SnC 053 | Ready Or Not

  • World Events
    • How to prepare for what is to come (0:27)
  • Listener Questions
    • How does the death process work with cremation? (32:08)
  • Scripture
    • James 1:2-12 Rejoicing in Trials (42:02)


Music: The Red Clay Ramblers

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2 years ago

I just had a quick lazy look at the ‘Resources’ on the web site. The thought of free resources sounded sooooooo coool. But they’re quite in-depth and I realise now that I’d have to take a serious amount of time out of my pub, coffee shop and cinema schedule to gain any benefit from these. Its like you’ve offered me something then taken it away like that scene from ‘Charlie Brown’ where the horrible gal offers to hold the ball whilst Charlie kicks it then she takes it away. Cant you guys just study this stuff yourself and then give… Read more »