words that are formed from this word are iro which means to lift up. Air, which means the same thing as our English word Air. And ouranos which in ancient Greek means heaven. Ouranos is where we get our English word Uranus, which is the name of one of the planets.

1Timothy4:17 says that the dead shall be raised up and we shall meet them in the air with the Lord. This word air as understood in ancient Greek would simply have meant above ground level, as opposed to below ground level. This word is simply describing the dead, who are in the ground coming out into the open air along with those of us who are alive when this all takes place, and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with human beings flying, or floating up into the sky.

Each and every one of these words is related to the concept of up, or the struggle to go up. Whether it is the dead rising up from their graves, or the living standing up from a sitting or crouching position, or as in 1Timothy6:10, about someone attempting to achieve an elevated social status.

In English, if we were to speak of someones occupation, and say that they were going up the ladder, it would be understood that we were speaking figuratively about a person’s social status.

Paul concluded by saying that people doing these things were stabbing themselves all over with much pain, suffering, or hardship. The word that he uses is odynais. (Strong’s G3601) which is the plural form of the Greek word Odin O-D-I-N. This is an exact spelling of the name of the Norse God Odin. In Hebrew, Odin would be considered one of the Ba’als. Although most believe that Ba’al is the proper name of one of the gods, it is actually the name of a group of gods. The word Ba’al which can be translated as god by legal agreement, is used in both it’s singular form and plural form in the Old Testament. Just as odin appears in it’s plural form in this verse, which is why most Bibles render this verse as,

Those loving money are stabbing themselves all over with many pains. Plural.

Odin is often depicted as only having one eye, which is common among the gods of all mythologies. In fact, the “All Seeing Eye” or “Eye Of Providence” the single eye that is printed on the back of the US One Dollar Bill reveals why this is the case.

An accurate rendering of 1Timothy6:10 into English would sound more like this:

“The alliance with the coin of the realm is indeed the root of all of the evil. Which some Struggling to climb after have been separated by deception, Stabbing themselves all over with much suffering.”

If you have been watching my videos for any length of time, you likely understand that the pyramid that someone would have to struggle to climb, would represent civilization’s social order.

Anyone struggling to achieve a superior position in Satan’s pyramid scheme, would obviously have to ignore the instinctive desire to draw closer to God. The separating that Paul was talking about would be the separation from God’s Holy Spirit that would be required of anyone drawing closer to the God of Civilization.

Jesus once said that if your single eye causes you to sin, cast it out. It is better to live with one eye, than to be cast into Gehenna with both eyes. If you would like to learn more about the one eyed gods of mythology, I highly recommend that you watch my upcoming video entitled “Keep Your Eye Single”

Another wicked god of mythology is named Dolos. In Greek mythology Dolos was the demon of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, treachery, deception, and guile. The name Dolos is where we get our English word Dollar. I’ll also be talking more about that in my next video.

If you have listened to all of this information, you shouldn’t feel bad if you get depressed when you don’t have any money. And you shouldn’t feel bad if you get excited when you have an excess of money. But if all of your bills are paid, and you have a place to live and food to eat, along with other things that help you to enjoy life in this twisted world, then you should keep in mind Paul’s words at 1Timothy6:8.

“Having SustenanceNCovering we shall be content”.

That would be especially true for those who have been blessed not only with food and shelter, but also with access to all of the SustenanceNCovering internet resources.

After 6,000 years of people living and dying in this world with little hope of anything better, those of us living now, may actually witness with our own eyes, this entire solar system being restored along with all of the extinct species of plants and animals. Should we survive all the way up until the end, we will even witness the resurrection of the dead, as everyone who has ever lived rises up from the ground to enter into the cloud with us, to be with Jesus, foever.

If you don’t want to survive…….Don’t listen to me.

Can Our Modern Versions Of The Bible Be Trusted?

Hello, and Welcome to another video from the only source of information that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse but actually enjoy it, and today I’m going to be talking about how our Bibles have been altered over the thousands of years of time since they were originally put into print, and the effects that those alterations have had on the accuracy of our English translations.

The question of whether or not our modern Bibles can be trusted, comes up quite often, and it is becoming fairly common for me to have to explain in a few short sentences why the overall teachings of the Bible can in fact be trusted. But, I’m not really comfortable with that. I always feel like the short version really isn’t enough.

As someone who has read the Bible all the way through, many times, from beginning to end, I can say with confidence that although it is very easy to defend any Church doctrine that you can think of, using individual scriptures, not one doctrinal teaching, of any religion, as the supported by the Bible, when taken as a whole.

If you, like myself, are one of those people that has read the Bible all the way through, than you probably already know what I am talking about. Anytime someone starts posting proof text of some Christian teaching it instantly comes across, to those of us who are well versed in the Bible, as nonsense.

Those who believe that the genocides conducted by The Empire are a good thing, will always quote some bit of scripture about David’s soldiers going out and killing a whole bunch of people, as if God approves of murder. But you will never hear such a person mention God’s law, which clearly states “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. None of those who support civilization can ever explain in any kind of reasonable way what Jesus meant when at Matthew6:9 and 10, he said that we were to pray for God’s Kingdom to come.

They simply are not able to accept God’s promise to soon put an end to the insane carnal warfare that humans indulge in, as they struggle over who gets to claim ownership of the Earth’s natural resources.

Obviously those who indulge in such conflicts are not interested in praying for God’s Kingdom to come, but are more concerned with defending the Kingdoms that already exist. It would not be logical to believe that someone willing to fight to the death, in defense of one of mankind’s governments, would be willing to live under God’s appointed ruler Jesus Christ.

No one who reads the Bible from cover to cover, with an open mind, would ever come to the conclusion that God approves of death and destruction. Only someone that has been trained by the Satanic cults of Christianity, Judaism, and Atheism, would believe that the Bible supports such demon inspired nonsense.

It must be admitted, that even those who read the Bible regularly, have to struggle to put into words what the Bible is actually about. Often people who have never even been involved with a religion, believe that the Bible is a rule book, for how to achieve some kind of reward in the afterlife. We have all been exposed to the propaganda produced by religion, even if we have never been inside of a Church.

In the Bible, the God of Punishment and Reward is Satan. To those willing to read the Bible with an open mind, and see it for what it actually is, it becomes quite obvious, quite quickly, that the Bible is simply a written record of the war between Satan, and the Creator.

This war is often presented as the war between the Righteous Angels, and the Wicked Angels, or the War between Creation, and Civilization, or the War between God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Empire.

If you look at all of the ancient bits and pieces of original Hebrew Text, they are all a little bit different from one another. Probably because of the extended amount of time over which they were produced.

Over time, words and grammar change. To someone living during that process, the changes would have been easy to address. Since no one was working as a professional translator or printer at that time, probably most of what has been discovered would have been written by people making personal copies for their children and grandchildren.

I am certain that many copies were produced by the Priestly class, but thousands of years later, it would be difficult to tell a priest’s copy of an Old Testament book, from a Sheep Herders copy. Contrary to popular belief, I am certain that Sheep Herders at the time were very literate.

Being able to compare the differences in these ancient text actually helps to confirm that the original ideas that God was communicating to mankind were preserved. At least up until about 2,700 years ago. After the Babylonians invaded and conquered Judah, everything changed.

People, over time, forgot how to speak The Language of Abraham, and began to speak Babylonian. For some reason the Churches don’t want anybody to know that parts of the Bible were originally recorded in the Babylonian language. Even several quotes of Jesus that are found in our modern versions of the Bible, contain English words that were translated from Babylonian words.

Whenever ancient Babylonian text is found, it is called Chaldean, because, Babylon at one time was the center of what has become known as The Chaldean Empire. But, in recent years it has become a common practice to refer to any parts of the Bible that were originally recorded in Babylonian, as Aramaic.

This manipulation of the English language is nothing more than a Theological propaganda tool. Aramaic, Babylonian, and Chaldean are all the same language.

The Jews who were freed from the Babylonian Empire by the Persians, spoke Babylonian. Babylonian would have been a major part of the language that everyone in Israel spoke all the way up until Babylon was conquered, by Alexander The Great.

Even the Samaritans who moved into the territory vacated by the ten Northern tribes, and their Assyrian conquerors would have spoken a version of the Chaldean language.

When the Greeks conquered Babylon, they called the language of the Jews, Hebraisti, Which is a Greek corruption of a word meaning language of Eber. Hebraisti Strong’s G1447 is the word that is rendered as Hebrew in the New Testament.

Eber was the family head of Abraham’s tribe, when Abraham entered the promised land. Eber was Abraham’s Great Great Great Great Grandfather. The language that would have been spoken by Eber and Abraham is what most people think of as Hebrew. But, it is unlikely that anyone alive in Jesus’ day would have been able to understand that language.

What we call Hebrew today bares a much stronger resemblance to the language of Babylon than to the language of Abraham. The official language of the people of Israel currently, would not have been understood by Abraham. Hebrew today, is simply another corrupted version of Babylonian, written with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Just as the stars in our universe are recognized by the patterns that form our constellations, all alphabets, Earth wide were developed from those same star patterns. “Babylon The Great” mentioned in The Book of Revelation is a direct reference to the stars in our nighttime sky, as well as the alphabets used by every nation on the Earth. In effect all Biblical references to Babylon are direct references to the written languages of the world, as they appear in the star patterns found in our nighttime sky.

Not long after conquering Judah, Alexander The Great died unexpectedly. Without any governmental system in place to designate his replacement, several of his generals took it upon themselves to become the next ruler of the Greek Empire.

Since none of the Generals was willing to acknowledge any of the others as their new emperor, they started sending their soldiers off to murder one another. This governmental instability kept that region of the planet engulfed in carnal warfare for decades.

About 200 years after Alexander’s death, Ptolemy had what we today call the Old Testament translated into Greek. It was hoped that by doing so he could instill a sense of patriotism into the Jewish citizens that lived in his part of the Empire.

The translation that was produced by the Ptolemy is what we today call the Septuagint. It was apparently hoped that the Jews would see Ptolemy as the defender of the faith, and assist him in his struggle for world domination. As the story goes about 70 men were used to translate the Ancient Hebrew text of the Bible into Attic Greek.

So as not to offend the Jews, they made a point of ensuring that nothing was done to their beloved book that could potentially anger the Jewish people. When compared to ancient Hebrew texts of the old testament, it appears as if the Septuagint is a very accurate translation.

The Septuagint is the Bible that Jesus would have been familiar with. Every time that the Bible speaks of Jesus quoting the Old Testament, his words are identical to those found in the Septuagint. Had he been quoting any Hebrew text of the Old Testament, or any of the other Greek text of the Old Testament, that would not be the case.

Since the Septuagint was suppose to be a propaganda tool, Ptolemy had a few extra books inserted into it’s pages. These books are called the Deuterocanonicals and Apocrypha.

They are all well known, and are always in separate parts of the Bible, and clearly labeled as different. These extra books all incorporate patriotic themed, traditional stories of the Jewish religion.

The misleading stories found in the Deuterocanonicals and Apocrypha are very similar to the the traditional religious stories and patriotic propaganda taught by the Churches today.

The original Old Testament books that were translated into Greek are extremely trustworthy. The newer books that were inserted into the Septuagint, are not. None of those books have ever been found in any catalog of the Old Testament produced prior to the time when Judah became a part of the Greek Empire, and none of The New Testament writers ever quoted them.

Most people have no idea how our modern Bibles came to be. In evidence of that fact, many who watch my Bible videos will speak about how the Deuterocanonicals and Apocrypha have been removed from the Bible in order to hide the truth.

It is true that bad things have been done to our Bibles in order to conceal truth. But since the Septuagint, and other ancient language texts still exist, and many modern Bibles still include Ptolemy’s extra books, it is not that difficult to read them and decide for ourselves if they really deserve any special attention.

Every time that I read from the Bible, I discover another incredible spiritual truth, to share with my friends. I can not say that about anything that I have ever read out of the books that were added by Ptolemy.

When Rome usurped The Greek Empire, those speaking Greek were eventually forced to learn Latin. The most popular Latin version of The Bible is what has become known as the Vulgate. In Latin the “Versio Vulgata” which roughly translates as “Common Language Version”. It is at this point in history that the Catholic Religion rose to power.

This time around, Satan wasn’t just going to have books added to the text, but was also going to seriously alter the text itself.

What makes this version of the Bible worse than the previous versions is that those doing the translating weren’t just scholars, deciphering some long dead language. They were bilingual speakers of both the Greek, and Latin, meaning that they were fully aware of exactly what they were doing.

The point that I am trying to make, is that the translation errors that they inserted into the text could not simply be dismissed as honest mistakes. Jerome and all others involved in the production of the Latin Vulgate, intentionally mistranslated passages, in such a way, as to make it seem as if The Bible supported the teachings of Mithraism, the ancient religion practiced by Rome, based on the mythologies of the previous world empires.

The Papas, or Popes who ruled over Rome, were insanely evil men who worshiped Satan, The God of Punishment, and Reward. As a result, the text of the Latin Vulgate was altered ever so slightly, in such a way as to make is seem as if “The God of Punishment and Reward” was The Creator. From that moment on, the Bible would become civilization’s most powerful tool for controlling the masses.

The Hellfire, Trinitarian God, that had been established by the Egyptian Empire, as Osiris, Horus, and Isis, would now become firmly established as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of Christianity.

As time went on, Latin became a dead language, just as Greek, as had Babylonian before that, and Hebrew before that. Britain eventually ascended to power, and Latin was replaced by English, as the universal language of the Empire.

Although the Catholic Church resisted for a very long time, the need for a new translation into the new language of The New Empire had to be produced.

Initial attempts were unsuccessful, due to the fact that a whole bunch of people were aware that the Latin version was corrupted. As a result, Church leaders demanded that the new English version be translated not from the Latin Vulgate, but instead from the original Greek language versions.

It is unlikely that these men were motivated by a hunger for the truth, but simply wanted to make it publicly known that the religion of the British Empire was not going to be beholding to the religion of The Roman Empire that it was replacing.

The British Empire wanted to create the myth that the religion of the masses would be based on the religion of Jesus, and not on the religion of Rome. Since people understood that Jesus spoke Greek, they wanted a bible based on the language that Jesus spoke.

The Problem was that the King of England, worshiped the same Trinitarian, Hell Fire, God, of punishment and reward that was being worshiped by the ruler of Rome. There was no way that King James was going to allow his subjects to worship the true God. The Bible of The Roman Empire had to somehow be preserved as The Bible of The British Empire.

As a means of perpetuating the myth that The New Testament of The English Bible was a direct translation of the original language books, a Catholic Theologian named Desiderius Erasmus translated the New Testament of The Latin Vulgate into Greek.

Just so that you understand what I am telling you, The original books of the Bible which had been preserved in Greek were eventually translated into Latin by Jerome, and rather than translate those original Greek language books into English, Erasmus translated the Latin Books of The New Testament back into Greek just so that King James could claim that his English Bible was not translated from Latin.

All of the misleading verses put into the Vulgate by Jerome, were put into the Textus Receptus by Erasmus. To this day most of those altered verses can still be found in our modern Bibles. If King James had his Bible translated from the original documents as claimed, that would not be true.

The Greek document produced by Erasmus, although very similar to the original language text of the Bible had been seriously altered as a means of clouding the truth. This version became known as “Textus Receptus” which in English means, the received text.

Calling this fabrication the Received Text has successfully led many honest members of the Christian faith to believe that only Erasmus’ version of the Greek text is directly from God, as a result the version of the English Bible that was initially translated from that text is to this day treated the same way.

Many people falsely believe that the end results produced by Erasmus and King James I of England are the only trustworthy Bible texts that exists. King James named his Bible, “The Authorized Version, for the same reason that Erasmus’ New Testament was called the “Received Text”.

Erasmus received his text from The Catholic Church, the Authorized Version, was authorized by the ruler of Satan’s Empire. Neither version was Received from, or Authorized by The True God.

Living in our modern age, many over the course of the last two hundred years or so have become aware of the problems with Erasmus’ “Received Text” and King James’, Authorized Version, and as a result there are now many English translations of the Bible available for us to read.

Unfortunately, even though quite a few of the more well known errors have been corrected in our newer translations, quite a few unpublicized errors have not.

The Western world for the most part is still involved in the religions of Christianity, and Judaism, which are directly under the control of “The God of Punishment and Reward”.

For the time being, this is still Satan’s Civilization. So Until Christ returns to rid the Earth of Satan and all of his religions forever, wickedness will continue to abound. Many alive today, will go to their graves without ever finding out that their religions were lying to them about God’s word the Bible.

No matter how many people watch this video, listen to the audio file from this video, or read the transcripts of this video, most will disagree with what I am saying.

I fully expect to receive many links to scholarly articles disputing what I am telling you here today, but unlike the mindless drones of Satan’s Empire, I don’t depend on men with college degrees, to tell me the difference between truth and lies.

All of the versions of the Bible that I referenced today, whether Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or English, are available online, in multiple formats for anyone wishing to study them.

For many years, I have dedicated myself fully to the task of uncovering as many Bible truths as possible, so that I can share what I learn with others. As evidence of this fact, is the information that you are listening to today.

The King James English version of the Bible, originally produced in 1611, that is suppose to be a direct translation of the original ancient language text, can easily be compared to the Douay Rheims Catholic Bible originally produced in 1610 which is based on the Latin text of Jerome.

Unlike the Protestant Religion, that vehemently denies that the King James Version, is based on the Latin Vulgate, the Catholic religion is proud of the fact that their Douay Rheims is a direct translation of the Latin Vulgate. And yet, the two, for all practical purposes are nearly identical.

Anyone with an open mind who reads both will recognize that differences do exist between the two, but will also recognize that those differences are inconsequential when compare to the monumental differences that exist between the Douay, the King James, and the ancient language texts.

The original documents written by the authors of the books that are in our Bibles, supposedly no longer exist, but even if they did, we would have no way of identifying them as such. That doesn’t mean that we can never know what was in those books.

Many ancient manuscripts of the books that make up our modern Bibles are still in existence, although most are only partial, many being no more than a few lines of text.

Over the course of the last two hundred years or so many men have taken on the task of studying and documenting what each of those ancient manuscripts says. The goal being to put together a complete copy of the Bible that best represents the teachings that would have been contained in the books produced by the original writers.

Most scholars agree that the best overall version of an ancient original language text of the New Testament was produced by two men named Brooke Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort. These men painstakingly sorted through every piece of New Testament text that was available at the time. Carefully copying every letter so that they might compare all known ancient copies of New Testament books against one another.

The King James Only team have put up an insane level of resistance to what Westcott and Hort, produced based on nothing more than religious pride, human tradition, and a deep desire to please their God, which is a pretty good indication that Westcott and Hort got it right. Very little of what is taught by the “King James Only” religionist can possibly be accurate. Under scrutiny most of it is very obviously nonsensical.

It would be really easy to produce hundreds of hours of video in defense of the Westcott and Hort text, but since people have been arguing over Erasmus VS Westcott and Hort since it’s introduction in 1881 quite a bit of information is already available, and there really isn’t anything new that I could add to that discussion.

Since it’s original introduction in 1881, several editions have been produced, taking into consideration discoveries of ancient manuscripts that have come to light since it’s initial publication. And all of it, is available to anyone that wants to research the Bible for themselves, online, free of charge.

If you read the entire Bible from cover to cover, without any preconceived notions. You will not find any of the foolish doctrinal teachings of the churches. You will come across all of those scriptures that the Churches use as proof texts of their doctrinal teachings, but when you do, you will notice that none of them quite fit in with the rest of the Bible.

You can simply accept that the verses that contradict the majority of the Bible are mistranslated, or you can research those contradictory verses yourself.

It’s not that difficult to find any questionable verses in their original Hebrew, or Greek form, and compare how the words that make up those verses are used at every other place in the Bible where they appear.

Probably most who listen to this information will rush off to some King James Only website, in order to have their ears tickled.(2Timothy4:4) To those who have dedicated themselves to the God of Religion, nothing is more uncomfortable than logic.

The point of this video is not to defend any particular modern version of the Bible. Nor is it to expose the flaws that are found in any other English version of the Bible. I already have a video series posted about that subject.

But hopefully the information in this video will convince you that the truth can be had, in fact the truth can be had from nearly any version of the Bible that exists with few exceptions. If you want to believe in a Trinitarian, Hell Fire, God of Punishment and Reward, there are plenty of resources out there to help you along on your path to destruction.

But if you wish to learn the truth about the Creator, all that you have to do is read the Bible. The entire Bible.

Reading so called “Trinitarian proof texts” or “Hellfire” proof text is not going to be enough. If you want to learn what’s in the Bible, you have to read the entire Bible, and if you come across a verse that bothers you, you may need to stop long enough to do some research.

For those who will fight to the death to maintain their relationship with the God of religion, there is still hope. One of the verses in our modern Bibles that has not been tampered with can be found at Acts 24:1.

“I have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust.”

Those who are resurrected will very likely be ashamed of how they wasted their lives following the teachings of Satan’s cults, but the joy that they will feel at being resurrected into fully functioning healthy bodies, surrounded by all of their loved ones, in a paradise garden, will more than make up for any discomfort that they may feel about wasting their lives being stupid.

Even those who participated in the wars of the Empire, will be releaved to see those that they killed resurrected right there in that very same paradise garden.

If you don’t want to survive, don’t listen to me.

The Third Heaven

Hello and welcome to another video from the only source of information that you need, to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be about the third heaven, as spoken of at 2Corinthians12:2.

This video is going to be a replacement video for one that I recently removed while reorganizing my YouTube channel. There were mistakes in the video that I felt needed to be fixed, and figured that the perfect time for that would be now, as I am going through the process of fixing everything else. But until I made the decision to stop everything and just concentrate on what I knew would be a very time consuming project, I just went ahead and left it up, mistakes and all.

Since there never was any script associated with that video, it is likely that this replacement video will be nothing like the original. But that’s OK. The information that I am presenting today is correct, and nothing like anything that you will ever hear from any of civilization’s religions, because, none of the gods of those religions want you to have access to the truth.

The word heaven in the Bible is similar to our English word space. It is not the special home of God, the place where good people go when they die, or even outer space, but simply all space. According to the Bible, the birds that we can see with our own eyes are said at Genesis1:20, to fly in the firmament of heaven. The space that we would refer to as our atmosphere.

In the opening pages of the Bible, we are told that God created Heaven and Earth. The Hebrew word heaven is actually Shameh, but that word is not found anywhere in the Bible. Heaven in the Bible is always translated from the word Shamayam which is the plural form of the word Shameh. Anytime that a word is plural it is indicative of the fact that there is more than one.

Many religions around the world seem to be aware of the plural nature of heaven, and describe in great detail, each of the heavens that would make up the individual parts of the concept of the plural word shamayam.

If you have ever watched any of my other videos, you understand that I often will refer to religious teachings outside of the Bible. We can learn much about the truth by being open minded. Many cultures have teachings about multiple heavens, or multiple layers of heaven. And many who watch my videos are aware of these teachings. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be making this video were it not for questions from people about the relationship between the teachings of the religions and what is recorded at 2Corinthians12:2.

“I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know–God knows.”

The basic understanding of most religions is that the heavens are spiritual realms inhabited by different kinds of spirit beings. There are Bible verses that seemingly support this idea, somewhat, but nothing solidly associating any particular spirit realm to the idea of multiple heavens.

In the Old Testament the realm of the dead is consistently called Sheol. Sheol is the word from which our English word hell is transliterated. However in the Bible, sheol is always associated with the dead whether they are the wicked dead or the righteous dead.

Most religions are ruled by a God of punishment and reward. Some religions say that the hell of the Bible is the place where their god sends wicked people.

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not teach of a God of punishment and reward, but instead teaches that bad behavior leads to bad results.

Our Creator is said to have put in place natural systems that would provide for all of our needs. The ancient writings of many cultures contain severe warnings against doing harm to any of those systems.

We are repeatedly reminded throughout the pages of The Bible that should we go against natural law, there will be adverse consequences. However, since those consequences would be governed by the physical laws of the universe, it would hardly be appropriate to accuse the creator of being a god of punishment and reward.

In other words jumping off of a cliff can result in adverse consequences. No direct interaction on God’s part would be required for that to be true. God did not create gravity as a means of harming those of us who disobey him. But since warnings against illogical behavior are recorded in the Bible, civilization’s cults will often present the information in such a way as to make the God of the Bible, seem as if he is the God of punishment and reward. As if he is patiently waiting for someone to jump off of a cliff, so that he can break their bones personally.

Yes, you are correct. Most religions do not teach that God is personally involved in the harm done by foolish decisions, automobile collisions, or industrial accidents. But, the teachings of all of Civilization’s religions are based on God carefully tracking each and every thing that a person does in order to determine whether or not to send that person to a place of eternal burning torture or a place of eternal bliss.

Some religions teach that humans are punished or rewarded by being reincarnated as an inferior race or superior race of man, or even as a so called “inferior species” of animal.

But according to the Bible, when humans die, they simply go to a place called hell. The word hell is transliterated from the Old Testament Hebrew word sheol, but, in the New Testament, it is translated from the word hades, which is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word sheol.

Both words in their original languages mean realm of the dead. The ancient cultures that used these words never associated them with any of the punishment and reward doctrines of mankind’s cults.

If you wish to debate me on this, please go to the video that I posted on that subject, and debate me there. Hell, is not the subject of this video.

In any case, since the Bible does speak of a realm of the dead, that is separate from the realm of the living, it could be said that the realm of the dead could potentially be a separate space, or layer of space.

In other words since the Bible consistently uses the word shamayam, which is the plural form of the word space, then the realm of the living, and the realm of the dead could very well be two of those spaces, or heavens (plural).

Another potential separate space could be what the Bible calls the Shamayam of the Shamayam. The heavens of the heavens. Or the spaces of the spaces, so to speak. An example of the use of this phrase can be found at Psalms115:16.

“The heavens of the heavens belong to Yahweh, but the Earth has been given to mankind.”

Some have concluded that this heavens of the heavens is the layer of our universe that is occupied by Almighty God himself. Those espousing this belief are not saying that God does not exist on Earth, only that this “heavens of the heavens” is somehow uniquely associated with God, and somehow separate from the realm that we the living occupy. I can not think of any verse that would contradict this teaching, so, perhaps this understanding is correct.
If we can accept that the realm of the dead, and the realm of the living are two of the heavens, than perhaps this heavens of the heavens could be considered as The Third Heaven.

Providing some support for this belief is the verse found at Psalms139:8, which says, “If I ascend up to heaven there you are. If I make my bed in hell, you are there as well.” This verse obviously describes a distinction between these three realms. Heaven, Earth, and Hell. All occupying space, all distinct, and to the writer of this verse all very real.

I don’t actually know of any official doctrine of any religion that teaches such a thing, but many religions seem to make distinctions between the three heavens, that are related to the concept of different levels or realms of space.

In other words, we the living are occupying this space, the dead are occupying this space, and God is occupying this space, all at the same time, and yet we the living are (at least for the most part) unaware of the presence of the dead, or of God.

If this is confusing, that is probably because it is suppose to be confusing. People are not meant to be dead, and thus the dead, and hence the realm of the dead, shouldn’t even exist. According to the Bible, verses such as Romans5:12 indicate that had our original parents not sinned, death never would have entered the world. And if we go back to the time before death entered the world, the Bible at verses such as Genesis3:8 indicates that mankind would regularly visit with God in a way that is nothing like what we normally experience in our day. Many people still speak to God in prayer, and some even claim that God talks back, but whether that is true or not, very little of what such people report, sounds anything like any conversation between God and humans, that is recorded in the Bible.

It should be obvious that the Creator is not the same individual as Civilization’s God of punishment and reward. The God of truth is nothing like the God of Religion.

The war between Creation and Civilization is the overall theme of The Bible. These two conflicting concepts are written about over and over again, often being described as the war between The Righteous Angels and the Wicked Angels. The war between Creation, and Civilization. Or the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire.

Some religions teach that there are more than three heavens. It is not necessary on our part to make our beliefs fit in with the teachings of any of the cults of mankind, but if we can accept that much of our ability to understand the world around us requires that we be open to the beliefs of others, we can find some middle ground that will at least allow us to understand that there may be a connection between these odd religious beliefs, and some basic universal truth.

The Holy Quran speaks of seven samaawat. Samaawat is the Arabic word corresponding to the Hebrew word shamayam. In other words heavens, the plural form of the word heaven. Unlike the Bible which always uses the plural form of the word heaven, the Quran often uses the singular form of the word, samaawat, which is samaaa.

In our Bibles the number seven is quite prominent. Most people who read the Bible would quickly recognize that the number seven seems to come up more times than most of the other numbers that are referred to in the Bible, but have no idea why. In fact most ancient cultures assigned special significance to the number seven even though there is seemingly no logical explanation as to why this would be the case.

According to the Wikipedia article “Seven Heavens”, most feel that the number seven had special significance because Astrology is based on the position of the five planets, the moon, and the sun, relative to the twelve Constellations. This would make perfect sense for those of us alive today. Seemingly, all ancient books related to spiritual things assign special significance to those two numbers. In the Bible, the number twelve, is probably the only number that is mentioned more times than the number seven.

But, there is something that I feel is important to bring out about this theory.

According to the religion of science, the celestial objects in our solar system have been in their orbits around the sun for a very long time. Long before mankind came on the scene. Which very obviously would be long before the writing of the Bible, the Quran, or even the most ancient writings that are known to man.

Around the world ancient cultures as recently as four thousand years ago recorded a sky unlike anything that is visible to us today. And even though most of those ancient cultures were supposedly completely unaware of one another’s existence, much of what they recorded matched. Meaning that in the past the seven primary objects that everyone seemingly was aware of were the seven planets, including the two that are currently invisible from Earth.

If we keep in mind that the seven heavens, could be translated as seven spaces, then those seven heavens could be the seven realms or paths of all known planets, that along with our Earth are currently orbiting the sun.

Many doctrinal teachings related to the seven heavens associate those heavens with different kinds of spirit beings, It can be no coincidence that many of those religions teach that there are seven archangels.
Even the Zoroastrians of the ancient past spoke of seven named amesha spenta. It is believed that these amesha spenta correspond to the seven archangels of the Book of Enoch. All are associated with the seven planets.

So, now that we have a basic framework for why some religions might teach of three heavens, and why other religions might teach of seven heavens, we have to figure out if what Paul was speaking of at 2Corinthians12:2 is in any way related to the teachings of religion.

Paul said, “I know a man in Christ above, fourteen years ago, whether in the body, I cannot tell, or whether out of the body, I cannot tell. Such an one, caught up to the third heaven.”

As you have probably guessed by now, this verse in English does not accurately render the original thought that was being communicated in the original Greek.

One word is very obviously mistranslated here. That word is harpazo. Strong’s G726, which means taken by force, but here in this verse, it is translated as caught up. For an English speaker, being caught up would indicate that the person or thing being taken was taken in a certain direction. Since religion teaches that heaven is up, and heaven is obviously the place where this person was taken, by simple doctrinal reasoning, we are suppose to accept that taken up is an appropriate translation of the Greek word harpazo. But in Greek, just like in English, there is a word that means up. In fact there are many Greek words that could rightly be translated as up. There are even suffixes and prefixes that could indicate the concept of up, and yet Paul, who spoke Greek, did not feel a need to include any of them.

So, although religious doctrine might indicate that this person went up, there isn’t really any linguistic support for such a suggestion to be included in the translation.

That being the case, a more accurate rendering of this verse would be “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was taken to the third heaven. Whether in the body or out of the body, I do not know.”

Including the concept of direction in this verse, alters how we should interpret the other words.

Both Attic Greek, and Modern English have what are called Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers.

Cardinal numbers are the numbers that we use to count. They are used to tell us how many of something there are. One. Two. Three.

Ordinal Numbers tell us the position of something on a list. In English we can rank something using ordinal numbers as in first place, second place, and third place. We can use ordinal numbers to indicate it’s location, as in first floor, second floor, third floor. We can even indicate time using ordinal numbers, as in first hour, second hour, third hour. If you notice, in English we can use the same ordinal numbers to do all of these things.

But since the Churches have inserted the concept of direction into this passage, we as simple humans will automatically dismiss the possibility that this ordinal number that is translated as third, could be about time.

Even though there are passages in our Bibles that are obviously about the celestial objects that we can see from the Earth, and there are other passages about the realm of the living, the realm of the dead, and the realm of God, we shouldn’t automatically associate 2Corinthians12:2 with either of these two concepts.

At Isaiah65:17 the Bible says, “For behold, I create a new heavens and a new Earth, the former things will not be remembered, or brought to mind”.

This verse from the Old Testament is repeated in the New Testament at Revelation21:1.

If you are a regular subscriber to my channel, than you probably already know that around the Earth many cultures have recorded dramatic changes in the appearance of the sky. These changes were recorded all around the Earth, by people who were supposedly not even aware of one another’s existence.
Cultures from every corner of the Earth left written records of a calendar made up of 360 day years and 12 equal 30 day months. If, as civilization claims, these calendars were not real calendars but instead religious calendars unrelated to the actual days months and years that would have been experienced by the inhabitants of this planet, than someone somewhere needs to explain why everyone everywhere would develop the same nonsensical calendar, and why all of those calendars would have planting months and harvesting months.

If an agrarian culture were to follow a 360 day cycle for planting and harvesting, on a planet ruled by a 365 day cycle of seasonal changes, within a few years there would be total crop failure earth wide.

Another thing that is different about our sky when compared to the records left by ancient astronomers is the fact that we can no longer see Uranus and Neptune, the two invisible planets that we spoke of earlier. Apparently in the ancient past, both planets were clearly visible with nothing more than the naked eye.

If we think about the differences in our current sky when compared to the sky of the past, it just makes sense that the third heaven spoken of by Paul would be the same as the New Heavens spoken of by other Bible writers.

At verse four Paul said that the person that he was writing about was taken into paradise, and heard words that no one was able to tell.

This word paradise is never used to describe anything other than the paradise of God, which is always on Earth. In fact this same word is used at Revelation2:7.

“To him that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches.” The seven churches “To the one that conquers I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the paradise of God.”

Finding this word in the Book of Revelation also helps us to solve a mystery that has baffled theologians for hundreds of years.

While telling us about the man who went to the third heaven, Paul says, I know a man that went to the third heaven, whether he went in the flesh, or whether he had an out of body experience, I don’t know.

Most religious people believe that Paul was talking about himself, but was simply too humble to admit it. However, there would be no reason for God to take someone to paradise, or give someone a vision of paradise, make it known to Paul, but then not record any of the details of that vision for the rest of us. That would serve no purpose.

We should expect, and rightfully so, that such an experience would have been recorded in The Bible somewhere.

If we look at the Bible objectively than it is obvious that some writers simply recorded history. Stories about the past. But other writers recorded prophecy. Stories about the future.

The person being taken forward in time would have been one of those people, and since the only book of prophecy in the New Testament is the Book of Revelation, then it is only logical to conclude that the man that Paul was writing about was the writer of the Book of Revelation.

According to Revelation itself, the writer’s name was John, but there really isn’t anything recorded anywhere to reveal the identity of this John. There are a total of fourteen recognized Johns in The Bible. And by simple reasoning we can eliminate eleven of the men on that list. The Churches have for the most part determined that the John who wrote Revelation is the same John that wrote the other books of the Bible attributed to John The Apostle, but really there isn’t any way of knowing if that is true. In fact, it is quite possible, and even likely that the writers of the Gospel of John, the Letters of John, and the Revelation of John are all different men.

Paul says that this event had taken place fourteen years before he wrote his letter to the Corinthians.

Since the writer of Revelation says that in his vision he saw the new heavens and the new Earth, and the trees of life in the paradise of God, it is only logical to conclude that it is the writer of Revelation that Paul was speaking about, who went to the third heaven, and the paradise of God. There is nothing anywhere else in the New Testament about anybody seeing anything like what Paul and John described.

I didn’t produce this video as a means of stirring up some kind of theological debate, but simply to allow those listening to this information the opportunity to see just how foolish the teachings of religion are, when compared to the very logical teachings of The Bible.
The Bible gives us a glimpse into things that are hidden from religious people. We should take advantage of our newfound knowledge and use it as a foundation for reinforcing our faith, so that we can have the courage to break away from the false teachings of religion, and cut off all association with the Churches.

We need to recognize the teachings of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all of the others for what they are. Poison.

In the beginning mankind existed in a paradise garden on a planet that was part of a perfectly functioning solar system, with seven day weeks, thirty day months, and 360 day years.

Our current situation is nothing like that. But soon paradise will be restored. Just as the first heaven was altered in a bad way, the world that we occupy today is about to be altered in a good way. The heavens that we will soon live under, will be nothing like the heavens that we live under currently. Just as our current heavens are nothing like Adam and Eve would have witnessed from our original paradise home.

Just as John witnessed the third heaven in some kind of dream or vision, we will witness the third heaven with our own eyes.

If you don’t want to survive don’t listen to me.

The Bible 66 Books But Just One Story

When someone asks me why I believe that the Bible is actually the written word of God, I have to say that it is the interdependence of each of the Bible books on one another. To have such a thing created over such a long period of time by so many men in so many places is not something that is humanly possible. Hopefully by the time that you get to the end of this video, you will agree.
I have wasted a lot of my time listening to people tell me how stupid The Bible is, when if fact all that they ever actually talk about is how stupid church is. It is so deeply ingrained into society that religion, and The Bible are the same thing, that people can’t separate the two. But the fact is, that The Bible and religion are at polar opposites.
Because of religion, many people falsely believe that the Bible is a rule book for how to achieve some kind of heavenly reward. But for anyone who would simply pick up a Bible and read it for themselves, without any preconceived notions, it is more than obvious that this is not true at all.
That is why I say, that it’s so important not to read The Bilble thinking that you already know what’s in it.
The reason that it’s so important to just read straight through the Bible is this: even though the Bible is a collection of 66 individual books by about 40 different men each book has one theme. That theme is the primary message of the entire Bible. Everything else in the Bible is just extra information that is put there to support the Bible’s general main theme.
Once your eyes open up and you see the Bible for what it really is, you should be incredibly happy. However in my experience that isn’t gonna happen. Public school indoctrination, network indoctrination, and church indoctrination, in my opinion destroys any hopes of a person being able to approach the Bible with an open mind. Without an open mind you can never hope to clearly understand the Bible. So I’m gonna reveal what the theme of the Bible is right now so that you won’t doubt yourself when, and if, you should happen to figure it out on your own.
The overall theme of the Bible, is creation versus civilization. It’s not about good civilization versus bad civilization. The Bible goes to great lengths to prove over and over again that there is no such thing as a good civilization. If you can accept this fact …right from the start, at least half of what are called confusing scriptures simply stop being confusing.
This war has been going on since God allowed Satans wish to enlighten man of their choice to either follow natural law or to determine what is good and bad for themselves, in effect, creating their own laws. God had already warned them that if they atepted such a thing they would fail miserably. Not because God would interfere with their attempts at self rule, but simply because contrary to popular belief, Humans are not as smart as they think they are.
Now it wouldn’t be right for anybody to judge someone on how well they follow the rules unless they were to firts tell that person what the rules are. And at Genesis chapter 1 verses 28 through 31 we find the scripture that tells us the very first rules of GOD.
“And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth to completion, and put it into a restful state, and have peaceful, and righteous rulership over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
Genesis 2:15 further says: “And Jehovah and the Angels took the Human Beings and placed them in The Paradise of Pleasure to serve it and to protect it, in order that the Paradise would serve and protect the humans.”
The Creators first law was that All Humans were to spread out evenly over the Earth’s landmass and care for all of the planets living beings. Even though most people chose instead to gather in small population centers and exploit the planets resources as well as one another. Some did choose to try their very best to follow Gods first law and many native people around the world over the centuries have left ample evidence that this lifestyle is not only possible, but much better than that afforded by so-called Civilization.
It may surprise you to find out that there’s one unique behavior in every bible character who made GOD happy, and, one unique behavior in every bible character, who made GOD, Angry. That one trait that everyone who ever made GOD happy in the Bible shared was that they left civilization, to adopt this type of a lifestyle. And from Genesis to Revelation the one thing that all of God’s enemy shared in common was that they chose to attach themselves to human civilization.
You dont need a Bible to figure out that The Creator can not possibly be pleased when his Creation is being poisoned and destroyed, as civilization makes it´s “Progress”.
To further understand what GODs law is?, it helps to understand what the definition of Sin is: Any Unnatural Act. GOD’s law is Natural Law. It is instinctive. And part of our genetic makeup.
Part of Natural Law that GOD made known to Mankind was to Fill the Earth. In the first building project mentioned after the flood of Noah´s day, The City of Babel, the people said: “Let us make a Reputation for ourselves by refusing to fill the Earth”
All Civilizations can be definied by similar traits: Human society’s joining together in their war against God’s rulership in order to practise a unified version of self-rulership, independant of God. It should be obvious that rejecting God’s law has resulted in the vast majority of living beings on this planet, being converted into material things, But to simple humans, this seemingly unified stand makes civilization seem somehow legitimate. And in fact most believe that the way of life that is offerd by civilization is superior to anything that could possibly exist.

Jesus was called THE Nazarene, which is the greek equivalent of Nazarite. The word Nazarite comes from the ancient hebrew word Nazir which means set apart or separated. In our english version of the bible we traditionally translate this word as holy. So the word Nazarite simply means set apart person; separated person, or if you prefer, holy person. The bible also explains what a set apart person is set apart from.
At John chapter seventeen verse sixteen, while praying to GOD, Jesus says that his followers are set apart from the world just as he is set apart from the world. The original ancient greek word that is translated as world here is cosmos. Cosmos can be translated as planet Earth or human society. But in this as well as in every other scripture dealing with the set apart or holy people. It can only mean human society.
When Jesus told Jehovah that his followers were no part of the world, what he was saying is that they were no part of civilization. Being a good obedient citizen is almost the exact opposite of being a Nazarite.
The Bible tells us that the world as we know it can’t go on forever. And I think that pretty much everybody has to agree that we are definitely heading for some kind of catastrophic collapse, whether we believe in the Bible or not. But if we know that the Bible is correct about the unsustainability of our “so called” civilization, wouldn’t it be wise on our part to at least look at what else the Bible has to say on this subject. If simple common sense is telling us that something is about to happen to change our way of life forever, it is only natural that we want to know why, and how, and once we figure that out we should also want to know. When?
Obviously we’re going to have to do a little research, because we are about to unravel an ancient mystery that was recorded in the Bible thousands of years ago, and as of yet has never been explained by anyone, anywhere, at any time.
We as a people are about to wittness the absolute conclusion of civilization in ways that I promise will be beyond anything that you currently may be imagining.
Psalm chapter 118 and verse 22 says that the stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone, and in fact at Acts chapter 4 and verse 11 the identity of that stone is revealed to be Jesus. However the identity of the builders is always veiled as well as the identity of the stone that the builders didn´t reject.
The builders are called builders because they build. They build bulldozers, they build houses, they build textile mills. They are the builders of civilization. The stone that the builders Accepted IS Civilization. Why is it called, a stone? – Because civilization has as its symbol, a Stone. It appears on the US one dollar bill as well as many other things and places. The stone is the chief cornerstone of civilization and as depicted is often referred to as The All-seeing Eye.
Jesus was making reference to this symbol when he told a group of people to keep their eye single. The All-seeing Eye is Not single. It is three-sided, and represents Satan´s Trinity, which is the three primary systems that have defined every civilized culture from the beginning of time all the way to our day: The Governmental System, The Economic System, and The Belief system, that keeps everyone participating in the other two systems. A large part of which is represented by traditional religions. But would also include such things as the religion of science, and the networks.
None of the three could exist without the other two. Any human being who stopped for a minute to think about things would instantly recognize that both the Governmental System and the Economic system are, wicked, unfair, and brutal.
Since it goes against human nature to participate in anything that is evil, Satan had to established a system dedicated to convincing mankind that evil is good, and good is evil.(Isaiah5:20) Many people believe that religion is nothing more than a system of pointless rituals designed to appease the gods. But religion’s true purpose is much more insidious than just a means of wasting peoples time and resources. The primary purpose of all religions is to conceal basic truth from humanity.
A good propaganda system is essential in order for any human government to function effectively. Before human beings will submit to being ruled over by others, they must first be convinced that the government that they are forced to serve, is somehow superior to all other governments. In the English speaking world propaganda is called public relations.
It takes quite a bit of convincing to get people to participate in civilization, because it goes against natural law. That natural law was spelled out thousands of years ago in what today has become known as The Ten Commandments.
Because the Ten Commandments have been so poorly translated many people never make the connection between The Ten Commandments and Natural Law.
The Commandment to honor our father and mother, as recorded in the original language of ancient Hebrew, would have been understood by those who lived in that ancient culture, as a commandment to recognize the only human hierarchy ever approved by God. The family.
In our day the world is not ruled by family heads, but by a small ruthless group of very wicked people. According to civilization’s laws, Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, and other powerful men and women outrank fathers and mothers. An absolutely horrific perversion of “Natural Law”. A direct rebellion against God’s “Ten Commandments”.
The commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Steal”, word for word in Ancient Hebrew would be; “Do not Carry away”. Many people who are familiar with the English version of this commandment would understand that it is wrong to rob a bank, but for the most part do not see transporting sales goods across vast oceans as any kind of sin at all.
Obviously as originally worded, “Thou Shalt Not Carry Away”, would qualify civilization’s economic system as yet another horrific perversion of “Natural Law”. Another direct rebellion against God’s Ten Commandments.
Religion itself is the single most horrific perversion of all. As the very first commandment states, “I am the LORD thy God, you shall have no God’s before me.” As translated this verse quite accurately represents the original thought. The only problem being the poor translation of the other commandments.
All religions Earth wide, support the concept of autonomy, human self rule, along with the governmental and economic systems necessary to make self rule possible. That being the case, it is reasonable to conclude that all religions Earth wide serve Civilization and it’s God.

When Mankind first entered into it’s covenant with Satan, Each and every one of The Ten Commandments was broken. The very first thing to happen involved covetousness on the part of Satan. He coveted Adam’s family. As a fallen angel, Satan was not even of the same species as Adam, much of the same family.
Satan used deception in order to do harm. Bearing false witness against his neighbor. And the lies that he told Eve, were very obviously lies about God, very much like the lies told by The Churches in our day. Taking The LORD’s name in vain.
The deception that he used led to the death of each and every one of us, breaking the commandment not to kill. He set himself up to be worshiped as a god in opposition to The True God. In order to do this he stole humanity away from God. He and humanity engaged in adultery with one another as part of the deal. A govenrmental hierarchy was set up in opposition to God’s hierarchy of the family.
Upon entering into The Satanic Covenant mankind began to engage in work, breaking God’s law to remember to keep the Sabbath holy. And the work that mankind engaged in was driven by consumerism. The making of Idols. The act of using our living planet as a source of material for the manufacture of material things.

Even though God throughout The Bible. repeatedly shows his disgust for the religions of the world. Every detail of what kind of religion the Creator requires of man is spelled out in no uncertain terms At James 1:27. “In the presence of God our father the only religion that is pure and undefiled is this, to visit orphans and widows when they are suffering hardship and to keep from being contaminated by civilization.”
From birth every human knows how to live a life free of un-natural behaviours. Growing up in this world however, by default, the default of “growing up”, we become contaminated by a belife in civilizations primary taboo: which is living by instinct. In this world, living by natural law is unacceptable, and in fact it’s illegal.
Over the course of human history nearly everyone alive has become assimilated into Satan’s social order. But around the world there is a group that to this day openly struggles against civilizations precepts. When Jesus was on the Earth he spoke of this group with great reverence. In fact when his own apostles attempted to drive this people away, Jesus very clearly declared that unless someone would follow their example, they would have no hope of entering into the kingdom of heaven.
Unlike adults that have been beaten into conformity with Satan’s Empire, babies live solely by instinct. It is this quality that Jesus was speaking of at Matthew18:3, when he said “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”
Jesus was not saying that we needed to be chastised in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, he was saying that we needed to return to how we were before being chastised.
You have to go to God like a child. If you are a child with a good heart and you´ve never even heard of The Bible, you´re gonna realise that there is a clear war going on between creation and civilization. And you are going to want to do what is right. And if you are taking that side in this war. Then even as a child, you would have to realise that you are on The Losing Team. Knowing that civilization and creation are at war, If you choose creation, you are on The Losing Team.
While growing up fighting for your own freedom from civilizations precepts, you will eventually come to realize that screams, tears, puke, spit and walking away is not very effective in fending off civilizations bullies whos soul purpose in life is to force you to jump through hoops on comand. Just questioning their authority is going to require a struggle. In such a fight you´ll be forced to learn unnatural words and laws that will be very difficult for you to learn. And should you somhow figure out how to beat them at their own game, they’ll bring out the guns to make you conform.
At some point you hopefuly recognize that the only way to stop them is with force. Hopefuly, before you pursue such a course you’ll come across the powerfull information contained in The Bible and realize that the entire book is about the very war that you are in. Once that happens, you will understand that the struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil, Satan and his wicked angels. Which you as a human, no matter what you do or how powerful may think you are, simply can not stop.
You will also hopefuly realize that you no longer need to try. Because God has promised the vengeance shall be his.

After the first sins in the Garden Of Eden, God told everyone involved what the outcome would be. When God pronounced sentence on Satan, Adam, and Eve, the predictions that he made eventually became the world that we find ourselves in today. The war between creation and civilization had begun as described at Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15: “there will be animosity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring, he will inflict injury upon your head, and you will inflict injury upon his heel”
The head always represents government in the BIble. It would be Jesus as King of God’s Kingdom that would bruise Satan’s government just as Satan had bruised the heel of Jehovah’s foot, which, throughout the Bible always represents the Earth. God’s footstool.
Much of the Bible is prophecy. Understanding Bible prophecy is absolutely essential to understanding the Bible. Many people feel that Bible prophecy is suppose to be a mystery. They are correct. It is suppose to be a mystery to God’s enemies. Bible prophecy tells us what to prepare for. How to prepare. And, When to prepare. God’s enemies don’t want us to prepare. If you wish to understand these things, as well you should. You must understand the nature of the war between creation, and civilization, as well as the location of major events in this war. The time available to study on these things is quickly running out.
Every war involves borders, so to get an accurate understanding of what events have taken place in this war, we really need to be familiar with the locations where these events took place. Not just so that the Bible narative can be more real to us, but also so that we can get the big picture, and see why God feels the way that he does about what has so far taken place in this war, and to understand his explanation of what is about to take place as this war nears it’s conclusion. And that is why Bible Geography is important.
Many of the battles in the war between Satans Empire and God’s Kingdom have been recorded in the Bible. Right now as this war continues, events that are taking place involve some of these same locations. The entire Earth is involved, but as in all wars some locations are more strategic than others.
The very first event to take place associated with this war occurred in The Garden of Eden. After promising the first woman that she could be like a god, Eve entered into what is called a covenant, a two way legally binding agreement, with Satan.
Which later was firmly sealed when the dauthers of man began to give birth to the the children of the sons of God, what Genesis chapter 6 and verse 4 calls Nephilim or as some Bibles render this word; “the giants”. It is at this verse that the hebrew word “gibbowr” is firts used, it will not be the last. Gibbowr is the hebrew word for hero, civilization champions in the war against God.
This spot marks the location where Satan and his worshippers first took their stand against The Creator, and it will also be the location where Satan and his followers will be done away with.
Here is where the battle lines in this war would be drawn. The entire world would now be under the control of Satan and his followers, but this garden, at least for a time, would remain under the control of The Creator.
Had God not recorded in his word all of the locations where the patriarchs reentered the garden after being forced out, we would have no idea where the borders of Jehovah’s special garden were. It is not just a coincidence that the Bible writers kept such detailed records.
If we were not able to locate The Garden of Eden, there would be no way to discern the meaning of any of the rest of the Bible. There is not one single Prophecy in the Bible that can be understood without knowing exactly where the garden of Eden was or what it represents. From the Bible account it appears that the original Garden of Eden was within the territories of Judah, and Benjamin.
The Garden of Eden also known as Salem, and then later Jerusalem. More historic events have taken place here than in all of the rest of the world combined. But, it is not just the garden of Eden’s past that is important. But also it’s future, and in fact the future of all mankind. Events that are about to occur in Israel will prove to be every bit as significant as events that occurred in The Garden of Eden, Salem, Jerusalem, and Palestine. Civilization is about to reach it’s conclusion, in a battle that will make every war ever fought pale in comparison.
It was no coincidence that the tribe of Judah occupied the land that fell under God’s protection. This is the tribe from which God had promised centuries in advance to bring forth a messiah, or anointed one, to bruise Satan in the Head.
Just because God accepted humans back into his garden, and even allowed them to destroy it does not mean that humans have defeated the True God. The Book of Genesis recorded thousands of years in advance that this is what would happen, when it said that Satan would bruise him in the heel. Throughout the Bible the Earth is always associated with the heel of God’s foot.
The Book of Revelation says that God is going to restore the Earth and destroy forever those that put so much effort into ruining his footstool. It even prophesied that the entire Earth would be restored to it’s original pristeen state beginning at this very same location. For humans this is not even close to possible. When Jehovah restores the planet, not only will he turn the deserts back into forest, but he will bring back all of the long extinct species necessary to do so.
This garden is the Exact spot where Abraham was told to sacrifice his son. Later this tiny piece of land was the location where God’s own son was executed. This is where the book of revelation says that waters of life will begin to bubble out of the ground, and flow out to water the entire Earth. Here is where the trees of life will make their initial comeback, and begin to once again produce long extinct, human food. Not just one time a year but year round.
This is also where the resurection of the dead will begin. The exact moment when this would take place was decided long ago when the original pair were expelled from the garden. In the grand scheme of things, the time for this event to take place is near. If you want to be prepared for what is to come, you need to start preparing now. I mean right now.
Being able to determine exactly what the real signs of the last days are, and building our spiritual foundation on faith in God’s ability to fix this mess, will set us free from worrying about trying to fix it ourselves. Our time would be much better spent preparing for the day when we can finally abandon civilization once and for all. We do not want to be among those struggling to repair Civilization’s infrastructure, on the day that God has set for it’s final destruction.

Very soon The Anti-Christ will ascend to power, and restore Jerusalem to it’s former glory. But shortly after that happens, Jesus will return, and rescue humanity from Satan’s Empire, and we who have patiently tolerated civilization’s oppressive reign, will witness with our own eyes, the end of mankind’s system of unnatural rules forever
Once God’s Kingdom is restored, the trees of life will be restored, and never again will human beings have to struggle to figure out what is good to eat and what is not good to eat. We will instinctively know that the fruit hanging over our heads at arms length is approved for human consumption according to, natural law.
From that time on, no human being will ever again, even think about consuming the flesh of any of the other beings that willingly share this planet with us.
Once civilization is done away with forever, God’s ten commandments will no longer need to exist in written form. When on Earth Jesus was once asked which is the greatest of the commandments? At Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus responded by saying, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself”.
The religious leaders who were asking the question would have immediately recognized that Jesus was not quoting one of the Ten Commandments. Once humanity is restored, and love once again becomes a natural part of life for everyone. There will no longer be any reason to enumerate a list of rules about the difference between right and wrong. With the exception of Natural Law, all law will be done away with forever.
For many of us living today. Having spent a lifetime suffering the consequences of Eve’s rebellion. The prospect of one day returning to living under God’s natural law has become our only source of comfort. I spend much of my quiet time trying to imagine what that will be like. I think that many who are reading or listening to this information often find themselves doing the same thing.
But, as wonderful as that prospect may seem, it must be understood that before we can take hold of paradise, we are going to have to emotionally detach ourselves from everything that is not paradise.
It is very important that Jehovah’s people have a deep appreciation of God’s Kingdom. The establishment of God’s Kingdom is the only hope that we have. Jesus instructed us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come.
The theme of the Bible is and always has been the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire. If we have to choose between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire we can not be confused about which is which. We must have a clear picture in our head of exactly what God’s Kingdom looks like when compared to Satan’s Empire.
We have all been manipulated into believing that God hates civilizations once they reach a certain size, when in actuality God simply hates civilizaiton. Size is not the issue. Understanding this point is vital, and directly related to the theme of the Bible which as I said earlier is the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire. Other ways to discribe this concept would be “The War Between, Creation and Civilization. Between The Angels, and The Demons. Or between the Shepheards, and the Builders. Another way of looking at this would also be as “Natural Law versus Unnatural Law
Every word associated with work, or labor, or building, or agriculture in the original Hebrew is closely associated with other Hebrew words and concepts meaning things such as wicked, evil, enemy, badness, etc.
The very first commands that God gave to the original couple were to do such things as eat, rest, and reproduce, and The Bible very specifically says that man was put into the garden to dress and keep the garden. But, in the original language it actually would be more accurate to say that Man was put into the forest to ensure that nothing bad happened to any living thing. There would be absolutely no way to create structures, or roads, or power grids without harming living things.
The scriptures in the Bible about no more rain, no more heat from the sun, no more cold are not figurative as the churches teach. It is a Bible promise that this is really how things will be. We really won’t need houses. In fact the scriptures in our English Bibles about everyone building houses and having occupancy actually say building families and spending time with them.
We are heading for both a war, and a false peace. That’s what I love about Bible Truth. It is Truth, while everything else is nothing but lies. You can believe that very soon True Peace will be proclaimed throughout the land while more people are engaged in all out warfare than has ever been in all of human history combined.
Every single extraordinary event that is recorded in the Bible was just a small sample of Yahweh’s power. Each and every thing that was done in the past was recorded, so that when those things started to happen again, we would already know who was causing them.
In the future. Probably in our life times. In just a short 3 and a half year time cycle more miracles will occur than have taken place over the entire previous 6,000 years of human history combined. The planets will return to their proper orbits, and that includes the Earth, and the Moon. The flood waters of Noah’s day will return to the outer atmosphere. The Atlantic ocean will dry up. All of the mountains will level off. Everyone will instantly remember how to speak the natural original language of man. Every extinct species of living thing will return, and the dead will be resurrected.
The war between Civilization and Creation, has always been over sovereignty. The Bible’s teachings on the kidnapping, and the ransom is impossible to miss. Yah’s right to rule by natural law, has been challenged by Satan’s right to rule according to covenant law.
The only reason that the Creator created the Nation of Israel, was so that he could enter into a legal covenant with human beings in the same way that Satan entered into a legal covenant with human beings. In that way Jehovah could prove that not only did he have the right to rule according to natural law, but that he also had the right to rule according to covenant law. In that way his right to rule could never again be brought into question, according to some stupid legal precept.
Jesus paid the ransom and by doing so won our release from bondage to Satan. It doesn’t really matter what we believe, we are all going to reap the benefits of that ransom payment. But the Bible speaks of a second death, that some will experience before Jesus hands the Kingdom back over to his father.
Our choices now will not determine anything as far as our salvation goes. But, The Bible does say that those who choose to separate themselves from Satan’s Civilization on this side of Armageddon will never experience the Second Death.
Choose wisely!
A third of the planet’s population is going to survive this. When Armageddon comes two-thirds will die.
If you don’t want to survive, don’t listen to me.

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    • I believe I heard you once say the Father’s law was more less eat, drink, breed as compared to the 700+ laws of Moses. I believe I have heard or rather read some talk about exodus 20 and 34 but both seem to be pretty similar. I also believe I have heard them say how Moses and others have added to these at what seems to be an infinity. But the simplicity of eat, drink, breed spiritually rings true to me, but textually I am having a bit of trouble with it. (49:22)
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