SustenancNCovering Is Writing A Book

Time is a very limited resource for all of us. Due to family obligations, health problems, and just the everyday chores of life that all of us experience, I have had to do a lot of reorganizing so that I might create and preserve as much of my time as possible in order to accomplish something that is proving to be very time consuming.

I am writing a book.

If you are here on my website reading this message, than you probably already know this, and likely understand that the book that I am writing is probably going to prove to be the single most important thing ever published since the final book of The Bible was completed nearly 2,000 years ago.

We are approaching the last days. Soon this system known as Civilization will be destroyed by God and never allowed to rear it’s ugly head again. Many of The Religions of Civilization are scurrying to prepare for their final defense against the return of God’s son.

As critical events in this event begin to unfold, many will be confused about what they should do. The book that I am currently producing will hopefully alleviate any fear that people may experience as they see these events beginning to unfold. There is no reason for anybody who is suffering under Satan’s oppressive Empire, to experience any added suffering as that Empire falls.

Around the world history has recorded many incredible things pointing forward to a time when all will be made right. We who are alive today are going to see miraculous events that our forefathers dreamed about seeing. But to those who don’t understand, such events may be difficult to interpret. The book that I am writing holds many keys to understanding just what is about to happen, as well as why.

If you are reading this message, then you are part of a very unique group of people. It is my constant prayer that you recognize just how special you are. This planet, was not created for nothing. It will endure forever. You were not created for nothing. You too can endure forever.

As time moves on, one of the most significant events spoken of throughout the Bible for thousands of years will take place. The resurrection of the dead. Those who are resurrected, just like you, may also live forever, and it is very likely that they are going to want to know what you witnessed as the events of the last days unfolded right before your eyes. Try to take note of everything that you experience.

As you tell them what you witnessed you will likely hear of other historic events that they witnessed, long before you were born. Stories of how the pyramids were built. Stories about events leading up to the flood of Noah’s day.  In fact everything that has ever taken place since mankind was created and placed here thousands of years ago.

Among those raised from the dead may be people who defined the faiths of millions, such as Confucius, Mohamed, Lau Tzu, The Buddha, and Krishna. In fact there is no reason to doubt, that we may get the opportunity to speak to such people in person. Perhaps without every even knowing who they were in their past lives.

Hopefully over the eternity in paradise that awaits us, we will even get an opportunity to speak personally with Jesus.

Many who are there will be able to tell the same stories that we are going to tell, only from a perspective that we do not want to experience.

A great war is about to take place. Those who are incapable of understanding the basic teachings of the Bible will likely participate in the bloodshed. Democrats against Republicans. Black against white. Rich against poor. Christians against Muslims. Patriots against everybody. Their stories will be stories of shame. Ours need not be.

As I am writing this book, I will post each completed part on the SustenanceNCovering Website. I feel that it is important to share what I am doing, so that you will know that my work has not stopped. As I post each chapter, I ask that you take note of anything that isn’t quite right, or if I am confusing the information in any way, or if there are spelling or grammar errors, or if you can think of a way to improve on the syntax. I am open to any suggestions that you may have. I am not asking you to write the book, I will do that. But I have never done anything like this before. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Several have already begun the process of assisting me, with these tasks. Seeing how hard others are willing to work to support what I am doing is inspiring. I invite anyone with special skills that would be beneficial to speak up.  The publication of this book is likely to be remembered as one of the pivotal events in human history.  I am more than willing to share the experience.

At this time, I know I am going to continue writing. Other than that I have no definite plans. However, I imagine that this is not going to be a single book. It has been suggested that I make it a trilogy. I was thinking that it would probably take 450 pages of text to say everything that I feel that I need to say. That would be a really big book. Producing this work in three volumes would result in three more reasonably sized books. We shall just have to wait and see how things work out.

I initially wanted to call the book “The Bible Code” but there is a rather popular book already out there by that name. I am pretty sure that book is religious in nature. I don’t feel comfortable with the thought of people confusing what I do with the work of others, especially if their work is religious in nature.

At this point, it would just be a wild guess as to what each of the books will be called, but for now, I imagine that a reasonable break down of the subject matter might lead to the following three titles.

“What Is The Bible Really About?
Bible Truth Part 1”

“The History of our Solar System, Past, Present, and Future.
Bible Truth Part 2”

“The End Of The World In Chronological Order
Bible Truth Part 3”

I will leave this article here on the website and update it as I get a better idea of exactly where I am in this process.

If you don’t want to survive, Don’t Listen To Me.

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