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Thank you for the podcast. Much appreciated.


Thanks for all the videos, podcasts, live shows and videos.


Correct me if I’m wrong but when speaking of your past you sounded a bit bitter. Anyhow, I myself feel very bitter, angry and upset with being misled all my life with a false hope of “reaching the top”. To reach the top you have got to be corrupt and that is not me and my life shows that as well lol. Now that my eyes have been open, it’s frustrating as heck knowing that I’m trapped in this pyramid scheme whether I like it or not. It’s also frustrating living amongst those who are worshiping the God of civilization… Read more »


FINALLY! I’ve been waithing for so long for “What’s This Bible All About Part 4 (doing God’s will within a wicked society)” https://youtu.be/evFa503JLYE?t=25m9s

Cool Podcast Guys. Interesting guest – Nice to know that there are good role models like him around for real.