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Wow, I’m impressed. Really greate show y’all!

I think there is something up with that pineal gland they’re talking about. There migth be more things playing into this but when I started drinking springwater insted of tapwater and stoped using Flour toothpaste, my spiritual development started to Flourish.(no pun intended)


Do you think its a bad idéa to mock Satan? Sometimes Ive been going like: Na nana Naaa na! Ive got the trump card of resurrection 😛 . …..I have never paid attention to anything happening after that. But I have noticed somekinda more or less “instant karma” for actions that are not entierly good. But thats when feeling/thinking this is a little bit bad as im doing em. It might be related to me judging myself therefore someone else judge me. And I dont mean another human judging me. (“forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”) Because… Read more »


It could also be being a live and let live individual. As you had mentioned about how much we’ve been forgiven, we should express the same in all areas of life. An example, say someone hits another individual, would that be considered that, that individual is showing forgiveness to start with? Glad I was able to listen while pouring soap. Thank you so much for all that you guys do for us.