The book that you are about to read is based on a huge library of ancient documents, from all around the world, all pointing forward in time, to a single cataclysmic event that is about to take place. In our day many seem to feel that something is about to happen, but have absolutely no idea what that something is.

Our civilization is based on the same basic building blocks that were put in place when mankind first set out to improve upon God’s Creation. In effect elevating themselves to the positions of Gods.

In order to achieve godship the first humans had to have help from a being, that The Bible refers to as Satan. Outside of The Bible narrative this being is spoken of by many names. In ancient Egyptian mythology he is called Osiris. And over time has been joined by many other spirit creatures, all perpetuating the false idea that mankind has the right, and in fact the responsibility, to determine the best way to manage our planets resources. In the Bible these beings are often called demons, or unclean spirits. Outside of The Bible these creatures are known as “The Gods”.

The oldest stories about the gods were recorded in ancient Egypt. Much of the symbolism that defined that ancient empire, was passed on to other cultures. Archaeologist have uncovered pyramids and obelisks in places as diverse as Asia, and the Americas. Much of that symbolism is still being utilized by The Current Ruling World Empire.

The primary symbol of Satan’s rulership, The Capstone of the Great Pyramid, is still one of the most recognizable symbols used by the group of powerful individuals that are referred to in the Bible, as “The Builders”. It remains a constant reminder to humanity that it is better to be a god and make your own rules, than to follow the rules set in place by The Creator.

In our day the majority of mankind feels that God’s rules are too restrictive. Too limiting. Too oppressive. One of the primary reasons that many feel this way is likely because they are unfamiliar with just what rules God requires his creation to adhere to.

Satan and his angels have been very busy over the centuries dedicating vast resources into The Empire’s propaganda system. All religions around the world are under the direct rulership of Satan and his demons. All sources of knowledge have been polluted by lies. In The Bible, Satan is called a liar, and in fact the father of the entire institution of lying. Contrary, to popular belief, the rules that Satan’s religions teach are not God’s rules.

Some of those rules, given to mankind by God, make up parts of the earliest documents that were eventually incorporated into the Bible. In the Book of Genesis it is recorded that our original parents were instructed to eat human food, not eat things that were not human food, rest, make sure that nothing bad happened to Earth’s garden, and reproduce offspring.

Throughout The Bible, there are many instances of God warning humanity that if his rules were not followed, there would be dire consequences. God was in no way demanding any kind of sacrifices on man’s part, but simply enlightening man to the fact that should humanity engage in activities that caused harm to his environment, mankind would suffer, along with the rest of creation.

If we compare God’s rules to the rules of Satan’s governmental systems, economic systems, and religious systems, we can clearly see that the rules that we are currently subject to are exponentially more restrictive, more limiting, and much much more oppressive than any of the rules given to our original parents.

Although the information in this book is based on the experiences of the entire human race, over nearly 6,000 years of human history, it is only as we approach the end of civilization that God has allowed the information that you are about to read to be collected together in one place. The reason that this is so important to us, is that understanding our past is key to understanding our future.

Satan and his demons even now, are vigorously exerting themselves in their quest to get every living person to voluntarily participate in the activity that has come to be known as self rule.

The things that you are about to learn are the strongest evidence ever put together, that in fact, human society as we know it is about to come to an end forever, and be replaced by a way of life that is currently beyond most people’s imaginations. What makes this book even more incredible is the story of how it is being put together.

The collection of teachings that you are about to be exposed to has not been gathered and cataloged by some state certified religious organization or as a result of some academic collaboration.

The author of this book is a crippled old man, living on a small plot of wet muddy land, in a rather unorthodox shelter that he constructed himself. Not a man that is well known, or respected in his community, but a man that has been thrown away by society. Most of the people that know him consider him to be “The Crazy Old Man That Lives At The End Of The Dirty Road”. In South Mississippi, he is what is known as “White Trash”.

He has spent the vast majority of his life being beaten, spit on, and laughed at. On more than one occasion his neighbors have vandalize his home, pilfered his material possessions, killed his animals, cut down his fruit trees, and poisoned his garden. The abuse that he has suffered at the hands of civilization’s adherents has been continuous over the course of his life.

I make no apologies for the course of my life. Never once have I been made to suffer as a result of any failure on my part. The wicked did not put me through these tests, because they were righteous and I was wicked. It has always been the other way around.

My story is the story of all mankind. From the very beginning, the wicked have always hated the righteous. Deep inside, every wicked person, knows that they are wicked, but they never think about their own wickedness, until they notice someone, that has chosen to turn aside from wickedness. At 1John3:12, the Bible very clearly explains this tendency when it speaks of the reason that Cain killed his brother Abel.

I was made to feel worthless for the majority of my life. It was not until the Fall of 2012, at the age of 50 that I woke up to the fact, that I knew things that no other person alive seemed to be aware of. Most of the knowledge that was in my head had come about as a direct result of prayer.

All of my life, I had heard people speaking of the power of prayer, and listened to stories of people praying for work, praying for a home, praying for transportation, or praying for a cure to some malady, with positive results, but never once did I experience such results when praying for similar things.

But, on many occasions when spiritually confused by the teachings of Civilization’s religions, I would pray for clarity, and those prayers were always answered. And it was always easy to confirm that the answers that I got were accurate. And, the answers always contradicted the teachings of religion.

I was also able to figure out that all of those people who prayed for things such as work, and health, never received understanding. With great understanding comes great responsibility. I willingly accepted that responsibility.

Before you read this book you need to understand, that when you are done, you too will possess such great understanding. Please do not squander what you are about to learn.

My first successful attempts at sharing the things that I was learning were through YouTube and other social media platforms. I produced many videos about basic Bible truth that were diametrically opposed to every teaching of every religion that Civilization had in place.

I fully expected to once again suffer for my attempts at dispersing truth, and although there were many attempts made at hindering what I was doing, something happened that had never happened before. People thanked me. Some even expressed the thought that they had been seeking the truth for their entire lives, and were relieved that they had finally found it.

Over the course of the first 5 years of doing this, I produced several unique, Bible based video series. It is likely that these series are still available through the internet or whatever technology may come along to replace the internet.

“The All Seeing Eye” “Written In Stone” “Of Angels And Men” and “The Bible Code” are some of the most profound videos that I have produced and as of 2017 are still available on the web. I produced all of these videos under the pseudonym SustenanceNCovering.

1Timothy 6:7,8 says, “We brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out, so having nothing more than Sustenance And Covering, we shall be content.

Some versions of the Bible say “food and shelter” others say “food and clothing”. Every version accurately expresses the idea of being content with life’s necessities. As we get closer and closer to civilization’s demise, it is possible that life’s necessities are all that we are going to have left.

As conditions worsen for us, just know that we are richer than those who rule the world. Their power is transitory. The symbol of that power is still that “All Seeing Eye” on the capstone of the so called “Great Pyramid”.

According to the writings left behind by those who visited the pyramid during the time of Christ the capstone was already missing and to this day, no one has been able to discover how it went missing, why, it went missing, or when it went missing.

The fact is, that it no longer exists, and in the very near future, even the structure that it once rested on will disappear forever, as God’s great day of judgment arrives.

When the smoke finally clears, those who survive, as well those who are resurrected will find themselves on a cleansed Earth. Cleaner than it was when Noah’s Ark came to rest on dry ground. Nothing produced by Satan’s civilization will remain. No roads, no agricultural projects. No structures of any kind. And it won’t just be what is gone that will improve our Earth. Every living species that mankind has driven to extinction will be restored to it’s proper environment.

Many of the things that have not been seen by human eyes for thousands of years will once again walk the Earth, occupy it’s waters, and fill it’s skies. All of the species of plants that were created specifically to nourish the human family will be restored. Even the trees of life.

What you are about to read will sound nothing like anything that you have ever heard before. Each and every one of the teachings of the worlds religions are about to be overturned in ways that once done, cannot be undone.

It would be appropriate at this time that as you prepare to read this book that you stop what you are doing and approach our father in prayer. It would also be the course of wisdom that as you finish each chapter you stop and thank our creator for turning his attention to our plight, and delivering into our hands, this wealth of sacred secrets.

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3 years ago

Thank you for writing this for us. It truly is a treasure to have someone come into our lives and totally straighten out our massive confusion that we have suffered from for so long. One thing I picked up on when I was a little girl, just like you, is that what religion was doing, wasn’t what the Bible said. It kept me confused for quite some time. What’s even more bizarre, is that I came to your channel just by chance looking for ideas on building a chicken coop. Thank you.

3 years ago

We’re graduating. Haha