SnC 043 | The Wisdom Of Solomon

World Events King Solomon (1:00) Listener Questions Is the Bible full of metaphors? (47:11) What do you think about the theory of Ancient Aliens being behind ancient human history rather than angels or nephilim? (51:28) When is your book coming out and can I get an autographed copy? (54:13 Life seems like loneliness and suffering, … Continue reading SnC 043 | The Wisdom Of Solomon

SnC 042 | Pyramids & Garden

World Events Garden of Eden and the Pyramids (0:57) Listener Questions Do you think there could be a demon trapped on each planet? (52:12) What about Lilith, was she Adams first wife? (55:40) Scripture 2 Timothy 3:10-17 All Scripture Is Breathed Out by God (58:20)   Music: Rise Against

SnC 041 | Book Of James

World Events Latest youtube video regarding book of James (0:54) Listener Questions What do you think about fasting? (46:08) Scripture James 3:1-12 Taming the Tongue (56:25)   Music: Bob Marley & The Wailers

SnC 039 | Angels

World Events King Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue (0:47) Angels (28:09) Listener Questions Jesus said that these events would occur within a generation, so has revelation already occurred and we missed it? (1:00:00) Scripture Revelation 12:1-6 The Woman and the Dragon (1:03:26)   Music: Woody Guthrie

SnC 038 | September 23rd

World Events The failure of anything to happen (0:51) Listener Questions With all of these false prophets how will we know when a real prophet comes along? (49:04) Scripture Luke 11:37-54 Woes to Religious Leaders (52:07)   Music: Rhonda Vincent

SnC 037 | Evolution?

World Events Evolution vs Creationism (0:53) Listener Questions Should I be a nudist, is that the natural way to experience creation? (41:42) What does it mean to be washed in the blood? (46:05) Scripture Matthew 12:38-42 The Sign of Jonah (47:31)   Music: Appalachian Express

SnC 034 | Living Planets

World Events Living Planets (1:03) Age of the Earth (15:17) Listener Questions Why couldn’t Moses and Aaron enter the promised land? (53:51) Scripture John 13:1-17 Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet (59:13)     Music: Mountain Faith