Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Satan, The God of Civilization, has always been a god of punishment and reward. There is no denying that this is the basis of every religion that exist. Since most Western Religions claim to be based on The Bible, most people feel that The God of The Bible is a god of punishment and reward as well. The religious leaders of The Empire have had thousands of years to carefully craft their propaganda campaigns to make this appear to be the case.

Most people, if asked, would express the belief that The Bible is a rule book for how to get to heaven, even though there is no possible way that someone reading the Bible with an open mind could ever come to such a conclusion.

If someone who had never been exposed to the lies of religion, were to pick up a Bible and read it from cover to cover with an open mind, they would be able to see The Bible for what it actually is. A written history of the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire.

Genesis Chapter 3 records the first event in this war. In this account, God had created human beings, after putting in place everything that mankind could ever possibly need or desire. One of those needs, which was instilled into man at his creation, was natural law. The thing that we today call human instinct.

It shouldn’t surprise us that God would give mankind such a gift, because prior to creating man, God created all of the other living things that we share this planet with, and instilled instinctive behaviors into each and every one of them. It is more than obvious that everything alive has been created in such a way as to make the preservation, and perpetuation of life an important part of the instinctive law that exist in every living thing.

Birds build nests, Squirrels bury nuts, and Beavers build dams. None of this is learned behavior. Everything alive does such things regardless of whether or not they have ever witnessed them being done by other members of it’s species.

At creation, all birds, fish, and land animals instinctively understood, what was food, and what was not. Nothing alive was flawed in any way. All of the activities of every living thing would benefit creation, and no living thing would cause harm. Obviously, The Bible did not record every single thing that a human would do as part of it’s own instinctive behavior, but God did make a point of recording some of the basics.

At Genesis 1:28 we are told that mankind was commanded to reproduce offspring. It should be obvious that this command was not verbal, but instinctive. Even in our day, people reproduce without being ordered to do so. Many will engage in sex without having ever witnessed others engaging in sex.

At Genesis 1:29 God tells man what he can eat, and even explains at Genesis 1:30 what the other creatures may eat. All vegetation is given to man, but only the parts that will do no harm. In other words mankind was given permission to consume the leaves and fruit of trees, but never given permission to consume any of the trees themselves, or any of the other living beings that shared his world. It was not until thousands of years later that God would grant permission to do so to Noah and his family. Possibly after most of Humanity’s natural food had been wiped out. Genesis 9:3 clearly states, “I now give you permission to eat meat, just as I gave you permission to eat vegetation. You may now eat everything”. But before granting his permission to do so, God warned Noah at Genesis 9:2 that all of the animals would be in fear of man. In the beginning, this was not the case.

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3 years ago

Paragraph 9, 3rd sentence – In Swedish it is impossible to refer to Mankind as He in the same sentence. I dont know if you can in English? Or should Mankind be replaced by Man, or He be replaced by They??

3 years ago
Reply to  bmxion

Or would it work just to take out he was from the sentence all together?