Chapter 3

Chapter 3

It must be acknowledged that one of the most significant documents to come down to us from the Ancient Past would be The Bible. In the Western World there is probably not a single person that has not in one way or another been affected by it. Bible verses find their way into much of our secular literature. Most of pop culture is based on stories that had their origins in The Bible. Many politicians use quotes from the Bible in their campaigns for world domination. Bible quotes are emblazoned on statues, monuments, and public buildings. Thousands of Theologians have amassed vast fortunes by doing nothing more than convincing spiritually empty people that they have a special relationship with God, and as such hold the keys to Bible understanding.

As complex as the Bible may seem, it is really not all that difficult to understand, once someone disassociates themselves from all contact with religion, and clears their minds of all of the foolish doctrinal beliefs that they may have been taught by those religions.

All ancient gods, just like the gods of today’s religions, were gods of punishment and reward. Those who worshiped the gods of the past, just like those who worship the gods of our day, lived in fear of angering those gods and incurring their wrath. Since all religions around the world evolved from those ancient religions, we should not be surprised that the so called “Bible based religions” would present the God of the Bible, as a god of punishment and reward, as well.

As a result many falsely believe that The Bible is a rule book for how to earn some kind of heavenly reward. Far from it, the Bible at Acts 24:15 promises that there will be a resurrection of both good people and bad people. Throughout the Bible we are told that God would send his son to rescue mankind. Not just particular individuals. In fact many verses, such as 1Timothy2:6 say that Jesus paid the ransom for ALL, with no additional information about action required on our parts.

The Bible does implore us to embrace everlasting life, to do things that benefit ourselves and our environment, and to avoid dong things that cause harm. But far from being a rule book for how to get to heaven, the Bible is simply a written record of the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire.

At Matthew chapter six, Jesus told his listeners to pray for the things that God’s Kingdom promised to bring about. Verse 9 specifically tells us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come.

In the Bible narrative, the war between God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Empire is often presented as The War between The Righteous Angels, and the Wicked Angels. The war between the shepherds and the builders, but foremost, as the war between Creation, and Civilization. It is this aspect of the war that distinguishes the good guys from the bad guys. Those who believe in natural law, from those who believe in legalism.

Throughout human history there have always been people that have had their doubts about The Bible. Even during the writing of The Bible there were those who scoffed at it’s words. In our day lack of faith in it’s teachings, has seemingly reached epidemic proportions.

Those who mock The Bible in most cases have never read one. The few quotes that such people are normally familiar with, usually come from contact with unscrupulous, irrational, members of the varied sects that falsely claim to base their faiths on The Bible.

In a culture that is based on a nonsensical system of rules, it is understandable that people would want to identify someone or something to blame for the unbearable degree of injustice that exist in this world. Since it is often The Bible that is quoted by the sadistic monsters that are taking the lead in causing the majority of mankind’s suffering, many see the Bible as the root of the problem.

Being skeptical about the words of the Bible or any other ancient book claiming to be from God is the course of wisdom. Powerful human beings have always used every means at their disposal in order to manipulate mankind into doing harmful things to themselves. As a rule, humans know the difference between right and wrong. Since many people associate the Bible with doing what is right, it is to be expected that the rulers of the world would use it’s authority to support their unjust domination of mankind.

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