SnC 032 | Good Intentions

World Events General discussion (1:11) Listener Questions Should we be concerned about global warming? (50:15) Scripture Matthew 25:14-34 Do Not Be Anxious (56:23)   Notes: We are kept from our goal, not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal. – The Bhagavad Gita Link to Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey   Music: … Continue reading SnC 032 | Good Intentions

SnC 031 | Book

Writing A Book Challenges in writing and keeping faith (0:41) Listener Questions What are your thoughts on baptism? Is it necessary and what is the proper way to do it? (48:05) Scripture Matthew 19:1-12 Teachings about Divorce (53:42) Music: The Purple Hulls

SnC 030 | Preppers

Survival Prepping Are you a “prepper”? (0:48) Listener Questions Am I fighting against Jesus if I try to show evidence to those that are spiritually blind? (45:22) Scripture Luke 12:13-21 The Parable of the Rich Fool (53:20 ) Music: Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley

SnC 029 | Son Of Man

Youtube Video Review Henry’s videos ‘The Bible Code Part 3’ (0:46) Listener Questions What is the meaning of rabbi, is it teacher or something else? (49:08) What is the meaning of gentile and are people born gentiles? (52:46) Scripture Matthew 24:26-31 The Return of the Son of Man (54:26 ) Music: The Hotmud Family

SnC 028 | Lots & Lots Of Numbers

Youtube Video Review Henry’s videos ‘The Bible Code Part 2’ (1:01) Listener Questions How should be start and stop praying? (46:12) Scripture Matthew 12:1-8 The Lord of the Sabbath (54:59 ) Music: Donovan

SnC 027 | Blindness

Youtube Video Review Henry’s videos ‘The Bible Code Part 1 Introduction & Netser’ (0:46 ) Listener Questions God made us in his image, but after the garden and the sin of the tree, Adam and Eve knew they were naked, did God change our bodies as to adapt to the earth? Are our bodies not … Continue reading SnC 027 | Blindness

SnC 026 | Draco

Youtube Video Review Henry’s video ‘The Bible Code Babylon Falling’ (1:04) Listener Questions Have you looked into Vicarius Filii Dei? (38:19) Scripture Revelation 18:2-24 Babylon is Fallen (43:51) Music: Old Crow Medicine Show

SnC 025 | Cults

Youtube Video Review Henry’s video ‘Bethlehem Nazareth Galilee And The Cities Of Refuge’ (0:57) Henry’s video ‘The Wise And Foolish Virgins’ (15:39) Henry’s video ‘Jo Mamma reply’ (32:01) Listener Questions Why are people such jerks both in person and online? (33:55) Cults (38:10) With repeating themes between cultures, which version of a myth and/or religion … Continue reading SnC 025 | Cults

SnC 024 | Lying

Youtube Video Review Henry’s video ‘God’s Name In The Bible’ (0:58) Lying (23:35) Henry’s video ‘Antichrist Conspiracy Theory Stuff’ (40:14) Listener Questions God can’t be in the presence of sin, why can he be around the devil? (51:30) What is Jacobs Ladder? (54:57) Scripture John 8:31-38 The Truth Will Set You Free (1:01:39) Music: Claire … Continue reading SnC 024 | Lying