Written In Stone Conclusion

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be the conclusion of our series written in stone. 

I actually should’ve made the last video the conclusion, but I didn’t. Also I know that people want more, because people have told me “why did you stop, you could have kept on going and told us the rest”. It’s just that I don’t know the rest. If you get into the book of Revelation and you’re reading about the restoration of the solar system. I feel like the last video I did about the sea of glass, the sea of ice, the waters above the expanse, the window of the heavens, that was pretty straightforward and obvious. There is no other explanation for it. So the information I gave you, I don’t feel at all worried that that’s not true. So I’ll post a video if I know it’s true.

 After that, you get into a grey area. You know I said that the book of Revelation was about the restoration of the solar system. It could be the restoration of the universe, I’m not really sure. It talks about a lot of celestial phenomenon that we could guess at and try to figure out, but we really couldn’t come up with any conclusions on it.  

Well just as an example, you know it talks about a star called Wormwood coming down to the earth and hitting the sea and turning the waters of the sea bitter. I think that is a celestial phenomenon, but I don’t know what it is, because there’s nothing in the Bible that talks about this star Wormwood leaving the Earth.  So why it would have to come back, I don’t know. There’s other things that are obvious celestial phenomenon and those things, we could speculate all day. 

First off there is information, if you do read the book for Revaluation know this. When you read about a star, that’s from the greek word estare. It doesn’t mean stars like we talk about stars today. The word star just meant any point of light in the heavens. So they would call planets stars. You know, because it’s just a little speck of light and it’s in the heavens.  Galaxies, which appear to be stars, are actually clusters of thousands of stars and yet that would qualify as a star. So when it says the star is falling into the sea it could be a planet, it could be a moon or it could be a star, it could be anything. Just literally, you know through the way it’s written, I’m not saying any of that is what’s going to happen. 

Also the word “into” as I’ve looked at it, sometimes could mean towards. So this star coming towards the earth doesn’t mean necessarily that it contacts the earth. When it falls into the sea, I don’t know if it’s talking about the sea of glass or it’s talking about our ocean or some kind other celestial phenomenon that had the name of sea back in the day. Right now I just don’t know, that’s all I’m telling you is I don’t know.

I think that happens like on the sixth trumpet blast, so three years into the last days. We’re going to see so much stuff in that three year period, that when we get there, we’re just going to know what it is. When we see it happening, we’ll say “oh yes, that’s Wormwood”.

Now another thing it says in there, is that the sun would become as black as sackcloth and the moon would turn to blood. To me this is describing a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse at the same time. In the solar system we live in now that’s an impossibility, it can not happen. But it’s not necessarily true that it’s not going to be solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse at the same time. It’s possible that this star Wormwood is another planet that used to be between us and the sun. We don’t know. 

In order to have a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse on the same day, you have to have two moons or two planets circling our planet or a moon and a planet. That’s just the only way that could happen. But it may not be that. It may be that god just somehow darkens the sky, maybe with clouds. All I’m telling you is that it’s not important what the mechanics are to cause these events. The important thing is to be looking for them.

In fact, on the sixth trumpet blast when it starts talking about the sun and the moon being darkened, it says “but all those who call on the name of Jehovah will get away safe”. This is reiterated later in the greek scriptures where it says “all that call on the name of god will be saved”. So it’s just going to happen, you don’t really need to know how it happened.

I will say this, when I started the series about Written in Stone, I explained that the things that are in the bible, a lot of the things that have happened in the past that people say never happened, you really can’t deny them, because they are written in stone.

There are 360 day calendars all over the planet. There are 365 day calendars all over the planet. There ain’t no intermediary calendars. So that’s written in stone, can’t be denied that at one time humans beings  had 360 day year. 

The flood, the flood really happened. You know the bible said there was a flood, there is flood damage all over the planet in stone. Really happened. 

The bible says that we’re driving all species to extinction. We’re ruining the earth. Revelation says that god’s bringing to ruin those ruining the earth. The fossil record indicates that is the case. There’s bones of species all over the planet that are no longer are alive. We did that. 

There is another thing written in stone that the bible never talks about. It involves the celestial bodies. I don’t know why it’s not in the bible and I don’t know if it ever even happened or if it’s real. We said before that ever culture on the earth has got a flood myth. Now the scientists that believe in evolution and ice ages, they believe that the bible account of the flood is also a myth.  

I’ve said before that there is no such thing as myths. There is the bible history, which is 100% true in it’s original languages. Of course our english bible has got some flaws in it. The original language bible has no flaws. It’s pure truth, pure history.   Then there is secular history, which is like our own secular history today, our news, our networks, it’s half truths and half lies. 

Something you need to know about, is around the world cultures have always kept track of the stars. For planting and for whatever purposes, for their worship. It’s interesting to note that pretty much every culture on the earth today has the same view of our solar system, our galaxy and it’s recorded. I mean scientists in china, you know have the same data that scientists in the US have. The thing about it, all the ancient writings about the solar system or about the universe don’t match what we believe today. The way that they talk about the planets is not anything like the way our planets act today. What’s really unusual is that they all agree with one another. So the way that our scientists agree with scientists in china today, basically 6000 years ago the scientists in different parts of the world agreed with one another. 

The explanation for this and there are several explanations for this. One is that one person made up a story and he was able to go around the world telling everyone to believe in this story and they did. I don’t think that’s very likely.

Another thing is that those stories are true and that is likely. I mean it’s more likely than everybody just buying into one story. Another piece of evidence to support this is that in each and every one of these stories, Saturn is involved. Saturn is described as being much, much closer to the earth in all of these stories. In fact, the reason that it makes sense is that every one cultures describes Saturn having rings. We’re talking about six thousand, four thousand, six thousand years ago. People knew that Saturn had rings, how is that possible? That’s another one that people speculate and they’re going to get themselves in trouble. Because when they they find out what they believe is a lie, then they look stupid. 

They say that maybe aliens brought us information. I mean that’s possible. Or the demons told them. We believe in demons. That the demons that were in contact with people told the human family that Saturn had rings. 

But another possibility is that Saturn really was just closer at one time. The telescope was I think invented 16th century I think. So it’s only been less than 300 years since we know of Saturn’s rings being discovered and then the scientific community really didn’t pass the word around about that for probably till about 250 years ago.

So it’s just something to keep in mind, these ancient cultures knew things different than we know them. So it’s possible that they were different. It’s possible that all that is going to be fixed. 

There is a man that wrote a book. I think it was called Worlds In Collision. He came up with a lot of, I mean he used math and science to try to figure out how this  was going to come to a conclusion. I don’t think you can really do that, but he did have good information. He went all around the world researching at different museums these ancient cultures and what they said about the stars and the moon and the planets and the sun . He put it in his book and I think his evidence is good, I just don’t trust his conclusions of how it happened or where it’s going.

The same with Nibiru, planet X people. I think their beliefs are based on all ancient myths, including things that are in the bible and they mix that with some kind of NASA observations. The problem with that is this, the bible was written for us simple people, it wasn’t written for astronomers. 

So when the events that are recorded in the Last Days start occurring you will not have to go to TV to find out about it. You can go out in your yard and look up to see these things. These are going to be very, very obvious, easy to perceive things. Like right now all these people are looking for some kind of planet that’s wandering around out there supposedly. It doesn’t matter if that has anything to do with it or not really, because until it actually gets here, we’re not going to know. 

When the simple man, a regular everyday person, can go outdoors and look up at the sky and see that something’s wrong. That’s when all of this is starting, not when NASA says it’s wrong. 

That’s it,  this is basically the end. Look obviously when I’m doing other videos, the calendar is going to come up. The planets, the sun, the moon, because they’re throughout the bible.  It’s just that this series is over.

If you don’t want to survive, then don’t listen to me.

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