Bible Chronology, A Young Earth, And The End Of The World


We are going discuss Time as it applies to the Bible, and the Bibles tracking of Time seems to be a
big issue now as more and more people are waking up to the fact that this so called civilisation is
nearing its end
But another topic that involves time in our modern Scientific era, is the age of the earth and
although the age of the earth does relate to everything else in the Bible in some fashion as far as I
can tell knowing the age of the earth is not as key to bible understanding as most of the other
subjects in the bible or what I’m talking about
But for many people this is a make or break issue, if I take a stand on this issue then most people
will lose confidence in what I’m saying regardless to what my opinion is, about a 3rd of all people
believe the earth is very young and another 3rd believe the earth is very old… while the rest
believe something else, I hope that everyone understands that while I have an option about this
subject, there’s really no way I was going to say what that option was about without being able to
say why?
One of the problems we have as a people is our desire to quantify everything, and thats okay …
because our God designed us in such a way to be curious which means we want to understand the
world around us, at one time that curiosity would have been easy to satisfy, because Jehovah
(God) use to speak to us in a way in which he no longer speaks to us today, in other words we
could simply go to him and say Father how old is the earth? and he would answer in such a way
that no further questioning would be required on our part, thousands of years ago our father did
tell people exactly how long creation took and one of those people recorded it in the Bible, that we
today wouldn’t have to ask him personally.
Because of the way that civilisation is set up, there is always going to be conflict, but soon that will
be no longer the case, we are trained from infancy to think of science and spirituality as enemies of
one another, when in fact satan’s version of science is in conflict with is version of spirituality, But
Jehovahs version of science, which is true science is in perfect harmony with true spirituality.
If someone that may be living like a scientist or as a science teacher was to make the statement
that the earth was only 6000 years old, there is a very strong possibility that that person would be
fired, whether they could prove their claim or not, and such a person would not be able to locate
employment in there chosen field ever again.
The same could be said of a professional theologian, that chooses to take a stand that the earth is
4.5 billion years old, although that for the most part is not quite much of an issue as it would have
being in the past, there is evidence which seems to support the 6000 year theory as well as
evidence which seems to support the 4.5 billion year theory, but both theories are problematic.
The 4.5 Billion year old earth theory is based on the fact that we as humans, have ways of
observing the natural processes taking place in the world around us which seem to never change
and by using straight line reasoning we can follow such processes all the way back to there
beginning, in other words new stuff is not the same as old stuff. We have ways of precisely
measuring the physical characteristics that differentiate new stuff from old stuff and we have
supposedly come up with ways to determine just how long it takes for new stuff to turn into old
stuff, the most significant problem with that particular belief system is that it fails to take into
consideration is the creator is called the creator because he as the ability to create, not because he
as the ability to create new stuff, but because he as the ability to create any new stuff which he
Bible Chronology-A Young Earth, and the End
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wishes to create, including stuff which as the physical characteristics which scientist say can only
exist in old stuff.
If the Bible had originally been written in English, and said in no uncertain terms that the earth was
created in only 6 days and that those days was in fact all 24 hours long or that those days were all
governed by the rotation of the earth or that those days was governed by the speed of light or even
by the radioactive decay, then scripturally there would be no reason to question the amount of time
taken by our God to create the earth, in this particular instance the problem isn’t so much what the
bible says its how we perceive what is said, the bible is very precise when it comes to the Measure
of time, time plays a big part in many of the prophecies regarding our future, so accurate records of
many Bible events are essential to our understanding of what is soon going to take place on earth
but when?
Many Bible prophecies have already being fulfilled, seeing how those past prophecies worked out
exactly on schedule and on time is an important part of our faith and understanding. There are
quite a few words that the Bible uses to describe time that can only be taken one way, which is a
year, a year in the bible is the amount of time it takes the earth to orbit the sun, the bible does not
hide the fact the length of time necessary for the earth to complete its orbit is not a constant. In the
very beginning of the Bible a year was obviously 360 days long, which means that our planet most
of slowed down at some point in the past, because during our life time the length of a year as
always being just over 365 day ( 365 and a quarter day year ) The Scriptures that speak of a 360
day year are not figurative. There not part of some spiritual calendar used to keep track of events
in the spirit realm and are not in a state made by primitive aged iron men.
In the Bible Book of Genesis, Abraham was told by God that he would multiply his offspring until
they were as the stars of the heavens in numbers, and that his offspring would be enslaved to a
400 year cycle, hundreds of years later while being executed Stephen confirmed or released that
mankind would be enslaved to the 400 year Cycle, at the time of Abraham every single calendar on
the earth was based on a 400 year Cycle of 144,000 days, but in the time of Stephen the earth was
governed by a 146,097 days, our modern Gregorian calendar is also based on a 400 year
repeating cycle of 146,097 days, due to the difference years recorded by many people across
many different cultures there is a struggle within some religions over the concept to whether a
religious calendar verses a really calendar, but the bible never makes any reference to any
religious calendar, when the bible speaks of years it isn’t speaking of any particular Number of
days but the actual number of days it took the earth to orbit the sun, whether that was 360 days as
it was in the ancient past or 365 days as it as being for the last 2700 years. The 360 day year was
once a reality, just as the 365 and quarter year is today.
They can be no doubt back in the beginning of human history the earth that we live on actually
once rotated 360 times every time it made a complete orbit around the sun, cultures from all
around our planet from the Middle East and to South America have all left stone calendars
confirming this and telling us that this was once the case and testifying that our calendar was once
governed by 400 year cycle of 360 day years, the Jews had a 360 day calendar, the Egyptians had
a 360 day calendar, and the Mayans also had a 360 day calendar and the Babylonians also had a
360 day calendar, the diversity of all these different cultures and religions from around the world all
confirm that the earth once had a 360 day year. They all shared a 400 year cycle of 360 day
calendar proves without a shadow of a doubt, proves that the 360 day calendar was not just
religious calendar but an actual representation of our Solar system worked at one time.
For anyone wishing to get a deeper understanding of this basic bible teaching, then you’ll need to
understand or read Part 2 ( The sacred calendar and Written in stone) to why the Creator changed
his calendar from a 360 year to 365 year.
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Scientist use physical constants as standard when measuring such things as time, a physical
constant would be anything that science considers to be unchangeable such as rates of radioactive
decay or the speed of light, but even these things fall under the creators jurisdiction, since our
father is the only truly unchangeable being in our universe the precise measure of time would have
to depend on him, we as fleshly human creatures are limited in our ability to comprehend time with
our senses, for a natural man living under Gods natural law watching the sun set would be all what
would be needed to observe the unit of time of what the bible refers to as one day.
But due to original sin, many people consider themselves to be Gods, and this in turn leads them,
to think that they are above natural law, those at the top of the unnatural hierarchy pyramid of
civilisation keep track of time by using costly resource destroying Machines that require skilled
labourers to observe phenomena of radioactive decay, presently both ways or equally as valid as
observing the passing of time, but radioactive decay just like the setting of the sun is still an
actually re-occurring phenomena which only exist because our creator put it there, most people
that’s looked into the bible for information about the age of the Earth, have only read the creation
account which can be found in the first book of the Bible in Genesis only in its English foam, but
there is much more recorded in the Bible thats just as every bit as important which is recorded in
the creation account in the Book of Genesis, and of the information that is recorded outside the
book of Genesis is even more important in determining the age of the earth then what is recorded
in the creation account which is recored in Genesis…. Some of what I’m going too talk about is
part of an on going argument between the two camps in this dispute, if this issue is important to
you then you have probably heard much of what I am going to say, however I promise you that
there is going to be some information which you have never heard before!
We are living in a time which as being spoken of for thousand of years, the amount of knowledge
that is reaching us that truly love the true creator Jehovah God is unprecedented in human
Very early in world history God created Light and Dark and in Genesis 1: 5 it says
“ Dark he called night while light he called day”
This event took place on day one of creation, just by using simply reasoning it is quite obvious that
this Scripture is specifically saying that the length of time it took God to create light and dark was
measured as one complete rotation of the earth, but in verses 14 up until verse 19, God went on to
create what most people except as the Sun and the Moon, this event did not take place up until the
4th day … if that being the case the cycle of light and dark were very obviously not dictated by the
rising and setting of what we recognise today as our sun, since up until the 4th day they would
have been no sun, in other words whether or not the suns rotation where similar in length to the
rotation of the earth in our day, they would have been No sun or Moon to act as luminaries to mark
the passing of rotations, but that isn’t the only problem since Man was created until the 6th day
they wouldn’t have been anyone available to observe the luminaries of the heavens anyway, but as
we are about to find out this isn’t much of a problem as we might think, the word that we translate
as day is “yawm” (sounds like) I am totally satisfied with the use of our english word “day” in many
instances where this word occurs in our bibles, particularly since we often use the word day in
english to describe things other then a 24 hour cycle of time, if all English bibles consistently used
the word day everywhere the word “Yawm” appeared in the original Hebrew text, then we would
have no problem saying the word Yawm is the same word used for our 24 hour day, unfortunately
this is not at all how this is handled, just as an example the online version of strong’s concordance
of the King James translation of the Bible says, that the word “Yawm” is translated about 271 times
as words other then our english word “day”
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The time I have spent looking into this alternate translations of these words makes it appear if not
all of these instances can easily be resolved without changing the questionable versus, just as one
example, Genesis 10:25 uses the word Yawm when it says that during Pe’Leg day the earth was
divided. Some Bibles render this verse by saying during “ Pe’leg time” or life time, if these
renderings are correct then the length of Pe’leg day would not be equal to the time the earth takes
to make one rotation, Pe’leg life time was certainly more then 24 hours, but by tradition many
versions of the bible actually translate this verse to say “ Pe’legs days (plural) the earth become
divided” this rendering would preserve the original idea that is present in the scripture, while also
preserving the concept of a day as always being one rotation of the earth.
For other uses of “Yom”, see Yom (disambiguation).
Yom (Hebrew: יום (is a Biblical Hebrew word which occurs in the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament).
The Arabic equivalent is “yawm” or “yōm” written as يوم.
I haven’t attempted to resolve every problematic passage using the word “ Yawn” but I am
reasonably sure that every use of the word Yawn is based on the amount of time it is necessary for
the to complete one rotation, since God created the luminaries of the heavens, for away for
humans to perceive the passing of time I have no doubt that since the creation of the first man
Adam, that every single day as being associated when one rotation of the earth, and there isn’t any
reason to question whether this was the case before Adam’s creation.
Jehovah or Yahweh, is referred to in the Bible as the creator, and one of the things he created was
our solar system, and even though our solar system is made up of many things including the Sun,
The planets and the Moons it as to be acknowledged that all of those objects are just small parts of
our much larger solar system, the centre of our solar system is a star that we call the Sun, and
every other object in our solar system moves in predictable pattens relative to that star, those
celestial objects are made up of even smaller objects known as atoms, and according to what we
refer to as modern science those atoms are made up of even smaller particles supposedly those
subatomic particles make up an atom like the objects that make up our solar system also follow
very predictable patterns, Science tells us that these patterns are unchangeable using these
supposedly observable patterns scientist have declared our earth to be 4.5 billion years old, there
isn’t any way to prove or disprove their theory, because some subatomic particles are so small that
even today no-one as been able to create an instrument powerful enough to observe them. The
Scientific Community claim that they don’t need to observe these particles themselves, because
they already have powerful Instruments that can observe the effects that those particles produce.
There is very little chance that any of us will ever see such a machine in real life because such
instruments are so expensive that only the empires top ranking national corporate entities could
ever hope to possess such devices, and only high ranking members of the Evolution faith have any
chance of being hired to operate them.
Our inner ability to be able to purchase billion dollar devices or machines does not mean what we
are being told by the people at the top is actually true, who claim to be above natural law. The
simple act of observing the setting of the sun is efficient in proving the claim of science to be in
error, the same religion of Science that claims to have proven that earth is 4.5 billion years old also
claims that the cycle around our sun takes 365.256363004 days to complete, this is also how long
the earth year was when the Gregorian calendar was developed over 400 years ago, according to
science this was because the earths orbital cycle as being stable for millions of years, every
advanced civilisation of the ancient world left archaeological evidence thats was less then 3000
years ago that the earth was governed by 400 solstice year cycle made up of 360 day years, And
these years was made up of 12 x 30 day months, if the ancient world what actually governed by a
365 day year similar to our modern year that we currently have today, then someone somewhere
living at the time would have had to noticed and recored it, the fact that all the ancient cultures
came to the conclusion that the year was 360 days long, 1000s miles apart from each other with
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oceans dividing them in some cases, supposedly independently of one another would basically
qualify as high witness testimony from every human that as ever lived, that the length of our natural
year really did go from 360 days to 365 and a quarter day years less then 3000 years ago
Not only does the religion of Science not understand how this as happened, but still in fact refuse
to acknowledge that this did happen, if scientist don’t even have the ability to explain the very easy
observable patterns followed by the massive objects in our solar system it would be foolish to
imagine that they can somehow explain the patterns that are followed by subatomic particles they
themselves cannot even observe today.
Also knowing that God as the ability to alter the patterns followed by the most massive objects in
our solar system, whatever he chooses and whenever he pleases. It would be foolish to try and
use science to come up with some kind of reasoning to why he would not be able to do something
similar with the microscopic particles that he used to create those objects, The religions of the
world have been making up rules about God for 1000 years, and billions of people have being
fooled into believing these rules, the rules that have being created by the religion of science are
only superficially different from those of the empires different religions
The Bible does say that to God a thousands years is like a day, and this word is translated from the
Greek work “ Hemera” which is like the Greek equivalent to the world yawn used in Hebrew. In fact
a more correct translation of this verse would be “beloved to not allow this thing to be hidden from
you, one of gods days is equal to a thousand years” – 2 Peter 3:8
Strong’s Concordance
hémera: day
Original Word: ἡµέρα, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: hémera
Phonetic Spelling: (hay-mer’-ah)
Short Definition: a day
Definition: a day, the period from sunrise to sunset
According to the Bible our human day is 24 hours long, because our observance of this cycle of
time is governed by setting of the sun, the Bible does not specify any observable phenomena
associated with God’s day which is equal to one of our millenniums, but after the resurrection I
am certain that God will re-establish what ever observable event which originally marked off the
passing of God’s “Yawn” of 1000s years, Peters choice of words in this verse can not simply
mean that a 1000 years goes by very quickly for God because he is very old!
In Ancient Hebrew culture is not the same as modern english culture, that doesn’t mean we
can’t get a clear understanding of time as it is recorded in the Bible, There shabaween ( sound
like ) is a cycle of 7, but unlike our week which is a cycle of 7 days,
A shabaween can be a cycle of 7 days, weeks, years and annual sabbaths or millenniums, for
us a day is the amount of time it takes for our earth to make a complete rotation on its axis, for
Jehovah God a day is equal to 1000 earth years in the past a year was exactly 360 days long,
and in the very near future our year will be restored to that state, the churches like to use what
may be confusing to us as a weapon against us in order to control our thinking, but if we
understand just these small differences they can’t manipulate our perception of time, one
example of how we can be easily confused by the churches if we let them, is the account of
when the Israelites refused to enter into the promised land after spying it out for 40 days, God
made them wonder for 40 years before allowing them another opportunity to enter, his
reasoning was that they would have to wonder one year for punishment as for one day (single
day) that they spied it out, by using this verse the churches often twist bible prophecies, by
substituting days for years and years for days there is nothing in the Bible that remotely which
Indicates that this should be done, days and years are never interchangeable in the bible, if the
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Bible says that the earth was created in 6 Yawm’s then only options we have that the earth was
created in 6 human Yawms, (6 days) or 6 of Gods yawm’s which would be 6 thousand years ?
Since the Bible was written for Man then it’s only reasonable that the days of the creation
account would be similar to our 24 hour days otherwise I am reasonable certain that the bible
would of some way specified that the yawm’s (days) was not mans yawm’s (Days) but Gods
Yawm’s, choosing to believe that the earth was created in 6 thousands years will not support a
more scientific version of creation because neither length of time comes close to the
supposedly proven fact that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, 4.5 billion years is 750,000 times
longer then 6000 years
Understanding, that there exists in our universe is a living being that is powerful enough to
create Solar systems, leads me to believe that such a being would not be limited by the same
time constraints that limit the fleshy parts of that solar system
Isaiah 45:9 as well as Romans 9:20 both speak of how foolish it is of humans to think they
need to know such things, in both scriptures such people are compared to mud and pottery
shards demanding an explanation from a pottery maker
Our human week follows a repeating patten, so someone might feel that Jehovahs week would
also follow such a pattern, in other words after 6000 years of working he took 6000 years off ,
And when the first human couple sinned, he began the next 7000 years cycle which we are in
right now, but in the Bible it is very clear that once that final 1000 year cycle ends, Jesus will
hand it over the Kingdom to his father, in which time sickness, sadness, cold, heat, rain, labour
and slavery, death and crying and everything else that is bad is done away with forever, the
1000 year cycles of our solar system may continue, but they will be no more cycles of work
and rest from that time on, creations rest will be eternal
Most of what is done as a remembrance in the Bible follows a repeating pattern, but all of those
patterns are in memories of singular events or pointing forward to singular events, all of the
weekly sabbaths, yearly sabbaths and jubilees are repeating patterns in remembrance of a
singular event, the jews was told to follow this repeating pattern in remembrance of that
singular event, but also as a constant reminder of the fact that the singular event of creation
was suppose to result in rest
Every account in the bible involving the time prior to the Babylonian conquest of the promised
land is obviously based on a 360 day year made up of 12 x 30 day months, if you read the
Bible with an open mind with no preconceived ideas then this is quite easy to see, modern
religions try to hide this by claiming that the ancients cultures had leap days, months and years
similar to our modern calendar, but when you read about the precision required by the law of
Moses in the keeping of the ancient jewish rituals, there is no way that those requirements
could be meant without some clear guide lines about the insertion of leap days, years and
Those added cycles of time would be no more instinctive then they are today, for 100s of years
after the solar system went out of conjunction, the nations developed their own version of
calendars, none of them was alike until the Gregorian calendar was finally developed and that
was not universally expected, millions of lives was sacrificed in carnal warfare before the
current empire enforced all of earths nations to our current system of leap cycles
If somehow you are able to read the bible without picking up on the dramatic change in the way
the Bible records the passing of time, then you probably wont be able to understand the
scriptures describing the changes that took place in the appearance of moon either ?
In the beginning of time the Bible says that are Moon was always full, always in the nights sky
and cycling every 30 days, its obvious that none of this is true today
To understand this better then please read the written in stone (Part 2)
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Many of the books in the Bible speak of changes in the Moon, but two bible books that clearly
describe all of these changes are the book of JOB and the Book of Revelation, the book of Job
contrary to popular belief is not about a very patient human being but in stead more about 7000
years of human history… Told in advance by God.
JOB 1 :1-3
There happened to be a main the land of Uz whose names was Job, and that man
proved to be blameless and upright, and fearing God and turning aside from bad. 2) And seven
sons and three daughters came to be born to him 3) And his livestock got to be seven thousand
sheep and three thousand camels and five hundred spans of cattle and five hundred she asses,
along with a very large body of servants and that man came to be the greatest of all the
What the bible really says is ….
The forest once had a custodian who’s reputation caused him to be hated, but in fact he was
perfect, correct and the greatest thing created in the garden of eden
I figured this out when I realised that Uz is not in the orient, Uz simple means forest in the word
that we translate as oriental is actually qedem (sounds like) and communicates three distinct
ideas throughout the bible … a) ancient times b) ancient situation and c) ancient location
The name of the protagonist is actually a transliteration of the word meaning hated one

The description of Jobs life is unique in all of the bible, typical when speaking of the passing of
time in a bibles characters life or in the general ere in which a bible character lived, the words
days and years are used. In the book of Job these words are used in a very limited way or also
used but in quiet few instances the passing of time but as well as the general ere in which the
events take place are associated not with days or years but instead with months, this is an
important clue into what the book of job is actually about
At the beginning of his life Job is spoken about as being very happy and prosperous, but as
time goes on Job is effected with death of family members, violence and loss of life stock,
poverty and sickness, in recounting the events of his life Job associates the timing of those
events with changers in the appearance of the moon as well as the moons lunar cycles,
something that no other bible character does, and the way in which he describes the changes
to the moon is similar to the way the Bible describes the charges to the moon which have taken
place not within the cause of a single life time, but over thousands of years not something that
anyone could have ever witnessed in a single life time, job speaks of a time when he lived
under the Beautiful moon, which would of been before the flood and the sea of crystal would
have still being in place (Ice dome around the earth) causing the moon to change colour 12
times over the course of the year, then he speaks of living under a lunar moon which would of
been from a time directly after the flood to the time of the Babylonian conquest, during that ere
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the moon would have been white all year long with the exception of the first day of the 7th
month during the lunar eclipse when it would of being black or on the last day of the 12th month
of the first day of the first month when it would of being red as to what we refer to as a blood
moon today, then job speaks of living under what he calls a worthless moon, the moon that we
live under today, that does not follow any kind of orderly patten and does not always appear in
the nights sky and does not even stay lit, constantly changing from light to dark.
Truly as Job said a “worthless Moon”
The 4 Horse Men of Revelation
The book of Revelation also speaks of these changes when it refers to the different moons as
different coloured horses, each horse bringing with it harbingers refereed to as riders, each in
its turn bringing about deteriorating conditions on the earth similar to deteriorating conditions
experienced by Job, We are told that the first Moon is a White horse ridden by a rider with a
bow, we are lead to believe that this bow is the kind of bow, that an archer would use when
conducting warfare and because he’s dressed in white he most be holy, when in fact the Greek
word used here is actually made from ribbon of colourful cloth, even though our english word is
the same for both, in greek these two words are completely different having nothing to do with
one another, in other words what the book of Revelations speaking of is a white moon nearly
covered by what appeared to those on earth as a bow made of colourful ribbon, this is what Job
referred to as the Beautiful moon.
We are then told of a Red horse and a black horse which corresponds to what we call Blood
moon and a lunar eclipse… What Job referred to as lunar months
And Finally in the Revelations refers to the last moon as a pale horse, which would correspond
to our current moon, which cycles between light and dark… once again what Job refers to as
the worthless moon … And remember that each of these horse’s which are actually referring to
Moons which brings with it a rider announcing an introduction some kind of decline in the
human condition, the same deteriorating condition that Job experienced, Death, pestilence,
Famine and warfare
Another reason why I have avoided talking about the age of the earth because no matter how
you approach it you always end up on the motion charged subject of the sabbath, after all at
the end of the 6th creative day when Jehovah was done with his creation of the earth he saw
that everything was very good and he went in to what the bible calls his rest, and it appears that
, that rest was supposed to last all eternity. But that is not what happened Satan and his Angels
continued to work, those wicked angels was also able to get all humanity into working and the
work that they did on what Jehovah himself referred to as an earth that was very good, did not
result in the earth becoming better, but as resulted in what we have today.
Most of us are familiar with the commandment at Genesis which says “ Remember the sabbath
to keep it holy” But I don’t believe that any human alive as ever actually looked into what that
commandment was actually all about, At Genesis 20:11 we are told exactly what it was about…
In the 6 days the lord made the heavens and the earth sea and all that was in them, and he
rested on the 7th day, therefore the Lord blessed the 7th day and made it holy”
Quite literally what is said here is that God created the earth in 6 yawms and on the 7th yawm,
he rested so according to the 10 commandments, the Jews where to remember that the rest
yawm was not going to be the same as the pervious work yawm
Taking in to consideration that God intended to rest on the 7th day and we need to ask what
was his intentions for the 8th day? Did he go off to another part of the Galaxy and start making
light and dark again, another star with other planets ? … Nothing like that is recorded in the
Bible, in fact it seems that on the 8th day our creator was still resting (Hebrew 4:3) specifically
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“ for we who have exercised faith do not enter into the rest, just as he has said: “ so I swore in
my anger, they shall not enter into my rest, although his works were finished from the founding
of the world”
These words were written about 4000 years after Jehovah had entered into his rest and nothing
else was ever written about that rest ever ending, it is also clear from these verses that God
also intended he wanted all of mankind to enter into his rest from the very day that he to
entered into it, at this point in time the creators rest as been going on for about 6000 years a
direct accurate translation of Hebrews 4:3 drives this point right home much better then any
english bible available, what Paul actually said was
“ Because now we are being persuaded to enter into Gods rest, he as promised we would,
even though he himself as already being resting ever since the creation of the world”
These verses should make it quite obvious that Jehovah rest is something separate from the
weekly sabbath rest from the ancient Jews.
The repeating pattern which we have just spoken of was highlighted by Paul when he said at
1st Corinthains 4:9
For it seems to me that God has put us the apostles last on exhibition as men appointed to
death, because we have become a theatrical spectacle to the world, and to angels, and to
When he said this he was simply pointing out that the lives of bible characters including himself,
where playing out a seemingly choreographed fashion according to some script, and he was
Historic events from the ancient past, have ended up being treated over and over by one Bible
character after another as if they were all pointing towards some future climactic event, in fact
they where
To any reasonable person that reads the 10 commandments it should be obvious that the
commandant to rest does not fit in with the other commandments, even in the most wickedness
of empires that as every existed today, everyone pretty much understands why God would set
not committing murder as a high priority, even the commandant not to commit adultery makes
sense once we release that this word involves not just sex but demon worship as well, but to
most members of are society the crime of not resting does not seem really much of a crime?
To those who put their faith into covenant law, all labour is a good thing, this is what keeps the
economic system alive, it supports the political system and it itself is supported by the religious
system, within civilisation domain we are continuously reminded that good people constantly
engage in some foam of labour while bad people are lazy, but to those that recognise that God
intended man to live by natural law it is obvious and there is nothing natural or good about the
slavery based system we encounter today and refer to as civilisation, the command to
remember the sabbath is actually a command is to use the 7th day yawm of man week as a
reminder of the 7th millennium year yawm of Jehovahs week, in Hebrew the word Shabua
(7620) which we translate as week actually means cycle of 7 and obviously from the scriptures
is not restricted to a cycle of days as our english word week, if Jehovahs yawm is a 1000 years
then Shabua of Gods Yawm would equal 7000 years, Jesus 1000 year reign as spoken of in
the Book of Revelation ( Chapter 20) would have to be the sabbath of Gods Shabua, what we
in english would refer to as a week.
In the Bible there is a period of time referred to over and over again in one book after another
as the last days, the bible says that the last days would be a period of 3 and half years made
Bible Chronology-A Young Earth, and the End
of the World
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up of 360 days years (1260 days) this time period would be in Harmony with the destruction of
our current civilisation and the restoration of our solar system, when Jesus spoke of this period
he very specifically said at Matthew 24:6 “ That nobody knows the day nor the hour” when the
last days would begin, not even him… But every repeating pattern in the Bible points to these
last days also know as the Great tribulation, “the great feast day of God almighty” and the “fear
and inspiring day of Jehovah”
If all of this would help into our entry into Gods 1000 year sabbath, then all what we would have
to do, is figure out when the 7000 year work week begin and count ahead 6000 years from that
point, this would tell us when the last days would end, so it would only be a matter of counting
back 1260 days to figure out when the last days would begin, but as simple as this might
sound, they are some problems, the bible accurately records a very precise and detailed
account of the passing of time, even in the ancient past we are told such things like how old
Adam was when his son Seth was born, as well as how old Seth was when his son was born, it
is because of this detailed account of record keeping that so many people see this time frame
that we are how living in as the last days, in 1975 many of the Jehovah wittiness faith felt that
the end of this system was very soon, based on the fact that it was Adams 6000 birthday,
Jehovah witness are not the only religion to fall into such a trap, the fact they would feel this
way was based on some very sound reasoning mixed with some very foolish reasoning, it’s a
very understandable desire to see the end of Satan’s system come to an end and the
establishment of God’s Kingdom here on earth, if man was forced out of the garden of Eden
after Adam was created, the. Our 7th millennium day would have to be some time after 1975
and because we know for a fact that Seth was born outside the Garden of Eden, when Adam
was 130 years old, then we can also know that at the latest for the end of civilisation as to
come before 2105, but we can pretty much reduce that time frame by at least 20 years because
Cain and Able was also born after Adam and Eve had left the Garden of Eden, and the Bible
clearly says that Eve was happy when Seth was born because he would act as a replacement
for her murdered son Able, it is very unlikely that Able or his older brother Cain were children
when the murder took place, the Bible says that Cain was involved in agriculture, and was
planning on creating the first city when he killed his brother, not the kind of things we would
associate with a child, also according to Genesis 4:1 Adam and Eve’s older son was conceived
outside of the Garden, so Cain would not have being born for the first 9 months after the couple
was told to leave the Garden and entered into what the Bible calls the land of the enemy, most
likely Able would not have been born until at least 9 months after Cain and probably not until
9th months after Cain had being weened, another thing to consider is the amount of time
between Cain and Able making there sacrifices and the time that Able was murdered was most
likely 3 and 1 half years, the repeating 3 and 1 half years cycle which is found throughout the
Bible seems to have started with this event.
We can safely say that the end of civilisation, has got to come some time between 2014 and
2085 are can we ?
There is a big gap that occurred some time between 700 BC – That’s when Jehovah altered the
relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun … the Empire had very precise records prior to
this event taking place, but it took about 2300 years for Pope Gregory the 13th to re-establish a
fully functional calendar, unlike secular history the bible records are very accurate all the way
up until 3 and 1 days after the resurrection of Jesus, But this still leaves about 1500 year period
in which accurate record keeping was not possible, every prosthetic pattern associated with the
end of civilisation originates either before or during this time of uncertainly. if the date of 2085 is
correct that would effectively leave me for triumphant march into the promised land, I would be
far to old (100 plus) for many of the dates associated with this time we have to trust these so
called experts that are not so trust worthy, if there off by as little 25 years that would put ever
person alive today as the same situation as me
Bible Chronology-A Young Earth, and the End
of the World
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The reason that the Bible could precisely record historic event is based on the fact that the God
that altered the perception of human time is not confused by the alteration that he himself
made, while humans was busy counting days and weeks in an attempt to figure out what year it
was… The creator was simply counting years, the vast majority of humans are not aware of
what makes a year, and this is true even today. Humans that have always had a very simple
way of tracking years had a very difficult time trying to figure out what was going on.
We are not really able to perceive the earths orbit around the sun, and to the creator the earths
orbit would be as easy to track as the hour hand on a clock, unfortunately for us once the last
book of the bible was completed the only accurate account for the passing of time came to an
end, The Bible at Amos 8:11 speaks of this time as a famine but not for food but for the words
of Jehovah, the churches of the world address this scripture in many different ways depending
on their own individual agendas, if you investigate when different books of the Bible was written
you’ll find according to popular opinion Moses wrote most of Genesis around 15 -13 BC and
that on average a new book was added to the Bible every 25 years or so
Most people recognise that it as being a very long time since God as added any new books to
his Bible, and this to his part of a repeating pattern, leading to something very important.
Thousands of years ago a man Abram was asked by the creator to leave his land and travel to
the promised land, he agreed but did not begin his Journey to the promised land for 40 years,
later Moses fasted for 40 days while waiting to receive the law, then when Israel broke that law
he did it again, and the Nation of Israel was made to wonder the desert for 40 years before
being allowed to entry the Promised land, later after being baptised Jesus fasted for 40 days in
the wildness before returning to the Promised land, many Bible characters participate in some
kind of preparation period measured in some kind of time cycle of 40, this prosthetic pattern of
40 time cycle of famine is important for us because we are also about to enter into our
promised land.
Our famine for the word of the lord as lasted not 40 days or not 40 years, but instead for 40
jubilees, even though a Jubilee is not a standard way of time in our modern culture it is a very
important measure of time in the Bible
49 x 40 = 1960 years
Not the Year 1960
We know for a certainly that books of the Bible was being produced at least at late as 36 AD
There are no records of when the final books of the Bible was written, but people who study
such things, say the last book was written in 99 AD, this fast of 40 Jubilees means that we will
enter the Promised land ( Gods kingdom here on earth ) some time between 2014 and 2067 …
but once again we are only able to figure this out because we have experts to tell us when the
books of the Bibles were written, unfortunately if all or most of those experts are associated
with civilisation mind control system also known as religion, which means there not to be
Just one example of there incorrect dating associated in the Bible would be in the Book of
Revelation itself which they date around 95 to 99 AD, there reasoning for assigning such a late
date to some extent is based on a scripture that some way indicates that John would be the last
apostle to die, and it is speculated that he did all of his final writings in the years of his life from
the Island of Patmos where he was imprisoned, the first problem that we are going to find with
this line of reasoning is that there is absolutely nothing to indicate that this book was written by
the apostle John other then the name John, in fact much of the information given about the
identity of the author of this book could not be applied to anybody named John anywhere in the
bible or even in secular history, but with one exception… John the Baptist I’ll explain later to
why this is true, there are those that will say that this book could not have been written by John
the Baptist because of its first description of Jesus been resurrected from the dead,
Bible Chronology-A Young Earth, and the End
of the World
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John was executed before Jesus resurrection took place, the only problem with this wicked
reasoning is that nearly everything in the book of Revelation takes place after every body in the
bible was dead, its after all a book of prophecy. The only books associated with such a late date
are the gospel of John and the three letters attributed to John and all given such late dates
because there are reasons that John wrote them after he wrote the Book of Revelation, which I
said he didn’t write, so if we simply through out these obviously 4 incorrect late dates then the
youngest book of the Bible would 2nd Timothy which was supposedly written in 66 AD, but
once again this date is according to demon inspired humans part of Satan’s control system
known as religion
If we determine the date for our 40 jubilee fast using the remaining possibilities as presented by
Christendom’s experts we find that our date for entering our promised land can only come
between 2014 and 2026 these figures fall into the same general range as the first figures for
the end of our first 6000 year work week
In the beginning human perception of time was never meant to be governed by artificial
means , it says quite bluntly at Genesis 1: 14-16, That humans was to perceive the passing of
time using the luminaries of the heavens, that means at one time the Sun, Moon and Planets
will function similar to the way they once did like clock functions to mark our passing of time,
there is more then enough evidence not just in the Bible but also in the archaeological record
confirms that every celestial object in your solar system was clearly visible to the human eye as
we see the moon today, easily identifiable and moved in a very orderly pattern.
So it someone wanted to know what time or day, week or year it was all they had to do was
look up into the heavens and observed how whose luminaries are alined. ( see what do the
144,000 represent )
Knowing that the solar system no longer functions as it once did means how we perceive time
today would not have being the same in the past, the Bible very clearly tells us exactly when
civilisation will come to an end, Jesus said that No man Knows, had the solar system never
had been altered then everyone would then know
For me, the Bibles chronology indicating that the earth is about 6000 years old means that the
earths creation was completed about 6000 years ago when he brought the first woman to the
first man, there is nothing to indicate that anything was created after Human kind, even though
our english bibles make it appear that Man and woman was created years apart from each
other. In the original languages it is quite clear that they were created on the same day, When
naming Eve he did not say “Finally at long last the bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh, and
I shall name this one Woman because man she was taken”
But instead simply says, I shall name this last one Ishshah (woman/female) because she was
made from anash (man) here flesh and bones are the same as my flesh and bones, in english
a correct translation “ anash “ ( en-awsh’) would be alpha male, and Ishshah would be alpha
female, the bible did not record the date on which the first human couple was removed from the
Garden, but we do know from that day they decided to follow covenant law, by going against,
following Gods natural law, from then on they left from not following natural law and chose to
follow unnatural law
( God’s Law = Natural law and Covenant law = Not Natural, God gave them what they wanted,
unnatural laws which we have to this day)
The perception of time in accord with natural law would have followed several cycles 7 as
governed by the movement of the celestial bodies placed in the sky by our creator, this would
include the cycle of 7 millenniums of the creators week, unnatural law instead followed the
solstice cycle of 400 years.
Bible Chronology-A Young Earth, and the End
of the World
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The only time in Bible Chronology coincided with a major date on satan’s 400 year calendar
would take place at the beginning of the 7th Millennium when Jesus and is 144,000 angles
would replace Satan as his angles, this event would take place on the first day of Jesus’ first
day of his 1000 year rule over the earth, Millennium 6 will end on the same day that our cycle of
400 years comes to an end, All the ancient cultures had their own phrase for this cycle of 400
years including the Ancient Jews ( Hebrew) Greek and on Mayan calendar it is referred to as
Baktun, Abraham was told about this cycle at Genesis 15:13 and later Stephen as he was
being executed at Acts 7:6 reminded us about this cycle, and we are still bound by this satanic
means of tracking time, as our Gregorian calendar is also based on a repeating 400 year
solstice cycle
There is one other event that may possible have taken place at a moment of time where the
satanic cycle of 400 years coincided with one of Jehovahs days, at the end of millennium 4
Jesus was executed, there is nothing in the bible to say that 2000 years after Jesus death that
civilisation would come to end, so far now this information is only conjecture, but on the day
that civilisation comes to an end the Bible says they would be earthquakes and darkness, the
day that Jesus died something similar occurred, although Jesus died in 33 AD two Millennium
after that event would be the year 2033
however I only mention this because that date easily fits in with both of the other two dates that
we have already discussed, although one problem that I have to mention is that, if we were to
consider the end of both Millennium 4 which coincides with the 10 cycle of 400 in the end of
Millennium 6 which coincided with the 15th cycle of 400, we also have to assign some
significance to Millennium 2 which would coincide with the 5th cycle of 400 years
Scripturally, I can not think of any other event in the Bible accompanied by earthquakes and
darkness that would of taken place at that time, something that seems to be describing a shift
in power between satan’s angels and Jesus’ Angels that seems to fit in chronologically is the
account of Jacob’s ladder, Im personally not able to figure out any way to assign an infinitive
date for this event, it as to be very close to the end of Millennium 2, in the account Jacob lays
his head down on a stone and goes to sleep, whilst sleeping he as a dream… and within his
dream he see something that shakes him up to such an extent, that when he awakens he pours
oil on the stone that he had previously being resting his head and declares it for certainty that
this must be the house of God – Genesis 28:10-17
In english what Jacob saw in his dream is what is referred to as a ladder, but the actual Hebrew
word is Sullam (sool-lawm’) Sullam does not appear to be a standard Hebrew word that same
to be made up of other Hebrew words that expressing movement and shape, and in the
Scripture itself this Sullam is casting Angels down from heaven to the earth while at the same
time casting other angels from the earth up to heaven — a related word Sullam spelt with an S
instead of a C describes heap or coned shaped, I believe what Jacob saw in this dream was a
coned shaped vortex putting up between heaven and earth stripping Angels from the earth and
at the same depositing angels on to the earth, perhaps resembling a tornado or an upside
down tornado or perhaps even both?
If its more comfortable imagining Angels climbing upside of a ladder while angels are climbing
down the other Side – please feel free to keep that image.
Only the creator can be said to have a true mastery over time, he as given us the instinctive
ability to perceive the passing of that time, has well as instinctive ways to keep track of our
position within this steam of time, his creation that he put in place is made up of matter and
Energy, and by using unnatural means we can also keep track time by observing the universal
constants associated with that matter and energy, although it is very difficult for me to
understand why anyone would choose to do so, preaches and church leaders from every
denomination have accumulated worshippers for themselves based on there ability to interpret
Bible prophecy related to the last days, I have never seen as much as one of these false gods
ever seem to get one of these prophecies right, many of them seem to attempt to make the
prophecies about the 1260 days be about years when in fact it is actually about days,
Bible Chronology-A Young Earth, and the End
of the World
Page 14 of 15
In the very near future they will be things that will happen that will allow us to know that this
time period as how begun and the last days have how officially started, one that every day the
world will still have no idea about the day or the hour, but now you have a read this you will
know! But only if we continue to maintain integrity and continue to have nothing to do with any
of Satan’s religions, including his political system and economic system.
Most everyone is aware that Jesus associated the last days with such things as earthquakes,
famine, pestilence and war… all of those things are quite obviously taking place right now, And
the rulers of Satan’s religions are quick to point these things out to us as part of their scare
tactics, but there other things that are about to take place that are far more easier to identify,
why ? … Because they are unique, any of those events will take place on any of the 1260 days
(42 months or 3 and half years) period known as the last days when Jehovah will begin is
restoration of the creation and the only thing you have to do to prepare our exodus out of Satan
civilisation, is be ready to leave.
Even though i have presented lots of evidence that the earth was created in what we would call
6 standard earth days, the strongest evidence from the Bible that this a literal 6 days is based
more on the end of the world then the beginning, we are told that the 1260 day period referred
to in the Bible as the last days will be marked by 7 Lunar eclipses, one every 180 days apart
from each other within 1260 day period ( also referred to as the 7 bowels of wrath or 7 trumpet
blast mentioned in the book of Revelation)
Which means that these eclipses will NOT occur over millions of years or for thousands of
years, but will begin an end but with a time reframe of one solar day, each eclipses will be
marked by a restoration of some part of Jehovah God original creation Just as he had it right
the beginning when He said in the Book of Genesis “ EVERYTHING IS VERY GOOD”, on one
of those days the water above the expanse will be restored and the Sea of Ice/Crystal will be
restored, ( Ice Dome around the earth) on another day the planets will be restored to their
original orbit and on another day the mountains shall be removed … During this time of 1260
days the sea will be No more ( Atlantic Ocean ) Deserts will once again be green and cities and
population centres will be removed — like I mentioned Mountains will also be removed, and
the entire earth will once again be one huge rain forest
Bible prophecies: 1260 prophecy, 42 month prophecy and the 3 & half year prophecy – these
are all the same thing.
3 and half years made up of (360 day years all with 12×30 days) = 42 months = 1260 days
12 months x 3 = 36 months + 6 months = 42 months
360 days (1 year ) x 3 = 1080 days + half a year (6 months x 30 days = 180 days) + 1080 days
= 1260 days
1260 days divide by 7 bowls of wrath or trumpet blasts (lunar eclipse) = 180 days x 7 = 1260
42 months divide 12 = 3.5 years
On the very last eclipse (exactly on Day 1260) This will be the resurrection of the dead, on day
6th of creation God only created two people, but as the Apostle Paul said On the final eclipses
ALL of the dead will be resurrected, that would be perhaps 50 Billion people.
The bible says that God is going to resurrect ever person that as ever died on this One day,
Than there is no real reason to believe that it took him millions of years to just make two
Knowing that our ability to track time as being seriously compromised, then we can only put so
much faith in chronologies ability to reveal when civilisation well end.

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