The Third Heaven

hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse but actually enjoy it in today’s video is going to be about the third heaven

at second Corinthians chapter 12 and verses two through four Paul said I know a man who about 14 years ago went all the way up to the third heaven and he saw things that were illegal to speak about. So this vision that Paul had or that this person Paul knew had was very similar to other visions that other prophets had had of heaven and only problem is none of those other prophets ever said anything about what number of heavens in other words there was no first heaven or fourth heaven they just said they went up to heaven. In these visions that where people went up into heaven they saw very similar things so we can only come figure that this third heaven is the same heaven that they went to that they didn’t speak about by any number but it still brings up the question why did Paul use the term third heaven

So what we have to do is look at what heaven means not in our English language because it’s very vague but in the Bible itself and from reading every single account about heaven in the Bible it says that the trees reached up to heaven and some scriptures and another scripture says that the people of Babel built a tower all the way up into heaven and then they talked about walls that were built all the way up to heaven and they speak about the birds flying in heaven so for us heaven would be anything from here on up.

In the creation account it says that God created the firmament which comes from the hebrew word rocky and he called the firmament heaven so we can look at this word rot in the Bible and get a better understanding of what heaven is and you to do that if you go to your to your concordance online concordance and type in firmament or I think in some Bibles it’s calls it the expanse you’ll see this word rocket on you could look at every occurrence of that word and get a general idea to walk right k is it appears to me from what I’ve read that rocket is space and I don’t necessarily mean outer space just space like the space that i occupy as a person here on the earth and the space that may be a
tree would occupy on the earth

Now some of the fundamentals of understanding how space works is that two objects cannot occupy the same space in other words I cannot occupy the same space as a tree I can get close to the tree but I cannot be in the same space as a tree and so that’s you know oh that’s the basics for things that are in the fleshly ground like us

Now the word Hammett heaven actually comes from the word shaman or the greek word Ouranos and both of these are plural words so I know that some Bible say heaven but there are other Bibles in English that say heavens to make it a plural of heaven and the church’s I’m sure have some kind of ridiculous explanation for why heaven is always spoken of into plural but I feel like this heavens is plural because it encompasses these three heavens and it doesn’t say anything about a first heaven in the Bible anywhere it doesn’t
say anything about a second heaven in the Bible it only speaks of a third heaven but you can just understand that if Paul called it a third heaven there has to be a first and a second heaven or that comment wouldn’t make any sense. Now nowhere in the bible does it speak of a fourth heaven so we would just be speculating to just you know try to figure out if there is a fourth heaven because it doesn’t mention it in the Bible

but religions of the of the world that that follow the Bible or the Old Testament have come up with this entire doctrinal system about all the different layers heaven and so if you’ve come from a church that teaches of heaven and earth and purgatory and limbo and raptures and first heaven second heaven third heaven fourth having fits heaven 677 heaven all of that is based on the fact that the churches know that people are confused by scriptures like this speaking of the third heaven and it’s like a wedge for them they can make heaven so complicated that only they can understand it and then you have to pay them money and give them your allegiance in order for them to explain it to you but we’re going to just let you explain this to yourself with your own Bible without any other outside help that way you’ll be free of them.

Now scientifically now we just got described it heaven can mean space scientifically there are things that we consider empty space space where there is no matter and virtually no energy space like that has caused problems within the scientific community for hundreds of years and so scientists who cannot could never understand how a light which travels in a waveform through empty space could actually do that because light is only energy so for years and years and years scientists used the word ether to describe some kind of thing that’s in space that we cannot detect but which energy could pass through.

Now when Einstein came along his theory of relativity which he you know asserted back around the turn of the century eventually came to be considered truth and in his sick theory of relativity there was no such thing as the ether because he was able to describe light as a particle and as a particle light could travel through empty space it wasn’t required that it traveled through anything see like what they scientists understood that sound could not travel through a vacuum sound also resonates in waves like light you know different ways of light or different colors and different waves of sound or different close and when there was a vacuum sound could not pass through it and so since light could pass through a vacuum it was just determine that something had to be there and that like say when Einstein got done explaining that light was a particle that all in a way

However now scientists have gone back to the ether they they won’t acknowledge that they’re teaching the ether because they proved that the theory of the ether was foolishness so they’ve taken the theory of ether and giving it a different name and now they call it the fabric of space the fabric of space is just the ether

and another reason I bring this up is because we’re going to use words to describe what’s going on here that our science words that are not true but it’s just that I have no better words and so we’re going to have to use these words because they’re part of our common vernacular and by using them we can get a better idea of what this means that the problem is well we’ll just go into what’s what this what I’m talking about.

I don’t think from looking at this original Greek statement that Paul knew a man who went to the third heaven he was talking about the third heaven as if it was a third space in other words the word heaven which means space does not mean spaces like the first heaven is over here the second heaven is over there and the third heaven is right here I think it’s talking about different realms of heaven or different layers of heaven or is we would be familiar with more familiar with the third dimension of heaven.

I was going to do this video without even mentioning the word dimension because I don’t want to associate what I’m telling you with fiction you know that third dimension second dimension that’s basically that word is only God is only used in fiction science fiction or in science fact whenever scientists can’t explain anything or can’t explain something they’ll throw up dimension

but the the reason I bring this up is because there are people all around the world that believed that the science fiction of today is the science fact of tomorrow so they’re watching a TV show where somebody is engaging the warp drive to transport through subspace in an alternate reality or a second dimension there are people that believe in that I mean if you can get in an argument with people that have gone to college you can actually get into an argument about whether or not the space is made up of multiple dimensions but if you mention that you believe in heaven people will laugh at you because that sounds like foolishness to them so there’s really nobody telling us about these alternate dimensions except science-fiction writers and college professors which really don’t know anything but the Bible tells us about space and heaven the third heaven

The best way to explain this is to go back to what I said earlier I take up space at Ruiz takes up space but I in a tree cannot share the same space but that’s not true with things that are in different the other dimensions or the other realms of heaven and one of those realms is the actual of heaven that we refer to all the time where God lives and not just God with the angels. We know from Jesus own words that there are times when angels actually can occupy the same exact space its spirit creatures can occupy the same exact space as a fleshly creature it’s not is not physically possible for two fleshly creatures to occupy the same space but it is possible for a spirit creature who would be from the third heaven to occupy the space that we’re in here on earth and that’s called demon possession

It’s the it’s the scene in possession is what the you talk about when Jude said when you talked about the demons and he called them the angels that did not stay where they belong to but or suck their own property Welling places to come where they were not supposed to dwell so these these fallen angels wicked angels are not supposed to possess human beings

so you can see that even though we both are in the same space we’re in two different dimensions of space or two different realms of space through the physical realm and the spiritual realm so now you have to talk about what the third dimension of space is or heaven and in this one you’re going to find out you know get an absolute understanding of how i feel about something that I’ve been kind of avoiding and the reason for that is because the third dimension of space is hell this is another word that I don’t like to use because it’s just too hard to overcome preconceived notions about what hell is

Hell actually comes from the hebrew word shell or shell and the word shell in hebrew means realm of the Dead does not mean realm of bad people that are dead it means the realm of the dead all dead people in fact up and here’s why we have a problem with this if you’re reading a scripture about a very good person and he says please God let me go to hell so I can get some rest they don’t translate it as hell they translated as the grave but if you get your concordance out and look you’ll see that that word is shale but later when it says all of the wicked shall be sent to hell if you look at that that word is shale too it’s not that just wicked people go to shell but wicked people end up in shale just like good people end up in shale

job begged that he could go to shell and everybody knows that job was a good person the patriarch Jacob said please let me go to Chez ol and yet we’re told and Jacob asked to go to his grave Jacob’s sons when speaking with vero said please don’t keep our brother if we go back to my father Jacob without our brother certainly he’s an old man he will end up in Hell shell

so che ol simply means the realm of the Dead in the Greek portion of the Bible the New Testament the word Hades means realm of the Dead and we know that hey and shale or the same scripture because both of them are used for the same exact in the same exact wording when Jesus quotes from the Old Testament there’s a scripture in Old Testament that says you shall not leave your loyal one inch in jail well in the New Testament it says it is written you shall not leave your loyal one in Hades so Hades and shale are the same and in the Greek language the word Hades simply means realm of the Dead

Now in mythology the realm of the Dead was a just I mean it was just as big of a deal issue and mythology as it isn’t Christianity or in Judaism but in the secular world shale is always different and it’s always involves some kind of activity like someone goes into shale or goes into Hades and they have to reach into their mouth and pull out a coin and give it to an oarsman to row them across the river Styx or there’s this place of eternal fiery torment so in mythology the realm of the Dead is nothing like the actual realm of the day

There are plenty of scriptures to back me up the best one is found at Ecclesiastes chapter 9 and verses 5 and 10 and it explains what people do when they are dead it says that the dead don’t know anything they engage in no activities they have no hatred they have no love they don’t know they’re not aware of their surroundings so even though shell is filled with the souls of the Dead apparently they are unconscious but it doesn’t mean they’re dead because in the Bible and there’s a scripture can’t even hardly see this but we are told that God is not the god ok a chapter chapter 12 of Mark and verses 26 through 27 if you want to look at this it says God is the God of Abraham and I and Jacob but he’s not the god of the dead but of the living so Abraham Isaac and Jacob were dead at the time that this was written and yet the Bible calls them living

now how do we overcome this conflict because in the very beginning a venir told if they send they would die and they did die and Abraham Isaac and Jacob died and and yet here it says they’re living because of their condition they are in jail they are unconscious it is as if they are not alive but we know that they are actually there

now I have been in religions that teach the the dead people go to hell and they’re always tortured and good people go to heaven and they’re always alive but according to the Bible that is not the case

um another scripture if I can find it here and I won’t I didn’t write it down but at one point Jesus is trying to explain the nature of heaven and earth and shale and he tells his listeners of all the humans that have ever been born none is greater than John the Baptist and yet I tell you that the least of those who is of the kingdom of heaven is greater than John the Baptist so there’s a couple of things we learn here one thing is this was after John’s death is that John is a less lesser being than those in heaven which also tells us that even though John is dead he’s not in heaven even though he’s the greatest man on her so who is he talking about which people and look at every church has a different teaching on this and I have heard some whoppers that somehow John did a sin right before he died he lost his face so he was sent to hell or some other foolishness it’s simply saying that john is a human who was on earth and now he is in shale the realm of the Dead and after the resurrection he will be back on the earth but those who are lesser one of the kingdom of heaven or in heaven and those lesser of the kingdom of heaven or the angels. now the Angels have the ability to go from heaven to earth and from Earth to heaven again but humans only have the ability to live on the earth or die and go into the realm of the Dead or be resurrected back to the earth

if you study the Bible long enough eventually especially now that you know this every scripture you read you’re going to go wow that’s true everything that I heard on that video was true now

there are some who have been resurrected from the dead already in they paint a picture of what the resurrection is going to be like in the future. Lazarus who was dead for a better part of three days was resurrected by Jesus now a lot of people they you know this is this is what leads to a lot of the rituals involved with funerals people want to preserve the body because Lazarus body was still there but remember this is after three days so all of his cell tissues would have been broken down and he would have been way beyond fixing and yet Jesus resurrected Lazarus physically in his body now where is Lazarus today he’s not around so eventually he died again and the next time he died Jesus wasn’t there to resurrect him so he is in jail

but there are three people in the Bible that are resurrected even though their bodies are gone long gone rotted away nothing left over and the first one we’re going to talk about is Samuel

Saul the first king of Israel was in a bind and he was scared and so he ran to a witch or a I don’t know what kind of word would describe him but most Bible say the Witch of Endor and he said I need some help please summon Samuel so that I can talk to him and so in the course of this it says it she raised Samuel up and Samuel says why did you wake me or why did you rouse me disturb me and the thing is Saul never saw he had to ask the witch well what does he look like because he couldn’t see him and she said well he’s wearing this official robe and Saul says it is Samuel if it’s Samuel what does he say so she had to tell him what Samuel said so she only saw him so apparently he was not there in physical physically manifest in a fleshly body but just his soul was there in some form that she could see that Saul could not see

the other two
are aligned you and Moses at the
Transfiguration and and something I’ve
got to address here there are religions
that say that that wasn’t Samuel that it
was a demon that was acting like Samuel
and they have this long drawn-out
reasoning about why that’s the case but
that doesn’t make sense linguistically

if you look at the the scriptures and
you break them down into their into the
original Hebrew and you read over that
it specifically says that this woman
resurrected or braised up Samuel it
doesn’t say that this woman pretended to
raise up Samuel or that she lied about
raising ups annual it physically says
she did that and obviously Samuel the
first thing he says is why did you why
did you wait near why did you raise me
why did you disturb me so apparently
samuel was in a sleep-like state and he
wanted an explanation you know if this
was a demon he wouldn’t ask that this is
actually Samuel

but Peter and James and
John went up with Jesus and witnessed
Jesus trans what they call the
Transfiguration and in this
Transfiguration the people I Jie and
Moses appeared once again it doesn’t say
a demon pretending to be Elijah or an
angel pretending to be Moses or that
Jesus created some kind of hologram of
Elijah Moses it says they actually saw
Elijah and Moses

so but once again I
don’t believe this is a fleshly
incarnation of these two but a spiritual
one but at this time Jesus was able to
share this this image or this this a
vision with Peter James and John so they
all saw it
and it was so real to him that like Paul
who said I couldn’t tell if it was real
or if it was a dream was so real to him
that Peter said we have to build them
some kind of a shelter so that they can
they can sleep here or they can you know
some some place where they can stay
while they’re visiting us here on earth
and at that time the cloud that was
covering them made it impossible for
them to see and when the cloud
disappeared they were gone Elijah and
Moses were gone this is once again a
manifestation of the these souls or the
essence of Elijah and Moses I really
believe that

now there is a teaching in
the churches of an immortal soul that I
don’t really go along with its the soul
is not immortal because God serves jesus
said don’t fear those that can kill your
body fear those who can kill your soul
so obviously the soul can be killed what
is it soul mate oh I don’t I don’t know
and where are they I don’t know but I do
know that whatever makes up a person
whether they get killed by a nuclear
explosion or they drown in the ocean or
they’re buried in a copper casket that
preserves them perfectly whatever makes
up a person be it their DNA or their
their personalities all of their
memories all that is is staged all
existing cannot be done away with by
anyone other than God and in fact it is
God that keeps those things alive

so at
this point we when we’re talking about
the third heaven we’re really talking
about the third dimension of heaven
which is god’s home and the second
realm of heaven which would be the
fleshly physical world that exists
within the same space similar space that
is shared by the kingdom of heaven or
heaven and it’s the same space that
encompasses che the realm of the Dead no
reason to speculate on how that works
you know Oh what’s the mechanics of that
what does it take together to jail or
what does it take to go to heaven I
don’t know

but in the in the Bible only
the angels appear to have the ability to
go between heaven and earth there’s in
other words there’s never a named
there’s never any occurrence of a human
physically going to heaven
humans are always spoken of as being on
the earth in the physical realm or in
shale the world of the Dead after they
pass away the only two individuals that
have ever been to all three and I hate
to say this because this is going to
make people who oh yeah that’s the
Trinity you know Jesus is gone but Jesus
has been in heaven he said that he was
he has lived on the earth as a human in
fleshly form and when he died the Bible
says he was actually in shale for three
days so he’s done that he’s been to all
three realms and not in a vision but he
actually was there he actually was in
heaven he actually was on earth any aunt
actually wasn’t shell. human beings have
only been to heaven envisions they have
only seen visions of heaven

but another
one that is been in every single one of
these in in the Bible and I can’t find
this scripture would be God and I think
it’s in the book of psalms I don’t see
Psalms here but there is a quote in
Psalms that says no matter where I go I
can’t get away from you talking about
God everywhere I look there you are
should I somehow go up into heaven there
you would be and if i was to descend
down into the depths of chezol there
would you be as well so Jesus who has
been in heaven has been on earth has
been in jail is any amount heaven is the
only other being us besides Jehovah
Yahweh the God of the Bible the Creator
that has been to all and according to
this God is at all three places at all

I’m not going to make this a
dogmatic doctrine of a church I really
you know any time that something comes
out of my mouth it sounds like Church it
just makes me you know it makes turned
my stomach but the reality is a lot of
churches have this doctrine that God is
omnipotent and omniscient s which
means that he’s everywhere all-powerful
and all-knowing and you know just when
they use big Latin words or whatever it
bothers me but at the same time there’s
no denying it the book of psalms says
that no matter where you go god is there
i’m not saying that God is heaven or is
the firmament but God is in all those
places in some form or another and
that’s why we can be assured that the
Dead will come back because those dead
or actually enjoy ol are part of God or
they’re occupying the same space that
God is occupying

so and I know people
worry about the weirdest stuff in the
Bible every time it talks about heaven
it talks about going up to heaven
anytime the talks about an angel going
from having to earth that says they go
down to earth anytime it talks about a
person or God going into Sheaol it
talks about going down and for a long
time I wondered if this was maybe
figurative like you know a person gets
the gets a promotion at work you know
they went up the ladder well that’s
figurative you know because if you’re
working in a one-story building and all
your employees are in that same building
when you get promoted you don’t
physically go up but the word that’s
used for up and down in the Hebrew
Scriptures as well as in the Greek means
physical location

it’s not a real
problem here but if I’m in the United
States and I look up to god I’m looking
that way but if I’m in Turkey which I
think turkeys on the other side of the
planet when I was a kid we were told
China was on the other side of planet I
think it isn’t but in any case if I was
on the other side of the planet and I’m
looking up to God you know I’m be
looking up to God well in relation to me
that person is looking down so and look
I’m not trying to be weird I’m just
telling you visit it’s possible in fact
it’s probable that the location of the
third heaven is always up no matter
where you are on the earth so it’s out
there the location of the earth well
that’s here the location of shale lon
how about the physical location
is always down no matter where you’re
standing so the dead apparently exists
beneath us somehow figuratively and
literally and that’s just what the Bible

I’m just telling you I’m just
giving you clues about when you’re
reading the Bible but to be looking for
it to get an understanding of the Bible
after the resurrection will all have a
clear understanding of everything and
and these things will probably laugh at
the fact that at one time we wondered
about these things

now we’ve addressed
these three realms of heaven which are
basically the three dimensions of space
through the occupant occupied space or
unoccupied space three different
dimensions spiritual realm the physical
fleshly realm in the realm of the Dead
but what about all these other realms
that the churches teach about where
humans actually go to heaven or where
something is above heaven you know is it
possible that there is a fourth heaven

I can I can only tell you what is in the
Bible God knows all things humans are
not designed to know all things if there
is anything above God it’s it’s not
mentioned here if Heaven includes all of
the universe well that makes sense
because it says that the stars are in
heaven you know and that’s what we’re
aware we’re aware of stars let’s do
phenomenon but this isn’t a scientific
video this is a video about the Bible
and the Bible is very limited on on how
it explains the mechanics of all how all
this works

but there is one scripture
that talks about something above God and
you’ll you’ll fall into this one day and
it may confuse you so we’ll just address
it now in Isaiah chapter 6 verses 1
through 8 it talks about the demons
being above God Isaiah goes up and he
sees the throne of god there is jehovah
da way the God of Israel the creator of
the universe and above him are these
demons flying around and I guess if
you’ve been to church and if you go to
the scripture I say
612 a dozen call them demons it calls
them saris and a lot of churches teach
that serifs are very very special angels
that have the ability to forgive sins
and they get that from this scripture
where Isaiah says I looked up and I saw
the seraphs above God and I screamed out
oh my god I am a man of unclean lips so
at this point Isaiah is realizing that
the things he is believed in all his
life things that he’s been telling her
bet people about all his life or alive
and so what would those things be

he may
have been teaching that only the Angels
can go to heaven and he looks up and
sees demons flying around and one of the
demons grabs a coal out of the off of
the altar or company the altar and goes
over and Sears Isaiah’s tongue and said
don’t worry about it basically that’s
what he says don’t worry about if you go
read this account try to keep that in
your head

so we’re told that syrups can
forgive sins what this scripture is
about is not that seraphs can forgive
sins but that no matter how much we send
the seraphs are telling us don’t worry
about don’t worry about it I’m going to
sear your tongue you can say whatever
you want LC r you your conscious and you
can do whatever you want and

if you’re
wondering why I’ve come to this
conclusion it appears to me that any
time one of God’s angels does something
that goes against natural law our sins
that they change because Satan is in the
beginning of the Bible is called a chair
of a chair of as a powerful angel that
really is a powerful angel it was
cherubs that were placed around the
garden of eden to keep they had people
from getting in

but later in the Bible
we are told that Satan is a dragon now
the word dragon comes up in the book of
Revelation where we are told that he is
the original demon the original serpent
the original dragon Satan and that he
drags all of these angels off with him

the word dragon is actually a
transliteration of the Greek word
draccoon draccoon means fiery flying
reptile remember that fiery
flying reptile the word serif in Hebrew
is a word that simply means fiery flying
reptile a seraph is a dragon no good
angel has ever called a dragon no good
angel has ever called us there

now as
far as the seraphs being above god I
think that is simply a literal in
physical location descriptor in other
words they’re there in this third
dimension you know they’re not in a
fourth dimension of heaven or a fourth
realm of heaven they’re simply in the
third dimension of heaven above Jehovah
so it’s not it’s not that there is
another fourth heaven or fifth heaven or
six seven or seven heaven area that it’s
just that the seraphs the wicked demons
at that period of time were above God

now later in the Bible it says that
Jesus’s angels are Michael’s angels
actually throw the demons down to the
earth so they’re no longer above God so
that’s not the right now it is i am not
certain of exactly how all that goes
down but right now i think that most of
the demons are here on the earth and
there whatever if you may be left up
there or on their way down

in any case
that’s the third heaven it’s not really
a separate heaven it’s simply the third
dimension of space or you know this
entire space that within which
everything exists which scientists are
struggling to explain to us and it is
the same that third heaven is the same
heaven that all of the other prophet saw
when they went up to the third heaven
just more clues about how to understand
the Bible when you’re eating it

If you don’t want to survive don’t listen to me


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