How Many Animals Were On Noah’s Ark?

Hello, and welcome to another video from the only source of information that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be about the significance of the numbers of animals that Noah was commanded to bring onto the ark.

I have explained in several of my videos that at 1Corinthians 4:9 Paul felt that he, as well as other Bible characters were somehow being used as actors in a great theatrical exhibition. As recorded in the Bible:

“For I think that God has exhibited us apostles as men sentenced to death, as the final part of a great theatrical exhibition, to the world, to angels, and to humans.”

The repeating pattern of similar stories found throughout the Bible often make it easy to see which Bible personalities were participating in Paul’s theatrical production, as well as what they represented. However in many instances, who is portraying what is often difficult to determine.

Noah’s roll in this great theatrical spectacle, can only be fully understood if we think deeply about information regarding the flood that Satan’s cults have been keeping hidden from mankind for thousands of years.

When Noah entered the ark he had on board every living thing that would be required in the new world that would be established once the flood was over. In our English Bibles the word used to distinguish the animals from one another is “KIND”.

This word is actually rendered from the Hebrew word miyn, which is Strong’s H4327. This word is never used to describe inanimate objects. In other words we would not use the word miyn to describe different kinds of tools, or different kinds of houses. Miyn could only be properly used to describe living things.

In English many imagine that this word might be more like our English word species, than our English word kind, but not necessarily. No document from the ancient past has ever been found that clearly defines what a kind might be, so we can only guess at what would qualify an animal as unique according to the Hebrew word miyn.

Although the Ancient Hebrew word that we translate as kind might be translated as species, it might also be properly translated as breed, or as in the case of humans….. race.

Not knowing how to define the word that we translate as kind in these verses has caused quite a bit of confusion. To this day, the religions based on creation have been arguing with the religions based on evolution over how many species would have to have been brought on board the ark, in order to preserve life through the flood.

This video is not going to be about that, but I will say this just to give you something to think about. As translated into English, it seems as if Noah was commanded to build the ark himself, out of Gopher Wood, and to fill it with animals himself, and make provisions for feeding the animals himself. But as recorded in the earliest original language texts, this way of thinking about the account is probably not accurate.

Even though the commands about building and filling the ark were obviously directed at Noah, there are other verses that suggest that the ark was actually built by God, and filled with animals by god. The Bible even says that once the animals were on board, it was God who shut the door. To argue over how such an impossible task was accomplished would serve no purpose. As the religions of Science, and Christianity are busy arguing over how many animals will fit in a box, nobody seems to be arguing over how a human being could convince all of the species of animals on the planet to go into the box.

In any case, there are some details about the construction of the Ark, as recorded in Hebrew that do not match the details as translated into English. Genesis 6:14 says:

“Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.”

All English translations follow this pattern as originally rendered into Latin by the Catholic Church, but there are some serious problems with this rendering.

First off, there have never been found any documents, from any culture, from the ancient past, about Gopher trees. It is as if Gopher trees were driven to extinction by Noah’s carpentry project. And even the use of the word wood is somewhat questionable. The actually word used is ets, Strong’s H6086. Ets is the Hebrew word that coincides with our English word tree.

There are many Bible verses that use the word ets when describing what would likely be lumber, but most verses that use this word are very obviously describing living trees. Some uses of the word are obviously about the shape of living trees, in other words things that branch out. It is only through examining the text that we can determine if the word ets is describing trees, the shape of trees, or lumber.

One of the reasons that I am not comfortable with translating the phrase ets gopher as gopher wood is because there are three words that are very similar to one another in this single verse, and none of the three are used anywhere else in the Bible the way that the translators use them in this passage. Gopher, Strong’s H1613, Kopher, Strong’s H3724, and Kaphar Strong’s H3722.

There are other ancient versions of the Bible that use different Hebrew words at this verse, but they are all similar, and seem to be based on ancient words meaning container, covering, case, or box. We have similar words in English. A coffer is a box for storing valuables. A coffin is a box for burying the dead.

A more accurate translation of Genesis 6:14 might be:

“Make thee an ark with rooms of containers branching out, and make the ark with containers within and containers without.”

If we keep in mind that a room is just another type of container, and an ark is just another container, this verse could very easily be translated as, “Make a container and place within it, branches of containers, within branches of containers, within branches of containers.”

It must be understood that I do not have the resources nor the expertise, to prove that my rendering is accurate, perhaps it is every bit as inaccurate as what is recorded in our English translations of the Bible, but I can promise you this. Noah’s ark was not any kind of giant floating log cabin covered with tar, on the outside, and covered with tar on the inside.

Engaging in any kind of scientific debate over what is obviously a miraculous act of God, especially based on the very limited information available in the Genesis account would be foolish.

However, we can use the Bible to get a better understanding of the kinds of animals that were on the ark during Noah’s flood. In our modern day, there are some very strict rules, that have been put in place, which must be followed by those who have been given the task of determining when a living thing is a unique species.

The current rules set forth by the religion of biology may not be the same as the rules that would be followed within the pages of the Bible for determining which animals qualify as a unique miyn, or kind.

As commanded by God two different types of animal were led on board. Clean animals, and Unclean animals.

According to many religions, clean animals are those that were to be sacrificed or eaten, and unclean animals are those that were not to be sacrificed or eaten. I produced a video about that subject years ago, and will not be repeating that information in this video. However I will say this: There is no evidence to indicate that Noah ever imagined that he would be sacrificing or eating the animals that God had commanded him to preserve.

The words clean and unclean as used in the Bible are usually associated with the spirits that inhabited the different species of animals, including humans. Many of the unclean spirits, spoken of in the Bible are also called wicked spirits, and in some instances demons.

Separating the animals into these two divisions served a purpose that God has never revealed to mankind, until now. Please try to grasp the significance of what you are about to hear, and keep in mind that God is not using one of the Empire’s Theologians to tell you these things. He is using a long haired, social outcast, living in a deteriorating, homemade structure, surrounded by swamp land.

No one, to my knowledge has ever explained how the numbers associated with the clean and unclean animals brought on board Noah’s ark were to be understood in regard to man.

If you ask someone how many animals were brought on board the ark, most will simply say two of each kind. As is recorded at Genesis 7:9:

“As God had commanded Noah, two by two came unto Noah. Two by two entered into the ark. Male and Female”

While it is true that God commanded that the animals be brought on board in pairs, Genesis 7:2 says that the clean animals were to be brought on board in pairs, and in groups of seven.

“Take with you seven by seven of all kinds of clean animals. A male with it’s female. And two of every kind of unclean animal a male with it’s female.”

Mathematically this does not work out. Seven cannot be divided by two.

As recorded this information does not make any sense. We should understand that there has to be something about this illogical mathematical arrangement that is significant.

If you ask someone how many humans were brought on board the ark, many people would count up the members of Noah’s family and conclude that the number of humans brought on board was eight.

Think about what this means. If groups of two were considered unclean, and groups of seven were considered clean, then we should be asking ourselves what would a group of eight be?

All English translations of the Bible at Genesis 7:13, clearly state that the humans who entered the Ark where Noah and his wife. Shem and his wife. Ham and his wife. And Japheth and his wife. Four groups of two.

If we keep in mind that clean animals were brought on board in groups of seven, and unclean animals were brought on board in groups of two, then the humans who entered the ark would have to have been considered unclean when they entered. Keep in mind that we have no way of knowing what criteria God uses for determining a creatures kind. And it may not even be God’s criteria that is involved.

Life after the flood quickly became as bad for Noah and his family as life had been before the flood. Within Noah’s lifetime human beings began to engage in carnal warfare over rulership of the Earth. A major portion of this war concluded when Abraham defeated the nations that kidnapped his nephew Lot. It was at the conclusion of this part of the war that Abraham came into contact with the recognized rightful king and priest known as Melchizedek. According to Genesis Chapter 10 those involved in this first world war, formed up into groups according to family lineage.

In chapter 11 of Genesis we are told that shortly after this war for world domination began the languages of mankind became confused. What the Churches have never revealed is that according to Bible Chronology, the date on which the confusion of the languages took place is almost certainly the date on which Noah died. I’ll be covering this subject more in depth very soon. Please be patient.

All of the Earth’s inhabitants, even in our day are categorized as black, white, or Asian. The official scientific designations being Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid. Human beings, although all children of Noah still, for the most part, form up into alliances based on the nonsensical belief that human beings are different according to their kinds.

The original three families that descended from Noah, eventually grew, and divided into hundreds of families known in our day as nations. And even within those nations there are divisions based on skin color, political party, social status, language, and religion.

The war that began in Noah’s day still rages on. The officially recognized artificial divisions of mankind that we refer to as race, is still to this day based on the three races of the three sons of Noah. The pairs of humans that entered the Ark continue to exist as unclean beasts to this day. As long as selfish human beings are unable to recognize all of the races and nationalities of mankind as a single family, mankind will continue to be unclean in the eyes of God.

Try to understand what I am saying. The ancient Hebrew word miyn which is translated as kind, could be used to describe humans as a unique species, or it could be used to describe humans as three unique races. If someone believes that the different races of mankind shouldn’t interbreed than such a person would have to accept that when the four human pairs entered the ark, that they entered as 4 unique, unclean, kinds.

But, if we think of Noah’s relationship with those who entered the ark, and compare it to God’s relationship with humanity, then we have to look at everything that Noah did as somehow related to things that God did.

Noah did not bring eight people on board the Ark. His roll as the preserver of life was unique. If we add up the number of humans that Noah rescued from the flood, the total is actually seven. But that would only be true if we as humans willingly recognize Noah as the preserver of all life on this planet and as the family head of a single unique family. By accepting the responsibility of preserving life through the flood, Noah became separate and above all of the creatures that he rescued.

God’s law, which we today call the Ten Commandments demands that we honor our father and mother. When the descendants of Noah began to kill one another they were doing so as part of a struggle for world domination. Anyone willing to kill their brothers and sisters in a contest to overthrow their parents would obviously not be honoring them.

When Noah’s family entered the Ark it is likely that they understood their rolls as well as the roll of Noah. They would have recognized that as Noah was bringing the clean kinds of living things on board the ark in groups of seven, that they themselves were also being brought on board the ark by Noah, as a group of seven. They would have understood that they each had a clean standing before God. They would not have perceived any of their family members as different kinds of living things.

It was only when different branches of the family began to consider themselves to be racially superior, that selfishness began to be the dominant motivation for the activities of Noah’s descendants.

If we think of Noah’s roll as preserver of life in relationship to God, the true preserver of life, then we would have to acknowledge Noah as the family head of a single unique family. There is no denying that Noah is the father of each and every one of us, Just as God is the father of each and every one of us. Those who have convinced themselves that the varieties of characteristics that exist within the human population can be used to divide people according to their race, are by default declaring themselves to be unclean beasts.

It is as if they consider themselves as a race to be their own unique species, different and above every other species of man. According to the Hebrew language, a unique miyn.

No matter what characteristics Noah’s sons had that would have made them different, or what characteristics made the wives of Noah’s sons different, they certainly would not have considered one another members of 3 different species.

Malachi 2:10 puts it this way:

“Do we not all have one Father? Did not one God create all of us? Why do we profane the covenant of our ancestors by being unfaithful to one another?”

Obviously this verse is about all of mankind. Not just about the Jews. Humanity has one father. God created us all. He did not just create one kind of human, and not create the rest.

Romans 12:5 puts it this way:

“In Christ we who are many, are one body, and each member belongs to one another.”

In the very near future, every human alive on this planet is going to understand exactly what Romans 12:5 is actually about. Not just the Christians, Not just those who go around bragging about being saved, not just those who have experienced the imaginary transformation of being born again.

Currently, I am the only man alive that understands what it means to be “in Christ”. But between now and the day when everyone understands it, I will be willingly sharing that information with everyone who will listen. Please be patient. It will not be long before I reveal this sacred secret to all of mankind.

If we read the account of the war that concluded with the meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek, we will notice that none of Noah’s sons was involved. Bible chronology makes it clear that the meeting took place after Noah’s death, while his sons were very likely, still alive. The only mention of Shem, Ham, and Japheth is that those involved in the war were their descendants.

Satan’s religions have been teaching for thousands of years that Shem was righteous, and Ham was somehow wicked, even though no support for this assertion exists anywhere in the Bible. Many race supremacists use Bible verses about which nations descended from Ham as support for the righteousness of their genocidal campaigns. The modern day political movement known as Zionism is based on the false belief that God somehow favors one race over another.

You may have noticed in recent times, that The Empire’s propaganda systems have been placing a lot of emphasis on the stability of borders. As the war which led to the meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek continues to rage on, many in fear for their lives are attempting to escape the areas that have been hardest hit by that war. Many are simply seeking a location where their families can be more secure. As they are chased across the borders by soldiers of The Empire, they are often met by citizens of that empire, demanding that they return to their proper places. The places where racially inferior people are suppose to live.

Not everyone who supports Satan’s civilization is an armed combatant. Those who believe in borders, and believe that those borders must be defended will be just as culpable as those who fight the war. Those who participate in the choosing of world leaders will pay a heavy price on The Great Day of God Almighty, when all of the Earth’s political leaders are destroyed for good. When Satan’s Champions take their final stand against God everyone who is following them now, will continue to follow them as they are removed from the Earth.

The descendants of Noah, have been reproducing offspring ever since the ark came to rest on dry ground. In our day, the idea that mankind can still be divided according to race has become for the most part a proven fiction. It should be obvious that each and every human alive today is the descendant of each and every person who was on board the ark. It would be silly to believe that anyone alive today is some kind of pure genetic offspring of any of the three families of Noah’s children.

The families of man that occupied the Earth during Noah’s lifetime, very obviously felt superior to one another. It cannot be denied that in our day most people still feel the same way. The ridiculous belief that people of one race, religion, or nationality are somehow not as good as some other race, religion, or nationality, has led to much human suffering.

Noah lived to see the beginning of the war that mankind is still involved in today. In Noah’s day many who fought in the war, were likely pure bloods, but that does not make what they were fighting for any more reasonable that what people are fighting for now. The nations that started the war were all made up of the descendants of Noah. The people involved in the war today are still all descendants of Noah.

Very soon Christ will return, and when he does, Satan, the god of civilization will be exiled from the Earth, and along with him all of those who put their faith in his ability to grant them the power to be like God. As Psalms 37:10 says:

“A little while, and the wicked will be no more. Though you look for them, they will not be found.”

True to his word, God will soon do away with everyone supporting mankind’s wars of aggression. Those who cry out for the building of walls, and the defending of borders, will be destroyed, likely as victims of the very war that they helped to perpetuate.

Those of us remaining will no longer be walled in by those who feel that they are somehow superior to us. At that point we who love God and love our brothers and sisters, will no longer be kept apart by walls, installed and defended by those patriots, nationalists, and racists, who feel that they are superior to us.

Many of those who belong to the Empire’s religions will be totally taken off guard. Having spent their entire lives patiently awaiting the rapture, they are about to get their wish. Just not in the way that they are currently expecting. Apparently they will be leaving this world two by two, just as the unclean animals entered the ark. Those who recognize that we all have one father can consider ourselves to be the descendants of the seven clean humans that Noah saved.

Please continue paying attention to this channel, as I continue to post more information related to this subject. The religions put in place by Satan thousands of years ago have been very successful at hiding the truth for a very long time. But that time is quickly nearing it’s end.

If you don’t want to survive, don’t listen to me.

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