Why Are There So Many Versions Of The Bible

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse but actually enjoy it, and todays video is going to be about the history of The Bible.
Ever since I started making videos about the Bible people have been asking me what Bible I quote from or what version of the Bible I would recommend . I actually use quite a few. The fact is, that any time that something is translated from one language to another something always gets lost in The Translation. That being the case there will always be disagreements between translators as to the best way to render individual scriptures. These disagreements are the reason that there are so many versions of The Bible available to us in English.
Learning about how The Bible got to us in English from it’s original languages, will help us to understand not only why The Bible has been translated in so many ways but will also gives us some insight into what needs to be taken into consideration in order to determine which way is the most in line with the original thought that The Bible writers wanted to convey.
The variety of English Bibles currently available is the cause for a great deal of debate. The differences that exist have not gone unnoticed by those who truly want to protect it’s message. Scriptures like Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:5,6, and Revelation 22:18 record some rather severe warnings to anyone altering the Bible’s teachings. So it is understandable that those with a love for the Bible would feel compelled to protest any time that they discover some change in what they perceive to be the unadulterated word of God. Unfortunately such people rarely understand just what the word of God is, and often end up protesting not against an English version of The Bible that disagrees with the original texts, so much as protesting against an English version of The Bible that disagrees with The Bible that they are use to, which itself may in fact be the version that is at fault.
Irregardless of which version a person feels attached to it must be understood that all English versions of The Bible are relatively young documents when compared to the ancient original language books from which they are supposedly translated.
Why we have so many versions of the Bible in English, is closely related to why we have so many languages. Shortly after The Flood, People began to reestablish Civilization. The same civilization that had been destroyed by the flood. At that time Mankind was still under natural law which would have included the law to fill the Earth. But instead of spreading out to fill the Earth, those people began to form up in population centers.
In order to disrupt the efforts of the first post flood city, God Confused The Languages. In the original language that the Bible was produced in, this city is consistently called Babel, however in our English versions of The Bible this city is only called Babel in Genesis, it is later referred to as Babylon. Although The Churches reasoning for why they translate this word two different ways is vague, I promise you that their agenda is crystal clear.
Although the Hebrew word Babel should only be translated, or transliterated in one way, it can be defined in two different ways. Bay ba el means Gateway of The God. Bab El means confusion. Both definitions are significant.
Around the 6th Century BC The ruling King of Babel or Babylon had a dream that was so incredible that Daniel recorded the dream in his book. Daniel was a Holy Man that had been taken into captivity along with many of his countrymen when General Nebuzaradan invaded and conquered The Nation of Israel. For thousands of years Human rulers had been unsuccessfully attempting to take control of The Promised Land with only limited success.
Egypt had enslaved those that Yahweh had promised this land to. Assyria had even taken control of the northern territories. But never had anyone been able to successfully take control of Judah and Jerusalem.
But under Nebuchadnezzar II, General Nebuzaradan was maneuvered by Yahweh to became the first military General to achieve this goal.
The dream that Nebuchadnezzar had, involved this issue of rulership of The Promised Land, and described every Empire that would eventually dominate that part of The Earth, all the way up to the time of The End. His dream about The Promised Land was of a false god, a massive idol which every world ruler of his day craved to possess. And as you are about to see, history records that every world power since Nebuchadnezzar has made control of this tiny part of The Earth a priority. In The Empire’s quest to rule over the promised land, millions of human beings have been sacrificed in hundreds of wars. Truly The Promised Land has proven itself to be an Idol not only to the powerful megalomaniacs that through the centuries have ruled The World. But even to the citizens who serve those world rulers.
The Idol of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream had a head of Gold, which Daniel revealed was Nebuchadnezzar’s own Babylonian Empire. The next body part on the Statue was the Breast and arms of Silver which represented Medeo Persia. Each successive Empire to take control was represented by body parts made up of less and less valuable materials which Daniel said was due to the deteriorating conditions brought about by these Empires, until the final body part being the feet made partly of iron, and partly of baked clay is destroyed, causing the entire idol to collapse.
Each nation represented in The Dream is unique in that they are all Empires. An Empire unlike most nations actually rules over other nations. But when Daniel gets to the third Empire represented by the belly and hips of Copper, he says something very revealing. At chapter 2 and verse 39 he refers to the belly and hips as ruling over All Of The Earth. At Daniel 8:21-23 The Bible reveals that this Empire is Greece, and calls it’s ruler the Stud Goat of The Stud Goats, a title describing Satan Himself, who at 2Corinthians 4:4 is called The God of Civilization.
History confirms that at this time Alexander The Great The ruler of Greece successfully conquered every nation that had previously been mentioned in The Bible, including nations such as Egypt, Assyria, Persia, and Phoenicia, which were empires themselves. This made Greece not only an empire, but the ruling world empire of that time. As Daniel said, the ruler of all of The Earth.

The two remaining Empires that make up the rest of this Idol like Greece also ruled over every empire mentioned in The Bible. Those Empires are The Legs of Iron which represented Rome, followed by the feet made up partly of Iron, and partly of baked clay which represents our current world empire. As those migrating out of Babylon spread farther and farther out, settlements in those parts of the world grew into nations as well, and in some cases empires themselves, leading to their own involvement in the struggle for world domination. At this time nearly every square inch of The Earth falls under the Governmental Control of The Anglo American World Empire. Only a very few insignificant so called independent states are outside of it’s realm, and shortly that will no longer be the case.
I know that every church within this Empire tries to mislead it’s adherents into believing that these feet are some kind of mystery, as well they should. Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Keeping people ignorant of God’s hatred of this Empire is The only purpose that religion serves. Their sole endeavor as we near civilizations end is to convince Earth’s population that unlike all of the previous Bad Empires, our current world Empire is Good.
Historically as well as scripturally these feet can only be our current Anglo-American World Empire. Contrary to popular belief, The Nation of Israel was not created by some rag tag army of freedom fighters, but instead was installed by The Anglo American World Empire, in the same way that the previous government of the Promised land had been installed by The Roman Empire, and The one before that had been installed by The Greek Empire, and the one before that had been installed by the Medeo Persian Empire.
The description of these feet is undeniable proof that they are in fact The Anglo American World Empire. Daniel 2:41-43 says “Like the iron and baked clay the people will be partly strong, and partly week. and will not mix together”. Our Anglo American Empire functions as one nation, yet continues to represent itself as two distinct nations. The US which is the strong part primarily cares for The Military interest of the Empire, while England takes care of The Empire’s governmental duties.
For the most part, both nations speak the same language.
For the most part both nations practice the same religion.
In an attempt to make The UK’s version of religion seem somehow different from The US version, artificial organizations have been established by legal decree. In The UK the ruling body of it’s Churches is called Churches Together, while in The US The Churches are ruled by The American Council of Christian Churches. Irregardless of how these religions represent themselves, both fall under the jurisdiction of Christendom.
Both halves of The Empire act as if they have independent legal systems, even though both legal systems are under the rulership of one governing body. The International Bar Association which is located in London, governs the legal systems of both The UK and The US. No one is allowed to practice law without first passing The Bar. This Templar Bar is ruled by The Crown.
Both share the same economic system but make it seem like the two are different by calling US money Federal Reserve Notes, while calling British money Pounds Sterling. Both forms of currency are issued by The Crown.
The political leaders of both nations are sworn into office while laying their left hands on English versions of The Bible. For the last 2,500 years Domination of The Promised Land, and Domination of God’s word have been fundamental identifying marks of the planet’s ruling world power.
Understanding the progression of Empires represented by the Idol in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is very important to understanding how The original Hebrew version of The Scriptures, eventually came to be translated into English. When Nebuzaradan invaded and conquered Jerusalem, he wasn’t just taking over control of Yahweh’s land, but also control of his word.
The dispute over altering the words of The Bible comes up every time a new Empire rises to power. But in every military takeover it is just a fact that the language of the conquered eventually gives way to the language of the conquerors. As events progressed and one Government after another took control of The Hebrew people and their Bible, fewer and fewer would retain the ability to speak the language of the outgoing Empire as the older generation would die off and be replaced by their descendants.
When Alexander The Great conquered The World, only a very small group of theologians understood Old Testament Hebrew, meaning that the common man was pretty much at the mercy of that small elitist group. However, around the third century BC Ptolemy II The ruler of the Greek Ptolemaic Empire sponsored the very first translation of the Hebrew portion of The Bible into Greek. By the time that Jesus appeared on the scene that translation, known as The Septuagint had been widely circulated.
When Jesus got up and read from The Scroll of Isaiah at Luke 4:18, what he read as is recorded in The original Greek text of The Book of Luke is a word for word letter for letter direct quote of Isaiah 61:1 as it appears in Ptolemy’s Septuagint version of that verse. There is absolutely no way that Jesus was reading from an original Hebrew version of Isaiah.
What Jesus read was this, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor”. He then handed the scroll to the attendant, and said “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing”. Jesus knew, that what he was reading was a Greek translation, of the original Hebrew version of his father’s word, and yet he still presented it to his listeners as truth.
Today we refer to the part of the Bible written about Jesus as The New Testament. When The New Testament was written it was not written in Hebrew, but in the language of the common man. When Jesus was quoted in our Greek New Testament I am firmly convinced that the Greek words that he was recorded to have spoken were the actual words that he spoke. I’m not saying that Jesus, for a fact, did not know how to speak Old Testament Hebrew, but there really isn’t any reason to think that he did. By the time that he was born The version of Hebrew that the earliest books of The Bible were written in had become a dead language. There isn’t any reason to believe that Jesus would have had access to any ancient documents in that language, and since no one in that part of the world would have known how to speak it, knowing Old Testament Hebrew would not have served any purpose.
In The New Testament there are several occasions where The Bible says that certain individuals spoke a language other than Greek. When they did, the Bible writers were very careful to write down just how those things that they said sounded, using characters of The Greek Alphabet. They also recorded what those things meant using The Greek Language. It was obviously out of character for any of these people to speak this language, because they all spoke quite a bit in The Bible and every other thing that they said was recorded in Greek.
Several New Testament writers recorded people speaking this language, and they all consistently referred to it as Hebrew. But as we take a look at what these individuals said we can see that what the Bible refers to as the Hebrew language that they were speaking was nothing like the Hebrew language that previous books of The Bible were written in.
Centuries before Jesus was born, some of the Hebrew people were freed from Babylonian captivity and repatriated into their homeland by Cyrus The Great, The ruler of the Medeo Persian Empire. Books detailing the experiences of those people as well as books of Prophecy were added to the writings that would one day eventually become part of what we now have in The form of our modern Bibles. These books like the earlier Old Testament books of the Bible were written using the Hebrew alphabet, but anyone comparing the earlier books to the later books can see drastic changes to the language. After the Babylonian conquest every Book added to the Old Testament was written using a mixture of Hebrew and Babylonian.
The simple fact that every ancient copy of every New Testament book ever found is in Greek should be evidence enough that Greek was the language of that part of the Earth in Jesus’ day. But by examining everything that was written in this other language we can remove all doubt that this was the case.
Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34 record that as Jesus was dying he said Eli Eli Lama Sabathchani, which means My God My God Why have you abandoned me? None of those words are Old Testament Hebrew. This is a word for word direct quote of Psalms 22:1. If you look at an interlinear version of this verse, you will see that in Hebrew this verse is written as “El El Azab”. None of the words that Jesus said sound anything like the Old Testament Hebrew used at Psalms 22:1. Jesus’ words were not a mixture of Hebrew and some other language. The language that he was speaking contained no Hebrew words what so ever. Proof that these words were not in common use is preserved in the different ways that Matthew and Mark spelled the word eli. Matthew spelled it E L I while Mark spelled it E L O I. Since these were not Greek words there was no recognized way to spell them using the Greek alphabet. Matthew and Mark simply spelled what they heard the best way that they could.
The Bible specifically records that people in the crowd thought that Jesus was calling Elijah. Prior to Jesus’ final words he had said quite a bit, without anyone having any kind of problem understanding him. This is significant. The fact that everyone understood the Greek words that he was saying, but did not understand him when he spoke this language indicates that whatever language this was it was quickly becoming a dead language in The First Century.
After Jesus death Mary Magdalene went to his tomb and upon realizing that he had come back to life she called him Rabboni. John 20:16 says that she called him Rabboni because Rabboni was the Hebrew word for teacher. To this day Jewish religious leaders are called Rabbi.
Mary calling Jesus Rabboni creates a problem for the Churches. The language that Mary was speaking was the same language that Jesus was speaking when he quoted Psalms 22:1. In the original Greek versions of This account it says that Mary was speaking Hibraisti, which translates into our English word Hebrew. But since Bible scholars know that this is not a Hebrew word, many English versions of the Bible translate this word not as Hebrew, but as Aramaic. If you compare several English versions of The Bible you will see this word translated both ways.
The Bible makes it quite clear that by the first century only a minority of the Jewish people still retained the ability to speak Hebrew, but in many instances this information is concealed depending on which version of the Bible someone is reading. At Acts6:1 many Bibles say that The Greeks were complaining about the Jews, taking all of the money that had been set aside for widows. But other versions accurately translate this verse to say that The Jews that Spoke Greek were complaining about The Jews that spoke Hebrew. That’s a big difference and provides further evidence that many of The Jewish people no longer retained the ability to speak what at that time was referred to as Hebrew.
Many point to the scriptures at Acts 21:37-40 as proof that Paul couldn’t speak Greek. Even though it is quite obvious that he was having a conversation with the Greek guard that was watching over him. When Paul started a conversation with his guard, he was asked, “You can speak Greek? I thought that you were Egyptian” Paul responded by telling him that in fact he was a Jew from Tarsus, which was a Greek speaking city. Philippians 3:5 says that Paul had been trained as a religious leader of The Jews, so obviously he would have been part of the small minority that still knew how to speak the first century version of Hebrew. But Paul’s ability to speak Hebrew does not in any way negate the mountain of evidence, both scriptural as well as secular that Greek was the language of that part of the world at that time. And as we are about to find out, what Paul spoke, like the words that Jesus and Mary spoke was not the same language that The Patriarchs spoke.
Several Jewish Christian Hybrid religions say that every word in The Bible was originally recorded in Hebrew but that The Roman Church had all of the originals destroyed and replaced with Greek. There is very little evidence to support such an assertion. As I just said, only a small minority spoke Hebrew, and every piece of evidence that Hebrew was still the language of Jerusalem points to documents produced by that small group. Outside of this very small minority, everything else produced during that time was in Greek. Even the grave markers of those Hebrew speaking Religious Leaders are usually in Greek. No ancient version of any New Testament book has ever been found in The Hebrew language. But once again what historians speak of as Hebrew was not the same language used in the early books of The Old Testament.
I study the original words used by The Bible because it gives me a better understanding of the world of that time. I have quite a few Bible reference books that I use when doing research such as Lexicons, Dictionaries, Concordances and Encyclopedias. All of my newest books say that the language used by Jesus and his Apostles was Aramaic, while all of my older publications say that what they spoke was Chaldee. The Churches renamed this language early in The 20th century in order to conceal something that is very important for anyone trying to understand Bible prophecy.
The language spoken by The Nation of Israel in The first century was Chaldean. The reason that this information is so important to understand, is because Chaldean was the language that was spoken in Babylon. In secular history Babylon is known as The Chaldean Empire. When Pilot had an inscription placed over Jesus’ that read This is the King of The Jews, he had it written out in Helenisti which means Greek, because at that time Greece was known as the Hellenic Empire. Romanisti, which means Latin, because at that time Latin was the language of The Roman Empire, and Hibraisti, which meant Babylonian, because Babylonian was the language of the Hebrew people at that time.
John 5:2 says “Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda” Bethesda is a Babylonian word.
John 19:13 says that Pilot sat on the judgment seat at a place called the pavement, but which in Hebrew is called
Gabbatha. Gabbatha is a Babylonian word.
Acts 21:40 says that Paul addressed the Jewish religious leaders in the Hebrew language. The Bible does not record the Hebrew words that he spoke, but Thayer’s Greek English Lexicon of The New Testament says that the language that Paul addressed the crowd in was Aramaic. And once again Aramaic is just a fancy word for Babylonian.
The Hebrew language is closely related to The Babylonian language, Many of the words in The Babylonian Language would be very similar to those same words in The Hebrew language. Many people believe that Hebrew was the original language spoken before God confused the languages at The Tower of Babel. But a similar argument could be made that Babylonian was the original language. After all They are the ones that remained after the languages were confused. But since it is very easy to see drastic changes in the written versions of both languages there can be no doubt that The spoken versions of these languages would have changed as well.
Understanding that human languages change is important to understanding why there are so many versions of our English Bible. Since I can’t speak the ancient languages in which the Bible was originally written, and I don’t have access to any of the original books written by the people who penned The Bible. It is comforting to know that Jesus was in a similar situation, and yet was still willing to accept the then existing translation of God’s word, as being accurate enough to be beneficial. If Jesus was willing to put his trust in the Greek Translation I am willing to put my trust in my English Translations.
Creating a new English version of The Bible would be an extremely difficult task to undertake. Aside from the risk of offending The Religionist, there is also the huge investment necessary in order to complete the task. Most Bible Translations that are available required the combined resources of many people. Several translations which were begun by one individual had to be completed by others due to the relatively short life span of human beings. And the cost of actually producing a 1500 page book is so great that very few people would have the resources required to take on such a project.
When Ptolemy II sponsored the first Translation into Greek, you can believe that he was not interested in preserving truth. His objective as Ruler of the Ptolemaic Empire was to be perceived as having the backing of The God of his slaves. His objective was not to make it easier for the common man to worship The True God, but to gain worshippers to himself. In effect making himself appear to be a god. The scam worked, and to this day there are people that believe that The Septuagint Version of The Old Testament is better than the original, even though they don’t have the ability to read either one.
When Greece was eventually overthrown by Rome, the same process took place, and before too long The Roman Emperors started sponsoring their own versions of The Bible into Latin. No doubt they had the same desire as Ptolemy II, and the result was that they too became seen as God’s helpers, so much so that The Roman Papas or Emperors eventually declared themselves to be The Vicars of Christ, a title that is still used by the Papas or Popes to this day. And once again even though there are very few that have the ability to read Hebrew, Greek, or Latin, there are those that believe that The Latin Bible is better than the original.
Later Rome was conquered by The British Empire and once again, The Conquering rulers had The Bible translated into the language of The Ruling World Empire which was English. The objective of the British Empire was the same objective that motivated the previous Empires. To this day one of the titles of The British Monarch is “Defender of The Faith” And once again there are those that believe that the British Empire’s 1611 version of The Bible is better than The original, even though most who have that opinion have never read either one.
Many people mistakenly believe that each of these versions was produced by one monarch, and never altered, but that is not the case. Many Authorized versions of The Bible have been produced and altered translated, and retranslated by many of the rulers of those Empires. Even though a version of the Bible was produced during the reign of King James, our current King James version of The Bible was not. It was actually produced during the reign of George III and released around the time of The Revolutionary War.
The journey taken by The Bible to Get from the original languages to our modern language required many steps. These steps followed a repeating predetermined pattern. Each of the rulers of each of those empires had access to many of the original language texts, but chose not to use them. They all based their versions of The Bible on The previous Empire’s versions instead.
On the inside front cover of every English version of The Bible that I have ever seen there is always an introduction explaining how each particular version came to be. They explain who was involved, what their credentials were, which ancient texts the translations were produced from, and methods used to decide how discrepancies were handled.
These introductions sound convincing, but when compared to the ancient texts, it is easy to see that their claims can not possibly be true. Even though the Bibles available to us today in our modern English are very similar to what is recorded in the originals, there are many examples of scriptures that are mistranslated or colored in some way that is not supported by those originals. In most cases the mistranslated verses are mistranslated in the same exact way as the previous Empire’s Authorized versions. In other words any mistranslations that might be in our modern English Bibles Book of Isaiah would have been the same mistranslations that were in The Scroll that Jesus read from two millennia ago.
If you consider the fact that every time a document is translated into a different language it looses some accuracy The History of The Bible poses quite a problem. At this point in history every Bible available to mankind today is effectively a translation of an English Bible, which itself is a translation of a Latin Bible, which itself is a translation of a Greek Bible, which is itself partly translated from Hebrew.
Those who’s agenda it is to discredit The Bible, use the variety of Bible versions that exist, as evidence in support of their claim that The Bible can’t be trusted. They like to declare that it is entirely a fabrication of man, or that it has been altered so much, that even if it at one time The Bible actually did represented the thoughts of God, that time has long since come and gone.
But….. If we take a serious look at how the Bible got to us in it’s current state, it is not all that difficult to see that such claims are for the most part exaggerations.
I think that pretty much everyone understands that Jesus didn’t speak the King’s English. The current theory is that the 66 books of The Bible were probably written by about 40 men living at different times and at different locations and speaking different languages. For me there can be no doubt that Job is the oldest book in the Bible. It includes descriptions of living things that for a certainty are now extinct, and probably have been for thousands of years. The Book of Job is in the form of what we might call poetry. Creating The Book of Job in such a format would have made it easier to memorize, which means that The Story of Job may have been handed down orally by God’s people for a thousand years or more before being recorded in a written language.
There can be no doubt that The Books of The Bible have been manipulated by God’s enemies, and although that is a matter of concern for those of us who are diligently seeking the truth, it isn’t as much of a concern as one might think. Even though the Wicked like to point out that the methods that were used to copy and recopy the Bible makes the Bible undependable, it is actually the opposite that is true.
Prior to our modern age Books had to be produced by hand. Someone would have to acquire something to write on such as papyrus, or animal skins, they would have to have some kind of ink to write with, and they would have to be willing to dedicate a lot of time to actually doing the writing. For quite a long time this process was only carried out by those that truly loved God enough to put themselves through the process. Such people would have had no motivation to try to improve on the story that they perceived as coming directly from God.
During this time in history, Religionist who have always been Enemies of The Bible were producing hundreds of books about actual Bible characters in order to support unscriptural doctrines. Even today there is a widespread belief that many of these so called “Lost Books” should be included in the Bible Canon. During this time no one was actually putting any effort into producing corrupted versions of the actual Bible books themselves. Too many authentic copies had been produced, in the original ancient languages, and at that time those languages were still spoken by too many people.
Just so that you understand what I am talking about. If someone had attempted to produce a corrupted version of the Book of John in support of The Trinity Doctrine, they might have written what we refer to as John 1:1 to say that The word was with the God, and the word was the God. This would have immediately alerted anyone reading such a book to recognize that this copy had been tampered with. Every other copy would have made it clear that Jesus was with God, not that he was God. No ancient copy of The Book of John has ever been found with the definite article the before the word god describing Jesus. In other words The original language ancient text of The Book of John clearly records that Jesus was a god, not The God.
It was not until everyone speaking Attic Greek died off that The Catholic Church was able to introduce the Trinitarian version of The Bible in the Latin language. Someone reading Latin could compare what they were reading to other copies of The Bible in Latin, but not to any of the original language texts.
None of the books that make up our modern Bible is a stand alone story. Every single book depends on every other book in order to truly be understood. In other words The Book of Revelation means almost nothing without the Book of Daniel. The Book of Job means almost nothing without The Book of Revelation. It wasn’t until about the middle of the 4th century AD that the 66 books of our modern Bible were formally accepted as one book. Any alterations made to any one of the books prior to this time would have stood out like a sore thumb when all of the Books were finally combined. Not only that but prior to the establishment of The Bible Canon, most religionist would not have recognized which books were actually important enough to merit their attention. That means that The Book of Job would have remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years. Even The Book of Second Timothy would have been around for at least 300 years before The religionist would have realized it’s importance.
If this is the first time that you have watched a SustenanceNCovering video, this may all sound like conjecture to you, but I promise that if you simply take it upon yourself to watch several of the other videos that are on my channel it won’t take you long to figure out that what I am telling you is pure truth. When asked about The Book of Job, the religions of The Empire will tell you that Job was a good man that was patient. On my channel I teach the truth about Job, and it isn’t anything like the pointless story told by The Churches.
Knowing that all of the books that are currently in our bibles existed undisturbed for so long means that by the time that the religionist got a hold of them millions of pages of bible texts in the original dead languages in which they were produced, had already been circulated over a large portion of The Earth. From time to time bits and pieces of these documents resurface, making it easy to see that prior to the translation of those books into other languages, those ancient documents for the most part agree with one another.
It would be wonderful it we still had access to the original documents produced by the actual Bible writers, but we don’t If we did, no detective work would be required. All that we would have to do is gather together a large group of ancient Hebrew and Greek scholars give each one a photo copy of the originals and let them translate those documents independently of one another. Then compare what they come up with and iron out any discrepancies. These original documents are what scholars refer to as autograph copies. They are called that because they would have been in the actual handwriting of the original writers. If any of these documents still exist it is unlikely that those possessing them will ever allow us to know about them.
What we actually have available is thousands of pages of text from all over the world. So before the translators can get started a first step has to be taken. Someone has to go through all of that text and consolidate it in some fashion that preserves the accuracy of the Bible narrative. Since there are variances, some logical method has to be used in order to come up with a document that best represents what would have been in those ancient autograph copies. The way that this is accomplished is by comparing all available texts recording which ones agree with one another, and publish the version that is found in the majority of the documents. Even though this should be a straight forward process it still depends on the people doing the consolidating actually comparing every available document (which I am sure that they did not) as well as depending on those people not having any religious agenda. (which obviously they probably did)
Documents created in this way are referred to as majority texts. It may not be 100% perfect, but we can be sure that with so many documents out there being examined by so many people, that what we have in the form of our Hebrew and Greek text Bible is more accurate than any other ancient document that exist. Problems are not likely to creep in during the compiling phase. After all, these compilers are for the most part simply copying letter for letter word for word what they see in the original documents. These compilers are very limited in just how much they can get away with.
As an example if one of the people involved in the process believed with all of his heart that Jesus died on a cross, and that the belief that Jesus died on a cross was essential in order for someone to gain salvation, there wouldn’t be much that such a person could do about it. Every Greek passage about Jesus’ execution uses the words stauros which is a pointed steak, or xylon which also means a pointed steak. If he were to replace the words stauros, or xylon with some ancient Greek word meaning cross this would quickly be exposed. Such radical alteration is much more easy to get away with during the translation phase. That is why most English Bibles speak of Jesus dying on a cross, even though no ancient document has ever been discovered containing any word that could be translated as cross. Telling an English speaker that the Greek word Stauros translates into the Latin word Crux, which translates into the English word Cross, is much easier than telling them that a pointed stake is a cross.
Since most of us have Bibles that say Jesus died on a cross, and that Jesus was God, it may seem that in fact The Bible really can’t be trusted. But that is not the case at all. If the only Bible that we have access to says that Jesus died on a cross, does it really matter? The important thing to know is that he died. And why he died. Even the most corrupted Bible out there doesn’t say any more about the cross than that he died on it. No where in the Bible does it say that we have to wear a cross, or have a cross in our home. In fact if anything the Bible gives clear warnings against using any kind of material object as part of our worship.
What about the teaching that Jesus is the same person as God. Very few scriptures have been corrupted in such a way as to support the Trinitarian version of Jesus. There are still thousands of unaltered scriptures saying that Jesus is not God. No one reading the Bible in it’s entirety would ever come to the conclusion that Jesus is God.
The only thing that allows a person to believe in religion is a very strong desire to believe in religion. When someone says that they believe in a particular church because the Bible tells them to, they are either lying, or engaging in wishful thinking.
Before I knew about all of the Hebrew and Greek resources available to the common man the false scriptures bothered me quite a bit. I had heard that the Bible contradicted itself so many times from nonbelievers that it really made me uncomfortable whenever I would stumble across a scripture that really did contradict the rest of The Bible. Seeing scriptures that said that God sent people to a burning hell for all eternity, or that it was a Christians duty to be a good hard worker, or that we were to give our allegiance to a hierarchal structure of clergy, made me really sad and uncomfortable. But whenever I saw scriptures like those, I would pray really hard and try to concentrate on all of the scriptures that made up the majority of The Bible, and simply push the contradictory scriptures to the back of my mind.
I believe that if a person who had never been to a church or been exposed to any kind of Church Doctrine, were to simply pick up a Bible and read it they would have no problem figuring out the truth. Probably the altered scriptures wouldn’t even be an issue. The Bible is a very big book. So big that the doctrine scriptures could easily hide amongst the volumes of truth that the Bible has to offer.
When you meet someone that actually believes that Circumcision is a scriptural requirement, you have to know that they didn’t get that out of any Bible. I have seen some really messed up versions of The Bible in my life time and even the worst version that I have ever seen doesn’t support anything like that. But if you asked someone in such a religion why they believe in circumcision, they would be able to take you directly to one of the doctrine scriptures. But….. if you were to ask them what the overall theme of the Bible was, they would never be able to come up with any kind of answer. Such a person might suggest that the Theme of The Bible is to be obedient to God.
People that seek out religion will never find the truth. People seeking truth, will never find a religion. Someone reading The Bible from cover to cover with an open mind and no preconceived ideas would see very early in their studies what The Bible is actually about.
Knowing that there are so many versions of The English Bible out there, I want to make sure that the one that I am reading is the most accurate. Any attempt at figuring out which English version of The Bibles are superior or inferior would have to be based on which versions are the most or least similar to what would have been in those autograph originals. If you have watched any of my other videos, then you are probably aware of how much effort the churches have put into concealing basic bible truth. Since the original books produced by The original Bible writers would have been very similar to the Bibles that the Churches produce. It is obvious that most of The Bible is accurate.
I have found that most of the mistranslated scriptures that I have come across are the ones that everyone is familiar with. And, there is a very reasonable explanation as to why that is the case. When I was a Catholic most of what I remember is the same scriptures repeated over and over again. At that time I think that the rituals of The Catholic church were performed over a three year period of Liturgical years. Which meant that everything that was said at mass was repeated word for word every three years. But even within that three year period most of the scriptures referred to were repeated over and over again. The scriptures that were repeated seemed to prove that The Catholic Church was the only church that practiced The True Religion.
The same can be said about my time after that when I mostly attended a lot of protestant churches. The same scriptures over and over again, and it was always the scriptures that supported the doctrines of those churches.
The last religion that I was involved with was The Jehovah’s Witnesses. I stuck with the Jehovah’s Witnesses the longest because unlike the Catholic Church which repeated the same hundred or so scriptures over and over again, or the protestant churches which repeated the same hundred or so scriptures over and over again, The Jehovah’s Witnesses repeated about two hundred scriptures over and over again. At the time I was very in to math and the Jehovah’s Witnesses had the numbers in their favor. It took a long time for me to decide to leave religion altogether. And I have to admit that for the most part my decision was based on the other 31,000 scriptures that nobody ever read.
I often say that the Bible is about The war between God’s Kingdom, and Satan’s Empire, The war between The Angels and The Demons, or The War between Creation, and Civilization. If someone with an open mind were to read a Bible from cover to cover, I think that they would at least to some extent figure out this basic Bible teaching for themselves. No matter which version of the Bible they were reading. But I have to point out that many teachings associated with this basic Bible truth have been covered over at least to some extent by every single English Translation Of The Bible that is out there. For me another important point to take into consideration when choosing which English version to use would have to be it’s ability to convey this basic Bible truth.
Something else that would have to be taken into consideration is the purpose of The Bible. In it’s original languages The Bible was very obviously given to mankind in order to comfort those of us who are suffering due to the oppressive nature of Satan’s rulership over the mankind. For me choosing which version of the Bible to read would also have to take into consideration it’s ability to bring me comfort.
In order for any book to be able to accomplish these objectives of accurately teaching and comforting it would also by necessity need to be effective at communicating. The Bible in it’s original languages was written in a style that was extremely simple for the people living at those times to understand. There were not a whole lot of big words, or words that were not in common usage. A modern Bible would not provide the same function as the original if it used a whole lot of lofty words that the common man could not understand.
Related to this point is the fact that the Bible in the original languages used words that were current. No modern Bible using archaic wording would accurately represent the Bible as it was presented in it’s original languages. Jesus followers probably would have been able to understand Jesus if he used classical Greek in his teachings, since Books written in classical Greek were still being circulated in Jesus’ day. But instead he chose to address the crowds using Attic, the version of Greek that was current at that time. He would have spoken the same way when he was talking to his friends about the whether as he would have spoken while delivering his sermon on the mount.
Quite a few versions of The Bible include some of the so called “Lost Books of The Bible”. I don’t have a problem with that. Up to this time I have never seen a single Bible that included those books without clearly labeling them as either deuterocanonical, or apocryphal. I have read such books and feel that everyone needs to be aware that they are out there. And that in many cases, they were produced at about the same time as some of the books that are included in the Bible canon. I have copies of many of the lost books in my library. And have read most of them. They are interesting, and are probably more truth than lies. I enjoyed reading them and probably learned from them. Others may get as much out of them as I did. But unlike the books that are normally found in a standard issue Bible, I have never found any keys to unlocking any kind of sacred secrets within the pages of any of the so called lost books.
Even though I don’t have a problem with people including books that are clearly marked, I do have a problem with Bibles that include scriptures that are not found in any of the ancient texts. Bibles that by tradition include man made verses bother me a lot. It is now 2015. Most of the spurious texts have been exposed for several hundred years. There has been more than ample time for The Churches to locate and present any copies of any original language documents containing such scriptures. Since they have thus far not been able to do so I think that it is safe to say that those scriptures need to be removed immediately. In fact they all should have been removed long ago. At the very least such scriptures should be clearly marked as not being part of the original ancient text.
I am in the process of reading the Bible again. This will be my eighth time. I make a point of reading from a different translation every day. As I come across scriptures that appear to be significantly different from other versions I write them down so that I can go back later and compare several versions to one another as well as to the original language texts. Hopefully in a year or so, I’ll figure out which versions are best able to accurately represent what the original writers were trying to communicate. If I find that any particular version seems to be better than the rest, I’ll make a video about it.
The purpose of this video was to strengthen your faith in The Bible. I hope that I didn’t accomplish the opposite. I think that it is important for every person of faith to understand this process, because enemies of The Bible understand it well, and will gladly use it in their attempts to discredit The Bible, and weaken your resolve. We need a basic understanding of these things, so that we are not stumbled when one of God’s enemies brings it to our attention.
Another very important piece of information brought out in this video, that I hope everyone appreciates is that the language of the Bible has been in a constant state of change ever since the earliest books of The Bible canon were first created. When I say that The Ancient Hebrew and Greek languages are dead, that is exactly what I mean. A written language can only be spoken by the people that write it. All that we have left of these ancient languages are written documents. There are no living people that still speak these languages, so there isn’t anyone left that can demonstrate how these languages sounded hundreds of years ago.
There are people on this Earth who’s religious belief is that the proper pronunciation of the ancient names found in The Bible is an important part of pleasing God. They put a lot of effort into studying the ancient languages in order to be able to properly pronounce God’s name, or The name of his Son. Humans are more likely to listen to what we say if we speak their name respectfully when we address them. It is understandable that some might feel that God should be given that same respect. But you can rest assured that God understands that as long as we call on him, our heart condition is more important than our ability to properly pronounce words without someone to teach us how.
Not long ago The Anglo American World Empire reestablished The Nation Of Israel. They relocated The indigenous population, to areas that are very similar to the so called “Indian reservations” that we have in The US, and replaced them with people from all over the world. Few of the people that were brought in had the ability to communicate with one another because of the varieties of languages that they spoke. The decision was made early on to resurrect the ancient language spoken by The Hebrew people of The First century.
This decision was made only about a century ago, and now there are nine million world wide speaking a language that is called Hebrew as a first language. Just in Israel alone Seven Million now speak this language. Even though it uses the ancient Hebrew alphabet of The Old Testament, it is still first century Hebrew, and the Bible clearly records that in the first century The People living in Jerusalem spoke Babylonian.
Please don’t fall into the trap of believing that somehow this thing is being accomplished by Our Father. There are scriptures about the resurrection that say that God himself will restore the original instinctive language of mankind. One such scripture is found at Zephaniah 3:9. Since the resurrection has not yet occurred, it should be obvious that what is taking place now, can not possibly be the work of God. At least not the God that we want to put our faith in.
Should we decide that we want to take part in restoring this language, we need to keep in mind that The Bible clearly says that it was God himself that originally confused the languages. Our participation in The Anglo American Empires attempts at restoring mankind’s original language could actually make us guilty of fighting against God. I myself want to be able to speak to everyone on this planet without any misunderstandings. I can hardly wait for this to take place. But I also know that I have to be patient. Please be patient with me. I promise you that it will be worth it.
The original city of Babylon no longer exist. And the people that live in that part of the world no longer speak Babylonian. And yet Revelation speaks of The Destruction of Babylon as if it is yet future. Revelation 18:10 says “Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: “‘Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon! In one hour your doom has come!”
Knowing that God is about to destroy a great city that he calls Babylon, and knowing that The great city of Jerusalem has restored the Babylonian language, should grab your attention. The prophecy of Daniel that speaks of The Promised land as a Great False God says that the Head of that God is Babylon. There can be no denying that this is in The Bible. There is no Church on The planet that will ever reveal the identity of the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, even though it should be obvious. There is no Church on The Planet that will ever tell you that the language of Israel is Babylonian, even though this is pretty much public information that can be proven without doing a whole lot of research. The identity of The Babylon of Revelation should only be a mystery to God’s enemies.
Some may want to learn ancient Babylonian in order to follow Christ’s footsteps more closely. But since Jesus spoke Attic every time that he was quoted with only one exception, it is only logical that in order to follow Jesus it would be better if we were to learn Attic. Just know that if you should choose to do so you will be the only person alive on the Earth that will be able to speak it.
In the very near future, I am going to attempt to explain The Entire Book of Revelation in a video series entitled “Removing The Seal” The information in this video is going to be very important if we want to fully understand the information in that series. The information contained in The Book of Revelation is going to be essential for those of us wishing to survive what is about to come on The Earth.
If you don’t want to survive……………. Don’t Listen To Me.

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