The Bible 66 Books But Just One Story

When someone asks me why I believe that the Bible is actually the written word of God, I have to say that it is the interdependence of each of the Bible books on one another. To have such a thing created over such a long period of time by so many men in so many places is not something that is humanly possible. Hopefully by the time that you get to the end of this video, you will agree.
I have wasted a lot of my time listening to people tell me how stupid The Bible is, when if fact all that they ever actually talk about is how stupid church is. It is so deeply ingrained into society that religion, and The Bible are the same thing, that people can’t separate the two. But the fact is, that The Bible and religion are at polar opposites.
Because of religion, many people falsely believe that the Bible is a rule book for how to achieve some kind of heavenly reward. But for anyone who would simply pick up a Bible and read it for themselves, without any preconceived notions, it is more than obvious that this is not true at all.
That is why I say, that it’s so important not to read The Bilble thinking that you already know what’s in it.
The reason that it’s so important to just read straight through the Bible is this: even though the Bible is a collection of 66 individual books by about 40 different men each book has one theme. That theme is the primary message of the entire Bible. Everything else in the Bible is just extra information that is put there to support the Bible’s general main theme.
Once your eyes open up and you see the Bible for what it really is, you should be incredibly happy. However in my experience that isn’t gonna happen. Public school indoctrination, network indoctrination, and church indoctrination, in my opinion destroys any hopes of a person being able to approach the Bible with an open mind. Without an open mind you can never hope to clearly understand the Bible. So I’m gonna reveal what the theme of the Bible is right now so that you won’t doubt yourself when, and if, you should happen to figure it out on your own.
The overall theme of the Bible, is creation versus civilization. It’s not about good civilization versus bad civilization. The Bible goes to great lengths to prove over and over again that there is no such thing as a good civilization. If you can accept this fact …right from the start, at least half of what are called confusing scriptures simply stop being confusing.
This war has been going on since God allowed Satans wish to enlighten man of their choice to either follow natural law or to determine what is good and bad for themselves, in effect, creating their own laws. God had already warned them that if they atepted such a thing they would fail miserably. Not because God would interfere with their attempts at self rule, but simply because contrary to popular belief, Humans are not as smart as they think they are.
Now it wouldn’t be right for anybody to judge someone on how well they follow the rules unless they were to firts tell that person what the rules are. And at Genesis chapter 1 verses 28 through 31 we find the scripture that tells us the very first rules of GOD.
“And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth to completion, and put it into a restful state, and have peaceful, and righteous rulership over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
Genesis 2:15 further says: “And Jehovah and the Angels took the Human Beings and placed them in The Paradise of Pleasure to serve it and to protect it, in order that the Paradise would serve and protect the humans.”
The Creators first law was that All Humans were to spread out evenly over the Earth’s landmass and care for all of the planets living beings. Even though most people chose instead to gather in small population centers and exploit the planets resources as well as one another. Some did choose to try their very best to follow Gods first law and many native people around the world over the centuries have left ample evidence that this lifestyle is not only possible, but much better than that afforded by so-called Civilization.
It may surprise you to find out that there’s one unique behavior in every bible character who made GOD happy, and, one unique behavior in every bible character, who made GOD, Angry. That one trait that everyone who ever made GOD happy in the Bible shared was that they left civilization, to adopt this type of a lifestyle. And from Genesis to Revelation the one thing that all of God’s enemy shared in common was that they chose to attach themselves to human civilization.
You dont need a Bible to figure out that The Creator can not possibly be pleased when his Creation is being poisoned and destroyed, as civilization makes it´s “Progress”.
To further understand what GODs law is?, it helps to understand what the definition of Sin is: Any Unnatural Act. GOD’s law is Natural Law. It is instinctive. And part of our genetic makeup.
Part of Natural Law that GOD made known to Mankind was to Fill the Earth. In the first building project mentioned after the flood of Noah´s day, The City of Babel, the people said: “Let us make a Reputation for ourselves by refusing to fill the Earth”
All Civilizations can be definied by similar traits: Human society’s joining together in their war against God’s rulership in order to practise a unified version of self-rulership, independant of God. It should be obvious that rejecting God’s law has resulted in the vast majority of living beings on this planet, being converted into material things, But to simple humans, this seemingly unified stand makes civilization seem somehow legitimate. And in fact most believe that the way of life that is offerd by civilization is superior to anything that could possibly exist.

Jesus was called THE Nazarene, which is the greek equivalent of Nazarite. The word Nazarite comes from the ancient hebrew word Nazir which means set apart or separated. In our english version of the bible we traditionally translate this word as holy. So the word Nazarite simply means set apart person; separated person, or if you prefer, holy person. The bible also explains what a set apart person is set apart from.
At John chapter seventeen verse sixteen, while praying to GOD, Jesus says that his followers are set apart from the world just as he is set apart from the world. The original ancient greek word that is translated as world here is cosmos. Cosmos can be translated as planet Earth or human society. But in this as well as in every other scripture dealing with the set apart or holy people. It can only mean human society.
When Jesus told Jehovah that his followers were no part of the world, what he was saying is that they were no part of civilization. Being a good obedient citizen is almost the exact opposite of being a Nazarite.
The Bible tells us that the world as we know it can’t go on forever. And I think that pretty much everybody has to agree that we are definitely heading for some kind of catastrophic collapse, whether we believe in the Bible or not. But if we know that the Bible is correct about the unsustainability of our “so called” civilization, wouldn’t it be wise on our part to at least look at what else the Bible has to say on this subject. If simple common sense is telling us that something is about to happen to change our way of life forever, it is only natural that we want to know why, and how, and once we figure that out we should also want to know. When?
Obviously we’re going to have to do a little research, because we are about to unravel an ancient mystery that was recorded in the Bible thousands of years ago, and as of yet has never been explained by anyone, anywhere, at any time.
We as a people are about to wittness the absolute conclusion of civilization in ways that I promise will be beyond anything that you currently may be imagining.
Psalm chapter 118 and verse 22 says that the stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone, and in fact at Acts chapter 4 and verse 11 the identity of that stone is revealed to be Jesus. However the identity of the builders is always veiled as well as the identity of the stone that the builders didn´t reject.
The builders are called builders because they build. They build bulldozers, they build houses, they build textile mills. They are the builders of civilization. The stone that the builders Accepted IS Civilization. Why is it called, a stone? – Because civilization has as its symbol, a Stone. It appears on the US one dollar bill as well as many other things and places. The stone is the chief cornerstone of civilization and as depicted is often referred to as The All-seeing Eye.
Jesus was making reference to this symbol when he told a group of people to keep their eye single. The All-seeing Eye is Not single. It is three-sided, and represents Satan´s Trinity, which is the three primary systems that have defined every civilized culture from the beginning of time all the way to our day: The Governmental System, The Economic System, and The Belief system, that keeps everyone participating in the other two systems. A large part of which is represented by traditional religions. But would also include such things as the religion of science, and the networks.
None of the three could exist without the other two. Any human being who stopped for a minute to think about things would instantly recognize that both the Governmental System and the Economic system are, wicked, unfair, and brutal.
Since it goes against human nature to participate in anything that is evil, Satan had to established a system dedicated to convincing mankind that evil is good, and good is evil.(Isaiah5:20) Many people believe that religion is nothing more than a system of pointless rituals designed to appease the gods. But religion’s true purpose is much more insidious than just a means of wasting peoples time and resources. The primary purpose of all religions is to conceal basic truth from humanity.
A good propaganda system is essential in order for any human government to function effectively. Before human beings will submit to being ruled over by others, they must first be convinced that the government that they are forced to serve, is somehow superior to all other governments. In the English speaking world propaganda is called public relations.
It takes quite a bit of convincing to get people to participate in civilization, because it goes against natural law. That natural law was spelled out thousands of years ago in what today has become known as The Ten Commandments.
Because the Ten Commandments have been so poorly translated many people never make the connection between The Ten Commandments and Natural Law.
The Commandment to honor our father and mother, as recorded in the original language of ancient Hebrew, would have been understood by those who lived in that ancient culture, as a commandment to recognize the only human hierarchy ever approved by God. The family.
In our day the world is not ruled by family heads, but by a small ruthless group of very wicked people. According to civilization’s laws, Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, and other powerful men and women outrank fathers and mothers. An absolutely horrific perversion of “Natural Law”. A direct rebellion against God’s “Ten Commandments”.
The commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Steal”, word for word in Ancient Hebrew would be; “Do not Carry away”. Many people who are familiar with the English version of this commandment would understand that it is wrong to rob a bank, but for the most part do not see transporting sales goods across vast oceans as any kind of sin at all.
Obviously as originally worded, “Thou Shalt Not Carry Away”, would qualify civilization’s economic system as yet another horrific perversion of “Natural Law”. Another direct rebellion against God’s Ten Commandments.
Religion itself is the single most horrific perversion of all. As the very first commandment states, “I am the LORD thy God, you shall have no God’s before me.” As translated this verse quite accurately represents the original thought. The only problem being the poor translation of the other commandments.
All religions Earth wide, support the concept of autonomy, human self rule, along with the governmental and economic systems necessary to make self rule possible. That being the case, it is reasonable to conclude that all religions Earth wide serve Civilization and it’s God.

When Mankind first entered into it’s covenant with Satan, Each and every one of The Ten Commandments was broken. The very first thing to happen involved covetousness on the part of Satan. He coveted Adam’s family. As a fallen angel, Satan was not even of the same species as Adam, much of the same family.
Satan used deception in order to do harm. Bearing false witness against his neighbor. And the lies that he told Eve, were very obviously lies about God, very much like the lies told by The Churches in our day. Taking The LORD’s name in vain.
The deception that he used led to the death of each and every one of us, breaking the commandment not to kill. He set himself up to be worshiped as a god in opposition to The True God. In order to do this he stole humanity away from God. He and humanity engaged in adultery with one another as part of the deal. A govenrmental hierarchy was set up in opposition to God’s hierarchy of the family.
Upon entering into The Satanic Covenant mankind began to engage in work, breaking God’s law to remember to keep the Sabbath holy. And the work that mankind engaged in was driven by consumerism. The making of Idols. The act of using our living planet as a source of material for the manufacture of material things.

Even though God throughout The Bible. repeatedly shows his disgust for the religions of the world. Every detail of what kind of religion the Creator requires of man is spelled out in no uncertain terms At James 1:27. “In the presence of God our father the only religion that is pure and undefiled is this, to visit orphans and widows when they are suffering hardship and to keep from being contaminated by civilization.”
From birth every human knows how to live a life free of un-natural behaviours. Growing up in this world however, by default, the default of “growing up”, we become contaminated by a belife in civilizations primary taboo: which is living by instinct. In this world, living by natural law is unacceptable, and in fact it’s illegal.
Over the course of human history nearly everyone alive has become assimilated into Satan’s social order. But around the world there is a group that to this day openly struggles against civilizations precepts. When Jesus was on the Earth he spoke of this group with great reverence. In fact when his own apostles attempted to drive this people away, Jesus very clearly declared that unless someone would follow their example, they would have no hope of entering into the kingdom of heaven.
Unlike adults that have been beaten into conformity with Satan’s Empire, babies live solely by instinct. It is this quality that Jesus was speaking of at Matthew18:3, when he said “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”
Jesus was not saying that we needed to be chastised in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, he was saying that we needed to return to how we were before being chastised.
You have to go to God like a child. If you are a child with a good heart and you´ve never even heard of The Bible, you´re gonna realise that there is a clear war going on between creation and civilization. And you are going to want to do what is right. And if you are taking that side in this war. Then even as a child, you would have to realise that you are on The Losing Team. Knowing that civilization and creation are at war, If you choose creation, you are on The Losing Team.
While growing up fighting for your own freedom from civilizations precepts, you will eventually come to realize that screams, tears, puke, spit and walking away is not very effective in fending off civilizations bullies whos soul purpose in life is to force you to jump through hoops on comand. Just questioning their authority is going to require a struggle. In such a fight you´ll be forced to learn unnatural words and laws that will be very difficult for you to learn. And should you somhow figure out how to beat them at their own game, they’ll bring out the guns to make you conform.
At some point you hopefuly recognize that the only way to stop them is with force. Hopefuly, before you pursue such a course you’ll come across the powerfull information contained in The Bible and realize that the entire book is about the very war that you are in. Once that happens, you will understand that the struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil, Satan and his wicked angels. Which you as a human, no matter what you do or how powerful may think you are, simply can not stop.
You will also hopefuly realize that you no longer need to try. Because God has promised the vengeance shall be his.

After the first sins in the Garden Of Eden, God told everyone involved what the outcome would be. When God pronounced sentence on Satan, Adam, and Eve, the predictions that he made eventually became the world that we find ourselves in today. The war between creation and civilization had begun as described at Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15: “there will be animosity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring, he will inflict injury upon your head, and you will inflict injury upon his heel”
The head always represents government in the BIble. It would be Jesus as King of God’s Kingdom that would bruise Satan’s government just as Satan had bruised the heel of Jehovah’s foot, which, throughout the Bible always represents the Earth. God’s footstool.
Much of the Bible is prophecy. Understanding Bible prophecy is absolutely essential to understanding the Bible. Many people feel that Bible prophecy is suppose to be a mystery. They are correct. It is suppose to be a mystery to God’s enemies. Bible prophecy tells us what to prepare for. How to prepare. And, When to prepare. God’s enemies don’t want us to prepare. If you wish to understand these things, as well you should. You must understand the nature of the war between creation, and civilization, as well as the location of major events in this war. The time available to study on these things is quickly running out.
Every war involves borders, so to get an accurate understanding of what events have taken place in this war, we really need to be familiar with the locations where these events took place. Not just so that the Bible narative can be more real to us, but also so that we can get the big picture, and see why God feels the way that he does about what has so far taken place in this war, and to understand his explanation of what is about to take place as this war nears it’s conclusion. And that is why Bible Geography is important.
Many of the battles in the war between Satans Empire and God’s Kingdom have been recorded in the Bible. Right now as this war continues, events that are taking place involve some of these same locations. The entire Earth is involved, but as in all wars some locations are more strategic than others.
The very first event to take place associated with this war occurred in The Garden of Eden. After promising the first woman that she could be like a god, Eve entered into what is called a covenant, a two way legally binding agreement, with Satan.
Which later was firmly sealed when the dauthers of man began to give birth to the the children of the sons of God, what Genesis chapter 6 and verse 4 calls Nephilim or as some Bibles render this word; “the giants”. It is at this verse that the hebrew word “gibbowr” is firts used, it will not be the last. Gibbowr is the hebrew word for hero, civilization champions in the war against God.
This spot marks the location where Satan and his worshippers first took their stand against The Creator, and it will also be the location where Satan and his followers will be done away with.
Here is where the battle lines in this war would be drawn. The entire world would now be under the control of Satan and his followers, but this garden, at least for a time, would remain under the control of The Creator.
Had God not recorded in his word all of the locations where the patriarchs reentered the garden after being forced out, we would have no idea where the borders of Jehovah’s special garden were. It is not just a coincidence that the Bible writers kept such detailed records.
If we were not able to locate The Garden of Eden, there would be no way to discern the meaning of any of the rest of the Bible. There is not one single Prophecy in the Bible that can be understood without knowing exactly where the garden of Eden was or what it represents. From the Bible account it appears that the original Garden of Eden was within the territories of Judah, and Benjamin.
The Garden of Eden also known as Salem, and then later Jerusalem. More historic events have taken place here than in all of the rest of the world combined. But, it is not just the garden of Eden’s past that is important. But also it’s future, and in fact the future of all mankind. Events that are about to occur in Israel will prove to be every bit as significant as events that occurred in The Garden of Eden, Salem, Jerusalem, and Palestine. Civilization is about to reach it’s conclusion, in a battle that will make every war ever fought pale in comparison.
It was no coincidence that the tribe of Judah occupied the land that fell under God’s protection. This is the tribe from which God had promised centuries in advance to bring forth a messiah, or anointed one, to bruise Satan in the Head.
Just because God accepted humans back into his garden, and even allowed them to destroy it does not mean that humans have defeated the True God. The Book of Genesis recorded thousands of years in advance that this is what would happen, when it said that Satan would bruise him in the heel. Throughout the Bible the Earth is always associated with the heel of God’s foot.
The Book of Revelation says that God is going to restore the Earth and destroy forever those that put so much effort into ruining his footstool. It even prophesied that the entire Earth would be restored to it’s original pristeen state beginning at this very same location. For humans this is not even close to possible. When Jehovah restores the planet, not only will he turn the deserts back into forest, but he will bring back all of the long extinct species necessary to do so.
This garden is the Exact spot where Abraham was told to sacrifice his son. Later this tiny piece of land was the location where God’s own son was executed. This is where the book of revelation says that waters of life will begin to bubble out of the ground, and flow out to water the entire Earth. Here is where the trees of life will make their initial comeback, and begin to once again produce long extinct, human food. Not just one time a year but year round.
This is also where the resurection of the dead will begin. The exact moment when this would take place was decided long ago when the original pair were expelled from the garden. In the grand scheme of things, the time for this event to take place is near. If you want to be prepared for what is to come, you need to start preparing now. I mean right now.
Being able to determine exactly what the real signs of the last days are, and building our spiritual foundation on faith in God’s ability to fix this mess, will set us free from worrying about trying to fix it ourselves. Our time would be much better spent preparing for the day when we can finally abandon civilization once and for all. We do not want to be among those struggling to repair Civilization’s infrastructure, on the day that God has set for it’s final destruction.

Very soon The Anti-Christ will ascend to power, and restore Jerusalem to it’s former glory. But shortly after that happens, Jesus will return, and rescue humanity from Satan’s Empire, and we who have patiently tolerated civilization’s oppressive reign, will witness with our own eyes, the end of mankind’s system of unnatural rules forever
Once God’s Kingdom is restored, the trees of life will be restored, and never again will human beings have to struggle to figure out what is good to eat and what is not good to eat. We will instinctively know that the fruit hanging over our heads at arms length is approved for human consumption according to, natural law.
From that time on, no human being will ever again, even think about consuming the flesh of any of the other beings that willingly share this planet with us.
Once civilization is done away with forever, God’s ten commandments will no longer need to exist in written form. When on Earth Jesus was once asked which is the greatest of the commandments? At Matthew 22:37-39 Jesus responded by saying, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself”.
The religious leaders who were asking the question would have immediately recognized that Jesus was not quoting one of the Ten Commandments. Once humanity is restored, and love once again becomes a natural part of life for everyone. There will no longer be any reason to enumerate a list of rules about the difference between right and wrong. With the exception of Natural Law, all law will be done away with forever.
For many of us living today. Having spent a lifetime suffering the consequences of Eve’s rebellion. The prospect of one day returning to living under God’s natural law has become our only source of comfort. I spend much of my quiet time trying to imagine what that will be like. I think that many who are reading or listening to this information often find themselves doing the same thing.
But, as wonderful as that prospect may seem, it must be understood that before we can take hold of paradise, we are going to have to emotionally detach ourselves from everything that is not paradise.
It is very important that Jehovah’s people have a deep appreciation of God’s Kingdom. The establishment of God’s Kingdom is the only hope that we have. Jesus instructed us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come.
The theme of the Bible is and always has been the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire. If we have to choose between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire we can not be confused about which is which. We must have a clear picture in our head of exactly what God’s Kingdom looks like when compared to Satan’s Empire.
We have all been manipulated into believing that God hates civilizations once they reach a certain size, when in actuality God simply hates civilizaiton. Size is not the issue. Understanding this point is vital, and directly related to the theme of the Bible which as I said earlier is the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire. Other ways to discribe this concept would be “The War Between, Creation and Civilization. Between The Angels, and The Demons. Or between the Shepheards, and the Builders. Another way of looking at this would also be as “Natural Law versus Unnatural Law
Every word associated with work, or labor, or building, or agriculture in the original Hebrew is closely associated with other Hebrew words and concepts meaning things such as wicked, evil, enemy, badness, etc.
The very first commands that God gave to the original couple were to do such things as eat, rest, and reproduce, and The Bible very specifically says that man was put into the garden to dress and keep the garden. But, in the original language it actually would be more accurate to say that Man was put into the forest to ensure that nothing bad happened to any living thing. There would be absolutely no way to create structures, or roads, or power grids without harming living things.
The scriptures in the Bible about no more rain, no more heat from the sun, no more cold are not figurative as the churches teach. It is a Bible promise that this is really how things will be. We really won’t need houses. In fact the scriptures in our English Bibles about everyone building houses and having occupancy actually say building families and spending time with them.
We are heading for both a war, and a false peace. That’s what I love about Bible Truth. It is Truth, while everything else is nothing but lies. You can believe that very soon True Peace will be proclaimed throughout the land while more people are engaged in all out warfare than has ever been in all of human history combined.
Every single extraordinary event that is recorded in the Bible was just a small sample of Yahweh’s power. Each and every thing that was done in the past was recorded, so that when those things started to happen again, we would already know who was causing them.
In the future. Probably in our life times. In just a short 3 and a half year time cycle more miracles will occur than have taken place over the entire previous 6,000 years of human history combined. The planets will return to their proper orbits, and that includes the Earth, and the Moon. The flood waters of Noah’s day will return to the outer atmosphere. The Atlantic ocean will dry up. All of the mountains will level off. Everyone will instantly remember how to speak the natural original language of man. Every extinct species of living thing will return, and the dead will be resurrected.
The war between Civilization and Creation, has always been over sovereignty. The Bible’s teachings on the kidnapping, and the ransom is impossible to miss. Yah’s right to rule by natural law, has been challenged by Satan’s right to rule according to covenant law.
The only reason that the Creator created the Nation of Israel, was so that he could enter into a legal covenant with human beings in the same way that Satan entered into a legal covenant with human beings. In that way Jehovah could prove that not only did he have the right to rule according to natural law, but that he also had the right to rule according to covenant law. In that way his right to rule could never again be brought into question, according to some stupid legal precept.
Jesus paid the ransom and by doing so won our release from bondage to Satan. It doesn’t really matter what we believe, we are all going to reap the benefits of that ransom payment. But the Bible speaks of a second death, that some will experience before Jesus hands the Kingdom back over to his father.
Our choices now will not determine anything as far as our salvation goes. But, The Bible does say that those who choose to separate themselves from Satan’s Civilization on this side of Armageddon will never experience the Second Death.
Choose wisely!
A third of the planet’s population is going to survive this. When Armageddon comes two-thirds will die.
If you don’t want to survive, don’t listen to me.

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