The Holy Spirit

Hello and Welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the Current Apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be about The Holy Spirit.

Most people whether they have read the Bible or not have at least some idea about what certain Bible characters are known for.  They may know that Jesus was God’s son, or that he died for our sins.  They usually know that Moses Led The Israelites out of Egypt, and that he gave us The Ten Commandments.  And they usually know about the flood of Noah’s day, as well, and about how he built The Ark in order to preserve the lives of his family and The lives of the Animals.

But when asked about The Holy Spirit, most people haven’t got a clue about what he did.  Even people that never miss a day of Church are not really sure about who or what The Holy Spirit is.  And there is a very good reason as to why this is the case.

The most important Bible personality of all of course is God.  In The Bible he is mentioned thousands of times by such titles as God, but also by such titles as Creator, Father, and Lord, and in the earliest portions, depending on which translation of The Bible you read, by the personal name of Jehovah, Yahweh, or several other transliterations of what is known as The Tetragrammaton The 4 Hebrew letters making up his name.  In fact, he is spoken of 6,519 times using his personal name.  So there are many many scriptures telling us about God.  It is very easy to pick up a Bible and read about many of the things that God has done.  What he likes and dislikes.  The Bible even quotes many things that God has told to individuals as well as to mankind in general.  It is very easy to come to know God as a person when we read The Bible.

The second most important person in The Bible is his son Jesus.  Like his father, Jesus is also spoken of by many titles, such as Son of God, Son of Man, and lord, as well as 975 times by HIS personal name.

Even Satan’s role in human history is spoken of many times within the pages of The Bible.  He is referred to by several titles and personal names such as Satan, Devil, Wicked One, Lucifer, The Dragon, and in the earliest books of The Bible by the title of Baal 63 times which means The God.  He earned this name by becoming The God Of civilization as is highlighted by scriptures such as 1John5:19, and 2Cor4:4

When we say that God is The Father, and The Creator, and that The Creator is Jehovah, we are not speculating because there are many direct linguistic connections tying all of those titles and names  together.  Such as the verse at Deuteronomy 6:4 which says Hear Oh Israel, Jehovah Our God is Jehovah.  So obviously when speaking of the true God it is easy to make that connection that the true god is the same person as Jehovah.  The scripture at Revelation 4:11 says that because of God all things were created.  This scripture makes it clear that when the Bible speaks of The Creator it is speaking of God, and by default Jehovah.  So there is no denying that all of these titles and names are describing the same person.  No preacher, translator, or religion created the associations between these titles and names.

But with the Holy Spirit there are quite a few associations that are clearly defined within the doctrines of several of Christendom’s religions that do not appear anywhere within the pages of The Bible.  If we were to add up every single scriptural reference to Holy Spirit, we would find that there are only about 60 examples of the words Holy and Spirit, together in a sentence.  And many of those passages do not include the descriptor words ton or to that would translate into our English word the.  In other words many of the verses that include the words holy and spirit together do not include the word the.  Without the words ton or to in The original Greek it is improper to translate these two words as The Holy Spirit.  In such verses it would only be proper to include the phrases, a holy spirit, or some holy spirit, and occasionally it would even be proper to translate these verses as speaking of holy spirit without any descriptor at all, but not The Holy Spirit.

The only reason that The Churches insert the word the is to make it appear as if having these two words together denotes some kind of title.  One of the most effective tricks employed by the religions of Christianity is the improper inclusion or exclusion of descriptors in ways that are not supported by the original text.  Whenever a translator adds or removes any word from a translation, it can only be intentional.  Altering descriptors always has the effect of radically altering the meaning of a body of text.  No translator could do such a thing by mistake.  If we take into consideration that every one of these alterations ends up supporting some demonic church doctrine, it becomes even more obvious that these mistakes are intentional.

Using The English Language we have the ability to express ourselves in very precise ways.  This is how all languages work.  Even the ancient languages.  If two people have a good command of their native tongue, one of those people could easily express a very precise thought to the other using the spoken word.  If the two were corresponding by written word, the same would be true.

Often descriptors are necessary for accurate thoughts to be successfully communicated.  However, even though all languages use descriptors, how they are used differs from language to language.  Translators are aware of these differences, so there really shouldn’t be a problem.  Even someone like myself that can not speak Ancient Hebrew or Greek can figure out the general pattern of how a dead language originally worked using nothing more than a dictionary, lexicon, or concordnace.  It really isn’t very difficult at all.  If something looks like it isn’t right in your copy of The English Bible, you can usually look at the verse, and compare it to other similar verses, and see just how certain arangements of words were handled by the translators of whatever version of The Bible you are using.  If you spot one verse handled in a way that varies from the way that similar verses are handled, you need to understand that the churches are probably trying to mislead you.

The words that we translate as spirit, Ruach, and Pneuma are both nouns.  The words Qodesh, which means set apart, and  Hagios which means clean are both adjectives.  Putting adjectives together with nouns allows those reading about the noun to have a clearer picture of what kind of noun is being spoken of.  Combining a noun with an adjective does not automatically create a unique title.  This rule is not altered by the fact that this combination appears multiple times.  Proving this point is another noun adjective combination that appears multiple times in The Bible.  Unclean Spirit.

In this particular combination, The Greek word Pneuma is still the noun, the only difference being that the word spirit is combined with the adjective Akathartos, which is the opposite of Hagios.  Even though these two words are combined in multiple scriptures none of Christianity’s Religions has ever declared this combination as being associated with any unique individual.  And several verses actually include the descriptors ton or to, meaning that it is actually proper to translate several verses using this combination as The Unclean spirit.  Which means that by tradition, if we are to translate Hagios Pneuma as The Holy Spirit, then we should translate every occurrence of Akathartos Pneuma as The UnHoly Spirit.  But by tradition, we do not.

I am only saying this in order to clearly point out the treacherous nature of Religions presentation of God’s word.  In each verse were we find the words Hagios and Pneuma combined we must translate them as “Clean Spirit”, “A Clean Spirit”, “Some Clean Spirits”, or “The Clean Spirit”, depending on the original wording that our English Versions of The Bible are supposedly translated from.

There are other titles used in the Bible that are obviously titles such as The True God.  So there is no reason to believe that the original Bible writers simply forgot to make themselves clear when writing about clean spirit.  It is a fact that there are actually several scriptures about Clean Spirit, that are written as if they are something unique, and in many of such verses the descriptors that we translate as the are included.  I’ll address those in a minute.

Hopefully you can see that much of what has been done to our Bible is seemingly insignificant until you combine it with religious doctrine.  I learned The Truth by reading English Bibles.  The first was the King James, and then The Good News Bible.  And later I read The New World Translation.  All of which were produced directly by doctrine based religions.  I was familiar with all of the doctrines of the religions that produced those Bibles and yet was still able to see that even when I used their own Bibles that their doctrines were for the most part unsupported.

When I was reading these Bibles I did not have any Greek or Hebrew reference material to compare with what I was reading.  And yet, I was still able to see through much of the confusing parts of The Bible by concentrating on the parts that were not confusing.  Unlike most people, I didn’t just read the verses that the churches use to support certain doctrinal teachings, but instead I read the entire Bible including the parts that made Christendom’s belief system highly improbable.  As I often like to remind people “Doctrines are only supported by individual scriptures, but when read in it’s entirety, the Bible can not be made to support any doctrine of any religion.

I have said many times that the Bible is about The War between, Creation. and Civilization.  The war between The Angels and The Demons, and the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire.  The way that the Bible highlights the difference between The Clean Spirit, and The Unclean Spirit is just another way of expressing that concept.  Many scriptures such as the one at 1Cor2:12 make this perfectly clear, which in a very literal translation says “We do not receive the spirit from the civilization, but instead receive the spirit from the god, so that we can know the things that are granted to us by the god.

Both words translated as spirit in this verse are Pneuma.  If Christendom wishes to speak of God’s Spirit as if it is an individual, than linguistically it would only be reasonable to speak of Civilization’s Spirit as an individual as well.

The Churches of Civilization have many different versions of The Bible in The English Language.  They have created so many different ways of translating so many different scriptures about Clean Spirit, that it would take at least a ten part video series to address every single verse in each of it’s different translations, but I don’t plan on wasting a whole lot of time discussing each and every permutation of each and every verse.  Once you are able to see how easy it is to uncover these hidden truths using some readily available online Bible reference materials, you should have no problem figuring out the true meaning of every scripture that seems to support the Trinitarian version of what clean spirit is.

In The Description Box below this video, I will post the two links from The Strong’s On Line Concordance to the words Ruwach, and Pneuma.  There are a total of 763 entries for these words.  By simply looking at how these words are used, you can determine for yourself what spirit is.  Many of the verses using these words seem to be about a person’s emotional state.  Such as the scripture found at Matthew 5:3 which says blessed are the poor in spirit, or Pneuma.  Others seem to be clearly about peer pressure.  Such as the scripture found at 1Cor 2:12 which speaks of “The Spirit of The world”.  Quite a few of the scriptures that speak about spirits are obviously speaking about what we would call The Angels.

At Hebrews 1:14, Paul said “Angels are the spirits who are being sent to those who are inheriting salvation”  The word that we translate as spirit here is once again Pneuma.

Our modern word pneumatic means air powered, as in a pneumatic impact wrench, and is formed from this Greek word Pneuma.  Since every use of the word Pneuma as it appears in The Bible is about something invisible, I think that we can get a better understanding of what Pneuma is by thinking about what pneumatic is.  Power that we can not see.

Another technique used by many churches is the insertion of The personal pronoun He, where it does not belong, which implies that the Holy Spirit has a gender.  Since only living things can be male or female this would make The Holy Spirit seem like an individual.

One of the scriptures that usually uses the personal pronoun “he” is found at John 14:26  “The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.”  But if you look at this scripture in a Bible that has the interlinear Greek along side of the English text, you will see that the word that is translated as he is ekienos.

Strong’s Exhaustive concordance online says that ekienos, which is Strong’s word number G1563, means he she or it, but if you look at the scriptural examples that are given on the ekienos page, you will see that this word can only be translated as that, or those.  In fact Thayer’s Lexicon says that ekinos can only be translated as that, or those, as in that man that woman or that thing.  That doesn’t mean that we are free to add man woman or thing if we see the word ekienos.  It simply means that ekienos can be used along with those words if they are in the text.

In this particular example we are speaking about “that spirit”.  In every dictionary, lexicon, and concordance that I have access to the word Pneuma is said to be neuter, meaning not male or female.  Examples of neuter words that we use in English might be words like be cloud or fire.  Words that are neither male nor female.  Even the reference materials produced directly by The Churches state that the word Pneuma is neuter.

Since, in the oldest parts of The Bible, we are told that The Son’s of God took for themselves females from the daughters of men, it seems obvious that Angels do in fact have gender.  Otherwise it is unlikely that they would be called sons.  Which means that in at least some cases the word that we translate as spirits would be describing something that has gender, but that doesn’t mean that the word Pneuma would take on the property of a gender.  A man or woman can be a doctor, but using the word doctor as a title for a man or a woman would not transfer the property of being male or female to the title of doctor.  It is not proper for a translator to insert the word he into any verse that does not include the ancient equivalent of the word he in the original text.

A better translation of the scripture found at John 14:26 would be something like “moreover the advocate the spirit the clean which my father will send in my name, that will teach you all and remind you of all that I have said to you”.  This is one of the verses that uses the not only the words clean and spirit together, but also quite obviously the word The.

A direct reference to this scripture is found at Luke 24:49 and says I am sending the promise of my father, so stay in the city until you are clothed with power.  It seems so obvious that this scripture is speaking about the same thing spoken of in the previous verse, that many Bible verses include the words holy spirit in this verse even though neither of those words appear anywhere in any ancient Greek texts of this verse.

Later at Acts Chapter 2 Luke recorded the conclusion of the story by telling us that A Clean Spirit filled about 120 of The Disciples and that it caused them to all speak a different language.  In all likelihood The Language that humans spoke before the incident at Babel which caused humanities language to be confused.

In fact after these 120 people received this spirit, everything within their sphere of influence somehow reverted to the way that the world was in the garden of Eden.  At least for the 3 1/2 years in which this spirit was active.  Not only did they somehow regain the power to communicate with anyone alive on The Earth, but The dead were resurrected, and The sick were healed.  Jesus had said that this spirit would return forever, so after Armageddon we can expect that mankind will one day return to the original language as well as humanities original condition.  Luke 24:49 equates this clean spirit with the invisible power that allowed these people to do these things.

Another aspect of Clean Spirit that is brought out at John 14:26 is that the clean spirit is a Parakletos.  The King James Bible calls it a comforter, but in other verses and in other translations this word is rendered as advocate.  This same word is used to describe Jesus role at 1John2:1.  “My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.”

John 14:26 also tells us that this clean spirit is a spirit of truth.  In verses found throughout the bible about this clean spirit, it is called many things.  It is called The Spirit of Jesus, The spirit of The Lord,  The spirit of Jehovah, and many times is simply referred to as Spirit, or The Spirit.

The same is true of the unclean spirit, it is referred to as The Spirit of Civilization, The Wicked Spirit.  The spirit that is working in the sons of disobedience.  The spirit of The authority of The Air, as well as many other titles, but never are either one of these spirits, or types of spirit ever given their own proper name, as if they represent a single individual.

In the Bible the Angels are often spoken of as if they are celestial objects like the Sun, the Moon, or The Planets.  The Sun The Moon, and The Planets are also spoken of in other scriptures in other ways.  In The Book of Revelation they are spoken of 4 times as The Seven Spirits.  The association is very obvious and intentional.

It is obvious that in the vast majority of scriptures using the word Pneuma, that there is absolutely no way that Pneuma can be a person.  Were it not for the constant bombardment of trinity propaganda that we all receive from the churches, everyone would have already figured all of this out for themselves.  When you live in a world where everybody that you have ever met knows “for a fact” that The Holy Spirit is a person, and that he is part of some kind of three part person, it is difficult to stand up and declare that what The Bible speaks of as holy spirit can be anything else.  Telling someone that they are wrong about anything usually causes hard feelings.  Nobody wants to be the person that accuses everyone that they know of being wrong.

Galatians Chapter 5:19-26 tells us how to distinguish whether a person is being ruled by the flesh, or by the spirit.  The churches want us to believe that every use of the word flesh in the Bible is about God’s hatred of human sexuality.  But that is NOT the case.  When The Bible accuses someone of being ruled by the flesh it is simply saying that such an individual bases all of their decisions on whether or not they will be benefitted personally.  In effect benefitting their own flesh.

A person that is ruled by the spirit is just the opposite.  Someone that is ruled by The Spirit would base all of their decisions on whether or not something was beneficial to everyone and everything, including themselves.

Often times it can be difficult to determine if someone is ruled by the flesh or the spirit, because both decision making processes can lead to the same action.  One person can give a tenth of their income to The Church, because they hope that it will get them into heaven, or make them appear to be righteous.  Another person may give a tenth of their income to The Church because they are motivated to help others, and trust the churches governing body to use the money to do so.

But in many instances, the distinction between the two is quite profound, as is brought out by the scriptures at Galatians 5:19-26.  I use these scriptures nearly daily.  I especially enjoy sharing them with the insidiously evil, self centered, church goers that I have to deal with out here in the real world.  Unfortunately most church goers have been conditioned to believe that the warfare, competition, strife, and consumerism that these scriptures speak so poorly of, are only the bad version of warfare, the bad version of competition, the bad version of strife, and the bad version of consumerism.  As if somehow there can be good versions of such things.

Being ruled by the clean spirit gives a person the ability to see themselves not as the most important thing in the world, but instead as a small part of a much greater whole.  It is as if we have the ability to recognize that the spirit that runs through us is the same spirit that runs through our brothers and sisters.  In order for civilization to sustain itself a large percentage of the population has to be ruled by an unclean spirit.

Very early in human history, civilization was founded by a very unclean spirit creature that John 8:44 calls The Liar.  He is called a liar because he used deception in order to found his Empire and continues to use deception in order to maintain that Empire.  God gave his teachings to mankind in the Bible so that we could have direct access to the truth.  If we allow religion to tell us what is in The Bible, we are opening ourselves up, not just to the lies that they tell, but also to the unclean spirit from which those lies originated.

At Mat12:43-45 Jesus said that removing an unclean spirit from a person would have no benefit if that person did not choose to fill the void with a clean spirit.  This means that at least to some extent, it is up to us to decide what kind of spirit we are going to allow to guide us through life.  It is also proof that if we choose to guide ourselves we will eventually become filled with an unclean spirit.  The unclean spirit goes wherever it chooses whether invited or not.  The Clean spirit will never enter into a person uninvited.

Whenever we go to our Father in prayer and tell him that we want to do his will, or ask him what his will is, what we are actually doing is asking our father to fill us with his clean spirit.

If you are a Trinitarian that wishes to continue being a Trinitarian, you are free to do so.  You can even tell me as much without being ridiculed, I respect everyone’s beliefs as well as everyone’s right to practice such beliefs.  Especially the beliefs of those that regularly watch my videos.  Those who subscribe to this channel seem to be unusually aware of the world around them.  So much so that many of the comments that are left on my page shock me.  I am always scared to say anything to offend someone that might be hand picked by God to take part in the end of this wicked system of Satanic control that we call civilization.   Many of my subscribers seem to be part of that group.

But, I’m getting pretty good at spotting who Yahweh’s disciples are and who is just a poser.  Posers will not be allowed to steer my channel into religious arguments.  I am not a religious person and have little tolerance for those that perpetuate religion.  I don’t like banning people from this channel, but since I am the only one with access to the “block” and “ban” buttons, I am the one that has to make the decision as to when it is appropriate to use those buttons.  I can not in good conscience allow someone to spread pro trinity propaganda on my YouTube channel. Matthew 7:6 says that there is no point in sharing truth with those that do not have the capacity to recognize truth.  And nearly 1,700 years of arguing between Trinitarian churches and non Trinitarian churches are proof that such arguments are rarely productive.

There are YouTube channels that are dedicated to both Trinitarian Religions and Non Trinitarian Religions.  My channel is neither.

Something that I point out quite frequently in my videos is that Bible Greek is not a unique language.  The word Pneuma was not just used by Bible writers but by many writers outside of The Bible as well, including Aristotle, Polybius, and Plutarch.  Outside of The Bible this word was defined as Life Force, and never spoken of as any kind of being.  Something else to keep in mind is that this word Pneuma very clearly meant life force hundreds of years before the New Testament was written.  It’s occurrence in so many documents outside of The Bible indicates that this word was in common usage, so everyone would instantly understand what was meant when they heard this word.  It is unlikely that all 9 of the writers of the New Testament would use the Greek word Pneuma meaning Life Force, in scriptures that seem to be speaking of The Life force, if in fact they were writing about a person that was a part of God equal to The Father and The Son.  It is only reasonable to expect that the Bible writers would have made some note, somewhere, in their writings telling us that they were redefining the word Pneuma if in fact that was their intention.

When Jesus died The King James Bible at Luke 23:46 says that Jesus gave up The Ghost.  Literally what is said in Greek is “Father into the hands of you, I commit the Pneuma of me”.  It may seem at this point that such scriptures may perhaps be speaking of the soul, but The word for soul in Hebrew is Nephesh, which is not the same as the Hebrew word for spirit which is Ruwach.  The Greek word for soul is Psyche, which is not the same as the Greek word for Spirit which is Pneuma.  Knowing that these words are not the same means that their definitions are unlikely to be the same.

In every instance where the Bible speaks of The Soul, it is understood that each unique individual has or is a unique individual soul.  The scriptures when read indicate this even without using any kind of dictionary to look up what a Nephesh or Psyche is.  But many of the scriptures about The Spirit are obviously about the life force that permeates everything.  This concept would agree with the standard definition of the words as used by writers outside of the Bible narrative.

Even the motion of The planets falls under the jurisdiction of The Holy Spirit.  The so called Scientific explanation for why the planets move the way that they do makes very little sense.  If the planets were simply moving according to scientific principles that humans understand, then why don’t our scientist create satellites that can do the same thing.

Every object in our solar system is in a deteriorating orbit.  Man made satellites burn up in Earth’s atmosphere regularly.  Occasionally, it is determined that some orbiting object is too important to simply allow it to be destroyed and so astronauts are sent to give those objects a nudge.  The nudge that they give is in the form of force.  The people and devices exerting this force are visible.  Video is available to prove that this is the case.  Our moon doesn’t crash into us, and we don’t crash into The Sun, because we are also being constantly given a nudge.  Our nudge is in the form of a force that is not visible.  And although we have video of man nudging space junk around it is not possible to video tape God using his Holy Spirit to nudge the celestial objects.

The Bible clearly states that the source of all life is God, so whether or not a Pneuma is spoken of as clean or as unclean, has no bearing on it’s origin.  All life comes from the creator.  No other being has the ability to infuse, imbue, or instill a life force into anybody or anything that actually exist in a material form.  At Revelation 13:15 The Bible says that Satan gives Pneuma or life force to the image of the beast, but that beast is nothing more than the final version of civilization that will exist when Jesus returns with his angels to put an end to Satan’s reign.  The image of The Beast in not an actual living animal.

Once civilization is destroyed it will instantly be replaced by God’s Kingdom.  The unclean spirit which dominates our world will soon be replaced by a spirit made clean because of Jesus and his Angels.  Selfishness will be done away with as everyone alive will finally realize just what The Holy Spirit is.

Paul begins Chapter 12 of 1Corinthians with the words, “Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed”  He then goes into a very detailed explanation of how the world is suppose to work and compares it to the way that civilization works.  Pointing out just how ridiculous our situation is under Satan’s rulership.

In verses 12-14 he compares The Pneuma to a human body.  In verse 15 he ask the question “if the foot says that he is not part of the body because he is not a hand, does the foot stop being part of the body?”  “If the Ear were to say that it was not part of the body because it was not an eye, would it stop being part of the body?”  “If the whole body or Pneuma were an eye, how would the body, or Pneuma hear?”

Please think about what this is talking about.  If the life force or Pneuma is in everything, what are we doing when we bring about the extinction of an entire species which is part of the same life force that we are part of?  What are we doing when we go to war with members of another race that is part of the same life force that we are part of?  What are we doing when we pump all of our planets lubricant out of the ground and burn it if our planet is animated by the same life force that animates us?

The very fine balance built into creation by The Creator is described in the Bible at Matthew 7:13,14, as a narrow road.  In the vernacular we give homage to this comparison when we use the idiomatic phrase, “walking a fine line”.  These scriptures compare creation’s narrow road to civilization which the Bible calls a broad dead end road.  It should be obvious to anyone living in our society that this is an accurate analogy.  But, to those with blind faith, the privilege of walking this road seems to carry with it a sense of pride, even though the end is clearly in sight.

It is very difficult for me to make sense of the apparent lack of concern over civilizations eminent destruction that seems to permeate human society.  Whenever I speak to any of civilizations adherents it is as if each and every one of them fully expect a paving crew to show up any minute now.

While the Empire’s Religions are busy trying to convince us that The Life Force is a person, The Empire’s Scientist are busy trying to convince us that The Life Force is a product of scientific principles based on things like gravity, momentum, electrical charge, and chemical reactions.  If you understand the information that I have presented here, you know more than all of the Earth’s religionists, and Scientists combined.

Something that is truly  amazing is that without a Bible, hundreds of years before I even thought about producing this video, many indigenous peoples from around the world seemed to have had an instinctive understanding of this concept.  Maybe that is why The Empire felt that it was imperative to assimilate, incarcerate, and exterminate them.

If you don’t want to survive…………… Don’t listen to me.

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