Keep Your Eye Simple.

Hello, and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today I’m going to be talking about Matthew 6:22.

“The light of the body is the eye. If therefore, thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

As of late, most of my Bible videos have been based on questions from subscribers, and this one is no different. A while ago I found this, question in my email.

“Could keeping the eye single mean keeping an open mind?”

Initially, I couldn’t understand why anyone would interpret this verse in this way. But after looking at the surrounding text, this understanding seemed to make more sense than anything that I had ever heard from the churches. Perhaps I needed to reconsider what I had always been taught about this verse.

I had been hearing this passage being quoted by clergymen for years, and understood instantly that Jesus was telling his listeners not to do things the same way that everyone else was doing things. But I also knew that this particular passage was worded in a rather odd way. Maybe there was some hidden message related to the concept of a single eye.

Knowing that “The All Seeing Eye” symbol that Satan uses to represent his civilization has been around since long before Jesus was born, and since that symbol is still a very prominent representation of Satan’s civilization today, I felt that what Jesus was saying was likely somehow related to that symbol.

The “All Seeing Eye” that I am referring to is the eye on the capstone of the pyramid, that is found on the back of the US one dollar bill. That symbol plays a large part in our ability to understand the Bible narrative.

The “All Seeing Eye” which is also known as the “Eye Of Providence” in it’s most basic form, is depicted as a single eye inside of a triangle. The three sides of the triangle represents the foundation stones of all civilizations that have ever existed on the Earth.

Those three sides have always stood for the governmental system, economic system, and religious system of each and every empire that has ever been established. Each of those foundation stones could not exist without the other two.

The governmental system very obviously is what it is. The government makes and enforces the laws that control what it’s citizens can and cannot do, as well as enforcing laws about what it’s citizens must do.

Since all human governments go against God’s natural law, most human beings by their very nature will not voluntarily do what the government requires of them. A system of punishment and reward had to be established in order to manipulate mankind into obedience.

That system is what we today call the economy. The purpose of the economic system is to reward those who are most in compliance with Satan’s other unnatural systems. The economy also punishes those that are not. The economy has at it’s disposal, control over employment, commerce, incarceration, and the military.

Religion is the system that civilization has established to manipulate it’s citizens into believing in the government and economy. Most people think of religion as the traditional organizations claiming to represent the creator, but few recognize the other nontraditional religions as such, even though they require as much faith as the traditional religions.

All propaganda systems would qualify as religions, including the religions represented by science, and the networks.

All humans have built in instinctive behaviors that are in direct conflict with the vile behaviors that define civilization, such as consumerism. Religion uses deception as a means of manipulating human beings into overcoming their natural inhibitions against doing harm.

The very first civilization ever established on the Earth was founded in what is now Egypt. The oldest examples of the All Seeing Eye, are associated with the Egyptian Empire. Ancient representations of the All Seeing Eye, have been found all around the world, and are still being produced in our day.

If we look at the verses surrounding Matthew 6:22, it would seem as if having an open mind might fit in perfectly with the other instructions that Jesus gave in this passage, but I was relatively certain that this verse in it’s original ancient Greek could reveal much more.

In just the last ten years or so, more and more, I have been discovering that much of what is taught by the religions is often times intentionally deceptive. And the mistranslation of our English versions of the Bible is a large part of that deception.

I have learned that if Bible translators disagree on how to render a specific word, or passage, it is usually a good indication that someone in authority is trying to hide something. Seemingly in many cases, the thing that they are hiding, is nothing more than their ignorance.

If we look at the way that Matthew 6:22 is rendered into English, it would almost seem as if Jesus is speaking favorably about the concept of the single eye that represents Satan’s civilization.

The word in question in this particular verse is single. I had always been raised to believe that this word was simple, as in “Keep your eye simple”. And this rendering seemed to fit in well, with the Church teaching that this verse is about rejecting materialism. According to Christianity, Keeping our eye simple, is a reminder not to crave too many things. A simple lifestyle obviously would be more in line with the teachings of the Bible.

This passage is part of the “Sermon On The Mount” and if you read the entire account, it seems as if a lesson against materialism would fit right in. However, even with the surrounding text, it would be very difficult to say one way or another what a single, or simple eye could possibly represent.

The actual word used at this verse is haplous. (Strong’s G573) It seems as if from earliest times translators were in agreement that this word is formed from the two words alpha (Strong’s G1) and pleko (Strong’s G4120). I know that alpha pleko does not sound like haplous, and probably those ancient Greek speaking people would not have thought of this word in such a way either.

If the Empire’s translators were right, than the first half of this word alpha would have simply been a letter. In English the word alphabet is based on the first two letters in the ancient Greek language. Alpha, and Beta. Our English letter A is based on the Greek letter Alpha.

In English we still use the letter A as a prefix meaning without. Words such as typical, and symmetrical become opposites when the prefix A is added. Atypical means not typical. Asymmetrical means not symmetrical.

But in this form the word haplous has the prefix equal to our English H-A, which in Greek would mean with or together. H-A is not the same as A.

The second half of the word, pleko, means plaited or braided. In fact our English word plait evolved from the Greek world pleko. This word is only used at one incident recorded in three separate books of the Bible. Matthew, Mark, and John all report that on the day of his death, Roman soldiers braided or pleko a crown of thorns to place on Jesus’ head as a way of mocking his status as King of the Jews.

According to most Bible reference material, the reason that this word is translated as single is because alpha braided, means singular in purpose. Perhaps fully dedicated. Or unmovable in one’s faith.

One possible explanation for why Bible translators can not agree on what this word means, may be that Jesus was being intentionally cryptic. There isn’t anything in the text to confirm that those listening to Jesus understood what he was talking about. Jesus often said things that were difficult to understand in order to make his listeners think. And to keep his enemies from catching on to the deeper meaning of what he was saying.

But just like the masses today, we can imagine that everyone in the crowd would have been nodding their heads in agreement, as if they understood, when if fact they may have had no idea what Jesus was talking about.

In our day, whenever priests, preachers, pastors, and elders, address their congregations and remind them to “Keep their eye single” everyone warming a pew will nod their heads in agreement, as if they understand, and agree, that keeping one’s eye single is a very good thing to do, even though they have absolutely no idea what the speaker standing before them is talking about.

Since Jesus’ time, nothing has really changed.

Just like us, they would have figured out that Jesus was telling them to keep their eye “braided together”. But for the average person, such a comment might not have meant anything.

At Luke 11:34, we get a better understanding of this word because Luke records something that Matthew did not.

“The light of the body is your eye, therefore when your eye is braided together your entire body will be enlightened, but when your eye is evil, your entire body will be in darkness.”

It would not be wrong for us to conclude, that haplous, or braided together, at least in this instance, is the opposite of evil.

We can confirm that the original word used here, poneros (Strong’s G4190) is similar to our English word evil, because that is how it is consistently used throughout the Bible. And where it is used, it always makes logical sense. But that does not mean that haplous is the Greek word normally translated as good. That word would be agathos (Strong’s G18)

Jesus’ use of the word haplous is rather odd when compared to other passages wherein he is speaking about the distinction between good and evil. In all of those instances Jesus used the Greek words porneros and agathos. Even when speaking about the good eye, and evil eye, at Matthew 20:15.

“Isn’t it rightful for me to do what I want, with what belongs to me? Or Is your eye evil because mine is good?”

Jesus’ use of the Greek word that means, interwoven, intertwined, or braided together does not sound like anything that would be said in normal conversation, about the distinction between good and evil. At least not in English.

I was only able to find a single reference to anyone anywhere else ever using this word, and that reference was found in a papyrus, outside of the Bible, describing a marriage dowry. I imagine that somehow the word haplous must have been related to unifying the two families of a husband and wife.

Another word that Jesus chose to use in this account, that would sound odd to a modern English speaker would be the word eye. Everybody understands the difference between singular and plural. Singular nouns are always about a single thing. Plural nouns are always used to describe more than one. Since humans have two eyes, we should wonder why Jesus would use the singular word eye, when speaking of something that people very obviously have two of.

If this verse is about materialism, as the churches claim, or even if this verse is about keeping an open mind, we should wonder why Jesus used the singular form of the word eye.

Jesus would have understood how to speak Greek, and would obviously have understood the distinction between singular and plural nouns. At many other verses such as Matthew13:15, and Luke10:23, Jesus did not use the singular noun eye, but instead used the plural form of the word. What in English would be translated as eyes.

Throughout, the Bible the word eye is used in both it’s singular and plural forms. But anytime that it appears in it’s singular form, it always seems to have a special significance related to motives, or intention. In other words how we perceive things. Or how we “SEE” things. Do we perceive things properly, or do we perceive things improperly.

Another word used in this passage which is always translated in a less than accurate way, is the word light itself, which most English Bibles translate as lamp. Lichnos (Strong’s G3088) does not mean light. And although most Bibles render this word as lamp, lichnos in English would be better understood if it were consistently rendered as oil lamp. This difference may seem inconsequential, but as seekers of truth, we should want our English Bibles to render this word in such a way as to accurately represent what Jesus said.

Since the Greek word lichnos means oil lamp, there really isn’t any justification for the Empire’s translators to render it any other way.

Oil Lamps require oil in order to produce light. Since the original writers recorded that that the eye was an oil lamp, at these two verses, then we the readers should be allowed to know that they did.

To anyone reading the Bible, it is very obvious that lamps are often used when speaking metaphorically of the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars and even people. And even the fuel required by lamps has deep significance within the pages of the Bible. Oil is repeatedly used for anointing. Specifically for anointing important Bible figures.

Jesus himself was anointed on at least one occasion, and depending on how someone understands the verses describing his anointing, he was possibly anointed multiple times. On one of those occasions, Judas objected, because he was a thief, and wanted the proceeds from the sale of the oil for himself.

“Why was this ointment not sold, and the money given to the poor?” He asked. (John 12:4-6)

Judas obviously was not concerned with the intrinsic value of the oil, but only concerned with it’s economic value. As the Bible clearly brings out, Judas was a thief. The wicked always think of things monetarily. Even assigning an economic value to people.

When Judas said what he did, he was not just assigning an economic value to the oil, he was also assigning an economic value to Jesus. In his mind Judas understood that Jesus would not have had enough money to purchase the oil that was used. And hence Jesus did not deserve the oil.

Most people think like Judas. Over the course of my life, I have heard many of the citizens of the current world empire speaking of the economic value of people in a similar fashion. The mindless drones of civilization will often express a deep hatred for anyone receiving government subsidized food, telephones, or medical care, as if only those with enough money should be allowed to have such things.

This tendency is the reason why Satan’s Empire pays some people less for their labor than others. In the Bible, assigning different economic values to people, is called judging. Jesus addressed this tendency at verses such as Matthew7:1.

“Judge Not Lest Thous Be Judged”

This command of Jesus’ is about acknowledging a person’s position within Satan’s artificial hierarchy. Most people falsely believe that this verse is about judging whether or not a person is wicked. When in fact it is about assigning a social or economic value to a person.

If we think about the overall effects of the economy on the lives of those who are subject to it, a much more basic definition of our social hierarchy would be theft. Most ancient cultures acknowledge the relationship that exists between theft and the economy in their so called mythologies.

The Roman God Mars, which most people would recognize as the God of war, was also the god of the economy and the god of theft. The economy is nothing more than a complicated smoke and mirrors system of theft. God knows this, and so did Jesus.

In our Bibles, both people, and objects were anointed with oil. In other instances men are said to be anointed even though no oil is mentioned. Some men, such as Saul were only anointed with oil once. David was anointed with oil on three different occasions. Sometimes our English translations use the word anointed for the act of pouring oil over someone’s head, or rubbing oil on a persons entire body, sometime this word is used when a person only has parts of their body rubbed with oil.

Jesus had his feet anointed, his head anointed, his entire body anointed at his death. But of primary concern for us, would be his anointing with holy spirit.

In the original languages not all of these anointings are the same. In fact most of these words are not even linguistically related in any way. In the past, I have said that anointed means chosen, but the words chosen and anointed in the original languages are not the same either.

There are obvious connections between all of the things that I am talking about, when we examine the deeper meaning of the text. But linguistically, there isn’t any connection at all.

The word anointed in Ancient Greek is chrio. (Strong’s G5548) This is where we get the word Christos, (Strong’s G5547) which translates into our English word Christ. In the Old Testament this word is rendered as anointed, or messiah, from the Hebrew word mashiyach (Strong’s H4899)

In the United States, a very popular brand of vegetable shorting is called Crisco based on the Greek word for anointing oil. One of the first names chosen for this product was Cryst, spelled with a Y. But prior to placing their product on the market, the name Crisco was chosen to avoid offending religious people.

If we were to translate Luke11:34 into modern English, in such a way as to accurately represent what Jesus would have been communicating, it would sound something like this:

“Your body’s eye, is your body’s oil lamp. Hence, when your eye is interwoven, your whole body will be filled with light. However if your eye is evil, your whole body will be filled with darkness. It is up to you to determine whether or not your light is actually darkness”.

Now that we know accurately what is being said in this passage it is going to be much easier to determine what is meant.

As part of the creation story, Satan tells Eve something about her eyes that reveals how an eye can be evil. At Genesis 3:1-5 Eve and Satan have a conversation that most will be familiar with.

“Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, but God said, ‘You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.’” But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

According to what is written here, the very first verse in the Bible to tell us anything about the eyes, very clearly states that the reason that God did not want Eve to eat from the tree that was in the midst of the garden,was somehow related to being able to understand both good and evil.

At Revelation 12:9 it is revealed that Satan himself was the original serpent. In the course of his ministry, Jesus declared Satan to be a liar. That being the case we would not want to base anything that we believe, on the teachings of Satan.

But since that tree is called the tree of good and evil at several other verses and there is an association between the eyes, plural, and understanding good and evil, we need to keep that relationship on our minds as we think about the subject of this video.

Having two eyes, associated with the two conflicting concepts of good and evil, fits in perfectly with Jesus’ teaching of our eye, singular, being either good or evil. All that we need to determine is why Jesus associated good with being braided together? And if a braided together eye is good, braided together with what?

At 2Corinthians11:3 Paul spoke about Satan deceiving Eve, and he said something that is the key to understanding exactly what the single eye is all about.

“I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to the anointed one.”

The word sincere in this verse is translated from the Greek word haplotes, Strong’s G572. Haplotes is formed from the word haplous that is the subject of this video. Paul very obviously was associating Satan’s deception with an unbraiding of the eyes. A more accurate rendering of this verse would involve a more accurate rendering of the word haplotes.

“I am concerned that just as the serpent used his cunning to deceive Eve, your thoughts will be unbraided and led astray from your devotion to the anointed one.”

Since both of our eyes were created by God, neither can truly be wicked. Someone with only one eye can only perceive height and width. Someone with both eyes can also perceive depth. Having two eyes serves a very important purpose. God never intended for man to live without depth perception.

When Jesus said that our eye should be braided together he was obviously speaking about our evil eye being braided together with our good eye, in order that we could be complete.

Keeping in mind that Jesus said, If your eye is haplous your whole body will be filled with light was obviously a reference to the fact that more light will enter the body through two eyes, than can enter through just one.

At Galatians Chapter 5 Paul speaks at great length about people who are wicked and people who are righteous. He refers to wicked people as being “Of The Flesh”, while referring to people who are righteous as being “Of The Spirit”.

As rendered into English these verses are just confusing enough to allow the Churches to associate wickedness with things such as sex, drugs, and rock n roll, while associating righteousness with other characteristics, more in line with Church policies.

But in general, if we look at some of the characteristics as originally intended, we can see a comparison similar to the comparison between the single eye, and the interwoven eye.

Galatians 5:19,20 in part says that “the works of the flesh are, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, and envy.” All qualities associated with selfishness. The other qualities associated with the flesh are so poorly translated into English that I had to post an entire video dedicated just to that information.

Describing selfishness as being of the flesh makes perfect sense if we take into consideration that selfish people are called selfish, because they only think of themselves. They rarely concern themselves with anything or anyone outside of their own flesh. It is as if they do not have any depth perception.

Galatians5:22,23 says, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and control of self, things against which God has no law.”

It is very clear that looking at things from both sides will always result in what is best for everyone and every thing. The wicked eye is necessary, because we have to consider what is best for us, but to anyone that is reasonable it should be obvious that we need to consider how our actions affect others as well. Each eye is every bit as important as the other.

When Jesus said that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. He did not say love your neighbor, but hate yourself. At least not in this context. Having two eyes allows us to perceive the world within us, as well as the world around us.

I do not support any of the teachings of any of mankind’s belief systems. And that includes the religion of science, and in particular medical science. But I will often refer to the religion’s of man if there is any possibility that they seemingly teach something that could potentially be correct.

Scientist teach that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. And the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. I know that this sounds crazy, but there is actually quite a bit of evidence to support their claim.

In any case whether that is true or not, all that we need to know, is that it is a commonly held belief that each half of the body is controlled by a specific half of the brain. This would include our eyes. And since the body seems to be constructed in a rather symmetrical fashion, this makes perfectly good sense. In other words I do not have any grounds for questioning the belief that each eye is controlled by a different hemisphere of the brain.

Another teaching of science, that may or may not be true, but once again seems to be supported by the evidence, is the belief that one side of our brain is purely analytical while the other side is more creative.

All references to the wicked eye, could potentially be about the eye that is associated with the purely analytical half of the brain, or the eye that is associated with the creative half of the brain. If this is true, then it could explain why there are so many verses in the Bible that associate wickedness with a person using only one of their eyes. Someone only looking at something with a single point of view would be more likely to make selfish decisions.

Jesus never said that a person should stop being analytical, or stop being creative, he simply said that a wicked person should braid their two eyes together. But if we only have two eyes, how can they be braided?

If you have ever braided your hair, or a rope, then you understand that braiding requires at least three strands. If we think of our eyes according to what Jesus taught at Luke 11:34, as oil lamps, then obviously the third strand would be the oil.

Combining our two figurative eyes together with God’s Holy Spirit would very obviously remove any possibility of our being selfish. It is as if the Bible is telling us that only those who are filled with the holy spirit can see things from more than a single point of view. In effect being open minded.

At Matthew5:29 we are told:

“If your right eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into Gehenna”.

At this verse there is a direct connection between the wicked eye and the right eye.

Rather than going through the motions of trying to pick and choose which parts of the religion of science to put our faith in, so that we can determine which side of the brain controls which eye, or which side of the brain is wicked. It probably would be best to simply accept that at this verse the right eye for some reason represents wickedness.

In our day, the “Eye of Providence” also known as the “All Seeing Eye” which is the image that is found of the back of the one dollar bill, is suppose to represent the eye of God, and is supposedly drawn to appear as if it is a right eye.

Many institutions use this image in their own iconography, and even though it is very obvious that it is often a right eye that is portrayed, in many instances it is obviously a left eye that is portrayed. In some images it is impossible to tell if it is either, because it is sculpted, drawn, or painted, in such a way as to hide it’s orientation.

When Jesus was alive none of our modern images of the eye existed. Every “All Seeing Eye”, “Eye of Ra”, or “Eye of Horus” from the ancient past was a right eye. I have been told that the Eyes or Horus and Ra, or opposites. One a right eye, and the other a left, but if you look at those images, they always seem to be right eyes.

When Jesus said that it would be better to cast out our right eye, than to be cast into Gehenna with both eyes intact, he was referring to a very specific place. Gehenna in Greek was a transliteration of the Hebrew word meaning, Valley of the Sons of Lamentation.

According to all of the varying sects of Christianity, at one time there were great furnaces, sculpted in the image of Ba’al with outstretched arms leading to the belly of the furnace. The people wishing to appease Ba’al would bring their infant children to these furnaces and throw them in alive.

I have probably mentioned this in previous videos, but there really isn’t any scriptural proof that anything of the sort ever took place, and I can’t find any ancient historical records of such a thing either. Perhaps nothing of the sort ever actually happened.

The stories of the huge bronze Ba’al furnaces is likely nothing more than a contrivance of some popular clergyman looking for a way to explain the Bible verses about the Jews sacrificing their sons and daughters to Ba’al.

The valley of lamentation, as best I can figure from the Old Testament was the low area that surround Old Jerusalem. What is written in the Bible about the Valley outside of Jerusalem is that many people died there defending the city from invasions. When Jesus spoke of avoiding the fires of Gehenna he was obviously speaking about the tendency of spiritually blind people dying in defense of their countries.

Throughout the Bible Kings are spoken of as fathers. Their subjects are often spoken of as their children. Sacrificing the children of the King would be an accurate description of warfare.

Primarily it would be the lower class citizens that would be sacrificed. Even in our day it is not uncommon for rulers and their generals to send large groups of people with no way of defending themselves off to certain death.

Such a strategy can actually have some benefits in certain situations. A mass of human bodies can be quite effective at slowing down an invading army. And reducing the population, can be beneficial in extending limited resources.

In other words by eliminating people that were economically less valuable, there would be more food and water for the rich and powerful. Even in our day it is the children of the poor that are usually sacrificed to the god of carnal warfare.

Most religions translate this word Gehenna into our English word hell, in order to make this verse seem to be about sacrificing our wants in order to get into heaven. Far from it. Jesus was simply warning his listeners that a willingness to sacrifice oneself for one’s country, was evil.

According to Psalms 2:2, and Revelation 16:14, God will gather together every King, President, Prime Minister, and other governmental ruler of this world for a great extermination. But in the days leading up to that extermination, you can believe that millions will willingly die in defense of the nations, kingdoms, and empires ruled over by those political leaders.

Their deaths, just like the deaths of every soldier that has ever died in defense of some governmental system, will be just as pointless as every other death, that has ever taken place in every war that has ever been fought.

Prior to the great day of God the almighty, there can be no doubt that many of The Empire’s Patriots, will take a stand in defense of their leaders. Those honorable men and women willing to fight for their rights. Those who are defined by characteristics such as the ones described at Galatians 5:19,20, will no doubt willingly march right into the fires of Gehenna to prove their loyalty and devotion to self rule.

As Muslims are killing Christians, and Christians are killing Muslims. Democrats will be killing Republicans, and Republicans will be killing Democrats. Blacks will be killing Whites, and Whites will be killing Blacks. But if we are willing to separate ourselves from the propaganda of Civilization’s “All Seeing Eye”, we can be watching from the sidelines with both eyes. But only if we keep our eyes braided together with the Holy Spirit. Only those selfish enough to crave self rule need to die at Armageddon.

It is only a balanced view of the world around us that will allow us to see clearly what is actually going on. Only by keeping our eyes braided together, can we develop the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and control of self, things against which God has no law. Things that will keep us from getting involved with the foolishness of this world.

Satan’s Churches want us to believe that it is our Christian duty to have a single eye, a simple eye, an eye that is singular in purpose. Such characteristics are absolutely the opposite of what Jesus was communicating.

Perceiving the world around us from a single point of view, would accurately be described as having a closed mind. Satan uses all of mankind’s religions as a means of closing the minds of his followers. As 2Corinthians 4:4 states:

“The god of civilization has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of the anointed one, who is the image of God.”

Hopefully you were able to recognize in this verse, the connection that Paul made between Matthew 6:22 and our thought processes. The verse specifically uses the words blindness, sight, and light, to explain how Satan controls the minds of unbelievers.

People who are involved with religion have falsely convinced themselves that being a believer requires that they have blind faith in religion. Far from it, this verses is about believing in what our senses are telling us, and not allowing what we see to be dictated by some false belief.

If we wish to survive what is coming upon this Earth, we must keep our eyes braided together with God’s Holy Spirit. We must be able to temper what we perceive as best for ourselves with what is best for everyone. A simple, or single eye that mindlessly follows the crowd, can only get us killed. We must rid ourselves of the simple, or single eye, and develop the ability to perceive the world around us through both eyes braided together with the Holy Spirit.

As you are listening to the information in this video our world is littered with the rotting corpses of patriots from around the world, often times mixed in with the corpses of their victims. There is nothing that we can do to insure that we ourselves are not sacrificed by the Kings of the Earth, but certainly we don’t want to volunteer ourselves for such a fate.

Only those who are open minded can perceive the world as it truly is. Those who are close minded to anything that does not fit in with their own selfish desires cannot. As Jesus said at Luke11:34:

“Your body’s eye, is your body’s oil lamp. Hence, when your eye is interwoven, your whole body will be filled with light. However if your eye is evil, your whole body will be filled with darkness. It is up to you to determine whether or not your light is actually darkness”.

Satan’s mislead slaves, are perceiving the world around them through a single eye, bound by an illogical belief in the governments, the economies, and the religions of his Empire. Any light that such a person might take in will never be anything more than darkness.

If you don’t want to survive…… Don’t listen to me.

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