The Bible Code Part 2

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be the second part in my “Bible Code” video series.  In part one I stated that there is a numerical code that runs throughout The Bible that is very easy to spot by anyone reading it from beginning to end, but for thousands of years, Our Father has not revealed to us what that code means, because until now it has not been necessary for us to understand that code.


We, who are alive today are about to witness events that God, through his word has promised would take place, but in our day, the whole creation continues to groan under the domination of Satan’s ruler-ship.  We must remain patient as we await our rescue from this oppressive Empire that after nearly 6,000 years is about to be done away with forever.


As bad as our situation may seem, our hearts should be glad, because unlike millions of people who have come and gone over the centuries, our generation is actually going to witness through our own eyes, those things that the Bible at Hebrews 11:13 says  the prophets of the past never got to see.


Much of the information that you are going to hear in this video is going to concern the movement of the celestial objects in our solar system, relative to one another.


Before I start, there is something that I feel I need to explain.  I am not a god.  That being the case, I have never gone to heaven, and have never seen the Earth from any vantage point which would allow me to give you a first hand description of the shape of The Earth as seen from outer space.


I understand that there are men alive today, that claim to have been transported to the moon in machines specifically designed for that purpose, and that those men also claim that the Earth is shaped like a sphere.  But, I also acknowledge that the stories surrounding the exploits of those men, in many cases defy logic.


It is completely understandable that people would be suspect of any information from the Empire’s propaganda system.  We live in a world where authority figures called teachers, and newscasters, are paid to tell us what to believe.  Many times it is very obvious that the things that they are paid to tell us are lies.  As simple human beings living under such a system, it is often difficult to distinguish lies from truth.


If you have listened to me talk before, then you probably understand that I have a very strong faith, in many things that are not currently observable with our basic senses of smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing, or seeing.


That doesn’t mean, that I am willing to believe in just anything.  In fact, I have a very difficult time believing in things that I can not observe, with my own eyes and other senses.  But, that being said, I have to admit that the things that I observe, with my senses, often do not match what others claim to observe with their senses. 


The information that I am about to share with you, will be based on my own personal belief that the Earth is in fact, shaped for the most part like a sphere.


In my life, I have traveled across many oceans and visited many lands, and in the course of those travels, using nothing more than my basic senses, I could determine for myself, that without a doubt, the Earth is obviously spherical in shape.


Not only that, but I have been reading and rereading the Bible ever since I was a child, and although there are absolutely no verses to be found anywhere within it’s pages describing the shape of the Earth, at least not as recorded in the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, many verses, from Genesis to Revelation would be completely nonsensical if our planet was anything other than a sphere, traveling around the sun, along with seven other spherical planets, with a spherical moon traveling around our Earth, within a solar system surrounded by stars.


If you are listening to the information in this video, and you personally believe that the Earth is The Center of The Universe, is permanently fixed in it’s position, and is flat, then I can not imagine any logical explanation for associating such a belief with the information contained in The Bible.


I don’t know of any logical way to describe what The Bible says will soon take place from the perspective of a flat earth model, but when Jesus explained to his disciples what would be the sign of his presence, he did so without giving any so called “scientific explanation” for that sign. 


The physics involved in upcoming events, is not at all as important as the ability to recognize those events.  When the sign of the son of man is manifest, we must be ready to take positive action as commanded by Jesus himself.  For most of the people listening to the information in this video, understanding the science behind the sign is not going to be necessary.  Being able to recognize that sign for what it is will be.


Luke 21:25 is a direct quote of Jesus, which says, “There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and waves.”  This scripture is presented in such a way as to indicate that the signs will be so profound that recognizing them will require nothing more than the ability to hear the ocean, and see celestial objects.  No understanding of the physical laws pertaining to oceanography, or astronomy will be necessary.


That being said, It is of vital importance, that I make myself perfectly clear.  As these celestial events begin to take place, Satan will once again take his throne in fleshly form.  If, at this time, someone can be manipulated into putting their faith into any religion, especially one so easily disproved, such a person has little hope of resisting Satan when he resumes fleshly form.


The simple point that I am trying to make is that I have studied both the spherical Earth hypothesis, and the flat Earth hypothesis, from every possible angle.  And am no longer interested in studying this any further.  I have produced several “Debunking Flat Earth” videos, about this subject.  I do not have any desire to engage in any kind of discussion concerning the shape of The Earth, on this or any of the other videos in this “Bible Code” video series.  That is not what this video is going to be about.


Everyone is free to leave comments about the shape of the Earth on any of my “Debunking Flat Earth” videos, but I would really prefer that the comments on this video be spiritual in nature.  My God is not one to be mocked.  Since God is using this video series to reveal sacred secrets to his children, any derogatory remarks aimed at the information in this series would by default have to be considered directly against God.  I will not tolerate any religious foolishness being posted on these videos.


From cultures around the world there are many stories about pantheons of  gods.  A pantheon is any group of gods representing a particular nation.  In those stories the names are often different, but the individual players always share certain traits.  It becomes very obvious to anyone studying such information, that the stories about gods and goddesses from most if not all cultures, although not exactly the same are so similar to the stories about the gods and goddesses in the pantheons of neighboring cultures, that it is only reasonable to come to the conclusion, that all of these stories from so many diverse cultures, are all about the same gods.


This understanding is not hidden from humanity.  All historians acknowledge the obvious similarities.  Even in public school, we were taught that the Roman and Greek Pantheons of Gods were the same gods, only having different names.  But something that we were never told is that these same gods show up around the world in mythologies as diverse as those of  ancient America, and China.


The reason that this is important in this video, is because I am going to be talking about the numbers in the Bible code, and in many instances, those numbers are very similar to the numbers that are common in stories outside of the Bible, and some of those stories concern those groupings, or pantheons of gods.


In the religions of the ancient past certain numbers were considered to have unique attributes, and in the religions of Judaism, and Christianity similar attributes are assigned to those numbers according to the way that they are used in The Bible.  The commonality between the religious significance of numbers as used in mythology outside of the Bible, and numbers as used in The Bible can not simply be dismissed as coincidental.


Many people are not comfortable when it comes to listening to information about numbers, but I will try to make what I am going to tell you as simple to understand as possible, because having a basic understanding of why certain numbers repeatedly show up in one culture after another, will be very important to each and every one of us in the near future.  Please don’t get discouraged if what I am about to tell you seems too complicated to grasp.  If you just hang in there for a few minutes, everything that I am about to say will soon make perfect sense.  I promise.


God is not revealing his code to people with degrees in theology.  He is revealing it to us.  He understands our shortcomings.  As such God’s numeric code only requires that we have the ability to add, and subtract, very small numbers.


One of the most obvious universal recurring numbers in all ancient cultures is the number ten.  In fact, all of modern human society is structured on what is called a base ten system.  The fact that this is so, is not as important as why it is so.


We use language to communicate ideas to other people, so we have to have words to represent numbers.  Since numbers can go on to infinity, we can’t simply memorize a unique name for each number.  That being the case humans have developed a numbering system that repeats and combines concepts, which allow us to use a very small amount of words to represent a very large amount of numbers.  In fact, an amount so large, that it would be humanly impossible to remember a unique name for every number.


If we want to communicate the smallest numbers, each number does have a unique name. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.  And by tradition, we seemingly do the same thing, for the next ten as well.  Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.  But what we are actually communicating is the concept of the base ten system.  When we say eleven, we are actually communicating the concept of ten plus 1, as in ten one, ten two, ten three, ten four, ten five, ten six, ten seven, ten eight, ten nine, and ten ten.  When we say twenty, we are actually communicating the idea of two tens.  Twenty.  Twin Tens.


The repeating nature of the base ten system continues as we increase the amount to the point where we are expressing the concept of three tens, as in thirty.  Thirty being a combination of the prefix thir as in thirteen, combined with the suffix ty meaning tens, as we learned in the word twenty.  In fact all of the numbers at that point are simple combinations of the words that we already know, such as four tens as in forty.  And we don’t introduce a new word into our numbering system until we reach a hundred which we use to express the concept of ten tens.


This repeating pattern continues on.  When I counted to twenty, I actually only used 15 individual words.  The numbers 14, 16, 17, 18, and 19, are not unique words, but are simply combinations of words that we already learned as in 14, which is a combination of the word four, and the suffix teen, meaning ten plus four..


To count to a hundred would only require the use of one word more than necessary to count to twenty.  Counting to a thousand would only require the use of 17 unique words, And we would not need any more words to count to ten thousand, or even to a hundred thousand.  Since these words are made up of combinations of the words ten, which we already know, thousand, which we already know, and hundred, which we already know.  In fact these 17 words would actually allow us to count all the way up to 999,999, after which we would need to learn another word.  That word being million as in one million.  If we follow this pattern we would actually be able to count all the way up to a billion, and beyond, using only 19 unique words.


Hopefully as I have been demonstrating this concept, you were actually able to identify why we use a base ten system, when counting.  It is because we have 8 fingers and two thumbs for a total of ten digits on our two hands.  The universal nature of humans with ten digits would also explain why cultures around the world developed similar numbering systems, independent of one another.  The Bible confirms that this is how our base ten system developed.


In the earliest books of The Bible, the word that we translate as ten, eser means finger conjunction.  Remember that word conjunction, it will become important later on, in this, as well as any following videos.


Having numbers that are based on such a system accomplishes an even more important function, then just simplifying how we pronounce or spell a number.  It allows for a mathematical system for working with numbers, not represented by words spelled out using letters, of the alphabet, but instead represented by numerals, allowing us to work with, very large numbers using relatively simple mathematical functions.


It should be understood, that not all counting systems throughout history have been based on the naturally recurring number ten.  Some ancient cultures based their counting systems on other numbers.  Some of these counting systems are still with us today, and are still in use, but for the most part have been relegated to traditional arts and activities.


Having ten fingers might explain why many cultures share a base ten system when it comes to counting, as in the word, accounting.  But in the Bible as well as the ancient writings of other cultures, there are recurring numbering systems that are obviously not based on the number of digits on the human hand.


The entire point that I have been making, which you must grasp, before you can understand the rest of the information in this series, is that if two cultures having no physical contact with one another develop similar ideas about how the world works, independently of one another, then there is no way around the fact that those ideas had to have been based on some easily observable phenomenon, available to both cultures.  


Just a sample of the most commonly recurring numbers in ancient cultures, would be the numbers 7, 12, 30, 360, and 144,000.  All of these numbers are repeated throughout The Bible as well.  And all of them are associated with  the tracking of time.


Since our universal, base ten system of counting, and accounting, very obviously came about due to the universal, easily observable phenomenon of humans having ten digits available for counting, then we have to accept the probability, that the recurring numbers used for tracking time, must be based on some similar easily observable universal phenomenon associated with the actual….. passage of time.


It is very important that you understand the basic principle behind what I just told you about the base ten system.  When people having no contact with one another develop identical numbering systems, independent of one another there absolutely has to be some universal phenomenon easily observable by both cultures.  The base 7 system defined by our concept of a seven day week, had to have come about in a similar manner. 


The reason that I feel that it is important to stress this concept, is that some may believe that by decree some king somewhere decided that all calendars were to be made up of 7 day weeks, 30 day months, and 360 day years, and enforced his decree by military action, but if we take into consideration, the history of the world as taught by the Empire’s public education systems, and higher learning centers, that prior to the 15th century many ancient peoples were separated from one another with an impenetrable boundary, of vast oceans.  Then no such decree could have been communicated to most of the world.


Just as those simple humans from the ancient past, would have developed their base ten counting systems independently of one another, they would also have developed their methods of tracking time independently of one another.  That being the case, we should once again have no trouble identifying what ever recurring phenomenon they used that would allow that to be the case.  After all, we are human beings as well.  And, since the scientific community teaches that the solar system has been functioning in exactly the same way for millions of years, we should be able to observe whatever it is that people would have observed only three thousand years ago, when cultures around the world were using units of 7, 12, 30, 360 and 144,000 in association with the tracking of time.


If we think about the number 7, most of us would instantly associate the number seven, with the number of days in a week.  However if we keep in mind that many ancient cultures recognized a recurring 7 day week then we should be able to easily observe some naturally recurring phenomenon that would lead such diverse cultures to mark out the passing of time governed by a repeating pattern of 7 days.  At least in the parts of the Earth that in the ancient past were occupied by those cultures.  But, there is none.  In fact even if we dedicated our lives to taking very detailed notes of everything that happened every day, and every night in the natural world around us, we would never be able to identify anything anywhere that happens every seven days.


The same would be true of the numbers 12, 30, 360, and 144,000. 


Interestingly enough, many ancient cultures left physical evidence that in the ancient past there were 12 equal 30 day months, in a 360 day year.  Several cultures even left records indicating that they were aware of a 400 year solstice cycle.  400 years made up of 360 days would add up to 144,000.  The Mayan Calendar is based on 400 year cycles called Bactunes.  Our modern Gregorian Calendar is also based on 400 year cycles.  Although 400 of our current 365 ¼ day years doesn’t add up to 144,000, our current solstice cycle is still exactly 400 years in duration.


Understanding that cultures Earth wide recognized 400 year cycles of 360 day years, should be ample evidence that some observable 400 year 360 day repeating phenomenon took place Earth wide.  The same principle would apply to the recurring 7 day week, with one major exception.


The 7 day cycle was not universally recognized.  In the ancient past, it appears that every culture in the Eastern hemisphere recognized a 7 day week, while such a time cycle was not acknowledged by any ancient culture in the Western Hemisphere.  The Mayan calendar had twenty, 18 day cycles in each 360 day year.


This difference actually supports the notion that all ancient time cycles in The Bible are the result of some easily observable celestial phenomenon.  Our current year is based on the time that it takes for the Earth to orbit the sun.  Currently our earth takes about 365 days to accomplish this task, and since everyone on Earth would experience the same cycle, the 365 day year is universal.  But other celestial phenomenon such as lunar eclipses can not be experienced universally.  A lunar eclipse only last for a couple of hours.  That being the case, only people living on the side of the Earth facing the moon during the eclipse would have the privilege of witnessing the event.  This would be the case with any celestial event of short duration.  The Earth currently takes 24 hours to rotate once on it’s axis.  In order for everyone earth wide to witness any external celestial event, such an event would have to take place over the course of at least 12 hours.


It would be illogical to believe that all of these cultures developed such perfect, uniform, intricate, and mathematically unified time keeping systems independent of one another, unless of course, in the ancient past, our solar system actually did in fact move in a pattern that would cause The Earth to experience some kind of repeating phenomenon every seven days.  Every 30 days, Every 360 days.  And, every 144,000 days.


For the vast majority of us, the year is governed by paper or digital calendars produced by The Empire.  Without such a man made calendar we would not be able to determine what day, month, or year it was.  In fact, Earth wide, from the time of the 360 day calendar to the introduction of a semi functional replacement calendar, there was a period of hundreds of years, when people had no actual calendar whatsoever.  In the ancient past, simple men such as Noah, and Moses were well aware of what day, month, year, and even what day of the week it was, without any man made device whatsoever.


How our solar system works is actually quite simple.  But, detecting how our solar system works requires a considerable amount of observation.  As I just said every 365 ¼ days or so our planet orbits the sun.  We can’t observe such a thing with our eyes, however, we can observe the changes of the season.  The Earth’s axis is tilted enough that our planet’s angle of incidence also known as angle of attack changes every day due to it’s position relative to the sun.


These orbital changes cause our planet to experience 4 unique measurable events.  In common language, these events are called the Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, and Summer Solstice.  Those in the scientific community would argue with the accuracy of these descriptions, but they are valid expressions of what we as humans experience.  Basically they are the longest day of the year, The shortest day of the year, and the two days that are right in the middle.


Since currently this cycle requires 365 ¼ days to repeat, we have 365 day years, and occasionally a 366 day leap year.


Our months are supposedly based on the lunar cycles.  A lunar cycle could be described as the time that is required for our moon to cycle from the moment in which it appears fully lit up, which we call a full moon, to the moment when the moon appears fully lit up again.  According to the decrees of The Empire, the lunar cycles are counted from the time of the new moon, when it appears almost completely dark to the time of the following new, moon, when it is almost completely dark again.  Currently, the moon takes about 29 ½ days to complete this cycle.  But since our lunar cycles are not in conjunction with the solar cycle, it is not possible to divide our year according to our months.  Hence our current calendar requires having months of different lengths, none of which correspond in any way with the actual cycles of The Moon.  Meaning that how our months are determined is for the most part arbitrary.


Our determining what day of the week it is, has almost no association with our current system of months and years whatsoever.  According to The Empire’s current calendar, our system of keeping track of weeks, only repeats once every 400 years.  And once again this is due to the fact that our planet still follows a 400 year solstice cycle.  Since there is no observable phenomenon associated with any day of the week.  Our weeks are100% arbitrary.  Meaning that in fact, there is actually no such thing as a week.  The seven day week which is universally observed, by every culture on this planet, is for a fact, a man made fabrication.  However, according to the Bible, that has not always been the case.


At the beginning of time.  Years were in fact 360 days long, with 12 equal 30 day months.  This concept is recorded in quite a few verses.  Not only that, but, there are many many passages in our Bibles dealing with the tracking of time that according to our current 365 ¼ day calendar are for the most part nonsensical.  But if we imagine how our solar system would function if the Earth actually took 360 days to orbit the sun,  all of those nonsensical passages would suddenly make perfect sense.


If we carefully study every passage in The Bible involving the passing of time, we would be able to determine quite quickly that every such passage found in the first half of The Bible describes a solar system governed by a pattern of movement known in the scientific community as conjunction.  Conjunction is defined as the action or instance of two or more events, or things, occurring at the same point in time or space.


Earlier, I talked about how the Hebrew word that we translate as ten means the conjunction of fingers.  In the ancient world, the conjunction of the movement of the Earth, and Moon around the sun, would have resulted in a system of time keeping every bit as logical as our base ten system of counting.


And it would not only be the system of days, months, and years, that would be in conjunction, but according to the Bible’s tracking of time, even the weeks would correspond to the recurring phenomenon associated with the Bible’s way of tracking time.


Every cycle of seven days would end in a day called shabath, what we today would call The Sabbath.  Every seven years would be Shabath Erats meaning Sabbath of The Land.  Every seven Shabath Erats, would be Sheba Shabath.  What is commonly referred to as a Jubilee.


In a 360 day year with 12 equal 30 day months, each and every time keeping unit of the Bible would be in perfect conjunction, with every other time keeping unit.  Meaning that every 49 years the entire system of days, weeks, months, years, and Sabbath Years, would start all over.  As our solar system currently functions, not a single one of those units of time would ever occur  in conjunction with any of the others.


2Pet3:8 says: But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord, one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.  If we add the thousand year cycle to the system of tracking time, used in the ancient past, then we will discover that an additional cycle of seven millennial units would fit in perfectly and would repeat perfectly into infinity.


If you have been following my posts for a while, then you may recognize that what I am telling you sounds very much like the information that I posted previously in the “Written in Stone” series, and the “Angels and Men” series.


When I posted that information, I made it clear that as I came to a better understanding of the significance of what I was telling you, I would post updates.  I also promised at one time to post a video series about The Book of Revelation entitled “Removing The Seal”.  You can consider the information in this series to be a fulfillment of both promises.  As such, I highly recommend that you take the time to review those two series, in preparation for the next video in this series.


At this point you need to decide whether or not you are willing to believe that The Earth did in fact at one time experience a complete solar cycle every 360 days, with l2 equal 30 day months as all of the early books of The Bible indicate.


If not then you need to understand what the only alternatives to that choice will be, should you not be able to accept this information.


First off you are going to have to accept that in the ancient past, Earth wide, everyone alive, completely independent of one another, was wrong.  And not only was everybody wrong, but that everybody was wrong in the exact same way.  Second, you are going to have to accept the current atheistic view that The Bible is nothing more than a book of superstition written by ignorant iron age men who did not understand the difference between summer and winter.  And once again, I am talking about Iron Age men spread out all over the planet, and completely unaware of one another’s presence.  Or alternately, that the creator of our solar system, the author of our Bible, was unaware of precisely how The Solar System that he himself created actually worked.


You will also have to take into consideration just how ordered and mathematically perfect the 360 day system works out in conjunction with the 7 day Sabbath system.  It is very unlikely that any human being living in our solar system as it currently functions would devise such a method of tracking time, and then to have multiple Bible writers, in different nations, speaking different languages, writing over hundreds of years of time, to subscribe to that very same system, which would have very obviously not been in agreement with the actual length of the year, if the year back then was the same length as our current year.


Now I am going to ask you to think deeply about something, because it is going to be very important that you understand what I am about to tell you.  Think about the process that you would use to pay a bill, using a check.  Think about how you determine what date to write on that check.  Ask yourself if you write the date instinctively, or if in fact you have to refer to some kind of electronic device or paper calendar in order to do so. 


Now think about this……Our paper calendars are not based on some arbitrary numerical system out of sync with the natural year that we experience.  In other words we do not live in a 365 day REAL year and yet track time according to a 360 day ARBITRARY calendar.  We can depend on experiencing the hottest day of the year, about 365 days after experiencing our previous hottest day, and our coldest day occurring about 365 days after our previous coldest day.


If every calendar on this planet was to disappear and we had to go by instinct, when filling out a check, The best that we could do is to write down whether it was Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, and there is still no guarantee that we would be able to accurately determine even that.


If we, using a modern method of tracking time, based on an accurate natural tracking of the movement of the Earth have to refer to a calendar every time that we write a check, then certainly someone living prior to the invention of the calendar, using a system not based on the actual movement of The Earth, but instead on some totally unrelated numerical system, would have had an even greater degree of difficulty.


To my knowledge there has never been found any kind of artifact from that era that could have been used by any Bible writer in order to track time.  And yet, many important historic events recorded in The Bible specify the precise day and month in which those events took place.  And according to The Bible, all of those dates were based solely on the observation of The Moon.


If we can accept that our human society uses the base ten system for accounting purposes because of the common phenomenon of human beings having ten digits on our hands.  Then it can be said that we have broken a hidden code.  After all, no one in the ancient world left a written record describing how the base ten system came about.  The same can be said about figuring out that the Earth at one time had a 360 day year.  Even though many cultures left 360 day calendars, none of the Archaeologist studying those calendars have ever been able to figure out why.


Even though The Bible very clearly says at scriptures such as Daniel 2:21 that God was changing times and seasons.  It doesn’t say exactly how.  We really have to look at every scripture, dealing with time, recorded before this passage, and compare them with every scripture dealing with time recorded after.  As I said back when I first started talking about this, it is my hope that you can comprehend the significance of what we as a people are learning.


After thousands of years of lying hidden within The Bible Code, this information is now being revealed to us.  A small group of human beings of very little significance.  A group of human beings considered by the world to be at the bottom of civilization’s “Pyramid Scheme”.  Not exactly the kind of people who would be expected to figure these things out.


If you are wondering why, millions of people with access to the Bible prior to this time were not able to recognize the significance of the Bible code, until now, just know this……..  Prior to our time, recognizing the Bible code, would have served no purpose.  The primary reason for the Bible Code’s existence has to do with identifying the “Sign of The Son of Man”.  The need to be able to identify that sign would have been of little importance to people that had no hope of living to see that sign manifest itself.


But it gets even better.  Hidden within the Bible Code is even more information unavailable to mankind for thousands of years, describing yet another aspect of the ancient world, in a way that does not in any way match that particular aspect of our current world.


I have spoken of why the number 10 in The Bible’s Numeric code, relates to the Bible’s use of the base ten system of counting, and why cultures that are no part of the Bible narrative, use a similar numbering system.


I have also spoken of why the Bible uses units of 7, 12, 30, 360, and 144,000 in association with it’s method of tracking time.  And… why similar methods of tracking time were also used by cultures not associated with The Bible Narrative.


But now I am going to tell you about another part of The Bible code that is not associated with accounting, or time keeping.  And once again, this aspect of the code is very closely related to similar information found in cultures outside of The Bible Narrative.  Many of the numbers that are associated with this part of the code, are the same numbers associated with counting, and time keeping,  but are used in a way that is very obviously not at all about counting or time keeping whatsoever.


Anyone reading the Bible all the way through would recognize that these numbers repeat over and over again, but would probably not be able to understand the significance.  Outside of The Bible, these numbers are often associated with the hierarchical organizational arrangement of The Gods.


The number 1, is often associated with the one all powerful god, whether in mythology or within the pages of The Bible.  In the religions of Islam, and Judaism the number one is associated with the monotheistic god of those religions.  Monotheistic in fact means one god system.


Every religion has within it’s dogma some version of what theologians call dualism.  In other words an invisible realm governed by the two opposing traits of good and evil.  Some  describe this relationship as the Yin and Yang.  Dualism is based on the concept of two opposing gods.  The number 2 would be associated with the concept of dualism.


Many religions including the religions of Christianity worship a Trinity.  In other words Three Gods.  This mirrors the original Western religions founded in Ancient Egypt which worshiped The Trinity of Osiris, Horus, and Isis.  Also known as The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Outside of the Bible the number three is always associated with Trinitarian theology.


In Japanese mythology, there are what are known as The Seven Lucky Gods.  In ancient Sumeria, there are stories of seven sages that were sent by God to bring the rules of civilization to mankind.  These seven were also known by the Akadians, and Babylonians.


The Greeks and Romans had Pantheons of 12 Gods. Today the Hindus supposedly worship 330,million Gods.


Something that must be understood, is that no matter how many gods a religion is based on, each and every one claims to be based  on the worship of a single god.  It is not just the Jews and Muslims that claim to worship one god.  The Christians claim to worship one god as well.  Their explanation for the Trinity is that although they worship God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit, each god is simply a different aspect of the one and only true God.  The Hindus who worship anywhere from 33 gods to 330 million gods make the same claim, of worshiping only one god.


We already talked about the universal nature of dualism, but even the concept of The Trinity seems to be universal.  The monotheistic religions of Islam, and Judaism have a very strong faith based on  God’s ruler-ship over the Governmental system, Economic system, and Religious system of mankind.  Even in the ancient religions based on 7 gods and 12 gods there are always three primary gods that have characteristics making them nearly identical to Osiris, Horus, and Isis.  Which are themselves identical to the characteristics of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of Christendom.


We need to keep in mind that these cultures not only had no contact with one another, but for the most part were completely unaware of one another.


We have to ask ourselves, why religions of The Western World, Eastern World, Northern Hemisphere, and Southern Hemisphere would all share religious beliefs seemingly based on some kind of related numeric code?  And why so many elements of that code are repeated throughout The Bible?


By now we should be convinced that in the ancient world human beings from diverse cultures, independently of one another, developed a common counting system, based on the universal, easily observable phenomenon of humans actually having ten digits available for counting.


We should also be convinced that in the ancient world human beings from diverse cultures, independently of one another, developed very similar methods of measuring the passing of time due to the universal, easily observable 360 day year with 12 equal 30 day months, divided into naturally recurring 7 day weeks.


Since many of the numbers associated with the ancient pantheons of Gods seem to be related to the numbers used to keep track of time, we could simply conclude that in the ancient world, keeping track of time was so important that most ancient cultures would have by default associated the tracking of time with the deities of ancient mythology.  Leading to groupings of 7 gods, and 12 gods.  In other words a separate god for each day of the week, and a separate god for each month of the year.


And in fact even our modern day names of the days and months are often based on the names of those gods of ancient mythology.  But in the ancient world, the activities of the gods as recorded in mythology do not sound like the exploits of the days of the week or the months of the years.  In fact much of what is recorded in The Bible about the wicked angels, which mirrors the exploits of these gods also, seems much more substantial than simple dates on a calendar.


What I am saying, is that even if every civilization in the world recognized some natural pattern allowing them to all develop similar means of tracking time, that would not explain why they all associated that tracking of time with divine beings independently of one another, unless there was some observable, universally recognized, phenomenon associating those ancient Gods with the celestial objects used in ancient man’s observance of the passing of time.


And since all of these pantheons of gods exhibited similar traits, we have to conclude that such beings must have had to have actually lived at one time, and been universally witnessed, and easily discernible.  To think that multiple cultures around The Earth would develop a trinity made up of a governmental god, a god of resource control, and a goddess of religion, independently of one another would be ridiculous.


A big part of figuring out the significance of the numbers associated with the Gods of mythology, comes from examining how those ancient gods were described by their worshipers and then comparing their positions in those pantheons to different aspects of those repeating numbers hidden within The Bible Code.


In the next video in this series, we are going to do just that. 


As is always the case in all of my Bible videos, I have to once again explain what the Theme of the Bible is.


The Bible is a written history of the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire.  The War between The Righteous Angels, and The Wicked Angels.  And, the War between Creation, and Civilization. 


The Numbers that are hidden within The Bible code are extremely important to that story.


If you don’t want to survive………   Don’t listen to me.

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