Written In Stone Part 1

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be called Written In Stone.

Anytime in the past that the creator of the universe thought something was important enough to tell us, he would write it down on what at the time was the equivalent of paper. Hence today we have a bible, which actually is written on paper. Writing something on paper doesn’t have very much meaning, unless there is something to support that. Civilization has their entire infrastructure on paper, but they have nothing to support it. So there is a difference between what God writes here and what some oligarch somewhere writes on a piece of paper. We’re going to talk about that right now. 

When I say written in stone, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the ten commandments or what is popularly known as the ten commandments. And yes that is a good example. We’re going to talk about something much more profound than that. This video is going to actually be an indictment against the religions of the world. So pay close attention.

I’ve told you in the past that I refuse to make a video that somebody else has already made. That’s pointless. I’m here to communicate things to you that you don’t know. So if somebody else had this video, I wouldn’t make it. I’ve also told you that I will not make a video, I’m not going to stop my day, waste my time to make a video, unless it’s something extremely important. In fact, I’ve said unless it has not been revealed to man for 2000 years. The reason I say that, is because this video is going to start off sounding like church talk. I assure you, it is not.  This video is going to tell you about something that the churches have kept well hidden from you for 2700 years. They don’t want you to know this. They’re doing everything in their power to stop you from knowing this. So please watch this video to the end.

When I talk about something being written in stone, a good example of that, is what’s written in the bible in the book of Genesis and in fact is recorded all the way through the Bible to the book of Revelation. The very, very beginning when Adam decided to stop being obedient to natural law, God told him if you continue on this course you’re going to curse the earth. Now the way that is presented to us by the churches is that as punishment for eating a piece of fruit God cursed the Earth, just to make Adam sorry. That’s not the way the original Hebrew is presented and in fact later on when Cain decides that he’s going to  start building cities and engaging in agriculture, he says the same thing about Cain. He says “on Cain’s account the Earth is cursed” and yet the churches teach us that it was actually god that cursed the earth as punishment for what cain did. That’s not at all true.

Throughout the Bible we are shown in every book what damage man has done to the Earth, to the planet, to the animals, to the trees and to one another. When you get to the final Book of Revelation, when it’s time to straighten all that out, god says in no uncertain terms  “I am bringing to ruin those who are ruining my earth” and then he explains how he’s going to do it.

What do the christian churches teach about this? This is just the proof that is in the pudding. If you take every single person that professes to be a Jew or Christian to a museum and you show them the thousands of fossil specimens of extinct species of animals that we brought to ruin and asked them why these animals no longer exist, 99 if not 100 percent will tell you it was caused by natural selection. Even though in our modern times we have seen human beings destroy thousands of species with not one single example of natural selection destroying even one. So that’s an indictment against the religions of the world.

Now if you’re in a church where everybody is pretty much in agreement that human beings have done this and that natural selection is a lie, that’s good, but there’s more. 

The bible a little later on tells us that after man did so much damage to the Earth and it looked like he wasn’t going to stop, that God brought a flood to put a stop to what they were doing.  Yet, if you take every man of every christian and jewish religion on the planet out to the Grand Canyon and ask them how it got there,  99 if not 100 percent will tell you that it was done by an ice age.

Now the scientists that explain this to us, are also the same scientists that discovered several very important principles in the laws of physics. One is called the first law of thermodynamics and the other is called the law of conservation of matter and energy. Yet these same people expect us to believe in an ice age that has to break both of those laws. The vast majority of christendom and judaism buy into this story. If you’re in a church or a temple, where even one member thinks that the Grand Canyon got there by the ice age, your congregation needs to address that.

Now we’re going to tell you about another thing that is written in stone. Written in stone! I’m going to read a scripture that has been twisted and changed so that you can’t figure it out. I say that I don’t usually quote bibles, but I’m going to quote this one directly.

Daniel 2:21, very, very specific “And He is changing times and seasons. Removing kings and setting up kings. Giving wisdom to the wise ones and knowledge to those knowing discernment”. 

Now, what does that scripture really say? You’re going to have to do a little research and it’s not much. You can goto the online concordance. That’s Daniel 2:21. Type in years times (ed), when it gives you all the scriptures that say times, when it gives you all those scriptures, goto that particular scripture in Daniel and click on the word times. You will find that word is not times and the other word isn’t seasons. What the scripture actual says is god is changing years and months. He is removing kings and replacing kings, so that you can have wisdom and knowledge. Think about that. He’s changing years and months. Very profound statement, but what does that mean?

When the Jewish people were led into the promised land, they were stopped. The thing that we call the 10 commandments, which was really the 10 words, initially existed in a box called the ark of the covenant. A better name for the box is the container for the written agreement. These people made an agreement with God that they would follow his commandments and he had some very specific commandments put in place. 

These things that he did where called festivals and rituals. In the written agreement it specifically said that each of these rituals had to be observed by the entire nation. These rituals were reenactments of historic events in Bible history. If you look at that, no matter how you look at it, it says things such as: on the 3rd day of the 4th month or things similar to that, it said you had to perform a certain ritual.  Also within that law it told them when they could harvest crops and when to plant crops. It always referred to months and days and there’s a reason for that. 

At that time the jewish people were using a 360 day calendar with twelve 30 day months and it was designed so that so that the new moon on the first month would always fell on the solar solstice. Always! That’s recorded in the bible that they 360 days year with twelve 30 day months. 

People are going to question this, but the fact is we don’t have a 360 day year.  We have a 365 and a quarter day year with 29 and a half day months. If we want to know what date it is, we can’t simply walk out, look up at the moon and say “well, it’s the third moon and looks about 5th day”. We can’t do that, because we don’t have a lunar calendar any more. 

I’m going to show you where that’s at in the book, just so that you can see this. Everything from here to here, is based on a 360 day calendar. Everything from here to here, is based on the babylonian calendar which is 365 days. Until you get to right here, Revelation.  At this point in the bible, the calendar reverts back to a 360 day, 30 day month, twelve month calendar.


Now how did he write this in stone? That’s a very important thing. It’s in paper. That would be meaningless, because the empire can produce paper.  Paper about lies, but Jehovah god made sure to write this in stone.

Around the world in museums are thousands upon thousands of stone artifacts. Records of empires, payments, executions, judicial decisions and there are a whole lot of stone tablets which record planting habits of civilizations around the world. Interestingly enough, every culture on the earth claimed to have a 360 day calendar at one time. They depended on the 360 day calendar for planting and harvesting their crops.

Yet if you bring a christian to such a museum and ask them why that is, 99 if not 100 percent will tell you that primitive man did not have the means to measure days and years. So what we are supposed to believe is that thousands of agrarian societies around the earth planted their crops according to the new moon of a certain month and they never picked up on to the fact that sometimes they were planting in the middle of summer and sometimes they were planting in the middle of a blizzard.

This is an indictment against the religions of the world. Almost everyone who studies ancient cultures agrees that every culture on the planet about 2700 years ago altered their 360 day calendar and instituted a 365 day calendar. 

Now I told you before, my channel is going to give you one piece of the puzzle every now and then and eventually we’re going to put the puzzle together. I’m not going to give you the next piece for a little while. The reason being, if this video is giving you goose-bumps, the next one is going to shake you up even worse. I am painfully aware that the vast majority of people watching this either claim to be christian, claim to be jewish or they claim to be some kind of mixture of the two. The reason that God made the calendar change from 360 days to 365 days is more earth shattering then the fact that he did it.

If you’re in a church that has not explained the change of the calendar to you, you’re in a satanic, ritualistic, perverted form of worship. You need to get out. This information is vital to you. Right now you may not understand how vital it is to you, but I promise you, without this clue, without this understanding of what has happened to the calendar, there is not one word in this book that can ever be forced to make sense. Every prophecy in the bible depends on you understanding how the calendar works or the prophecies are meaningless. But now that you have this key, every prophecy in the bible can be understood quite simply. I promise you.

If you don’t want to survive, then don’t listen to me.

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