The Bible Code Part 3

Hello, and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be the next installment in “The Bible Code” video series.


At this point, I believe that I need to explain something.


What you are about to hear has been hidden from the Churches for thousands of years.  If you ask a religionist what is The Sign of the Son of Man? they will not know.  They can not possibly know.  Without at least a basic understanding of how The Bible’s numerical code works, no part of the sign of The Son of Man will ever make any kind of sense.  In fact once, you are able to grasp the basics of that code, every book of The Bible will become much more real to you.  But before you can do so, you have to be willing to walk away from everything that you have ever heard from any religion.  The Bible records that God, only communicated with religious people for a very short time, and that time has long since passed.


It isn’t that the religions of The Empire are not aware of the code.  Each and every one of the churches, in some way or another acknowledge it’s existence.  It is just that they haven’t got a clue as to what it means.  The religions of the Jewish faith seem to put a lot of emphasis on the number seven.  In The Bible Code, the number seven is very important.  But not just because The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week.


In the religions of Christianity it is the number twelve, that gets most of the attention.  This number is also a very important number in The Bible code, but not just because it is the number of Apostles chosen by Jesus.


Religions such as The Messianic Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Seventh Day Adventists, as well as others, recognize many of the instances of all of the recurring numbers in The Bible, and as such know that there must be some kind of significance beyond the obvious, but struggle, unsuccessfully to figure out just what that significance is.


It is important that everyone listening to the information in this video understand what is being taught about this subject by the religions of The Empire.  I promise you that what you are about to learn, will make so much more sense, than what is currently being taught by Satan’s propaganda system, that by the end of this series, you will wonder why anyone would willing subject themselves to the foolishness being offered up by religion.


Should you decide to research this subject for yourself, you will find that each of the religions claiming to be based on The Bible, are teaching pretty much the same thing in regard to the Bible’s numeric code.


As an example, I will now read an exert from a book produced by one of The Empire’s religions entitled “Revelation, It’s Grand Climax At Hand”.  “Seven is the number of completeness, and perfection, both physical, and spiritual. Seven is the foundation of The Bible.  Ten is a complete and perfect number, and is made up of the numbers 4 and 6, which are the numbers of creation, and of man.  Twelve symbolizes God’s power and authority, and is the perfect governmental foundation number.”


You may have noticed that what I just told you did not impart any kind of spiritual gift to you, and that you don’t feel any more enlightened now than you did before hearing that nonsense.  Which is a very good sign that what you just heard is nothing more than empty Church Speak.  Just like everything else that is repeated over and over again by Civilization’s cults, this misinformation serves no purpose other than to distract the members of Satan’s Religions from discovering the truth.


We as a group are far ahead of The Empire’s religious system, because, in the previous two videos in this series, we were able to learn the basics of how the Bible’s numerical code actually works.


Numbers that would have appeared and reappeared in the natural world thousands of years ago, also appear and reappear in most of the books of the Bible.  Those numbers and their significance would have been easily recognized and understood by the people living at that time.  But for those of us living today, figuring out just what these numbers mean is going to be a little more difficult.


Several years ago, I became very frustrated with my lack of ability to figure out why so many numbers repeated over and over again, in Bible stories that did not even seem to be related.  I would jump back and forth between accounts about things involving the numbers, 12, 10, and 7, but no matter how hard I studied, I simply couldn’t find any kind of connection.  But, I prayed about it regularly.


Then one day in my search, I found a story about the God’s of ancient mythology, involving the planets, and discovered, that many cultures recognized 7 planets that were clearly visible in the ancient past.  In those accounts, it was obvious to me that the things recorded by those ancient peoples, were nothing like what we can see in the sky today using only The Naked Eye.


With the development of modern technology, we today can confirm that the planets as described in the ancient past actually match what we can see when we look into a modern telescope.  Since all of those ancient stories were recorded long before the invention of the telescope, I was eventually able to come to the conclusion that in the ancient past, the planets obviously had to have been much closer to The Earth, than they are today.


I had always known that the planets were named after the gods of mythology, and was able to clearly see that many of those gods were the same false gods spoken of in the Bible.  It was very obvious that Osiris, and Isis, and Horus of Egyptian mythology were the same individuals spoken of in The Bible as Lucifer, Ashtoreth, and Marduk.  Every Empire mentioned in The Bible as being directly ruled by Satan spoke a different language, and as a result, their gods all had different names, but in each culture, they are always associated with the planets, and it is also obvious that they are all the same gods.  And in every one of those satanic cultures, there was always a trinity.


I knew that I had discovered something significant, but still had not figured out all of the details.  Even today, I am constantly coming across Bible verses that are obviously part of this hidden code, but, am not able to clearly discern every detail that the scriptures are trying to communicate.  However, I am convinced that one day everyone alive will understand perfectly what each and every one of those stories are about.


Before going any further in this video, I highly recommend that you first watch a video series that I produced a while back called “Written In Stone” about the changes that have taken place in the relationship between, The Earth, The Moon, and The Sun.  You can consider this video as a continuation of that series.


The next major discovery that I made took place quickly and by surprise.  I was very excitedly telling a man that I know about how all of the sevens in the Bible are related to the seven planets that were clearly visible in the ancient world, when he told me that in the ancient world there were in fact ten planets that were clearly visible.  At first I didn’t know what to think, but that day he sent me some information about the Sumerians, which included a photo of a stone tablet that clearly showed what appeared to be ten planets.  Three more than claimed by most cultures.


At the time I had just read The Book of Esther, which made absolutely no sense to me, and was beginning to read The Book of Job, which also made absolutely no sense to me. But that was all about to change.


That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about why two different cultures would record two unique conflicting versions of their shared solar system.  Reading those two Bible books while researching this subject led me to the solution of this mystery.


At the same time, that all of this was going on, I stumbled upon a story about a man named Immanuel Velikovsky who spent the final part of his life studying information recorded by ancient astronomers from cultures around the world.  Using that research, he wrote a book entitled Worlds in Collision.  This book described in great detail a series of events, that he claimed took place in our solar system, thousands of years ago, that could only be described as scientifically impossible.  I acquired a copy and read it through, over the course of about a week.


Much of what he wrote, is undeniable.  Some of what he wrote, sounds questionable.  Some even sounds totally ridiculous.  But that isn’t important.  The fact remains, that information recorded by many ancient cultures around the world seems to confirm, that something incredible has take place in our solar system.  Not billions of years ago, but actually quite recently.  All of the stone tablets, and monuments, and writings, about our solar system were produced within the last 3,000 years by people living in what would be considered, advanced civilizations.  Not over the course of millions of years by evolving monkey people.


Over the course of my life, I have heard many stories about things that can not possibly have ever happened.  In each and every case, the stories always turn out to be one of two things. Either they are lies, or they are acts of God, also known as miracles.  A good example of such a story, would be the story of the global deluge.


When reading a story from any ancient book about an event affecting our entire planet, I fully expect, and rightfully so, that there would have to be some evidence that such an event was witnessed by more than a single culture in a small part of the world.  And the flood of  Noah’s day fits into that category.  I do not believe in The Flood because I read about it in The Bible.


I believe in the flood, because I have seen stories about a global deluge from the ancient writings of many cultures around the world supposedly, having no contact with one another.  The precise details are not always in perfect agreement, but a basic part of The Story is always the same.  The planet was flooded, and all life perished with the exception of the people and animals that were somehow protected.  Often by entering into a vessel.  Some form of the flood narrative is still an important teaching of most of the worlds religions.


The flood story even plays an important part in the anti-god religion of science.  Very real evidence, combined with  exaggerated and fabricated evidence of a repeating cycle of ice ages, are often held up as proof, that Noah’s flood never happened.  But as described in The Bible it was not water that fell from the sky but ice that fell and melted.  Some  on it’s way down, and some after it impacted The Earth.  Some never melted at all, and is still intact at our planet’s polar regions.


So even the religion of science, in it’s attempts at discrediting The Bible, supports The Bible’s version of The Flood account.  In fact, as foolish as the teachings of science are, their version of the flood account is actually more accurate than the versions being taught by The Empire’s other religions.


Once again, if you have not watched the “Written in Stone” video series, in particular part 10, entitled “The Urim, The Thummim, and The Sea of Glass”, you really need to do so.   There are quite a few details about the flood that the Churches have successfully hidden for thousands of years, concerning things such as where the waters of the flood came from, and how those waters will one day return to that location.   In particular, information, about “The Sea of Ice” The fracturing of “The sky Window” and the “Frozen Waters that at one time existed above the atmosphere”.


The events that Immanuel Velikovsky talks about, in regard to our solar system, follow a similar pattern.  There are details from some cultures that do not match details from other cultures, however much of the story does match, from culture to culture.


With the flood story, the only reason for a difference in The Details would be the altering of the story, whether intentionally, or through changes that have taken place in the spoken and written word.  In other words, the flood story was a single event, that could only have been witnessed by 8 people, from one location.  That location being The Ark itself.  Had we been there in the days and weeks following the flood, and asked those 8 people what they experienced it is very likely that all of their stories would have matched perfectly.


The events recorded in ancient history involving the celestial objects in our solar system, unlike the flood would have been witnessed by thousands if not millions of people from all around the globe.  Viewed in the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Hemispheres, changes in the relative positions of those celestial objects, might not have had  the same appearance when viewed from multiple locations.  Also, unlike the flood, which was a single event, what has taken place in our solar system may have resulted from multiple events, and there is no way of knowing if those events took place over a matter of days, or if they in fact took place over several centuries.


Someone living at the beginning of this series of events may have lived out their entire life witnessing what happened, carefully recording everything that they saw, and then later another person might have recorded parts of what happened, after the first witness had long since died.


It seems that every culture on Earth in the ancient past recorded a functioning solar system that matched every other culture.  Currently we are experiencing the same thing.  Astronomers located in all parts of the world describe the movement of the planets along identical trajectories.  The Solar system that everyone today agrees on does not match the Solar system that everyone agreed on in the ancient past. 


The only actual confusion seems to involve how our solar system got from how it use to be, to how it is today.


In The Beginning at Genesis 1:16 we are told that God made the two great luminaries or lights, The Greater light to rule over the day, and the lesser light to rule over the night and also the kowkabim.  In our English Bibles the Churches have traditionally translated this word kowkabim as stars, even though it is common knowledge, that the word kowkab would be more accurately translated as celestial object.


To show you just what I am talking about, in verses such as Gen22:17 it says “I will surely bless you, and I will surely multiply your offspring as the Kowkabim of heaven and as the sand that is on the seashore.”


The way that this verse uses the word supports the general translation of kowkab into our English word stars.  It is obvious that God is telling Abraham that his descendants would be so numerous that he would not be able to count them.


Later at Amos 5:26 it is recorded that “Ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the kowkabim of your god, which ye made to yourselves.  The word kowkabim which is translated as star in this verse seems to be describing the same thing, but only because the Empire has mistranslated this verse in such a way as to mislead us.  What is actually said here is this, “NASA, yes, that is what it says NASA N-A-S-A, nasa, (which translates as lifted up) Nasa Sikkuth Melek Kiyuwn Tselem Kowkab Elohiym Asah.  Which translates as “You have lifted up the shelters of Mars and Saturn, The images you produced of the planets of your Gods (plural)”.


At this verse, it is obvious that the Kowkabs, of Mars and Saturn are planets. The words Melek, and Kiyuwn are well known by all translators of the ancient dialects of the holy land.  In every English language text about these words they are always translated as Mars and Saturn.  It is only in our English Bibles that these words are not translated into English.  The rulers of Satan’s Religions, would never allow an accurate translation of these verses to be published as part of any modern language Bible.


The Churches only exist for one purpose, and that purpose is to keep people ignorant of the truth.  Without a very clear understanding of the important role that the planets play in the Bible narrative, there would be no way to recognize the “Sign of The Son of Man”, when that sign appears.


Throughout our English translations of The Bible are many verses specifically using very well known names of Gods and planets.  And, in each and every instance those names are left untranslated, or improperly translated, in order to keep us from understanding what The Bible is trying to communicate to us.


The final part of the verse accuses the people being addressed of lifting up shelters for the images of the planets of their gods.  The shelters of those images would be what we today call churches, temples, synagogues, or mosques.  But the concept of these images being of The Planets of These Gods is something that we no longer think of in our modern society.  At least not overtly.


All religions are based on some kind of observance of the passing of time. There is no religion that exists on this planet that does not openly participate in some series of sacred events or holy rituals throughout the year.


The most sacred holidays of the religions are always associated with the relative positions of The Moon and The Sun.  Some religions by tradition simply use a date on the solar calendar for such events, but others will attempt to somehow acknowledge a false conjunction between The Sun and The Moon by incorporating the timing of lunar cycles into the equation. 


This is why the rival religions of Christendom often disagree about which day comes closest to the date of Easter as it would have been celebrated in the ancient past.  The timing of the holidays of the Jews, also incorporates this false conjunction.


Most people think that Easter is the celebration of Christ Resurrection, but in fact this date has been celebrated by people since the beginning of civilization.  Jesus sacrifice took place only 2,000 years ago.  Easter has been celebrated for nearly 6,000 years.  And has in fact been celebrated in the same way, and  under the same name.


Genesis 6:4 says: The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of man, and they bore children to them.  These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.  Renown means famous.  Since the Bible says that these men were of renown, then we should have no problem identifying them in stories outside of The Bible narrative, and that is in fact the case.  All of the stories associated with the pantheons of gods, of ancient cultures from around the world are about these gods, and their hybrid offspring The Nephilim.  The Men of Fame.


Easter is an annual event in celebration of the first mating between The wicked male angels, and female human beings.  In particular between Osiris,The Sun God, and Isis, The Moon Goddess, his human mate.  These two ancient deities are spoken of in every culture on The Earth, and are also repeatedly spoken of throughout The Bible.


Easter always takes place on Sunday, not because Jesus was resurrected on Sunday, but because Sunday is the day of The Sun God, Osiris.  Osiris means Bearer of The Eye of Enlightenment.  In The Bible, he is called Lucifer, which means Bearer of enlightenment.


In the Bible Isis, The moon Goddess is called Ashtoreth among other things.  Ashtoreth is a transliteration of a word meaning Celestial Body, or Star.  It comes from the word Asherah meaining female sheep. 


This Angel, Human, mating was celebrated in the ancient past on the vernal equinox associated with the beginning of spring.  In the ancient past there would be a regular lunar eclipse every year on the night of the spring equinox, in the Western Hemisphere.  This eclipse would have been caused by the conjunction of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.  For much of human history there would have been a blood moon on this night in the Eastern Hemisphere.  The word conjunction is defined as: The action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space. 


The word Conjunction is also defined as sexual intercourse.  Easter is not the celebration of the resurrection of God’s son, but instead a celebration of the conception of Satan’s son.  The name Easter is a transliteration of the word Ishtar, which itself is a transliteration of the word Ashtoreth, which is itself a transliteration of the word Isis.


In Egyptian mythology this first Nephilim is called Horus.  In the Bible he is called Marduk.  Two thousand years ago Jesus was executed as part of the festivities associated with the conception of Marduk.  In our day, many rituals associated with the celebration of Marduk’s conception claim to be based on the death and resurrection of Jesus.  But as I said earlier, Easter was celebrated for thousands of years before Jesus was even born.


In our English translations of The Bible, we are told that the Jews lived in the land of Canaan, however in every other English version book, this area is always called Phoenicia.  The Churches of The Empire have spent thousands of years hiding the connection from us.  We are not suppose to know that the once powerful, ruling world empire of Phoenicia is the same nation that in our Bibles is called Canaan.  The capitol of The Phoenician Empire was Tyre.  All references in our English Bibles to Tyre, and Canaan are about Phoenicia.


In Ancient Phoenicia, Marduk of The Bible was worshiped as Moloch, or Molech.  Depending on which version of the Bible and which verse, someone might happen to be reading, This god is called Moloch, Malcam, Milcom, Marduk, Pegnymi, Nergal, and Mars.  The Hebrew word melek means king, and is often rendered as king in our English translations of The Bible.


Stone tablets in North Africa have been found with the words Moloch Mir, and Moloch Dam, which mean sacrifice of lamb, and sacrifice of man.  In each culture where Moloch Worship was prevalent, the name that Moloch was known by was always the same as the  name that would have been used by those ancient people for the planet that we know today as Mars.  In other words the people that worshiped him as Nergal would have referred to the planet Mars as Nergal.  The people that worshiped the god Moloch would have referred to the planet Mars as Moloch.


Most people are aware that the God Mars is the God of war, but what most people don’t know is that Mars, no matter which culture he is worshiped in, and no matter what name he is worshiped under, is and always has been the God of War, Theft, and Commerce.  To anyone willing to think about these concepts in any depth, it is easy to see why.  Warfare, Theft, and Commerce, are all vital parts of what we today refer to as The Economy.


The first mating between the fallen angels, and human females would have occurred on the same day that the spring equinox occurred.  In the ancient past, the timing of the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, would have signaled the beginning of festivities surrounding the sacred celebration of the conception of the first Angel Human hybrid, that our Bibles call “The Nephilim”.


Since the mothers of these hybrid offspring, were human it is reasonable to expect that the Nephilim would have been born 9 months after their conception.  That being the case Moloch having been conceived during the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring equinox, would have been born on the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter Solstice.  Exactly 9 months later.  For thousands of years The Winter Solstice was celebrated as the festival of lights, with religious rituals conducted by priests wearing bright red and white costumes, with the exchanging of gifts, and the decorating of trees.  Today the Churches of Christendom, still celebrate the birth of Satan’s son, in the same way, claiming that these celebrations are in honor of the Birth of Jesus.


I don’t believe that the Bible contains any clues strong enough to render positive proof as  to when Jesus was actually born.  Probably, because as Colossians 2:16 says, we are not to celebrate any of the worlds so called holidays.  But there is sufficient information to allow us to at least figure out that Jesus could not possibly have been born during the winter solstice.  Jesus was born in the Northern Hemisphere, which is where I was born.  Growing up, with sheep and goats, I can say from personal experience, that such animals must be sheltered at night during the winter. There is no way around this basic fact.  A flock left out in the field at night during the Winter months, will not be healthy.


Luke 2:1-8 says that when Jesus was born, his family was traveling to Nazareth by order of Caesar for registration, as in a tax registry, or census, and shepherds were sleeping in the fields with their flocks during the night.  It would not be reasonable to conclude that either of these activities would have taken place in the middle of winter.


Today’s modern celebration of Christmas takes place approximately 9 months after Easter, and Passover.  In the ancient past The Winter Solstice, would have taken place exactly 9 months after the Spring Equinox.


The fact that the Bible makes no mention of celebrating Jesus’ birth on this planet, combined with the circumstances surrounding his birth, is indicative of the fact, that  the date of Jesus birth, is not only inconsequential to our faith, but is in no way, even close to the date celebrated by Christendom.


Jesus could not have been born during the Winter Solstice.  If we take into consideration that Satan’s son was absolutely, for a fact, born on the Winter Solstice, and that his birth had been celebrated on that date for thousands of years before Jesus was born, it would defy logic to attempt to try to defend Christmas as anything other than what it is.  The celebration of the birth of Satan’s son.


Easter is and always has been a celebration of the conception of Satan’s Son.  The God of The Economy.  Christmas, likewise, is and always has been the celebration of the birth of Satan’s son.


Understanding that this is the case, is an important clue in deciphering The Bible Code.  When studying ancient mythology it is difficult to determine which Gods of which cultures are the same gods of other cultures.  There are literally hundreds of gods, mentioned in the ancient records of the past. Many have names that are so similar that it is easy to figure out who is who, others have similar attributes, but, there is really no way that we are ever going to determine precisely which god is which.  We will have to wait until the resurrection of the dead, to acquire accurate details about the fallen angels, and their offspring,  from our long dead, brothers and sisters who actually witnessed the activities of those gods first hand.


But……. there are definitely some gods that are more important than others. There can be no doubt that the basic pantheons of gods that repeatedly show up around the world in many ancient cultures are for the most part the same exact gods.  Within those pantheons, the three Gods of the Trinity are always easy to identify.


A big clue as to who these gods are is firmly established by the very nature of our modern calendars.  Since the numbers 7 and 12 are probably the most easy numbers to identify as part of The Bible code, and our modern calendars are divided up into units of seven days, and twelve months, we can look at how those divisions are named and organized for information involving The Bible code.


In part 2 of this series I gave a detailed account of how our modern calendar came into existence, and how it relates to the ancient 360 day year, that at one time produced 12 equal 30 day months.  This relationship was clearly spelled out in the creation account.  That being the case, It is often difficult to distinguish stories about The 7 days of the week, and the 12 months of the year, from stories about the gods, and stories about the planets.  That might be due to a natural association in the ancient world between the appearance of the individual planets in our sky, and the months on which they may have regularly made those appearances.


Once again as recorded at Genesis  1:16 we are told that God made the two great luminaries or lights, The Greater light to rule over the day, and the lesser light to rule over the night and also the kowkabim.  The word that is translated as rule in this verse, is actually the same word used to describe the rule of a political leader, as in the ruler-ship of King Solomon.


Under the current social order, humans are not ruled over by the Luminaries, but instead ruled over by other humans, who in turn are ruled over by the wicked angels.  In God’s kingdom humans would only be ruled by God’s natural law. In other words, according to God’s natural law, The Sun would tell us when to wake up, and the moon would tell us when to go to sleep.  Currently natural law is illegal.  We today have our day to day affairs dictated to us by Satan’s unnatural arbitrary tracking of time dictated by devices, such as calendars and clocks.


Many people recognize that our modern calendar utilizes the names of several of the gods of mythology, as well as the names of several planets. But don’t realize that every single name of every day of the week, is the name of a god, and a planet.


In the ancient world when the Wicked Angels were ruling over mankind in the flesh, it would have been very easy for someone living at that time to associate the improper ruler-ship of those gods in opposition to the proper ruler-ship of The True God, with the improper ruler-ship of the planets in opposition to the proper ruler-ship of the Sun and The Moon.  This would be especially true if we consider that those false gods very obviously initiated regularly scheduled religious events using the only time keeping devices available at the time.  The movement of the Celestial Objects.


We must keep in mind that the verse at Genesis 1:16  specifically says that God made the Greater luminary to rule over the day, and the lesser luminary to rule over the night, and also the Kowkabim.  The kowkabim being the planets and stars, which are not given ruler-ship over anything.


Every god of every culture is uniquely associated with one of the celestial objects in our solar system.  The universal nature of the connection that so many unrelated cultures were able to make between their gods, and the planets should prod us to try to determine why such associations are so prevalent.


An important concept, that I think must be understood by anyone claiming to believe in The Bible, is the meaning of the word God, which our English Bibles actually translate from many words.  In Hebrew, Elohim means gods.  Plural.  El and Eloah mean god singular.  According to Strong’s Exhaustive concordance these words can mean god, or false god, but this is not accurate at all.  The concept of false gods can not be found anywhere in The Bible.  All of the gods mentioned in the Bible are very real gods. Whether those Gods are The righteous angels, the wicked angels, or even the Creator of those righteous and wicked angels.


A more accurate understanding of these words as they are presented in The Bible, would be that these gods, can be legitimate gods, or illegitimate gods.  The wicked Angels were given legitimate ruler-ship over the nations of the Earth by covenant agreement between Eve and Satan, and then later by Covenant agreement between other wicked angels and other humans.  At one point The Creator entered into a covenant with certain individuals, and eventually, the entire nation of Israel.  Soon Jesus and his angels will take over legitimate ruler-ship of the Earth for a thousand years, after which he will turn over ruler-ship of the Earth to his father, the creator, for the rest of eternity.


This concept can also be applied to our understanding of Genesis 1:16.  The Sun and Moon were given legitimate ruler-ship over the day and the night, but the planets only acted as rulers according to covenant agreement with the gods of those planets.  


Saturday is actually formed from the Latin words meaning Day of Saturn. The Mythological God Saturn is also called Cronus, which is where we get our modern English word crown, and also where our English scientific word, Corona comes from.  The definition of Corona is: “an aura of plasma that surrounds the sun and other celestial bodies.   The Sun’s corona extends millions of kilometers into space and is most easily seen during a total solar eclipse, but is also observable with a corona-graph.  The word corona is a Latin word meaning crown, and in ancient Greek means garland or wreath.


In The Bible Saturn Day is actually the seventh day of the week, and is called the Sabbath.  In our day, the seventh day of the week is not universally recognized as Saturn Day.


Although many cultures refer to this day as the day of Saturn, many other cultures still refer to the seventh day as the day of rest.


In Spanish this day is called Sabado, meaning Sabbath  or rest day.  This is in no way related to the Spanish word for Saturn, which is Saturno, or seven, which is siete, (although siete does seem to be somewhat related to the Spanish word nap which is Siesta).  Similar associations can be found in many other languages.


This day is also referred to as Sabbath or Shabbat by members of The Jewish faith, which is probably why the Jewish portion of The Bible, known as the Tanakh refers to The Jewish religion as Saturn Worship.


I already spoke about how Sunday was actually the day of the sun, and that Osiris was the sun god.  But every culture around the world has a sun god.  As I explained earlier, in the Ancient Greek and Roman religions, he was called Cronus.  Since we know that Cronus does not actually mean Sun, but instead Corona of The Sun, and that the corona is only visible to us during solar eclipses, it is quite obvious that all of the Sun Gods of mythology are actually based on solar eclipses that in the ancient past would have been caused by the planets, associated with those individual gods.  Outside of the Bible narrative, I have never found a Sun God that was not associated with a planet.  In the ancient world these planets were not associated with sun gods because they were, the sun, but because they received a crown or corona from The Sun.  Legitimate ruler-ship by covenant agreement.


Monday is actually moon day.  This is not just speculation.  Cultures around the Earth have different words for the name of the moon, and in those cultures this day of the week is not called Monday, but other words which translate as moon.  In Spanish this day is called Lunadi, or Lunar Day, the day of the Moon Goddess Isis, also known as Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Esther, or Easter.  She is spoken of in the Bible by several of her names.


Tuesday is from the ancient word Tiwesday, which translates as The Day of Mars. 


The three deities of Satan, Marduk, and Ashtoreth, are usually very easy to identify, no matter what culture we examine.  The sun god is always the King, or governmental leader.  The moon goddess is always the mother goddess, as well as the goddess of religion.  And Mars is always the God of war, or resource control.  The Political Systems, Religious Systems, and Economic systems, of Satan’s Empire.


Interestingly enough in The Bible the Economic system is always referred to as thievery. And even in the religious stories outside of The Bible, Mars is always The God of Warfare, economics, and thievery.  The commandment “Thou Shalt Not Steal”  Would more accurately be translated as “Thou Shalt Not Carry Away”  which in our modern culture, would be understood, as “Thou Shalt Not Participate In The Economic System”.


In our modern culture, even though Christendom worships the Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, these three gods are still nothing more than Lucifer, Ashtoreth, and Moloch.  Even outside of Christendom, the gods of The Political System, Economic System, and Belief System, are worshiped as three gods.


The Bible from the very beginning to the very end is about many events that actually happened.  So, even though every story involving the numbers 7 and the numbers 12 are for a fact about the wicked Angels, that does not in any way mean that the stories about the 12 sons of Jacob, the 12 tribes of Israel, or the 12 Apostles did not actually happen, or that there is nothing to be learned from those stories other than information about the gods of mythology, The Wicked Angels, or the planets.


Paul himself recorded at 1Cor4:9 “For it seems to me that God has put us apostles on display at the end of the procession like those condemned to die in the arena.  We have been made a theatrical spectacle to the whole universe, to angels, as well as to human beings.”  So Paul on a personal level acknowledged that significant events in his life were somehow being divinely scripted.  In other words everything that he and the other apostles were involved in  were somehow reenactments, or preencactments of events that were much more significant than the actual routines associated with their day to day lives.


Hopefully, as you were listening to this information, you were able to clearly see the connection between the Gods of Mythology, The Fallen Angels, and the planets.


In the next video in this series, I will be giving actual examples of the roles played by Bible characters, of the Old Testament, in what Paul at 1Cor4:9 called a theatrical spectacle.


Many stories that are confusing to members of Civilization’s religions do not have to be confusing to us.


If you don’t want to survive………  Don’t listen to me.

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