Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Because nearly everything inflicted upon mankind by those at the top of civilization’s hierarchy, is obviously wrong, Governments must first convince their citizens that even the concept of right and wrong has loopholes. In most cases simply holding up a copy of whatever ancient text a society accepts as the word of God, is all that it takes to convince simple men into engaging in nearly any kind of atrocity. No war, mass execution, or genocide has ever been conducted by any nation or people who did not believe that their activities had the backing of some deity. In modern times, the vast majority of such atrocities, have been conducted by so called “Christians” thinking that they had the backing of The God of The Bible. (Isaiah 5:20)

For this system to work, the religions of The Empire must be able to convince people that what they are being taught is the truth. And not just the truth, but the only truth. I have been involved with quite a few religions and can not think of a single one that did not frown on it’s members seeking God through any means other than those that have been certified through some officially recognized governing body.

To teach things other than what are approved by Church hierarchy is called Heresy or Apostasy. In most cases, the simple act of quoting Bible verses that don’t agree with Church policy, can get a person into trouble.

Should a person choose to examine the teachings of other religions they would often find that there really isn’t all that much difference between what they have been told to believe, and what members of other religions have been told to believe. If religions were novels, the similarities would be considered evidence of plagiarism.

Books written by Anthropologists, Sociologists and Psychiatrists have attempted to explain away the similarities between the huge variety of human belief systems, with many high sounding words and phrases which although quite popular within academia, very obviously serve no purpose other than to conceal the truth.

If we look to the ancient past the similarities are even more profound. It is as if all humans Earth wide left records of the same exact events just from different points of view.

Even though every religion on Earth is similar to every other religion, there are distinct differences that exist in the hierarchy, costumes, rules, rituals, and diets that define the varying sects of mankind. With all of the confusion that exists, it is understandable that many would simply throw up their hands and not even attempt to figure out if any of the religions are superior to the others.

But if we compare every religion on the Earth to the religion of The Bible, we will find that what the Bible teaches is nothing like that of any of the religions of The Empire. The Bible book of James says quite clearly “The only religion that our father does not consider to be defiled and stained is looking after the welfare of orphans and widows in their tribulation, and not allowing ourselves to become dirtied by human society. (James1:27)

Obviously the cults claiming to be based on The Bible are aware of this verse, and yet every one of them incorporates the wicked hierarchies, costumes, rules, rituals, and diets that are spoken of in this very verse as defilement, and stains. Obviously, any decent, loving, human being, reading James 1:27 would be emotionally affected by the reasonableness and simplicity of what God is trying to communicate to his children.

Unfortunately, the world is filled with people that are not decent, loving, human beings. To them, the rules recorded in God’s word The Bible are simply not enough. They need something that sounds more like the arbitrary, nonsensical, foolishness, upon which civilization is based. They need hierarchies, costumes, rules, rituals, and diets. In general, those dedicated to The God of Civilization do not have the capacity to put their faith in anything that isn’t based on ritualistic legalism.

In the ancient past God recognized this same trend in the people that he chose to rescue from the oppression of The Egyptian Empire. He offered them an opportunity to live by his law, which we today call The Ten Commandments, but the people refused, so he gave those people his approval to live by what has come to be known as The Law of Moses.

Over the thousands of years since God put Adam and Eve on this planet, he has allowed humans to create an overwhelming array of nonsensical, arbitrary, legal codes. The result has been a perpetual system of planetary destruction, leading to the world as it currently exists. And yet, to this day humans when given opportunity to live by God’s law, almost always reject it, based on a desire to create and live by laws that they perceive as their own. In English this tendency to disregard God’s law is called self determination. Also known as autonomy, self rule, and sovereignty.

This is just one example of the way in which God’s word differs from the teachings of the religions. But there are others. Even though the ancient writings of every religion on Earth are very similar in their subject matter, how that information is presented is very different indeed.

Every ancient book of religion that exists, whether it be of a current religion, or of some long dead religion, tells the same basic story. The only real difference between The Bible and all other ancient text is how those stories are presented. All religions Earth wide present The God of Civilization as a beneficent, caring, being, that we can confidently put our faith in. He is spoken of by many names due to the variety of cultures of mankind, and the variety of languages that we speak.

In some cultures including many that exist in our day, he is simply called God, or Allah. In other ancient cultures he was specifically addressed as Osiris, Zeus, Jupiter, or any of a variety of well known, and not so well known names. We know that all of these gods are the same God, because they all share similar attributes, and the stories of their exploits are usually quite similar as well.

It is also easy to identify the God of civilization in The Bible. Once again his name may be different, but the stories recorded about him are nearly identical to the stories recorded in all other ancient texts. There can be no doubt that the god of civilization is not the God of Creation. In The Bible the name most often used for the God of Civilization is Satan.

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