Pearls To Swine

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel you need to not only survive the current apocalypse but actually enjoyed. Today’s videos is going to be about cast not thy pearls before swine and I know that’s like an old King James style rendering of it even knowing things actually King James is something I just made up but at Matthew chapter 7 verse six is the fact that Jesus said not to give pearls to pigs so what is he talking about here well the reason this is coming up is because over the course of my life I have wasted a whole lot of my time casting pearls before pigs and as of late quite a few of my subscribers friends listeners have written me notes or communicated to me that they are busy at this same activity and remember it’s Jesus that said don’t cast your pearls before swine so if we cast pearls before swine were actually sinning because we’re doing something that Jesus told us not to do.

If we break this verse down were talking basically about throwing something valuable to an unclean animal and very specifically says pig because even though there are hundreds of animals are unclean the pig is the one that perhaps everybody is aware of even if they don’t believe in the Bible or go to church so I did a video a while back where I talked about why an animal would be unclean and I speculated rather accurately I do believe that pigs are unclean for the same reason that humans are unclean. Human beings can have a demon or a wicked spirit with the Bible calls in on the Holy Spirit or a dirty spirit we can confirm this by the fact that when the Legion was cast out of the man in the cemetery he requested that Jesus cast him into some pigs. Didn’t ask him to send me into some Cal send me into those pigs and Jesus went ahead and did that form and in fact the but once the unclean spirit got into the pigs that pigs rushed over a cliff or at least a high mountain into the water and they drowned something very very unnatural and human beings who have an unclean spirit believe in and do very unnatural things

so when we talk about giving somebody something it’s valuable we have to consider what is the single most valuable thing we can give somebody and that’s our time as human beings we do not live very long so the amount of time that we have here to do good things is very limited so if we waste our time trying to help people that can’t appreciate it or can’t even comprehend the value of our time then we are sending were breaking a rule given to us directly by Jesus

now high over the course of my life have probably wasted a good percentage probably the vast majority of my time trying to help people that could not possibly benefit from the amount of effort I was putting into attempting to help them and that being the case I know that for the most part are people who are trying to get where I am at all right now where I used to be so going to be a couple of warnings

I got a friend I talked to on the phone quite often I met him through YouTube and one day he came on and recently sent me an email about some comments that had been made towards him over some very reasonable comments that he made on a video and asked me if I could help and saw that well let me go take a look at what’s going on over there and it was a cartoon about the book of Job in the Bible and it was very obviously put there by people who hate the Bible for whatever reason but in my mind I’m thinking we know that’s actually understandable why people grow up and very oppressive households being forced to attend to the meetings of very oppressive religions and so over the course of time a immuno reasonably become very resentful of that environment and so they want to attack it

something we do as humans when we are attacked by something as we go to the core of that thing and we attack yet well the core of Christianity so-called Christianity is supposed to be the Bible world and there is absolutely no connection whatsoever between Christianity and the Bible the religions of Christianity are actually against the Bible nothing I’ve ever heard from any Christian religion has had anything to do with the teachings of Jesus or anyone else who wrote books that are now included as part of the Bible canon.

So anyway I went to this channel and it was very obvious that these people really hated the Bible I hated religion they hated God I did indeed dig into it deeply because I didn’t want to waste a bunch time at all if a few comments and basically the comments I left for the word in response to the negative comments against my friend

Well what happened is I started getting dozens of replies and so immediately I understand that this is not to work it’s just a waste of my time to look at some of the replies and some of them are just blatantly evil against my God it stirred up my emotions I don’t want to allow that to just sit there so I go back and respond to that but other comments seemed a little bit more reasonable very very reasonable from people who potentially could benefit from the things I know so went back and left comments on that

well at developing some else and it started to shut down my channel because I was so busy messing with these people that I wasn’t doing anything with sustenance and covering so went back and I clicked on a few the comments and I clicked on the people at almost comments in every case the People’s videos were about gay lesbian issues and it didn’t seem like there was anybody responding to me that was heterosexual because there was no videos that heterosexual would would have in their favorites and what

what I was able to figure out was at this YouTube channel which makes cartoons about the Bible all filled with vile hatred was loaned by a few members of the day they lived in community and are looking at the numbers it was a way that could potentially support financially two dozen people look like that was about how many people were there although it may only be five or six because of a lot of channels seem to be copies of other channels just with different names

but in any case even today I haven’t made any comments on these videos for about six months but pretty much every week somebody leaves a comment from one of those replies I left her apply to one of those comments trying to point me back over because I have a popular channel and the numbers on these things like every video on that channel has hundred thousand views to 1 million views so these people are making big bucks off of this and as of as a popular channel what happens any time I make a comment on somebody channel YouTube redirects people to go to that channel so every time I comment on this anti-God channel I’m basically acting as an advertisement for that channel so you see already there’s a danger to getting involved in this because you know you not only are you wasting your time the limited time that God has given you but you’re wasting yet in a manner that is going to bring attention on undue attention to basically worthless while video is going to do more harm to the people you go there than good

well I was on I was on Skype call was noted very good friend of mine every day and he was talking about doing the same thing only he was going to channels that were anti-Bible that were not run by gay lesbian community but were run by the by Islam or by the members of the Muslim community and it was the same thing was just harsh anti-God propaganda against the Bible

so here once again you know you’re part of this little community you understand that the Bible is not the problem with this demonic propaganda it’s the church as the church is hold up a Bible in their hand and then they say their vile things and then everyone hates the Bible instead of hating that religion happens a lot were humans that’s the way we work

and go up that I really really don’t like this anti-Bible propaganda but there is absolutely nothing we can do to break that break that trend that’s just the way the world works now I have to tell you I don’t have anything against people who practice homosexuality and I’ll have anything against people who practice the religion of Islam or the practice by any other religion for that matter were human beings we all and be part of something better than ourselves and we all want to follow what we consider to be our natural instincts

now and when it comes to homosexuality I’m very very fortunate that I was not born with those desires so I’m thankful to God that I don’t have that kind of a distraction because of just regular heterosexual desires can be a distraction but there distraction the people except if you have homosexual desires or distraction to people in general don’t accept so not only are you going to have a hard life trying to fill those desires just as I as a researcher little more like trying to fill the my desires. Temperatures itself in a position to be ostracized is your day

so I don’t and don’t feel sign for homosexuals because homosexuals have this really hard to go just like the rest of us we we all have to go out there and make a living we all have to somehow fit in at least enough that we don’t get beaten up everyday and in their their struggle is not worse or better than our struggle is just different and the same thing with people are born in Islamic countries into their life is going to be hard it’s going to be there to help our time if there especially if there like I was there human beings want to do with trying to have a hard time but again because in a country that is ruled by religion you’re going to be abused and ostracized anytime you try to do it right it doesn’t matter what kind of religion Christianity Judaism Islam even though other religions that seem to be outside of the circle which actually are like Buddhism and Hinduism

so here’s here’s my advice you are human being you know that you want to do it right you know you love people you see people out there that you think you can help you want to help them avoid and try to just kind of trying to limit the amount of effort you put into this because I was looking at the verse earlier 90 chapter 7 or six and it says don’t throw your pearls moral to swine you know it’s not so much that we can throw in a pearl or maybe a crown and you see what they do

because I have been in the past disliked Paul Paul was the single most religious person but ever lived during his day and I feel like it’s safe to say that I was the single most religious person who ever lived in my day when I was practicing religion and if I’m in my when I was in my religion if someone had come up to me and said you know you’re stupid and you’re going to hell because you don’t stand inside of the store need a sacred cookie I would’ve stood up against that is no doubt not because I was ignorant and and brainwashed but because I simply knew that that did not sound right now there were things in my own religion that it sound right but they were mixed in with a lot of things really did sound right so I was willing to accept the bad with the good and

I think that’s the way it was with all of you notice when Jesus struck him blind and had him go to some Christians house to get healed when as a Christian I mean someone who was follower of Christ not something like we have the date it’s called Christian wall as soon as Paul vitamin W like Baird is I have found the truth and I will never go back to religion again

and so he he did he progressively wound me took the Nazirite row which is to grow his hair out and stand out is different from the rest and the and that was part of the Jewish religion but it was a part of Jewish religion it was also part of natural law so he was able to to continue doing the parts of his religion that were right he just avoided the part of his religion that were wrong and so you should expect the same thing happened with you you can’t block blinded and blocked bring back their room bring you can’t blind anybody and bring back your site but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything for him

I’ve done quite a few videos that have extraordinary information in him that is pretty easy to grasp you know him if there’s a part of the really really like think about that part and whether or not it would be easy to comprehend on its own you don’t want to go give him something that you can’t backup without three hours speech try to find something that just makes perfect sense that everybody can agree to and put that into the conversation and see what happens the people still stand up against you you don’t ever have to go back your good God accepts the amount of time you put into that and in fact if you continue to put time into it he may not accept it because he has given as an instructor not to throw pearls before pigs

now in the Muslim community here’s the way it works because the people in the Muslim community know here we are in this country what we know about Muslims well if we watch the networks or we do research on the Internet a lot of times we know that every Muslim rapes their children and kills one of them for a sacrifice to Satan because that’s part of the propaganda reality is there a lot of Muslim people in this country and if you ever make a some kind of relationship with him you’ll find out there to just like everybody else they love their children and would never do anything to harm other than the fact that all human beings are imperfect and do do bad things that doesn’t necessarily mean that they do that because of their religion

on the other side of the ocean every Muslim believes that Christians rape their children and murder one every now and then as a sacrifice to Satan so is any truth I know that’s not a regular teaching of the Bible but it cannot be denied that many many people in this country do rape their children and murder them just a fact of life it’s all though 1 million or one of the thousand or whatever that do that if you ask him what religion they are they’ll tell you they live in this country that the Christian to live in that country there Muslim doesn’t mean you can say that all Christians rape and kill their children and it doesn’t mean you can say that all Muslims rape and kill her children propaganda over here is almost identical to the propaganda over there just taken a switch out the word holy Koran Bible or switch out the words Christian and Muslim and it’s the same story

so we find a webpage in these webpages are out there there are webpages that say in the Bible Jesus killed people for no reason our Jesus rape people for Jesus so everybody knows that Jesus had a whole bunch ability and illegitimate children he did take care of this these crazy crazy stories which have no support in the ancient world and have no support in the holy book of this faith which is the Bible and the same thing is true if you look into the stories on the other side of the water there’s nothing in the holy Koran that tells people to go around murdering and raping

now if you look at the Bible there are stories about people that God love to committing these atrocities and so I suspect that in the book of of all the Koran that their stories are similar but I know for a fact that in the Bible God did not approve of those acts and even when he did allow them and give his blessings to them he was always saddened by these things

so I’m not gonna tell you that I support or defend the Koran or I believe the Koran because for me the way I work as a human being is I check something out myself and then I form an opinion and I have not read the Koran I haven’t got a clue what’s in there other than what is been told by the propaganda machine is going on over here in this patriotic environment that were forced to live in

so it was point of this whole thing is that you’re going to tell people about the truth but you remember that all humans just like all pigs can be completely filled with an unclean or a dirty spirit and Jesus said it’s not the rituals that make you clean or dirty it’s not what you eat and swallow that makes you clean her dirty it’s what comes out of your mouth because as the Bible says so as the heart speaks so that the mouth is speaks

so the person is speaking about their patriotic duty or how much they hate a certain color of people over a certain nationality of people over certain religion of people that is a dirty person with a dirty spirit in generally firm up for the most part you don’t even have to say a word to them but if you see something in him that makes you feel like you can help them throw him a pearl just one and see what they do with it you don’t want to waste your pearls on people if someone waste one pearl is no reason to throw mental all string you

want to live don’t listen to me 

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