Barabbas/Democracy In The Bible

Barabbas/Democracy In The Bible


Hello, and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not  only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be all about Barabbas.


If you don’t know who Barabbas is, that’s OK.  Nobody does.  There are quite a few apocryphal stories about him, but as is usually the case these stories have no basis in historical fact, and are nothing more than fiction created by booksellers, Hollywood, and the religions of The Empire as a means of distracting spiritual people, from discovering the vital truths recorded in the Barabbas story.


By the time you finish watching this video, you will know as much, or more about Barabbas than anyone else alive.  Most of what you will hear, has not been revealed to mankind for 2,000 years.


As I often like to remind people, The Bible is not a rule book for how to get to heaven, but is simply a written history of the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire.  The war between The Righteous Angels and The Wicked Angels, or to put it another way, The war between Creation, and Civilization.


When Jesus was sacrificed, he was not alone.  His death was part of a much larger event.  We are not told how many were sacrificed, by The Empire, on that particular day, but when we take into account how God feels about murder, we can rightfully say that to date, the number of those that have been sacrificed in order to maintain civilization’s demonic, pyramid scheme, would be in the millions.  From it’s founding, civilization has always demanded absolute obeisance.  For nearly 6,000 years, Assimilation, Incarceration, and Extermination have been the only options available to mankind.  It is understandable that so many would choose Assimilation over the other two options.


It is very likely that the number sacrificed on that day would have been greater than usual.  Rome had a reputation for doing things in a big way.


Thousands of the citizens of the nation, would have been in town, for the Passover festival, and as the Bible says at Mat27:15.  Releasing a condemned man had become a traditional part of Passover.  If we take into consideration just what this verse says, in it’s original languages, than there is no way around the fact, that, ritual human sacrifice, had by this time, become an integral part of the Passover celebration.


It is only logical to conclude, that the number of public executions would have been greater during the holidays.  In or around 597BC Babylon conquered and carried off into captivity the remaining two tribes of the once powerful nation, and the Bible clearly states that when the remnant of survivors eventually returned they would no longer be directly ruled by god, but instead under the governmental authority of Satan.


Although loosely based on the religion that Moses had given to the people, in the wilderness, hundreds of years earlier, The Judaism of Jesus’ day would be more like the religion of modern Judaism.  Moses would never have recognized the rituals being performed by The Jews, in the first century.


Timing the ritual human sacrifices being performed in Jerusalem, to coincide with the religious festivals of the Jews, would have drawn in a greater number of tourist.  But, ritual human sacrifice would not have simply been a means of improving the economic impact of Passover.  By the first century, ritual human sacrifice, was the Passover.


If what I am telling you sounds far fetched, it is only because of thousands of years of religious propaganda.  Israel was an integral part of The Roman Empire.  It had ceased to be a sovereign nation over 600 years earlier.


At that time, Rome controlled all of the known world.  The system used by Rome to win the hearts of the people of the nations that it conquered at that time, was known as “Panem et Circenses” which translates as “Bread and Circuses”.  And it is undisputed, common knowledge, that the most popular form of entertainment provided by The Roman Circuses, always involved some form of public execution.  As a people, The citizens of Judea, were no different than any other providence of Rome.  The vast majority of Judea’s citizens, enjoyed the entertainment provided by The Empire.


We do know, from the information recorded in The Bible, that on that particular day, at least 4 victims were scheduled for execution.  When Jesus was impaled, there were at least two others being impaled, on either side of him, and we are told about Barabbas who was scheduled for execution, but was released as part of the festivities.


According to our English Bibles Barabbas was a murder, and a thief, but in the original language of the New Testament, he was in fact, what we today might call a freedom fighter.  One of the words used to describe him is lestes.   This word is consistently translated as thief, or robber, in every Bible that I have ever read.  But outside of the English Bible, it is never translated as thief.  It is more than obvious that The Churches translators know what this word means, and the fact that they all consistently mistranslate this word is a pretty good indication that once again, the churches are trying to hide something.


In the works of Josephus this word is consistently translated as revolutionary.  Lestes would more accurately be understood in modern English as,insurgent, terrorist, revolutionary, rebel, or freedom fighter.  The Church’s tradition of translating Lestes as thief is, by design, intentionally misleading.


There can be no doubt that people back then, complained about the Roman Authority.  They, just like people today, recognized, that civilization’s hierarchy was oppressive.  But many, benefited from that oppression, or at least believed that they did.  Such people were willing to not only tolerate the arrangement, but in most instances were willing to fight to the death to defend it.  The Bible calls such people Herodians, which translates as supporters of The Heroic.  Today such people are often referred to in the English language, as patriots.


Many Bible stories that repeat over and over again, are reenactments of past historic events, and preenactments of future historic events.  We are about to witness with our own eyes the final playing out of the story, of Barabbas, in the very near future, and understanding the significance of this story before the great day of The Lord, may be crucial if we wish to recognize these events for what they are.


To understand the Bible account, of Jesus execution, and the role that Barabbas played, we are going to have to look at similar stories in other parts of the Bible.


Jesus’ sacrifice was one of the most significant events to have ever taken place in all of human history, but it is important to understand that his death was not some kind of stand alone cure all for humanities ills, but, part of a repeating pattern of ritual blood sacrifices.  Each and every one essential for the salvation of mankind.  It is also important to understand that his sacrifice would not be the last, and in fact, the single most significant sacrifice, in all of human history, has yet to take place.


Much of the information that I will be covering in this video has already been posted in much greater detail, as parts of other videos that I have produced over the years.  In this video, I will leave links to those videos.  It would be very beneficial to anyone listening to this information, to take the time to listen to the more detailed information, in those other videos.


The very first blood shed recorded in The Bible took place shortly after Adam and Eve were cast out of The Garden of Eden.  Cain and Able were at the entrance of The Garden, attempting to get back into paradise by making sacrifices.


According to the Bible, another aspect of the war Between Creation, and civilization, is the involvement of human beings in this war.  Cain was a builder.  Cain had been planning on creating the world’s first population center.  Which he eventually did.  As a result, he tried to gain entry by sacrificing some of his agricultural products.  Unlike Cain, Abel, his brother was what the Bible calls a shepherd.  He was trying to gain entry by sacrificing some of the animals of his flock.


At Genesis 46:34 the occupation of the sons of Jacob, is described as Shepherds of flocks.  Ra ah Tson.  Which would more accurately be translated as caretakers of migrating animals.  From the story of Cain And Abel to the Book of Revelation, the struggle between the Shepherds and Builders would be a recurring theme.


Throughout The Bible, Jesus is spoken of as both a shepherd, and as a sacrificial lamb.


As the story of Cain and Able goes, God accepted Abel’s sacrifice while rejecting Cain’s sacrifice, which led to Cain killing his brother.  Abel’s sacrifice of his firstlings made it possible for him to gain temporary entry back into the paradise that his parents had been forced out of.  The sacrifice of his own life, would have gained him an eventual permanent entry into paradise.  Abel like Jesus was both a shepherd, and a sacrificial victim.


When Cain sacrificed his brother’s life, he did so to protect something very precious to himself.  Civilization.  Currently, nearly every indigenous, man woman and child that has ever attempted to live by natural law, has been sacrificed.


In one way or another we have, for the most part, all been forced into Satan’s fictional version of Self Determination.


The next sacrifice mentioned in the Bible took place when Noah and his family exited the ark into a world washed clean by the global deluge.  Noah’s family was all that remained of humanity.


Their sacrifice would have allowed them to once again enter into a paradise similar to that entered into by Abel years earlier.  All animal sacrifices conducted in The Bible, were done in acknowledgment of the fact that before mankind could reenter Paradise, sacrifices would have to be made.


After the flood, conditions deteriorated, as people once again, chose to leave off from shepherding living things, and instead become builders.  Under the rulership of Nimrod construction began on several cities, the most well known being Babylon.


God approached a man who would eventually come to be known as Abraham, and told him that he wanted to take him to an unusual place.  Abraham agreed, and 40 years later he and his tribe entered into what we today call the land of milk and honey, the promised land, or The Holy Land.


Being described as The Land of Milk and Honey, was indicative of the fact that year round, the mammals were producing offspring, while the plants were producing pollen.  Such verses have nothing to do with God’s version of any kind of holy, or healthy, diet.  Once again, just as in the case of Abel, and Noah, Abraham would be entering a paradise.


As Abraham approached the land, he stopped twice, prior to entering the land, to build altars in order to conduct two separate ritual blood sacrifices.  Later, he was forced out of the promised land, but when he returned he stopped once again, prior to making entry, in order to conduct another blood sacrifice.  This was repeated later by his son Isaac, and even later by Isaac’s son Jacob.  Each left the land in a different direction, and returned from a different direction, but if we mark the locations of each of their sacrifices on a map, those sacrifices would encircle the spot where Jesus himself, would be sacrificed years later.


Once again, all of these sacrifices were in acknowledgment, of the fact, that prior to humanity reentering paradise, sacrifices would have to be made.


Jacob, who’s name means grabber of the heel, which itself means usurper, eventually changed his name to Israel,  which means contender with god.  His offspring eventually grew in numbers so great that they became a nation.


As time went on, this nation became the foundation of the slave labor force of The Egyptian Empire, but was rescued by God, and over time brought into the land which had previously been occupied by the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And once again before entering the land, a blood sacrifice was made.  This nation would be used by God in a very special way to prove once and for all, that civilization, no matter how well intentioned simply can not work.  And once again, the sacrifice performed prior to entering the promised land, was a reminder to all of humanity that prior to reentering paradise, sacrifices would have to be made.


During the journey, the nation was given the opportunity to live according to natural law, just as their original parents Adam and Eve had been given in the very beginning.  Free of the three elements that make up every Empire that Satan has ever established.  Government, Economics, and Religion.  According to God’s natural law, which we today call “The Ten Commandments”, no more sacrifices would be required.


God’s law, was immediately rejected by the people.


As an alternative God decided to give them just what they wanted, a governmental, economic, and religious law code, in the form of hundreds of seemingly arbitrary rules, governing every petty aspect of Jewish life.  But far from being arbitrary, these rules were established to act as clues allowing us to understand other profound, yet confusing events that took place in The Bible narrative, as well as events that will take place in the very near future.


In order to consecrate a priesthood to administer that law, the male members of the tribe of Levi were required to perform ritual human sacrifices.  The Levites eagerly complied.  Once again, in acknowledgment of the fact, that sacrifices would have to be made prior to reentering paradise.


One of the confusing laws, given to the nation by Moses, involved what we today call the scapegoat.  According to the Bible book of Leviticus, two rams were to be brought before the priest.  He was to lay his hands on them, and lots were to be cast.  One was to be sacrificed by blood letting, and the other was to be exiled into the wilderness, to carry away the sins of the nation.


The goat to be sacrificed, was as The Bible says to be for the “LORD”, and the goat to be exiled into the wilderness was to be for Azazel.  Some English Bibles translate Azazel as Scapegoat, or Goat of Departure.  Neither translation is entirely accurate, and in fact the twisting of these verses, have been just misleading enough, to help to keep mankind, in spiritual darkness, for over 2,000 years.


If we look at the two words translated as The LORD, and transliterated as Azazel, it is not all that difficult to figure out what is being communicated to us in these verses.  What is actually said is that the goat being slaughtered was for YHWH, (possibly E Oh Wah) which most Bibles by tradition translate as The Lord, although some render this word as either Jehovah, or Yahweh.  A literal translation of this word, YHWH, would actually be “To Be”.


Azazel in these verses is not translated at all in most Bibles, but is left as it would be in the original language transposed letter for letter into an English looking, and sounding version of the original word.


According to most church reference materials, azel means removed, and adding an extra az at the beginning of the word indicates that azazel means utterly removed, completely removed, or forcefully removed.  I think that this is a very important aspect of the word, but does not reveal who Azazel is, or what this very important verse was meant to convey to mankind.


YHWH was the recognized God of The Jews, an actual living being.  The Creator of everything.  By simple logic, we should be able to conclude that Azazel would likely have been some powerful living being in some way associated with YHWH.  Since the word El as used in The Bible, means God, whether The True God, the gods of the nations, a righteous Angel, an unrighteous Angel, or even an acknowledged powerful human ruler.  We should immediately recognize that the el at the end of Azazel means god.  The word az on it’s own would translate as rough, as in harsh, uncomfortable, or even brutal.


Azazel would have to be one of the main characters spoken of throughout The Bible.  In this instance, he is being referred to as the harsh god, of the harsh gods.  The god in opposition to YHWH, the True God, the God To Be.


Outside of The Bible, the only references to Azazel are found in the Book of Enoch, where it is recorded that one of the fallen Angels is named Azazel, and in The Apocalypse of Abraham, where Azazel is the name of an unclean bird that attempted to steal the sacrifice made by Abraham in The Book of Genesis.


What was done annually in this religious ritual would mirror what was to be done to Jesus and Barabbas.  And once again we can determine this by examining the original ancient language words used in the Bible account involving Barabbas, from which our English Bibles were supposedly translated.


In our English Bibles the religious leaders of the Jews accused Jesus of sedition.  Barabbas has been accused of sedition as well.  Pilot, by tradition would allow one person sentenced to death, to go free every Passover, and rather than picking which prisoner to free himself, he would allow the choice to be made randomly by the Jewish people.  Very much like the casting of lots over the two goats.  When he offered to release Jesus called The Christ, the people rejected him, but instead asked for Barabbas.


As is recorded in the original languages, what was actually said was “Who would you like me to release to you?  Iesous ton bar abbas, or Iesous ton lego christos.  If we were to translate this passage in a fashion similar to the way that the rest of The Bible is translated, it would be rendered as: “Who would you choose for me to release?  Jesus The Son of The Father, or Jesus who is called “The Chosen One”?


Initially when the Catholic Church translated this passage into Latin, it was decided that Bar Abbas be left untranslated as is common with proper names, as opposed to translating it as son of the father.  But, in these verses the definite article, the, is present, which would translate as the barabbas.  The word the, would not be placed before a proper name.


Why his first name Jesus, was removed is actually recorded by secular history.  Origen, one of the early Church Fathers declared that Jesus could not possibly be the name of a thief’, hence leaving his name in the Bible, would be heresy.  As a powerful leader of Satan’s Empire at that time Origen was able to keep all references to the fact that Jesus was Barabbas’ actual name, from being included in any copies of The Bible produced by the Catholic Church, after that time.


Fortunately for us, many early Greek language texts still exist, confirming that in the ancient original language texts of The Bible, Barabbas’ actual name was in fact Jesus.


It should not surprise us that The Churches would put so much effort into deceiving us about the nature of Barabbas or Azazel.  The fact that they are deceiving us about both, is just one more reason for us to come to the conclusion that the two are somehow related.


In our English Bibles Joshua and Jesus are simply the same word in two different languages.  Iesous is simply the Hellenized Babylonian equivalent of the Ancient Hebrew word Yehowshuwa.  Iesous in the New Testament is usually transliterated as Jesus, while Yehowshuwa in the Old Testament, is usually transliterated as Joshua.


It was Joshua that brought Israel into The Promised Land.  The land of milk and honey.  The Paradise Garden of God.  It is Jesus that will bring us into the future eternal paradise of God.  Most so called “Christians” acknowledge that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was necessary for our salvation, but are not aware of the fact that the releasing of Jesus Barabbas into exile was necessary as well.


According to most sources, Jesus and Joshua both mean Salvation of Jehovah.  A more accurate definition would be Salvation of Jah.  Jesus is transliterated from Iesous, not Ie  Wah Sous.  Joshua is transliterated form Yehowshuwa, not Yehow Wah Shuwa.  In both words the future tense part of the word is absent.  When Civilization’s final sacrifice is made we will no longer refer to our father as YHWH, future tense, but as YH (possibly Yah) Present tense.


As the Roman Empire eventually fell, and Satan chose to move his throne to Britain, several of the human rulers that he put into place, made the task of translating the Bible into The English language a priority.  Each and every one of them chose to follow the policy initiated by the Roman Empire of removing the actual name of Barabbas.


King Henry IIX, produced a rather rare and relatively short lived version in 1539, King James I, in 1611, produced another version which circulated for a little over 150 years.  And King George III in 1767, produced the single most popular English version of The Bible ever, which almost 250 years later is very likely the best selling book in all of human history.


The Authorized Version produced by King George was named after King James 1, who had authorized the previous English version of The Bible.  It was sometime between the reign of Gregory XIII of Rome, and James I of England, that England replaced Rome, as the seat of power for Satan’s Empire.


Many so called “Christians” consider The British Empire’s Authorized English Version of the Bible to be the only true word of God, despite the fact that the current version is named after one of the most evil men to have ever lived.  History records that Henry and James were both insanely evil.  While George himself was simply insane.


Out of respect for the traditions of men, and lack of respect for truth, most English Translations still conform to The Empire’s version of the Bible, by leaving out the name of Jesus, son of The Father.


A while back I made the statement that all English Translations of the Bible were nothing more than clones of The King James Bible, produced by George III.  But I produced a video series a while back, in which I explained which of the King James clones, I considered to be superior.


While researching this video, I was only able to find three Bibles out of the dozens available to me that restored Barabbas’ name.  Two of those three are on my list of recommended Bibles, The NIV, also known as “The New International Version”, as well as the TEV, also known as the “Today’s English Version”, or “Good News Bible” GNT.  Although both have restored Jesus, as Barabbas’ actual name.  Neither have chosen to translate the words ton bar abbas as “the son of the father”, but I have learned not to expect too much from Bible translators.


When I posted that video series, quite a few people took offense, that I would recommend either of those Bibles, over the King James version.  I am reasonably certain that a few of them will speak up again, in defense of Church policy.  But, that’s OK.  Very soon God will do away with religion forever, and when that happens, I am certain that people will be much more accepting of truth.


That being said, my favorite all time English Translation of The Bible, currently, is still the ESV, also known as “The English Standard Version”.  Unfortunately, the ESV follows Church tradition by leaving the name of Barabbas out.


Now that I have explained the basics, I am going to explain what it all means.  When given the choice of who to release, the Jews, all cried out for Barabbas.  When Pilot asked if instead they would accept Jesus who is called “The Chosen One”.  The Jews refused.


Many people recognize that they do not benefit from being ruled over by selfish wicked powerful men.  Over the thousands of years that humanity has spent enslaved to The Empire, many have attempted to resist that enslavement.


The Bible makes no qualms about the fact that Barabbas was an insurgent.  He actively resisted the Roman Authority, even to the point of violence.  The Bible strongly advises against such activities, but at the same time makes it clear that the true rulers of human society are not human at all.


Jesus knew that civilization was evil, and he was more than aware of the fact that The Roman Empire was directly ruled by Satan.  Just as the current ruling world empire is today.  He never voluntarily gave his allegiance to The Empire, and yet he never actively took a stand against it, either.  He understood that the time that his father had granted to Satan and his followers for ruling over the Earth was limited, and would one day run out.  He also knew that prior to that time, there would be nothing that humanity could do to put an end to Satan’s reign.


When asked by pilot if he was the King of The Jews, Jesus made it clear, that his authority was in no way associated with the political systems of man.


The Rebels obviously wanted Barabbas released because he espoused their desire for self rule separate from the Roman authority.  But according to The Bible, all of the people called for the release of Barabbas.  Including The Herodians, who believed in the Roman version of self rule.  As different as those patriots and insurgents were, they were able to overlook their differences long enough to stand united in their struggle for independence from rule by God.


People in the first century, were no different than people today.  The herodians back then just like so called, patriots in our day certainly believed that their empire had God’s blessing.  Those lestes who violently stood against it, just like so called, insurgents in our day, felt the same way.


When Jesus was arrested, even Peter took a stand.  According to our English Bibles Peter drew his sword.  The actual Greek word used here is Machaira, which would be about an 18” knife.  The Greek word machaira is where we get our English word machete.  At the time Jesus’ followers only had two of these machairas and whoever was holding the other one did not draw his.


What Peter did was honorable.  Jesus was about to suffer an incredible injustice.  It was Jesus who had told Peter to acquire a machaira, so, many wonder why Jesus would seemingly change his policy when Peter finally had the opportunity to use it.


There are actually two reasons as to why Jesus stopped Peter from defending him.  The first one is found at John 18:11.  When, after telling Peter to return his sword to it’s sheath, he asked him: “Should I not drink the cup which my father has given me?”


God’s word The Bible contains many prophecies about Jesus’ death.  God said it, so it was going to happen.  Unbeknownst to Peter, his attempt at rescuing Jesus from the Romans would also have been an attempt at hindering Bible prophecy.  Peter’s justifiable emotional response to injustice, prompted Jesus to give him a subtle reminder as to why his father sent him.


Secondly, it should be more than obvious that Peter was not going to defeat the Roman Army with his knife.  A knife can be a very good defensive weapon against an attacker, but not when the attacker is an army of trained soldiers with superior weapons.


The two men on either side of Jesus, understood as they were dying, that their efforts to overthrow the Roman authority had not and would not benefit them personally.  Even if they believed that their deaths might benefit future generations of Jews, history records that, that did not happen.


At the Passover of 70AD, just one generation after the execution of Jesus, The Romans surrounded Jerusalem, and according to Josephus slaughtered about one million Jews.  Many who would have been present at Jesus execution, would themselves die at that same location, during a very similar Passover celebration, along with the future generation that those two men at either side of Jesus’ might  have thought they were giving their lives for.


Jesus commanding his followers to acquire a sword is indicative of the fact that God recognizes a person’s right to defend themselves against an attacker.  But, Jesus, specifically told Peter, that those choosing to use weapons for any other reason were deserving of death.  Only the gods of civilization require their worshipers to engage in carnal warfare.


Anyone taking up arms in any criminal activity, or as part of an organized fighting force can not rightfully claim to be doing so for The True God.  The potential price for participating in any of the wars of civilization, whether, as a patriot, or as an insurgent has always been death.  It is quite possible that those choosing the life of a soldier today, whether as a patriot, or an insurgent, will soon find themselves involved in civilization’s final battle.


Obviously, the so called “scapegoat” Azazel represented none other than Satan himself.   When Cain killed his brother Abel, at Genesis 4:16 we are told that Cain, which means possession, was made an exile in the land of Nod, which translates as wandering.


Abel was willing to do whatever was necessary to gain entry into God’s creation.  Cain was more interested in improving on that creation.  If we compare the information from these two Bible accounts, it is logical to conclude that Abel represented the goat for The LORD, while Cain who was forced into exile, represented the goat for Azazel.  As the Bible says Abel was killed for doing the will of God, while Cain was exiled for doing the will of Satan.


In the very near future, the Bible says that Jesus will return.  Ridding the Earth of evil.  As Jesus himself described it, he would come as a shepherd to separate the Sheep from the Goats.  Or as would be more accurately rendered, as separating the erephon, which translates as the male stud goats, from the proboton, which translates as the flock.  This work of separating will result in the removing of Satan, and his angels, as represented by the goat for Azazel.


When this takes place, the sins of the people will not be carried away in any figurative sense, but in fact will actually be removed from the Earth.  Without the presence of the wicked spirits that currently fill the citizens of Satan’s Civilization, humanity will no longer be motivated to engage in wicked activities.


As for the roll of those sacrificed for The LORD.  All those who are killed at Armageddon, will be part of that great final bloodletting,  The single greatest mass killing in all of human history.  As Revelation says, the blood will come clear up to the  Bridals of  The horses.  The wage that sin pays is death, and true to his word, when human beings choose to rule themselves, sin, and by default, death is always the result.


As Satan and his fallen Angels are driven into exile, all of the revolutionaries and patriots will be violently sacrificed, similar to the way that  Abel, The Goat for The LORD, and even Jesus himself, were sacrificed.  Everyone willing to die for the right to self rule will be given the opportunity to do so.


But…….  Not everyone will die on the great day of God The Almighty.  Many of Earth’s inhabitants want to be ruled by God.  We love the birds, fish, and animals that God has created for us to enjoy, and take seriously the admonition to ensure the safety and happiness of those creatures.  To kill them, and replace them, with material things is offensive to us.


We especially love our fellow man, including those patriots and revolutionaries, who engage in carnal warfare with one another over the legal right to self rule.  And that, despite the fact, that they are both fighting over the right to oppress those of us who refuse to participate, in their struggles.


In The Book of Revelation, humanity’s final blood sacrifice is referred to as The Battle of Armageddon.  This Greek word is a transliteration of the Hebrew words Har, meaning mountain, and Megiddon meaning crowds.  But, there is a literal mountain of Megiddo mentioned in The Bible.  There are photographs available on the internet of the ruins of the fortress that King Solomon built there.  Although many now contend that it was built by King Ahab.


I have heard religious people say that Armageddon is only a figurative battle because, there were no mountains in ancient Megiddo, but that is not at all the case.  The Bible was not written in English, so the English definition of the word mountain has no bearing whatsoever, on our understanding of the word Armageddon.  What is important is the Hebrew definition of the word har.


A har as defined in the ancient Hebrew language, would be any elevated geological formation, and Solomon’s fortress is located on an elevated geological formation.


The word Har as used in Hebrew can also mean any large rock, including very large rocks, such as the planets, including The Earth.  Calling The Earth a mountain of crowds would be reasonable according to what would be linguistically acceptable in the ancient Hebrew language, especially within the context of The Bible.


As Rev 16:14, says,  All of the Kings of The Earth will be drawn to The Battle of Armageddon.  Currently that literal location does not seem to be of any military significance, but we have to remember that the fallen angels are consistently referred to as The Kings of The Earth, so we shouldn’t consider the importance of Har Meggido according to human standards.  And if we consider that the mountain of crowds could be a reference to the Earth itself, then Armageddon, quite obviously would be very significant to the fallen angels.


However.  The yet future Battle of Armageddon will not be the first.  In the past, many battles ended up taking place in Megiddo.  Including one that took place during WWII.


Megiddo just happens to lie between quite a few nations striving after world domination, and unlike most of the area surrounding Megiddo, the terrain is suitable for marching armies, and mechanized warfare.  However, the most significant battle to ever take place at that location, was instrumental in bringing about the end of the Jewish nation forever.


When God chose the sons of Israel as his special possession, he entered into an agreement with them to be their ruler, and they agreed to be his people.  But, as time went on, the nation of Israel rejected God, and demanded a human ruler.  And God gave them exactly what they wanted.


The first King appointed to rule over Israel by God, was Saul.  Being a man, he soon Succumbed to the intoxicating effect of power, and became a typical political ego maniac.  God then chose David as his replacement.  But Saul refused to step down, and in fact dedicated the entire military force of Israel to the task of hunting down and killing God’s anointed King, David.


After David died, many kings represented the nation of Israel, but never again did God actually give Israel a King.  However, many Bible prophecies speak of Israel always having a King in the line of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Jesse, and David.    Jesus being a descendant of all of these men as well as all of the Kings that descended from these men would eventually be revealed as God’s Christos, or chosen ruler, in fulfillment of all of those prophecies.


Yahweh allowed many men to represent that part of the Earth.  He even altered events in such a way as to lead to rulers being chosen and other rulers being rejected.  But according to The Bible that would be true of all nations.


Other than Saul, David, and Jesus, none of the kings  that ruled in that part of the Earth, were ever chosen directly by God, in the same way that Saul, David, and Jesus were chosen.


After Solomon, not one of the kings of Israel was in the line of David.  The nation split into two parts, and the nation itself began to be ruled by whoever had the most weapons and soldiers.


In fact, as time went on, the nation, was conquered by Assyria, and all of it’s citizens either exterminated or sold into slavery and replaced by a race of people known in the New Testament as The Samaritans.  At that point, it should have been more than obvious that God would never again allow Israel to exist as a nation.  But there were still those that held out hope that somehow Israel would one day rise to power again.


Even with the majority of Israel destroyed, and most of it’s people exterminated, there was still a remnant of the Sons of Jacob, living at the southern tip of the land.  And among them was a descendant of David ruling over that people.  And it just so happened that The Temple around which most of Jewish life revolved was within the borders of this very tiny piece of land.


The last king in the line of David to ever rule over anything that could be considered a sovereign nation, was named Josiah.  He never ruled over the ten northern tribes of Israel, but only over the two southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin.


Between Egypt, and Assyria was a highway that led right through Meggido.  King Josiah received a report that the Egyptians were marching to the defense of Assyria which was at war with Babylon.  So King Josiah took his army out to meet Pharaoh Necho II at the fortress that had been built on the hill spoken of in Revelation.


There, Josiah was killed putting an end to any hopes that Israel may have held out, of one day being restored as God’s unified, independent nation again.  From that moment on, The Kingdom of Judah would be nothing but another Vassal state of Satan’s Empire.


Over the course of time, while under Egyptian rule Pharaoh did appoint three men, in the line of David, as his Vassal rulers over Judah, but no king in the line of David, ever ruled over an independent nation, again.  Josiah’s son Jehoahaz was chosen by the people to be king, but this only irritated Pharaoh Necho, who had him arrested and carried off to Egypt where he lived out his days.


When Yahweh freed the children of Israel from Egyptian Bondage, he brought them into The Promised land, and gave them the freedom to rule themselves as an independent nation.  All support for the belief that Israel could ever regain that God given privilege, ended with the Death of Josiah.


In the yet future Battle of Armageddon, all of the Kings of The Earth will be killed, just as Josiah was killed by Pharaoh Necho.  Permanently putting an end to any belief system designed to support any of civilization’s political schemes.  Whatever support from God our current political leaders may claim to have.  On “The Great Day of God The Almighty”.  It will become more than obvious that such supposed support, for a certainty, no longer exists.


Obviously anyone reading the Bible, or even anyone that is awake to how the world works, would recognize that the vast majority of those sacrificed, to the god of civilization, have been more righteous than those doing the sacrificing.  But, it would be wrong to believe that the yet future sacrifice to be performed at Armageddon will follow the same pattern.


Those who love their way of life, have always had a deep sense of animosity for anyone refusing to participate in that way of life.  Each of us has a built in sense of right and wrong, but can usually justify any wickedness we are involved in with the proverbial excuse of “everyone is doing it”.  The prophets have always stood as a constant reminder, that in fact “everyone” is not doing it.


It should be more than obvious that civilization has never provided for the needs of mankind, is not currently providing for those needs, and very obviously, does not even have the means of ever providing for those needs.  Rather than listening to the prophets sent by God, history records that it has always been standard operating procedure to simply kill the prophets.


But, when Jesus returns, he will not be here in support of The Empire.  His purpose for returning to The Earth will be exactly the opposite of The God of Civilization.  Those sacrificed at Armageddon will be the ones that in the past would have been conducting the sacrifices.  Before mankind can re-enter paradise, sacrifices must be made, but this time, it will be those standing in opposition to paradise that will die.  Not those of us who love God.  Not those of us who love living things.  Not those of us who love creation.  And not those of us who love one another.


The Israelites had more than adequate warning that their way of doing things was leading to all out political, economic, and religious collapse.  In around 935 BC the Kingdom became divided by a civil war.  In around 910 BC Yahweh sent Pharaoh Shishak to invade Judah and plunder the temple.  And although the Bible does not catalog everything that Shishak stripped from the temple, we can be reasonably certain that among the items plundered was the Ark of The Covenant, as the Bible never again mentions it’s presence after 910 BC.  And there are ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs showing Egyptian priest carrying something that looks exactly like the Bible’s description, of the Ark of the covenant.


Sometime around 740 BC The Northern Kingdom of Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians.  So, it should not have taken the final remnant of the nation by surprise, when in 609BC, at The battle of Armageddon, King Josiah, the final King of the nation was killed, putting an end to Israel’s God given privilege of self rule forever.  In like manner, it should not surprise any of the citizens of any of the nations, when at the coming Battle of Armageddon, all of the current kings of the Earth are killed.


For nearly 6,000 years God has granted all of the citizens of this planet the freedom to engage in attempts at self rule.  Just as with the ancient nation of Israel, all attempts by all other so called “Sovereign Nations” have failed, are currently failing, and will in the future fail.


The battle of Armageddon that is soon to be upon us will bring an end to human self rule forever.  God’s chosen ruler Jesus will take over rulership of the Earth for a thousand years, after which mankind will once again return to living in a paradise ruled over directly by The Creator.


At John 5:19 Satan is called the god of the world.  The current God of Civilization.  And as discussed earlier, God is repeatedly called YHWH which means to be.  Future tense.  In English The LORD, Yahweh, or Jehovah.  But once Satan is removed from the vicinity of the Earth, The Creator will become the absolute ruler of The Earth.  Never again will people be given a choice of which god to follow.


As our creator, only he is adequately qualified to know the best way for us to live.  This planet was designed to function  according to natural law.  It can not be modified to function according to the legalism of nations.


The two insurgents alongside of Jesus, wanted freedom from Satan’s rulership.  Of the two, one ridiculed Jesus for not taking immediate action to free himself, while the other was able to figure out that only action from God could bring about true freedom.  Both men died because they fought a war that they simply could not win.


In the course of history, millions have been sacrificed in mankind’s struggle to keep civilization from failing.  Under the control of the demons, most can not even imagine a world ruled by the natural instincts put into human beings at creation.


Patriots are those willing to fight to preserve a preexisting political system, or ideal.  Revolutionaries are those willing to fight to replace an existing political system, with what they perceive to be a better one.  Both understand that the only way to establish or defend their own personal form of government involves ritual human sacrifice, in the form of carnal warfare.


Jesus, as well as those of us who are humbly willing to follow his teachings, understand that no attempt at ruling ourselves separate from God has any chance of success.  We are the ones spoken of at 1Cor15:51, who might never have to die, at all.


Even those who have been mislead by Satan into participating in all of these wars for freedom, will be there when this takes place, after all, 1Cor15:52 says that those of us who never die, will enter into the cloud, to be with Jesus and all of those resurrected.  Including that insurgent that was promised as much, while dying next to Jesus.


If we look back through time, and carefully analyze why wars are fought, most of us would come to the conclusion that every war ever fought was motivated by nothing more than greed, and lust for conquest.  But if we had lived during those times that would not be the motivation of the actual combatants.  Every soldier who has ever laid down his life for his country did so out of a desire to preserve his freedom, and the freedom of his family.  The Babylonian soldiers did not want their freedom taken away by the Egyptians, and the Egyptian soldiers did not want their freedom taken away by the Babylonians.


In my lifetime I have known men who fought against the Vietnamese because they truly believed in their hearts that if they did not conquer Vietnam, Communism would take over the world.  Today young men and women are involved in conquering The Muslim world for the same reason.


Anyone with any common sense at all, would have to realize that the Vietnamese people never had any intention of conquering the world, and apparently the communist never really posed any threat either.  When The Western World failed to win the war with Vietnam, nothing happened.


As pointless as the Vietnam War was, and as even more pointless as the war against Islam is, people are still concerned about freedom.  And rightfully so.


Because, every war ever fought for freedom has in all honesty been fought to maintain mankind’s freedom from God.


As human beings, our entire history has been devoted to one brutal war of conquest after another.  Whenever one genocidal maniac dies, or retires from office, another one always steps in to fill the vacancy.  The lust for world domination is not an instinctive human trait.  So we have to wonder why so many human beings are willing to kill one another in support of whatever form of government exists, in whatever nation they just happened to arbitrarily be born into.


People who study human governments have come up with many theories about why governments rise and fall, and have assigned names to the different forms of government that have been tried over the millenia since the first human pair rejected rulersip by God.


Interestingly enough, most of these titles are based on the ancient Greek language that was used to record the portion of The Bible known as The New Testament.


I have studied the ancient languages from which our English Bibles have been translated, quite intensely.  So what I am about to tell you is not based on something that I heard on the internet.  The books that I use in my studies are the same books used by those who represent themselves as being authorities on the subject of ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  Most of the Books in my library are well received, and highly respected by academics and theologians alike.  Some of the books that I use have been in circulation for well over a hundred years.


The three words that I am going to speak about are all easy enough to look up for yourself online with nothing more than an English dictionary, and The Stong’s Exhaustive Concordance.  They are all based on the same word form, and they are all based on words used extensively throughout The Bible.


Those words are Theocracy, Autocracy, and Democracy.


According to our English dictionaries, a Theocracy is any form of government ruled over directly by god, or based on rules put in place by god.  This is in agreement with the Greek definition of the words Theos Strong’s G2316, meaning god, and Krateo Strong’s G2902 meaning to rule over, or take possession of.  Theokrateo.  Theocracy.  Ruled by God.


According to our English dictionaries the Word Autocracy means any form of government ruled over by one individual, separate from the populace, with absolute power, such as in a Monarchy, or Dictatorship.  The word Autocracy comes from the two Greek words Autos, Strong’s G846, meaning he, she, it, they, them, or those, and once again Krateo, meaning to rule over or take possession of.  The English definition of this word is somewhat in agreement with the original Greek definition to be ruled by the one.  He, she, it, they, them, those.  A single ruling entity, separate from the population being ruled.  Autokrateo.  Autocracy.  Ruled by the one.


According to our English Dictionaries, a Democracy is any form of government ruled over by a majority of the people.  Literally Ruled by The Crowd.  The word Democracy comes from the two Greek words Demos, meaning crowd, and once again Krateo meaning to rule.  But in this instance I was unable to locate the word demos anywhere in the Bible.  But I was able to locate a very similar word. Daimon.


Daimon Strong’s G1142, is the word that in our Bibles is translated as demon.  The full definition of the word Daimon includes the words “any god less powerful than The True God, but more powerful than humans.  Daimokrateo.  Democracy.  Ruled by Demons.  In this instance, the English dictionaries definition of ruled by the crowds, does not match the actual Greek definition, found in any  Concordance or Lexicon of the ancient Greek language as used in the New Testament.


I double checked every Greek reference book that I own to see if perhaps there is some other word from the ancient Greek language, outside of the Bible, meaning people, crowd, group, majority, multitude, or any other word related to human beings that includes any group of letters similar to those in the prefix demo.


Within the Bible, the only words similar to demo that I was able to find are all similar in definition to the word Daimon, such as, Daimonizoami, Daimoniodes, and Daimonion, from which we get our English word Dominion.  All of the words I found, in all of their forms include the word demon in their definitions.  Such as Demonic.  Demon Possessed.  And Demon like.


If we only take into consideration the basic meaning of the word Democracy according to the ancient Greek, then Democracy can only mean “Ruled By Demons”.  There is no way around it.  But if we look at the actually Greek word that in the Bible is often translated as crowds, then we can see how Democracy, can mean ruled by the crowd.


The word that often gets translated as crowds in our English Bibles is Ochlos, Strong’s G3793.  In The King James Bible this word is translated as multitudes.  This word is formed from the word echo, which means to possess, and is indicative of a group being directed by an owner.  Someone who possesses them.  It is also defined as a vehicle, or as a second definition, a held group of people.  The thought being that an ochlos would be a group of people being directed as a single entity.  It is similar to our word flock as it relates to sheep and goats.


In the wild, by tradition, groups of sheep and goats are referred to as herds.  It is only when under the control of a shepherd that groups of sheep and goats are referred to as flocks.


Vines Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words has this to say, under the entry for the word Multitudes.


Ochlos.  The common people in contrast with their leaders. An unorganized multitude in contrast to Demos.  The People as a body politic.


After looking up this spelling of the word demos as it appears in Vine’s, I was able to find a few articles stating that the word demos was part of the ancient Greek language, from the time of Christ, separate and distinct from the spelling defined as demon.  Since I knew that this spelling did not appear in any original Greek text, produced by any of the eight writers of the New Testament, I had to do some more research.


When those writers spoke of the common people they always used the word ochlos.  In fact the word ochlos appears 175 times in the Greek portion of the Bible.  But when speaking of the ruling class, or members of the ruling class, the Greek portion of the Bible always refers to them as either, Archon, Strong’s G758 or Protos Strong’s G4413, or several other words, completely unrelated to the word demos.


One article that I came across about ancient Greek, and Roman Gods, and Governments stated that the word democracy was first used during the 4th century BC, and directly quoted documents from that time.


In the article was a photograph of a sepulcher with a very obvious depiction of a female goddess placing a crown on the head of a male God.  Beneath the illustration were the words “Dēmokratia placing a crown on the head of old man Demos”.


I have seen similar stone reliefs in my research over the years, and even though the names of the characters are always different depending on the culture, it is always the God of Civilization being crowned by a Goddess, very closely resembling Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, Asdartu, Venus, Juno, Diana, Hera, Mary, The Mother of God, or any number of other Mother Goddesses.  All of these are based on the relationship between Eve and Satan.


When Eve was told that she could be like God, she believed it, and may have even craved it.  She probably thought that the freedom of self rule, would be superior to being ruled by God.  What she may not have fully understood at the time was that in order to break free from ruler ship by God, she had to obediently follow Satan’s suggestion to do so, in effect CROWNING him as her ruler.  Self rule.  Rule by the majority, from it’s beginning has always been ruler ship by the demons.


The crowds or multitudes spoken of in the Bible are the people who followed Jesus and his disciples, in order to hear what he was saying.  These crowds, or ochlos, are the same people that Jesus miraculously fed.  These crowds are the same ones that walked away, when Jesus spoke about things that made them uncomfortable.  These crowds are the same ones that, when asked by Pilot, who to set free, yelled out Barabbas.  These crowds, or ochlos, are the same ones who when asked what to do with Jesus, yelled out, Crucify Him.  Crucify Him.


The Crowd, who in the Bible are called the held, possessed and directed, people.  The Ochlos, were very obviously held possessed, and directed by the demons.  How this is accomplished, is why there is a difference between, the Daimons, Demos, and Ochlos.


Remember, that the first person to commit murder in The Bible was Cain, who’s name in Hebrew, means Possession.  Cain was himself the possession of Azazel.  The brutal god of the brutal gods.  Satan.


Cain by his actions, proved that he just like the crowds in Jesus’ day, just like the crowds in our day, was himself held, possessed, and directed by the demons.


When those possessed crowds, or ochlos, exercised their freedom by listening to Jesus, they were taking advantage of one of the benefits of Democracy.  They did so again, at another occasion when they walked away as Jesus was teaching, because they did not agree with what he was saying.  When they cried out for Jesus to be tortured to death they were again practicing Democracy.  Pilot the ruler did not make the decision to execute Jesus.  As the ruler of a democracy, Pilot left that decision to The Crowds.


But unlike Vine’s definition of ochlos meaning an unorganized multitude, the crowd that cried out for Jesus’ execution was very much organized.  They cried out with one unified voice.  The Bible clearly states that they were being directed to do so by the religious leaders of the Jewish people.


In our day people will argue that Rome was not a Democracy, but a Republic.  Those same people will make the same argument today when speaking of Satan’s current Empire.


There are literally hundreds of titles assigned to each and every human governmental system ever tried.   These words were created by taking into consideration every perceived nuance of each and every human government that has ever been tried, and by human standards, there are subtle differences between a Democracy, and a Republic.


But petty, hair splitting arguments between people foolish enough to believe in the system, doesn’t mean a thing when you take into consideration what the true definition of democracy is.


Since the Bible clearly shows that all of civilization is under the ruIership of Satan, then every form of human government, whether it is called a Democracy, or called something else, must ultimately answer directly to Satan.


Autocracy which is rulership by a single person, separate from the group being ruled, would have to by definition, be rulership by a single demon possessed person.  Theocracy which is defined as rulership by god, would have to be rule by The God of Civilization.


Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance defines Theos, as god, whether, The True God, or any other god, or goddess, whether righteous or wicked.  And for a fact, both within the Bible narrative as well as in literature outside of the Bible the word Theos is liberally used as the title of any and all gods spoken of in the ancient Greek language.


A very simple explanation as to why the demos, the ruling class is distinct from the ochlos, the possessed people, is not that difficult to figure out, The ruling class was directly possessed by demons.  Jesus called the religious leaders of his day offspring of vipers, a direct reference to their father being Satan and his demons.  Jesus never referred to the Ochlos or crowds by such a title.  When speaking of the ochlos Jesus called them sheep without a shepherd.


The ochlos were very obviously owned or possessed by the ruling class, the demos.  In general it is still true, that it is primarily, the demos, or ruling class, that is directly possessed by the highest ranking demons, The Daimons.


Direct possession by demons is why Kings, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Popes, Patriarchs, Archbishops, Bankers, Chairmen of the Boards, CEO’s, and other world leaders are so much more evil than the average person.


Since the resurrection of the dead and restoration of the Earth, has yet to take place, it is very obvious that the god of civilization has as of yet not been replaced, meaning that no human government, religion, or economic system, is currently under the guidance of Yah.


For many listening to this information, it may be very difficult to accept that in the first century the Jews were practicing ritual human sacrifice.


The Bible makes it very clear that this was the case, but The Empire’s religions, networks, public education systems, and other propaganda outlets, have always intentionally avoided publicizing this information.


Many argue that the story of Barabbas is a fiction, based on the fact that by Roman law, Pilot was not allowed to release anyone sentenced  to death for sedition.  According to that law, to do such a thing supposedly could have cost Pilot his life.


But, if we look at the account as it is recorded in The Bible, that is not what happened.  Jesus was not tried by the Roman Authority, but by the Judean Authority.  The only reason that Pilot was involved at all was because the Jewish authority was not allowed to carry out death sentences.  Pilot officially washed his hands of the entire affair, and gave Jesus over to the Ochlos.  In affect granting the Jews temporary authority to perform this particular execution, without a conviction from Rome.


Although we know that others were being executed that day, according to the account, Pilot did not allow the Jews to choose  from the entire group, but only gave them the choice of freeing Barabbas, or Jesus.  Since The Jewish authority sentenced Jesus, it is only logical to conclude that Barabbas, like Jesus, had been sentenced by the Jews as well.  All others being executed that day had in all likelihood been captured, tried, and sentenced by Rome, and as such did not qualify for the option of being released.


The fact that Jesus The Son of the Father, and Jesus called The Chosen One, were both provided by the religious leaders of The Jews would fit in perfectly with the ancient ritual involving the Ram for Azazel, and the Ram for The Lord.  Calling Barabbas The Son of the Father, would not have differentiated him from Jesus so much as to acknowledge his similarity to Jesus.  Throughout The Bible, Jesus is repeatedly referred to as God’s son.


A while back one of my viewers asked me who the goat for Azazel was, and in response, I immediately began to type out Jesus.  After all, at John 1:29 we are told that Jesus is the Lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the world.  But when I thought about how the goat for Azazel was not sacrificed, that answer didn’t make any sense, so I deleted my comment, and simply typed out, “I don’t know”.


Later another viewer sent me a comment indicating that she also believed that the goat for Azazel was Jesus.  And that is when I started to do the research for this video.  At John 1:29 Jesus really is called the “Lamb of God”, but the verse does not say that he takes away the sins of the world, as the goat for Azazel did.


The actual Greek words used in this passage, are: Airo Hamartia and Kosmos.


Airo is where we get our English word air, and is used in the Bible when speaking of bringing things up out of the ground and into the open air, as in the resurrection of the dead, spoken of at 1Thesolonians 4:17.  This word is often translated as lifted up, or raised up.  In effect highlighting, or exposing a thing, in such a way, so that everyone can see it.


Hamartia is one of many words in The Bible, that gets translated as sin, but this word actually has a much more detailed definition than simply sin in general.  This word is the same Greek word used in archery to describe not hitting a target.  Literally missing the mark.  A failure, or shortcoming.


And Kosmos means civilization.


A more accurate translation of John 1:29 would be, “Look.  The Lamb of God, who exposes the shortcomings of civilization”.


Jesus means salvation of Yah.  Both men being named Jesus, highlights the importance, of both the exiled ram and the sacrificed ram.   Both representing something essential for our salvation.  At Armageddon, when millions of human beings are sacrificed, the demons inhabiting them will have nowhere to go.  In effect they will have no choice other than exile.  Jesus and his righteous angels will fill the void, when that takes place.


After the resurrection nobody will ever again be tricked into entering into any kind of covenant with any kind of angel.  Natural law makes no exceptions for covenant law.  The only agreement that any man will ever be able to enter into with God again, will be the covenant to follow his natural law.


Many verses speak of Jesus death as a sacrifice.  The Churches would lead us to believe that his sacrifice was figurative.


Nowhere in the bible is there any reference to Jesus death being any kind of figurative sacrifice.  The religion of The Empire quite literally, sacrificed Jesus to The God of Religion.  Jesus was not killed because he was a criminal.  He was not sacrificed to The True God.  He was killed as part of the annual Satanic ritual practiced by the Jewish faith.


Quite soon, the final battle in this 6,000 year long war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire will take place.  Even now, Millions of oppressed human beings are involved in a war of revolt against Satan’s Empire.   Many others are contemplating joining them in that fight.  At the same time, Millions of patriots, who are not willing to give up their lifestyle stand at the ready to defend The Empire by any means necessary.


At 2Corrinthians Chapter 10, beginning at verse 3, Paul wrote: “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh.  For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and every high thing that exhalteth itself against the knowledge of God”


We are free to take a stand in defense of The Empire, if we feel compelled to do so, or we can take a stand against The Empire as Barabbas, and the two insurgents did on either side of Jesus at his execution.  After all, while hanging there dying next to Jesus, one of the men asked Jesus to remember him, when he entered into his kingdom.  And Jesus replied by saying “This very day I am saying to you Amen.  You will be with me in the Paradise”.


I personally have chosen not to war against my fellow man, but instead to pray regularly for the spiritual strength to fight against the demons, that are constantly trying to get us to take sides.  The things that are being done by so called “insurgents” sadden and enrage me.  The things being done by so called “patriots” sadden and engage me as well.  In this violent world it would be very easy to take sides.  Especially for those directly affected.


To those involved in the religions of Christianity, the story of Barabbas only records the fact that the crowds chose to release a crook over Jesus.  Hopefully those of you who have taken the time to listen to the information in this video realize that there is much more to be learned from this story.


If you are wondering why this information has been hidden from mankind for so long, just understand that we are living at a very unique moment in time.  All of the Bible’s promises are about to come to fruition.  In the past, it was not necessary for this information to be understood, because in the past nobody was going to experience, what we as a people will.


We are about to cross over from Satan’s Empire into God’s Kingdom.  The Paradise of God.


Armageddon is God’s means of overthrowing Satan’s Empire.  We do not want to fall into the same trap that Peter fell into of believing that we can overthrow Civilization with a machete.  Even if we have an AK47 and a thousand rounds of ammo, we shouldn’t consider our position to be superior to that of Peter 2,000 years ago.


There are many videos available on the internet of hot, hungry, tired, insurgents, with considerably advanced weaponry, being blown to bits, by an enemy, that they could not even see.  Often, miles away, in an air conditioned building, with full bellies, sitting in very comfortable chairs, in front of computer monitors.


God promised that he would overthrow civilization.  To attempt to do what God has said he would do, could be considered as rebellion against God, or as elevating ourselves to the position of god.  Certainly it would at least show a lack of faith in his ability, or desire to keep his word.


Without the death of Abel, Cain would not have become an exile.  The sacrifice of the goat for Yahweh would have had no value without the releasing of the goat for Azazel.


In like manner, without the releasing of the Son of The Father, the sacrificing of the chosen one would not have had the same meaning, without the sacrifice of Jesus, Barabbas would not have gone free.


At Armageddon, those ruled by the demons, must be sacrificed, before the demons ruling over them can be exiled from the vicinity of The Earth.


Even though Jesus was often followed by the crowds, or ochlos, he was also followed by others not referred to by that title.  The Apostles, meaning messengers, and Disciples, meaning taught ones.  The churches often lead their crowds, or ochlos to believe that Jesus had 12 apostles or disciples, but that is not the case.


There were 12 men that were associated with Jesus who were very special, These men were never given a title, but were usually just spoken of as “The Twelve”.  But the number of those referred to as Apostles and Disciples was never recorded.


When the final battle of Armageddon takes place, those of us who willing submit to rule by God’s Chosen One, will not be actively involved in the struggle to defend or establish some other form of rulership.


Should we succeed in resisting the demons, we can be the ones spoken of within the pages of The Bible as those who shall witness the end of civilization with our own eyes.


If you don’t want to survive……..   Don’t listen to me.

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