The Third Heaven

Hello and welcome to another video from the only source of information that you need, to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it, and today’s video is going to be about the third heaven, as spoken of at 2Corinthians12:2.

This video is going to be a replacement video for one that I recently removed while reorganizing my YouTube channel. There were mistakes in the video that I felt needed to be fixed, and figured that the perfect time for that would be now, as I am going through the process of fixing everything else. But until I made the decision to stop everything and just concentrate on what I knew would be a very time consuming project, I just went ahead and left it up, mistakes and all.

Since there never was any script associated with that video, it is likely that this replacement video will be nothing like the original. But that’s OK. The information that I am presenting today is correct, and nothing like anything that you will ever hear from any of civilization’s religions, because, none of the gods of those religions want you to have access to the truth.

The word heaven in the Bible is similar to our English word space. It is not the special home of God, the place where good people go when they die, or even outer space, but simply all space. According to the Bible, the birds that we can see with our own eyes are said at Genesis1:20, to fly in the firmament of heaven. The space that we would refer to as our atmosphere.

In the opening pages of the Bible, we are told that God created Heaven and Earth. The Hebrew word heaven is actually Shameh, but that word is not found anywhere in the Bible. Heaven in the Bible is always translated from the word Shamayam which is the plural form of the word Shameh. Anytime that a word is plural it is indicative of the fact that there is more than one.

Many religions around the world seem to be aware of the plural nature of heaven, and describe in great detail, each of the heavens that would make up the individual parts of the concept of the plural word shamayam.

If you have ever watched any of my other videos, you understand that I often will refer to religious teachings outside of the Bible. We can learn much about the truth by being open minded. Many cultures have teachings about multiple heavens, or multiple layers of heaven. And many who watch my videos are aware of these teachings. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be making this video were it not for questions from people about the relationship between the teachings of the religions and what is recorded at 2Corinthians12:2.

“I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know–God knows.”

The basic understanding of most religions is that the heavens are spiritual realms inhabited by different kinds of spirit beings. There are Bible verses that seemingly support this idea, somewhat, but nothing solidly associating any particular spirit realm to the idea of multiple heavens.

In the Old Testament the realm of the dead is consistently called Sheol. Sheol is the word from which our English word hell is transliterated. However in the Bible, sheol is always associated with the dead whether they are the wicked dead or the righteous dead.

Most religions are ruled by a God of punishment and reward. Some religions say that the hell of the Bible is the place where their god sends wicked people.

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not teach of a God of punishment and reward, but instead teaches that bad behavior leads to bad results.

Our Creator is said to have put in place natural systems that would provide for all of our needs. The ancient writings of many cultures contain severe warnings against doing harm to any of those systems.

We are repeatedly reminded throughout the pages of The Bible that should we go against natural law, there will be adverse consequences. However, since those consequences would be governed by the physical laws of the universe, it would hardly be appropriate to accuse the creator of being a god of punishment and reward.

In other words jumping off of a cliff can result in adverse consequences. No direct interaction on God’s part would be required for that to be true. God did not create gravity as a means of harming those of us who disobey him. But since warnings against illogical behavior are recorded in the Bible, civilization’s cults will often present the information in such a way as to make the God of the Bible, seem as if he is the God of punishment and reward. As if he is patiently waiting for someone to jump off of a cliff, so that he can break their bones personally.

Yes, you are correct. Most religions do not teach that God is personally involved in the harm done by foolish decisions, automobile collisions, or industrial accidents. But, the teachings of all of Civilization’s religions are based on God carefully tracking each and every thing that a person does in order to determine whether or not to send that person to a place of eternal burning torture or a place of eternal bliss.

Some religions teach that humans are punished or rewarded by being reincarnated as an inferior race or superior race of man, or even as a so called “inferior species” of animal.

But according to the Bible, when humans die, they simply go to a place called hell. The word hell is transliterated from the Old Testament Hebrew word sheol, but, in the New Testament, it is translated from the word hades, which is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word sheol.

Both words in their original languages mean realm of the dead. The ancient cultures that used these words never associated them with any of the punishment and reward doctrines of mankind’s cults.

If you wish to debate me on this, please go to the video that I posted on that subject, and debate me there. Hell, is not the subject of this video.

In any case, since the Bible does speak of a realm of the dead, that is separate from the realm of the living, it could be said that the realm of the dead could potentially be a separate space, or layer of space.

In other words since the Bible consistently uses the word shamayam, which is the plural form of the word space, then the realm of the living, and the realm of the dead could very well be two of those spaces, or heavens (plural).

Another potential separate space could be what the Bible calls the Shamayam of the Shamayam. The heavens of the heavens. Or the spaces of the spaces, so to speak. An example of the use of this phrase can be found at Psalms115:16.

“The heavens of the heavens belong to Yahweh, but the Earth has been given to mankind.”

Some have concluded that this heavens of the heavens is the layer of our universe that is occupied by Almighty God himself. Those espousing this belief are not saying that God does not exist on Earth, only that this “heavens of the heavens” is somehow uniquely associated with God, and somehow separate from the realm that we the living occupy. I can not think of any verse that would contradict this teaching, so, perhaps this understanding is correct.
If we can accept that the realm of the dead, and the realm of the living are two of the heavens, than perhaps this heavens of the heavens could be considered as The Third Heaven.

Providing some support for this belief is the verse found at Psalms139:8, which says, “If I ascend up to heaven there you are. If I make my bed in hell, you are there as well.” This verse obviously describes a distinction between these three realms. Heaven, Earth, and Hell. All occupying space, all distinct, and to the writer of this verse all very real.

I don’t actually know of any official doctrine of any religion that teaches such a thing, but many religions seem to make distinctions between the three heavens, that are related to the concept of different levels or realms of space.

In other words, we the living are occupying this space, the dead are occupying this space, and God is occupying this space, all at the same time, and yet we the living are (at least for the most part) unaware of the presence of the dead, or of God.

If this is confusing, that is probably because it is suppose to be confusing. People are not meant to be dead, and thus the dead, and hence the realm of the dead, shouldn’t even exist. According to the Bible, verses such as Romans5:12 indicate that had our original parents not sinned, death never would have entered the world. And if we go back to the time before death entered the world, the Bible at verses such as Genesis3:8 indicates that mankind would regularly visit with God in a way that is nothing like what we normally experience in our day. Many people still speak to God in prayer, and some even claim that God talks back, but whether that is true or not, very little of what such people report, sounds anything like any conversation between God and humans, that is recorded in the Bible.

It should be obvious that the Creator is not the same individual as Civilization’s God of punishment and reward. The God of truth is nothing like the God of Religion.

The war between Creation and Civilization is the overall theme of The Bible. These two conflicting concepts are written about over and over again, often being described as the war between The Righteous Angels and the Wicked Angels. The war between Creation, and Civilization. Or the war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire.

Some religions teach that there are more than three heavens. It is not necessary on our part to make our beliefs fit in with the teachings of any of the cults of mankind, but if we can accept that much of our ability to understand the world around us requires that we be open to the beliefs of others, we can find some middle ground that will at least allow us to understand that there may be a connection between these odd religious beliefs, and some basic universal truth.

The Holy Quran speaks of seven samaawat. Samaawat is the Arabic word corresponding to the Hebrew word shamayam. In other words heavens, the plural form of the word heaven. Unlike the Bible which always uses the plural form of the word heaven, the Quran often uses the singular form of the word, samaawat, which is samaaa.

In our Bibles the number seven is quite prominent. Most people who read the Bible would quickly recognize that the number seven seems to come up more times than most of the other numbers that are referred to in the Bible, but have no idea why. In fact most ancient cultures assigned special significance to the number seven even though there is seemingly no logical explanation as to why this would be the case.

According to the Wikipedia article “Seven Heavens”, most feel that the number seven had special significance because Astrology is based on the position of the five planets, the moon, and the sun, relative to the twelve Constellations. This would make perfect sense for those of us alive today. Seemingly, all ancient books related to spiritual things assign special significance to those two numbers. In the Bible, the number twelve, is probably the only number that is mentioned more times than the number seven.

But, there is something that I feel is important to bring out about this theory.

According to the religion of science, the celestial objects in our solar system have been in their orbits around the sun for a very long time. Long before mankind came on the scene. Which very obviously would be long before the writing of the Bible, the Quran, or even the most ancient writings that are known to man.

Around the world ancient cultures as recently as four thousand years ago recorded a sky unlike anything that is visible to us today. And even though most of those ancient cultures were supposedly completely unaware of one another’s existence, much of what they recorded matched. Meaning that in the past the seven primary objects that everyone seemingly was aware of were the seven planets, including the two that are currently invisible from Earth.

If we keep in mind that the seven heavens, could be translated as seven spaces, then those seven heavens could be the seven realms or paths of all known planets, that along with our Earth are currently orbiting the sun.

Many doctrinal teachings related to the seven heavens associate those heavens with different kinds of spirit beings, It can be no coincidence that many of those religions teach that there are seven archangels.
Even the Zoroastrians of the ancient past spoke of seven named amesha spenta. It is believed that these amesha spenta correspond to the seven archangels of the Book of Enoch. All are associated with the seven planets.

So, now that we have a basic framework for why some religions might teach of three heavens, and why other religions might teach of seven heavens, we have to figure out if what Paul was speaking of at 2Corinthians12:2 is in any way related to the teachings of religion.

Paul said, “I know a man in Christ above, fourteen years ago, whether in the body, I cannot tell, or whether out of the body, I cannot tell. Such an one, caught up to the third heaven.”

As you have probably guessed by now, this verse in English does not accurately render the original thought that was being communicated in the original Greek.

One word is very obviously mistranslated here. That word is harpazo. Strong’s G726, which means taken by force, but here in this verse, it is translated as caught up. For an English speaker, being caught up would indicate that the person or thing being taken was taken in a certain direction. Since religion teaches that heaven is up, and heaven is obviously the place where this person was taken, by simple doctrinal reasoning, we are suppose to accept that taken up is an appropriate translation of the Greek word harpazo. But in Greek, just like in English, there is a word that means up. In fact there are many Greek words that could rightly be translated as up. There are even suffixes and prefixes that could indicate the concept of up, and yet Paul, who spoke Greek, did not feel a need to include any of them.

So, although religious doctrine might indicate that this person went up, there isn’t really any linguistic support for such a suggestion to be included in the translation.

That being the case, a more accurate rendering of this verse would be “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was taken to the third heaven. Whether in the body or out of the body, I do not know.”

Including the concept of direction in this verse, alters how we should interpret the other words.

Both Attic Greek, and Modern English have what are called Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers.

Cardinal numbers are the numbers that we use to count. They are used to tell us how many of something there are. One. Two. Three.

Ordinal Numbers tell us the position of something on a list. In English we can rank something using ordinal numbers as in first place, second place, and third place. We can use ordinal numbers to indicate it’s location, as in first floor, second floor, third floor. We can even indicate time using ordinal numbers, as in first hour, second hour, third hour. If you notice, in English we can use the same ordinal numbers to do all of these things.

But since the Churches have inserted the concept of direction into this passage, we as simple humans will automatically dismiss the possibility that this ordinal number that is translated as third, could be about time.

Even though there are passages in our Bibles that are obviously about the celestial objects that we can see from the Earth, and there are other passages about the realm of the living, the realm of the dead, and the realm of God, we shouldn’t automatically associate 2Corinthians12:2 with either of these two concepts.

At Isaiah65:17 the Bible says, “For behold, I create a new heavens and a new Earth, the former things will not be remembered, or brought to mind”.

This verse from the Old Testament is repeated in the New Testament at Revelation21:1.

If you are a regular subscriber to my channel, than you probably already know that around the Earth many cultures have recorded dramatic changes in the appearance of the sky. These changes were recorded all around the Earth, by people who were supposedly not even aware of one another’s existence.
Cultures from every corner of the Earth left written records of a calendar made up of 360 day years and 12 equal 30 day months. If, as civilization claims, these calendars were not real calendars but instead religious calendars unrelated to the actual days months and years that would have been experienced by the inhabitants of this planet, than someone somewhere needs to explain why everyone everywhere would develop the same nonsensical calendar, and why all of those calendars would have planting months and harvesting months.

If an agrarian culture were to follow a 360 day cycle for planting and harvesting, on a planet ruled by a 365 day cycle of seasonal changes, within a few years there would be total crop failure earth wide.

Another thing that is different about our sky when compared to the records left by ancient astronomers is the fact that we can no longer see Uranus and Neptune, the two invisible planets that we spoke of earlier. Apparently in the ancient past, both planets were clearly visible with nothing more than the naked eye.

If we think about the differences in our current sky when compared to the sky of the past, it just makes sense that the third heaven spoken of by Paul would be the same as the New Heavens spoken of by other Bible writers.

At verse four Paul said that the person that he was writing about was taken into paradise, and heard words that no one was able to tell.

This word paradise is never used to describe anything other than the paradise of God, which is always on Earth. In fact this same word is used at Revelation2:7.

“To him that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches.” The seven churches “To the one that conquers I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the paradise of God.”

Finding this word in the Book of Revelation also helps us to solve a mystery that has baffled theologians for hundreds of years.

While telling us about the man who went to the third heaven, Paul says, I know a man that went to the third heaven, whether he went in the flesh, or whether he had an out of body experience, I don’t know.

Most religious people believe that Paul was talking about himself, but was simply too humble to admit it. However, there would be no reason for God to take someone to paradise, or give someone a vision of paradise, make it known to Paul, but then not record any of the details of that vision for the rest of us. That would serve no purpose.

We should expect, and rightfully so, that such an experience would have been recorded in The Bible somewhere.

If we look at the Bible objectively than it is obvious that some writers simply recorded history. Stories about the past. But other writers recorded prophecy. Stories about the future.

The person being taken forward in time would have been one of those people, and since the only book of prophecy in the New Testament is the Book of Revelation, then it is only logical to conclude that the man that Paul was writing about was the writer of the Book of Revelation.

According to Revelation itself, the writer’s name was John, but there really isn’t anything recorded anywhere to reveal the identity of this John. There are a total of fourteen recognized Johns in The Bible. And by simple reasoning we can eliminate eleven of the men on that list. The Churches have for the most part determined that the John who wrote Revelation is the same John that wrote the other books of the Bible attributed to John The Apostle, but really there isn’t any way of knowing if that is true. In fact, it is quite possible, and even likely that the writers of the Gospel of John, the Letters of John, and the Revelation of John are all different men.

Paul says that this event had taken place fourteen years before he wrote his letter to the Corinthians.

Since the writer of Revelation says that in his vision he saw the new heavens and the new Earth, and the trees of life in the paradise of God, it is only logical to conclude that it is the writer of Revelation that Paul was speaking about, who went to the third heaven, and the paradise of God. There is nothing anywhere else in the New Testament about anybody seeing anything like what Paul and John described.

I didn’t produce this video as a means of stirring up some kind of theological debate, but simply to allow those listening to this information the opportunity to see just how foolish the teachings of religion are, when compared to the very logical teachings of The Bible.
The Bible gives us a glimpse into things that are hidden from religious people. We should take advantage of our newfound knowledge and use it as a foundation for reinforcing our faith, so that we can have the courage to break away from the false teachings of religion, and cut off all association with the Churches.

We need to recognize the teachings of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all of the others for what they are. Poison.

In the beginning mankind existed in a paradise garden on a planet that was part of a perfectly functioning solar system, with seven day weeks, thirty day months, and 360 day years.

Our current situation is nothing like that. But soon paradise will be restored. Just as the first heaven was altered in a bad way, the world that we occupy today is about to be altered in a good way. The heavens that we will soon live under, will be nothing like the heavens that we live under currently. Just as our current heavens are nothing like Adam and Eve would have witnessed from our original paradise home.

Just as John witnessed the third heaven in some kind of dream or vision, we will witness the third heaven with our own eyes.

If you don’t want to survive don’t listen to me.

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