Melchizedek Part 2 Religion Perpetuates A Myth

Hello and welcome to another video from the only source of information that you need, to not only survive the current apocalypse but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be the second in this series about, Melchizedek, one of the most enigmatic figures in the entire Bible.

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the difference between our biological parents and our spiritual parents. Genetically it can not be denied that we have all descended from a single source. Having God as our father we are all brothers and sisters. If we are able to recognize this fact, than it could be said that God is our biological father as well as our spiritual father.

But early on, Eve made the decision to be obedient to Satan, who was not her biological father, and to this day, as the Bible clearly states, Satan sits as the recognized ruler of civilization. Many scriptures such as 1John 5:19, and 2Corinthians 4:4 confirm this.

There are still those that look to God as their father, and struggle against the system in an attempt to do his will, but for the most part, when given the choice, most will reject God’s natural law, and fight to the death in defense of the unnatural laws of civilization’s feuding families.

Genesis Chapter 3 describes the conversation between Eve and Satan as if Eve was actually speaking with a fleshly being. In the conversation Satan offered Eve the opportunity to be like a god. Later at Matthew Chapter 4 Jesus seemingly spoke directly to Satan as well. In the account Satan offered Jesus rulership over all of the kingdoms of the Earth. The offer that Satan made to Eve was not much different than the offer that he made to Jesus.

Unlike Jesus, Satan offers few of us the opportunity to rule the world, but each and every one of us, in some way, on a daily basis is put to the test. Those who willingly support the very same social order that Jesus rejected, reveal the identity of their spiritual father by doing so.

It is not possible for us to say with certainty how Satan continues to rule over his civilization, whether in the flesh or in the spirit, but we do know that fleshly men, and women currently hold the positions that Eve accepted, and Jesus rejected.

There can be no doubt that all of the Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other such political rulers are still receiving direction from the one that has been in control from the day that Eve was deceived into breaking God’s law.(1Timothy 2:14)

By willingly supporting those who have been placed in powerful positions by Satan, the vast majority of mankind has by default rejected God and Jesus Christ. All of the nations’ political leaders stand in direct opposition to God and his anointed king.

Millions, willingly send their children off to murder the children of their neighbors, in carnal warfare. We are taught from infancy to believe that the wars that the nations engage in are individual events. But to anyone with an open mind, and the ability to see past the Empire’s propaganda, it is obvious that our world has been engaged a single uninterrupted war for world domination for the entire history of civilization.

Those in our day, who like Eve, have been seduced by Satan’s offer, must now compete with millions of others who have been similarly seduced.

Understanding Melchizedek’s roll in The Bible is going to be key to understanding one of the most important aspects of God’s promises to one day rescue mankind, and restore our Earth, to the original pristine paradise that it once was. By the time this series concludes each and every person that hears this information will have to deal with some very serious issues regarding their faith.

One of the biggest obstacles that we face in trying to determine who Melchizedek is, and what he represents is our exposure to Satan’s propaganda system.

All Civilizations throughout all of human history have been under the control of Satan. The three primary systems that have defined every civilized culture from the beginning of time all the way to our day have been The Governmental System, Economic System, and Religious System. A large part of which is represented by traditional religions. But which would also include such things as the religions of science, and the networks.

None of the three could exist without the other two. Any human being who stopped for a minute to think about things would instantly recognize that both the Governmental System and the Economic system, are wicked, unfair, and brutal.

Since it goes against human nature to participate in anything that is evil, Satan had to established a system dedicated to convincing mankind that evil is good, and good is evil. Isaiah 5:20 highlights the importance of this concept. Many people believe that religion is nothing more than a system of pointless rituals designed to appease the gods. But religion’s true purpose is much more insidious than just a means of wasting peoples time and resources. The primary purpose of all religions is to conceal basic truth from humanity.

A good propaganda system is essential in order for any human government to function effectively. Before human beings will allow others to rule over them, they, like Eve, must first be convinced that in fact, they are ruling over themselves. Just as Satan was able to convince Eve that her life would be better, if only she would free herself from the oppressive rulership of God. Fleshly human rulers in our day are still doing the same thing. Constantly manipulating their enslaved subjects into believing that they are free, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In the English speaking world, propaganda is called public relations.

It takes quite a bit of convincing to get people to participate in civilization, because it goes against natural law. That natural law was spelled out thousands of years ago in what today has become known as The Ten Commandments.

Because the Ten Commandments have been so poorly translated many people never make the connection between The Ten Commandments and Natural Law. Most believe the Ten to be a list of religious rules.

The Commandment to honor our father and mother, as recorded in the original language of ancient Hebrew, would have been understood by those who lived in that ancient culture, as a commandment to recognize the only human hierarchy ever approved by God. The family.

In our day the world is not ruled by our family heads, but by a small ruthless group of very wicked people. According to civilization’s laws, Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, and other powerful men and women outrank fathers and mothers. An absolutely horrific perversion of “Natural Law”. A direct rebellion against God’s “Ten Commandments”.

The commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Steal”, word for word in Ancient Hebrew would be “Do not Carry away”. Many people who are familiar with the English version of this commandment would understand that it is wrong to rob a bank, but for the most part do not see transporting sales goods across vast oceans as any kind of sin at all.

Obviously as originally worded, “Thou Shalt Not Carry Away”, would identify civilization’s entire economic system as yet another horrific perversion of “Natural Law”. Another direct rebellion against God’s Ten Commandments.

Religion itself is the single most horrific perversion of all. As found at Exodus 20:2,3, the very first commandment states, “I am the LORD thy God, you shall have no God’s before me.” As translated this verse quite accurately represents the original thought. The only problem being the poor translation of the other commandments.

If we are only familiar with the modern language versions of the other nine, the first commandment to have no other gods, would sound to us like a commandment to have no god other than the “God Of Civilization”. “The God of Religion”. The god of the English translation of the Ten Commandments.

All religions Earth wide, support the concept of autonomy, human self rule, along with the governmental and economic systems necessary to give credence to the fiction of self rule. That being the case, it is reasonable to conclude that all religions Earth wide serve Civilization, and it’s God.

In The Bible, the God of Civilization is called the devil, which means false accuser, or slanderer. He is also called Satan, which means adversary, or enemy.

Many people falsely believe that the Bible is a rule book for how to achieve some kind of heavenly reward. But for anyone who would simply pick up a Bible and read it for themselves, without any preconceived notions, it is more than obvious that this is not true at all.

Far from being any kind of rule book, the Bible is simply a written account of the war between Creation and Civilization, which could also be thought of as the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire. Anyone putting their faith in Civilization’s Governmental Systems, Economic Systems, or Religious Systems. Would be breaking the most important of God’s laws.

By default anyone doing the will of Satan, would be fulfilling all of the requirements associated with Satan Worship. In effect breaking God’s commandment to have no other gods. Commandment Number 1. What most would consider to be the single most important of all of God’s natural laws. As Exodus 20:3 says”

“I am the LORD thy God, you shall have no God’s before me.”

The very first event to take place associated with this war occurred in Chapter 3 of Genesis. After promising the first woman that she could be like a god, Eve entered into what is called a covenant, a two way legally binding agreement, with Satan.

Prior to entering into Satan’s covenant, Adam and Eve lived in a paradise. But shortly after Eve convinced Adam to partake of the fruit, the couple was cast out, and God pronounced judgment on each of the participants in The rebellion.

Since then, millions have participated in The very same Satanic Covenant. Many having done so in protest. However, to this day the majority cannot resist the enticement of what the covenant promises.

Self Rule, the false belief that individuals can benefit from converting our planets resources into something that God never intended, and then dividing the spoils according to some artificial hierarchical contest, is so intoxicating to those who suffer from power addiction, that they simply cannot resist. They, just like Eve have fallen for the original deception spoken of at 1Timothy 2:14, which records that Satan’s promise to Eve was a deception.

That deception took place in The Garden of Eden,when Satan promised Eve at Genesis 3:4,5:

“For a certainty, you will not die, but your eyes will be opened and you yourself will be able to determine what is good and what is bad, just like gods.”

When God pronounced sentence on Satan, Adam, and Eve, the predictions that he made, eventually became the world that we find ourselves in today. The war between creation and civilization had begun. As described at Genesis 3:15:

“There will be animosity between you and the woman, and between your offspring, and her offspring. He will inflict injury upon your head, and you will inflict injury upon his heel.”

As dismal as our situation may seem, The account of the fall of mankind is not the only story told within the pages of The Bible. In fact much of the Bible is dedicated to the promise of one day making things right, so that those of us who want nothing to do with civilization, will not be forced to conform to it’s precepts.

In order to bring these conditions about, the Bible also repeatedly promises to remove the wicked angels from the vicinity of the Earth, so that those of us, who like Eve, are trusting by nature, will not have to cope with the deception of Satan and his Angels, ever again.

In the creation account recorded at the very beginning of the Bible we are told that when God completed his work, he looked and recognized that everything was very good. This information can be found at Genesis 1:31. At the very end of the Bible a direct reference to this verse is made at Revelation 21:5 which says, “Look everything is very good again.” In other words, God was pleased with the way things were at mankind’s creation, and at some point in the future God will be equally pleased.

Even though Mankind in general has been tricked into supporting Satan’s Civilization, the Bible repeatedly promises that God will one day rescue mankind and deliver us back into a paradise, just like the one that our ancestors were cast out of. Just like the one spoken of at Luke 23:43 that Jesus promised to the man executed along side of him. A paradise where natural law will once again be recognized as the only legitimate law.

The Earth will be completely restored. The trees of life will be restored, bringing about an end to the demonic practice of agriculture. The waters of life will be restored. Even the dead shall be restored as promised at verses such as Acts 24:15.

At that time, all living things will once again be obedient to natural law. There will be no more political system, economic system, or religious system. The unnatural hierarchy that currently oppresses mankind will be done away with forever. Satan’s Democracies will be replaced by families.

Please take a moment to think about what I just said. Our ability to understand, just what is required in order to restore our Earth, will be essential, if we want to understand the roll that Melchizedek played in the Bible narrative.

Each and every one of “The Ten Commandments” is absolutely essential to the restoration of paradise.

Most people understand that paradise could never be restored if people were to continue breaking Commandment number 6, which says that we are not to kill, but are not able to understand the significance of commandment number 5, which is the commandment to honor our parents.

Ephesians 6:1-3 which is part of the New Testament, highlights the significance of obedience to the fifth commandment, when it says:

“Children be obedient to your parents in the LORD for this is right. The first commandment with a promise is to honor your parents so that it may go well with you, and your life on the Earth, may be extended indefinitely.”

This is a direct reference to Deuteronomy 5:16, which is in the Old Testament.

Both of the words used at these verses, timao (Strong’s G5091), and kabad (Strong’s H3513), translate properly as “have deep respect”. These words are used to describe how we should feel about many people that are not our parents.

John 5:23 says:

“All men should honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He that honor not the Son honor not the Father which hath sent him.”

But it isn’t just our God, our Savior, and our parents that we should honor. At 1Timothy 5:3 we are even told to honor widows.

But the honor that we are commanded to have for our parents is unique. This is emphasized at the beginning of the passage.

“Children be obedient to your parents.”

As translated it would seem that this verse is specifically intended for young children. But the original Greek word used here is teknon (Strong’s G5043), which can mean anyone under the authority of another.

This word is used throughout the New Testament to mean the citizens of a nation, or the members of a tribe, and very obviously, primarily, the adult citizens of a nation and adult members of a tribe.

The word that is translated as be obedient, is hypakouete (Strong’s G5219) which is used throughout the Bible in describing the obedience that we would give to a king, or the obedience that natural forces such as wind and waves give to God. Matthew 8:27 uses the word obedient this way.

“The men marveled, saying: What manner of man is this? Even the winds and the sea are obedient to him.”

If we stop and think about it, replacing Satan’s artificial hierarchical civilization, with God’s natural hierarchy, of the family would be every bit as important as any of the other 9 commandments. Over the course of this series, you will be shown just how important this commandment is, in ways that I promise you, will be absolutely shocking. What you are about to discover is going to be unlike anything ever presented by any of Civilization’s religions.

Once you hear what I will be revealing, you are going to be wondering why you didn’t figure all of this out on your own. The Religions of The Empire are very effective at disseminating lies, while at the same time concealing truth. This is why, other than myself, no one alive today understands the roll played by Melchizedek. But very soon that will change forever.

Satan realizes that if people were to be allowed to understand the sacred truths contained within the pages of the bible, his entire system of deception would be compromised. Satan’s goal is not to rule over the wicked alone. From the very beginning Satan has craved the devotion of everyone alive.

Hopefully you will be one of the privileged few who will take in this information in it’s entirety, recognize it for what it is, and understand completely the roll played by Melchizedek. I promise you, that you will not be disappointed once you finally realize that our father is revealing sacred truths to us, that The Churches have been struggling to keep hidden for thousands of years.

If we truly wish to observe the first commandment of only being obedient to The True God, then we must be willing to obey each and every one of the other commandments.

Unlike Eve who was tricked into craving self rule, we must be willing to reject that desire, and recognize the superiority of following our instincts, God’s natural law, the ten commandments.

God established family heads as his chosen rulers. Any form of hierarchical system outside of that arrangement would go against God’s natural law.

Only by tracing our ancestry biologically, can we be part of God’s family tree. As Luke 3:38 brings out, Adam’s biological father was God. All other hierarchical arrangements lead back to the serpent god Satan.

When Abraham encountered Melchizedek, he was living as close to that natural law as any man could. As parents Sarah and Abraham were the recognized heads of their family. In ancient Hebrew, they were called Iysh (Strong’s H376) and Ishshah (Strong’s H802). In most instances, our English translations of the Bible render these words improperly, as husband and wife, or man and woman.

The English language has no corresponding word for either of these two titles because in Western culture, what they represent no longer exists. However, it is possible to define these two words.

In English Iysh would translate as “Male Tribal Leader” and Ishshah would translate as “Leader of the Male Tribal Leader”.

Prior to being called out of Ur Abraham and Sarah would have been obedient to the leaders of their tribe. What we today would call an extended family.

These two titles are also used to describe the rolls of Adam and Eve, which is why Satan chose not to approach Adam, the Tribal Leader, but instead, Eve, the Leader of the Tribal Leader. As 1Timothy 2:14 records, it was not Adam who was deceived, but Eve.

Adam was simply doing as told by his Ishshah. Since Adam and Eve were in effect brother and sister, both would have been required to be obedient to their father, God. However it could be said that since Eve was created from Adam’s rib, that she should have recognized Adam as an important part of her creation. In effect, it could be said that Adam was her biological father. This information is recorded at 1Corinthians 11:8. In any case it cannot be denied that humans ruling over humans has caused much suffering, Even King Solomon near the end of his life admitted to the failure of human self rule at Ecclesiastes 8:9.

“I have contemplated everything that I have observed being done under the sun. During this time, humans ruling over humans has caused nothing but harm.”

Like Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah were brother and sister. And like Adam and Eve both were pure bloods. Although they had different mothers, both had the same father, and would have become the tribal leaders over their family group upon the death of their parents, or would have become family heads upon their separation from the tribe.

The death of Abraham and Sarah’s Grandfather Nahor is recorded at Genesis 11:25 and would have taken place when Abraham was about 49 years old. God asked Abraham to leave his father’s tribe and travel to the promised land, which he and Sarah did when Abraham was 75 years old. At Genesis 11:32 we are told that Abraham’s father Terah died. This would have taken place, when Abraham was about 135 years old.

Abraham’s social status within his tribe may not seem very significant to those of us living in this so called modern age, but as you are about to find out, what he represented would eventually lead to the salvation of all mankind, and within his lifetime would become part of one of the most significant events in all of human history, culminating in the meeting between himself and Melchizedek.

The area of the Earth where Abraham’s tribe resided was known as the land of Canaan. This land was named after one of the first children born after the flood. Canaan’s mother was the Ishshah, or female tribal leader, of Ham who was one of the son’s of Noah. According to natural law, Canaan would have automatically been a member of Ham’s tribe. But something happened that would make Canaan’s position according to tribal law unique.

The Bible records at Genesis 9:18-29 that while Noah was drunk, he engaged in some, sexual activity. Although we are not told the exact details, we do know that Ham’s wife, at some point, gave birth to a son named Canaan. The Churches always present this story in such a way as to make it seem as if Canaan was already an adult man when this event took place, but as originally recorded it is more than obvious that Canaan had not yet been born when Noah sinned.

Noah removed Canaan from the family of Ham, and placed him within the tribe of his second born son Shem. The only reasonable explanation for Noah’s decision would be that even thought Canaan was born into the house of Ham, Noah was Canaan’s actual father.

It may sound as if this is just conjecture on my part, but at Genesis 9:24 most English Bibles say “when Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his youngest son had done, he cursed Canaan.

If we are to assume that this verse is translated correctly, then we are going to have to be willing to accept that Noah was either very confused, or a very unjust man.

At the time, according to Genesis 10:21, his youngest son supposedly was Japheth, who according to the account had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any badness that took place. His only involvement in the incident was to help Shem to place a blanket over his father.

Fortunately for us, many ancient manuscripts of The Book of Genesis in the Hebrew language still exist. And when we compare our modern English translations to those ancient text, it quickly becomes apparent that the ancient version of this account, is nothing like our modern language versions.

Several of the original words used are not even remotely related to the words traditionally chosen by The Empire’s translation committees.

When properly rendered into English Genesis 9:24,25 says:

“When Noah sobered up from his wine and sex, he understood that he had made his youngest son Canaan.”

Far from cursing Canaan, the remainder of the account is simply the Bible’s explanation of how Canaan’s tribal affiliation would be unlike that of his brothers, due to the fact that even though, he was the son of Noah, his tribal standing by law, would be as that of the son of Ham.

According to the Bible, Canaan relocated to the promised land, which is why, over time that part of the Earth became known as The Land of Canaan. According to the Bible the people who occupied this area were collectively known as Canaanites. The Ancient Greeks referred to them as the Phoenicians. In our day most people are unaware that the words Phoenician and Canaanite are associated with the same exact people, just according to two different languages.

Natural law is the only law that God ever intended man to live by. The tribal law that Abraham lived by was much closer to God’s natural law than the laws that we live by today. Although Abraham is never called King, there were many living in close proximity to Abraham, that were. And on several occasions Abraham interacted with those kings. It is during one of these encounters that we are introduced to the character of Melchizedek.

Over time many men and women who were obviously not Abraham’s biological descendants joined Abraham’s group and acknowledged him as the family head. This arrangement may not have been based on a strict adherence to natural law, but since Abraham always acknowledged God as his father, it would have only been natural for others who acknowledged God as their father to want to leave their biological families to become part of Abraham’s tribe.

The timing of events in Abraham’s life that I am about to share with you, are not like anything that you will ever hear from any of The Empire’s religions.

At Genesis 11:26 The Bible says that at 70 years of age, Terah begat Abraham, Nahor, and Haran. This verse does not specify which child was born first, or how much time passed between the births of each child.

There are other verses like this recorded about other Important Bible characters and in each case all of the children mentioned are born in quick succession, one after the other. Likely within a year of one another. But in this particular instance every so called “Christian and Jewish” religion claims that Nahor was born first, and Abraham was born 60 years later. Misrepresenting Abraham’s birth by so many years makes deciphering most of Genesis nearly impossible.

When Abraham was about 58 years old one of the most important events in all of human history took place. But according to most of The Empire’s religions, by the time Abraham was born, this event had already uneventfully come and gone, years earlier. Understanding the significance of this Earth shattering event is vital if we ever hope to get a true grasp of just what The Bible is all about. Satan’s mandate to the churches to keep mankind in spiritual darkness, necessitates that the timing of events following the flood be kept hidden from mankind.

In the beginning there would have been no problem with being obedient to God’s law. Mankind lived in a paradise with everything needed in order to survive. At the time, God would have been the family head of Adam and Eve’s family. But, it’s obvious that conditions would have deteriorated rapidly after they were expelled from the garden of Eden.

The Bible doesn’t actually record much about what life was like prior to the flood, but one thing that would have been easy to recognize, would have been who to honor according to God’s natural law. All genealogies would have led back directly to God.

The Bible doesn’t reveal when Eve died, but it does record the death of Adam. It doesn’t record any of the details about the cause of his death, or how his global family reacted, but it does record that he was 930 years old at the time.

With Adam and Eve dead there would have been a noticeable gap in the family line leading back to God. Their descendants would have become divided into what basically would have been opposing teams. What we refer to today as nations.

There is no firm way of determining the exact date, according to our modern calendars, for events of the ancient past such as Adam’s creation and death, because there are simply too many gaps in world history. I feel that there are enough historic characters mentioned in the Bible to get pretty close, possibly within a hundred years, but for our discussion today it would be best if we use something called the Anno Mundi calendar.

Our current calendar is called the Anno Domini Calendar. Which is Latin for Year of The Lord. Prior to the birth of Jesus, there was the Anno Mundi Calendar, which is Latin for Year of the World. Between the Anno Mundi Calendar and the development of the Anno Donini Calendar was a period of many hundreds of years when no recognized calendar existed.

The Anno Domini Calendar is based on the dating of the birth of Jesus. The Anno Mundi Calendar is based on the dating of the Creation of Adam.

Adam would have come into the world in the year 0 Anno Mundi, and died in the year 930 Anno Mundi. Anno Mundi is usually abbreviated as AM.

According to the Anno Domini Calendar, Adam would have been created somewhere around the year 3965 BC. His death would have occurred somewhere around 3035 BC. But as I said earlier, there is no way to be sure, and in fact the dating of Adam’s creation varies wildly among the conflicting religions of mankind.

Within the Christian faith Adam’s creation is usually believed to have taken place somewhere between 4,000 BC and 10,000 BC. And even thought this allows for a 6,000 year period of uncertainty, the difference is nearly insignificant when compared to the differences that have been expressed over the years, by the conflicting sects of the religion of science, which date the appearance of mankind somewhere between 500,000 BC, and 3.5 million BC. A period of uncertainty of about three million years.

Since 4,000 years of human history passed before the time covered by the Anno Domini Calendar, we would have to date all events from the Old Testament as “Before Christ”, which would require us to count backwards. The AM calendar will make understanding the information that I am going to share, much easier to follow.

All of Genesis Chapter 14 is about a Great war that took place within the area known as The Promised Land. This war would have easily qualified as a world war, since such a large percentage of the Earth’s population at that time was involved. Many Kings who participated in the war are mentioned by name. We are told at verses 1 and 2

“In the days of Amraphel king of Shinar, Arioch king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer king of Elam, and Tidal king of Goiim, these kings made war with Bera king of Sodom, Birsha king of Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, Shemeber king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela (that is, Zoar).

Abraham stands apart from the other participants in this war, in that he is never spoken of as a king, and in fact, initially, does not even seem to be interested in getting involved. But at verse 13 we are told that several of Abraham’s allies who had escaped the war, made their way to Abraham in order to inform him that his nephew had been kidnapped.

It is at this point in the story that all of the pieces start coming together, making it possible for us to start figuring out what is actually going on.

All of the first four kings are said to come from outside of the promised land, from an area of the Earth known as Shinar. The country of two rivers.

Ur, the city of Abraham’s origin was also located in that part of the Earth. Prior to leaving Ur, Abraham’s family would have been part of the same group of nations, that we today think of as The Babylonian Empire.

The 5 kings that are at war with the first four kings are all said to rule over nations within the promised land. They too would likely have come from Shinar. After Noah’s ark came to rest on dry ground, the very first mention of men building cities involves a man named Nimrod, who built several cities within the territory known as Shinar. The most well known being Babylon.

In The Bible all personal names are words that had meanings in the languages that the people named would have spoken. Abraham’s name when he left Ur was Abram, which means exalted father. After entering the promised land God changed his name to Abraham, which means father of many people.

Lot, the name of Abraham’s nephew means covering. The names of the men that brought the news of Lot’s kidnapping, also have meaning in the Hebrew language.

Abraham’s Great Great Great Great Grandfather was named Eber, and according to Genesis 10:25, it is from him that all Hebrew people descended. The word Hebrew, is an English rendering of the ancient Hebrew word Eber. According to Genesis 10:32 all of the nations that exist on Earth today had their origins from the list of patriarchs found at Genesis Chapter 10. This chapter of the Bible is often referred to as The Table of Nations.

That being the case, we can assume that the two men that told Abraham about his nephew being kidnapped were also descendants of Eber, because their names are in the Hebrew language, just like Abram’s name. Eber as he is called in most English translations of the Bible, was himself a descendant of Shem. Eber’s lineage is recorded at Gen 11:10-14.

Genesis 14:13 calls these men Abraham’s confederates, or allies, but the original Hebrew words used in this verse are Baal and Beriyth. Baal means dominant god, or god by agreement, and beriyth means covenant, or two way legal agreement. These Hebrew speaking men were in a covenant with Abraham by default, because they were all in a covenant with the same god. They were not really confederates, or allies, they were simply members of Abraham’s extended family. What in our modern day would be called a tribe or nation. They were all descendants of Eber.

The 4 Kings attacking the promised land from Shinar and it’s outlying provinces, all have names as well, but their names are of uncertain origin. It is obvious that they are not Hebrew.

Coming from the land of Shinar we would expect that their names would be according to the Chaldean language, what some reference works call Aramaic, or what we might refer to as Babylonian, but that isn’t the case either. These Kings coming from Shinar, are not speaking any language associated with Shinar. This fact is key to understanding just why this war is being fought, as well as the timing of this war.

The other King’s said to be living within the promised land have names that are similar to Hebrew words but not identical. According to the scriptures, these kings were descendants of Canaan. Which would explain the reason why their language is so closely related to the language of Abraham. Previously, Noah had removed Canaan from the family of Ham and assigned him to the family of Shem. Shem was Eber’s Great Grandfather.

This account is about a war between peoples speaking at least three different languages.

The differences in the languages of the people involved, as well as the timing of events, is going to be critical in revealing why everyone is at war. Abraham’s roll in this war. And the identity of Melchizedek.

Abraham was born after the global deluge known as Noah’s flood. When Noah and his three sons and their wives entered the ark there would have been no question as to who was the ruler of the ark. It was obviously God. It was he who instructed Noah to build the ark. It was he who brought the flood. And according to Genesis 7:16, it was even God who shut up the ark after everyone was on board.

But there was also an obvious hierarchy that would have been recognized. Everyone on the Ark was part of a family. And Noah was very obviously the head of the family according to natural law.

When Abraham was born, his father was Terah. Abraham lived within the tribe of his father all the way up to the day when he left his father’s house in order to travel to the promised land. Genesis 12:1 records that it was God who commanded Abraham to leave his father’s house.

Abraham’s Grandfather Nahor was also still living. And it is recorded in the Bible that Nahor, Terah, and Abraham all dwelt together making Nahor the actual family head, if in fact there were no older family members within the Abraham’s tribe.

Even if no older family members were dwelling within Nahor’s house, Natural law would dictate that Nahor have honor for his elders. After Noah’s family departed the ark, and separated into families, Noah would still have been the recognized family head, of everyone alive on the Earth.

Genesis Chapter 5 is a part of the Bible that along with chapter 11 is a list all of Abraham’s ancestors along with the timing necessary to determine when they were born, and when they died.

It is this list of Abraham’s ancestors that will allow us to determine what was happening when he entered The Promised Land. I have broken down this information into an easy to follow chart, including all of the verses necessary for anyone interested in looking up the information for themselves.

Every so called “Bible Based” religion that I am aware of agrees with my interpretation of the timing of events all the way up to Abraham’s birth with the exception of a 2 year disagreement at the birth of Shem, which is easy enough to straighten out by carefully reading the Bible account about the dates associated with Noah, Shem, The Flood, and the birth of Shem’s son Arphaxad.

At Genesis 11:26 we are told that “after Terah had lived 70 years, he became the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran”,as I said earlier. But, the verse does not say which was born first, or how much time passed between their births. What I am about to tell you is pure Bible truth, but according to the cults of Judaism and Christianity, what I am about to tell you is utter heresy, but there are verses that expose the teachings of the Churches as outright lies even if we choose to ignore the vague chronology of Genesis11:26.

At Genesis 17:15-17, God informed Abraham that he was going to have a son. Abraham’s reaction was to “fall down on his face laughing, and saying to himself, can a child be born to a hundred year old man?”

Obviously, such a thing would be extremely unusual in our day, but what about in Abraham’s day. According to The Bible people did live much longer in the ancient past, but we really don’t have any direct scriptural references to how late in life a man could expect to continue producing offspring. But there are many references to the ages of many men when they beget children.

Prior to the flood Methuselah is reported to have had a son named Lamech when he was 187 years old. This is the oldest recorded age of any man to reproduce offspring, and the Bible says that Methuselah lived for a total of 969 years, during which time, he had other sons and daughters. (Genesis 5:25,26)

But it is common Bible knowledge that people born after the flood lived much shorter lives, than those who lived prior to the flood, so the age at which a man could expect to continue reproducing offspring would obviously have dropped off as well. Other than Abraham himself, after the flood, the oldest recorded age of any man in the entire text of the Bible, having offspring would be that of Abraham’s father Terah, at 70 years old. The varying sects of Judaism, and Christianity all teach that Abraham was not born in 1948AM, but in 2008AM, 60 years later. According to Civilization’s religions, Terah would have had to have been 130 years old when Abraham was born.

If Abraham’s own father would have had a son at 130, as is taught by the churches, there is no way that Abraham would have laughed at the thought of a man having a son at a mere 100 years of age. Scripturally there is no way around the fact that Abraham could not have been born when his father was 130 years old.

Melchizedek in the Old Testament is not so much a name as it is a title. In fact Melchizedek isn’t even a word, in the Hebrew language, but in fact two words. Melek (Strong’s H4428) meaning king, and tsedeq (Strong’s H6663) meaning rightful.

According to the religions of the Empire Melchizedek means King of Righteousness, whatever that is. But according to the Hebrew language Melchizedek means “Rightful King” or “My Rightful King”. This can be confirmed by comparing this verse to the Greek Text of Hebrews 7:2 which calls Melchizedek, Basileus (Strong’s G935) Dikaiosyne (Strong’s G1343) which once again, means Rightful King, only this time, in the Greek language. According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordence, Dikaiosyne means “The state of him who is as he ought to be.” Rightful. As in Rightful King. The one who is King because he ought to be king.

The reason that the Churches try to confuse us about the date of Abraham’s birth has to do with determining who the oldest living ancestor of Abraham would have been during his sojourn in the promised land. By lying about the date of Abraham’s birth, the Churches are able to put things just enough out of sync, to conceal the basic overall theme of the Bible. Which of course, once again, is the War between God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Empire.

I already said that Abraham’s father and grandfather were still alive when he was born, but even more amazing than that, the father of all Hebrews, Eber was still alive. When Abraham was born, Eber would have been 225 years old. In fact all of Abraham’s ancestors would have still been alive all the way back to his Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather.

Abraham’s oldest living ancestor would have been 892 years old at the time, and very obviously, the only man that could have been deserving of the honor and obedience due according to God’s natural law, to honor your father and mother. Abraham’s Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather was Noah.

Understanding that the Churches have been intentionally lying for thousands of years about the timing of Abraham’s birth, when he entered the promised land, and when he died, might not have seemed like a big deal initially. But once you realize that Abraham and Noah lived at the same time you should be able to come to the conclusion, on your own, that this information is not as trivial as one might think. The actual date of Abraham’s birth would have put him right in the middle of one of the greatest power struggles in all of human history.

Abraham was born in a world where no human had ever died, and yet, in the course of his life, he found himself thrust right into the middle of a world war. A war that would obviously have caused the deaths of thousands. That war would involve many significant Bible events that the Churches do not want you to find out about.

When the Churches tell you about the table of nations, Abram’s being called out of Ur, the fall of Nimrod’s Empire and confusion of the languages, The meeting between Abram, and Melchizedek, and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, they always make it seem as if these events took place hundreds of years apart, as if they are all completely unrelated.

And even worse than that, the Churches completely ignore the deaths of Eber, and Noah. Two of the most significant events in all of human history. No one can understand all of the events that took place at that time if they don’t understand how they relate to the deaths of these two historic figures.

As you are about to find out, all of these individual Bible stories are actually different aspects of a single event. The true story of what happened at the meeting between Abram and Melchizedek is about to be revealed to mankind for the first time in many thousands of years.

If you don’t want to survive, don’t listen to me.

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