Written In Stone Part 10 The Urim, The Thummim, and The Sea Of Glass

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be number 10 in our video series entitled Written in Stone, about the calendar change that took place about 2700 years ago when Jehovah altered the relationship between the earth, moon and sun in such a way that our natural year went from 360 days to 365 1/4 days.

Daniel made reference to this calendar change in chapter 2 verse 21 of his book when he said that God was changing times and seasons. Many of the other prophets confirmed that this was in fact the case.

The title of this video is going to be The Urim, The Thummim, and The Sea Of Glass.  If you haven’t watched the first nine parts of this series, then I highly recommend that you do so before watching this particular video, otherwise you may not understand what I’m going to be talking about.

I said in my “how to read revelation and understand it” video that the book of Revelation was about the restoration of everything that has been damaged during the war between Satan’s empire and Jehovah’s kingdom. That means all damage, not just damage that we have done to the earth and not just the damage that Satan has done to the earth, but also the damage that Jehovah himself did when he brought about cataclysms. Such as the global deluge of Noah’s day the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel and the altering of the relationship between the celestial bodies which destroyed our ability to keep track of times and seasons.

in the book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 14 we are told that God made the celestial bodies to serve as signs to mark seasons, days and years. What that meant is that every measure of time that was important for us could be clearly seen simply by looking into the sky. We could tell just from looking up if a new day had begun, a new week, a new month or a new year, as well as longer measurements of time such as sabbath years, jubilees and sabbath millenniums. This is no longer the case.

Most can at least look at the sky and tell if it is a new day, but really is that for sure? What if our day was altered at the same time that our months were altered? It is possible that days were not 24-hours long when God was finished with the creation. At this time I don’t think that there is any way for us to know. There are scriptures that can be viewed as speaking about a changing of time, but nothing absolute. At least none that I can think of.

What about months? Right now we have a very confused way of keeping track of months. There are 29 and 30 day months and sometimes even 28 day months. The word month comes from the word moon. Our moon changes every 29 1/2 days, but that isn’t very helpful at all. According to the Bible our moon is supposed to be on the opposite side of the earth at all times. If that were the case, our moon would always be full. Humans were never meant to see the dark side of the moon as we do now. Lunations could never happen if the earth and were synchronized.

Back in ancient times, the Jews were told to celebrate the new moon every year on the first day of the seventh month. The only way that this could be possible today would be if the year were restored to 360 days with 30 day months. If that were the case, then there would always be a lunar eclipse in the eastern hemisphere during the fall equinox of the northern hemisphere. There would also be a lunar eclipse over the western hemisphere on the first day of the first month which would correspond to the fall equinox of the southern hemisphere. I know that sounds complicated, but all that I just said is a twice a year there would be a lunar eclipse because twice a year at the equator would be perfectly aligned with the sun.

Since the changing of months and years, there has been no way to celebrate the feast of trumpets. Jehovah said it Isaiah chapter 1 verse 13 “your sacrifices are worthless and incense is disgusting. I can’t stand what you do on your new moon festivals or on your sabbaths and other times of worship. I hate your new moon festivals and all others as well. They are a heavy burden that I am tired of carrying”. The Bible is filled with scriptures like this.

Today there are those that argue that these scriptures only applied to the 10 northern tribes of Israel and that Judah is not included as if somehow Judah was not part of Israel. The question has to be asked, if Jehovah didn’t disapprove of Judah’s feast of trumpets celebration during the lunar eclipse why did he take away Judah’s lunar eclipse at the same time that he took away Israel’s lunar eclipse.

There are quite a few prophecies about the feast of trumpets being restored and they all relate to the last days. The most detailed account is the one at revelation that I spoke of in my last video. John said that there would be seven lunar eclipses in a row, one every six months for the entire 3 1/2 year period associated with the great tribulation. After that something remarkable would happen that would alter our view of the moon forever.

Prior to the flood the appearance of the moon would change every 30 days in a way that most of us today could not even imagine. Immediately after the flood, a rainbow appeared in the sky. Rainbows are caused when white light, which is made up of many different colors of light, passes through a transparent solid or liquid material and splits up into all of the different colors of light that the white light is made up of. Noah would never seen a rainbow in the clouds before, because as the Bible says in Genesis chapter 2 verse 5, God had never made it rain.

When the rainbow appeared, Jehovah said something to Noah. It is recorded in Genesis chapter 9 verse 13. He said I have set my rainbow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. In the ancient Hebrew language this word set carries the connotation that the rainbow is being delivered it to the cloud from somewhere else.

When Jehovah called it my rainbow, it was indicating that he didn’t just create the rainbow, but that was something that he already had. Noah’s family the rainbow came from and certainly spoke about this to one another for many years, but as time passed and generations came and generations went, detailed knowledge about the origin of the rainbow was lost.

Centuries later, Moses came along and God used Moses to deliver his people out of Egyptian bondage. These people were given many laws about how they were to live. Many of the laws dealt with religious rituals and the articles to be used during those rituals. Every religious ritual performed by the nation of Israel was either a reenactment of historic events in the war between civilization and creation or a pre-enactment of historic events which were yet to take place in that war.

One of the things that was described in that law was the attire of the high priest. He was to wear an ephod made the white linen with a breastplate hanging from his shoulders. The breastplate was to be made with settings holding 12 precious stones over the priest’s chest with two onyx stones set in the shoulders. We cannot be certain of the color of each stone since translators are still debating exactly what each stone is. But for us, all that is important is that we understand that these stones are all of different colors and all transparent.

Another very important feature, according to our English translations of the Bible, is something called the Urim and the Thummim. This phrase is transliterated from the ancient Hebrew when in fact it should not be transliterated, but translated. By transliterating these words the churches are able to convince their flocks that there were two sacred stones put in the priest outfit that could somehow predict the future. I promise you that this is not the case. We’ll talk about what is really going on here in a little while.

At the very end of the Bible in the book of Revelation we are told about something else that is made of 12 transparent precious stones. Revelation was written in Greek, not Hebrew and once again we are not absolutely certain of what color each of the stones would have been. For the most part they appear to be the same exact colors as the stones in the high priest breast plate, just listed in a different order and different language.

They are called the foundation stones of a great city called new Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is what the Bible calls the belief system that replaces the previous belief system called Babylon the great. Babylon the great is also called a great city.

Understanding that Exodus and Revelation both mentioned these precious stones and also understanding that the purpose of the ancient rituals was to reenact historic events as well as to pre-enact future events, we should be able to easily come to the conclusion that the stones in the high priest breastplate represented the stones mentioned after the final trumpet blast at the end of the book of Revelation. Studying what is written in Revelation will help us to understand what is written in Exodus and studying what is written in Exodus will help us to understand what is written in Revelation.

The first mystery to solve is figuring out what the Urim and the Thummim is and all that we need in order to do so is the concordance. Urim means lights and Thummim means perfection. So depending on which order these two words are in, it either means lights of perfection or perfect lights. Nothing more. No magic stones, just perfect lights.

So now we understand that let’s look at how this breastplate was used. Once a year on the day of atonement the high priest would go into the most holy part of the temple. First withdrawn his priestly apparel sacrifices would be made and he would go in. On his way to the most holy past 10 lamps in the temporal called the holy.

Remember the lamps of the five discrete versions than the five foolish virgins in part six of the series? The high priest was there for the purpose of reenacting the figurative wedding feast of the sun and the moon, the resynchronization of our heavenly timekeepers. When he entered the most holy there would be the presence of God a glowing a cloud that was always there over the park of the covenant.

This priest represented our high priest Jesus but in this instance he would be playing the part of the moon. The ephod that he wore on this particular day was different than what he would’ve usually worn because it was right to indicate that he represented both the man which is white.

Prior to the change in the calendar is always full but hundreds of years before that prior to the flood there is something even more spectacular about the appearance of the moon. Before I can tell you about what Batman look like I have to give you some background information that is essential to understanding how the moon appeared as well as why it appeared that way.

In the account of the flood, Genesis chapter 7 and verse 11 says that the floodgates of the great watery deep of the heavens opened up. I am quite aware that many versions of the Bible try to translate these scriptures to save the waters came from beneath the surface of the planet. Before you send me some kind of information to educate me of this fact please look at the original Hebrew is available online for free.

The word heavens Shammai in cannot in any way be used to indicate some kind of underground water source. Some Bibles try to combine the idea of director from above the atmosphere with the idea of letters from beneath the surface of the earth by inserting the word and between the words heavens and deep, which does not belong there.

A much more accurate rendering of the original Hebrew that I have not found in any Bible would be: all of the sources of the great deep window of the heavens were broken open as if struck. All I did to create this rendering is take the definition of each of the words in the Scripture and put them in the can also be translated in a much simpler way by simply saying: the very big window of the sky was shattered.

This great deep window what happens is first mentioned during the creation account. Genesis chapter 1 and verses 6 to 8 says that on the second day of creation God created the waters that are above the atmosphere and the waters that are beneath the atmosphere. The waters that are beneath the atmosphere would obviously be bodies of waters on the earth such as oceans and rivers the waters above the atmosphere be that would be the rotors in the clouds the clouds are not about the atmosphere plus as I’ve already said until this time it had never rained. Had the letters been in the clouds it would have probably been raining.

There are no waters above the atmosphere today, so where are they? They are still here on the earth. Those waters are why most of our planet are still flooded even today. The Bible indicates that the waters of the flood receded. It does not indicate in any way that the waters ascended.

I Genesis chapter 1 and verse 31 at the end of the sixth day God inspected his creation and declared everything to be very good in the book of Revelation is about putting everything back to the day when everything was very good and Revelation would have to address putting those global daily news rivers back where they came from and in fact it does if you are willing to empty your mind of every satanic church teaching that you have ever heard and read the book of Revelation for your self with a clear head

relation chapter 16 and verse 20 the Bible says that after the final lunar eclipse the final trumpet the opening of the final seal in the pouring out of the final battle of Jehovah’s wrath of the mountains and islands will go out of existence geologists save the mountains were created by some kind of cataclysmic upheaval that occurred in the distant past none point to the flood often speak a phenomenon that contradict the flood that they will write about there having been some cataclysmic upheaval in the plan would certainly fit that description it just seems logical to me that if directors were to slowly receive over the course of the year that Noah and his family spent the New York and something had to be pushed up to make a space for the flood rotors to recede down as for the islands growing array there is no doubt that removing the flood waters would have that effect Revelation goes into much greater detail than just saying that the islands and mountains went away

throughout the Bible the earth is always said to be referred to the throne of God the Bible has the earth and God’s stools about God’s throne also told about the earth that Revelation chapter from her and verse six we are told that something called the sea of glasses before Jehovah was strong so where is the earth

that the Scripture is about the appearance of the earth after God makes things that and Jesus is installed as ruler of God’s kingdom the earth in the Scripture would be just as it had been on the day that God said that everything was very good if we look at the original preclusion of the Scripture we can see quite easily that the translation of the word C is correct and obvious this word is used throughout the Old Testament to mean sea

is translated glasses sometimes translated as crystal the reason is that the original word actually just means something and transparent so some translators choose to use the word glass while others use the word crystal a better translation might be the sea ice

is in fact the coldest spot on earth is the mesosphere the temperatures in the mesosphere very from -122-150°F that is very cold certainly close enough to turn those returning collaborators to ice

the earth was still there before Jehovah strong just as it had always been only now is atmosphere is placed in a sea ice also known as the rivers above the expanse also known as the window that heavens

prior to the fracturing of the city of ice that about the flood this planet would have experienced a true greenhouse effect no place on the earth would be as cold as our polar regions are today in the arid regions of our planet wouldn’t be so inhospitable either

members of the evolutionism faith say that the seemingly instantaneous freezing of prehistoric beasts with halfway choose green grass in their mouths proves that the Ice Age is an indisputable fact I would counter that with the fact that a mile thick pile of crushed -100°F ice falling on them from the upper atmosphere could possibly produce quite similar results I’m just saying

that was started on the 17th day of the second month weatherwise the flood would’ve started in a timeframe similar to what we experience around 8 November and would have continued all the way to what we would consider to be around 20 January if you’re trying to do the math don’t forget to factor in that Noah lived prior to the introduction of leap days leap months and leap years

I take 30 days for all of this ice to come down I have no idea but according to the Bible it didn’t come down all at once however coming down in the dead of winter probably would’ve allowed quite a bit of advice to reach the earth in a frozen state at least in the northern hemisphere is getting goosebumps from what you just heard just know that we still haven’t gotten to the good part yet

licensee of ice is restored and the planet goes back to perfection rainbows will no longer be found in the clouds we still get to see the effects that classes are rainbow in the heavens right now the sea of glass is in fair but the atmosphere is when sunlight hits the earth and doesn’t just come to a stop the earth’s atmosphere actually has the ability to diffuse light which means that even though the earth cast a shadow on the moon most of that shadow was filled with diffused light. This has the effect of making the moon appear red some people call this effect of black men

during a solar eclipse when the moon cast its shadow on the earth this doesn’t happen because unlike the earth the moon has no atmosphere the moon’s surface is surrounded by a vacuum once in case b

y the senior vice hemisphere will no longer diffuse light but instead will act as a prism and refract light in the same way that water droplets in a cloud cause rainbows the sea of glass will also cause a rainbow this is not my opinion this is straight from the Bible

every 30 days the moon will be dominated by a different color and not some dull red white and black but vibrant red or green or purple every color of each of the foundation stones in God’s belief system known as heavenly Jerusalem

Jerusalem comes from a word meaning peace the belief system that will be replacing is known as Babylon the great Babylon comes from a word meaning confusion Paul was referring to this change when he said that Jehovah is not a God of confusion but of peace

in Revelation chapter 4 verses one through seven God’s throne is described we are told that before God’s throne is the seat of ice and emanating out from the city of ice is a rainbow in this vision of the new heavens and new earth we are being shown that God’s rainbow that had been relocated to the earth for thousands of years is to be restored right back where it came from those resurrected will never see another rainbow in the clouds again with the ever changing colors of the moon will more than make up for that loss

soon to take place mighty act of God is not something that the demons that now rule our world could ever hope to achieve their powers are limited as all the powers of the political and religious leaders that do their bidding for Jehovah’s power is not that is why in the Bible he is the only God that is ever called and mighty God in fact when this event takes place the demons will already be out of the picture along with the civilization that they created and ran for so many centuries

unlike Satan’s paper-based hierarchal religion of consumerism complete with paper calendar God’s kingdom by natural wall and under that kingdom time will be by the celestial bodies like the thousands of volumes of rules put in place by civilizations governments and religions notepaper is necessary in order for God’s kingdom to function

around the throne there are 24 elders wearing white the fact that they are wearing white indicates that unlike the confused men that Satan claimed was his bride which was sometimes in the nighttime sky and sometimes in the daytime sky changing from completely it to totally dark Jehovah moon will always dominate the night

the crowns on the elders heads also attest to their domination of the night the fact that there are 24 elders shows that God will the entire planet and not just some secular nation run by wicked human rulers in the Middle East in God’s will and even Israel was given two different calendars in recognition of this fact

fall in the northern hemisphere began on the first day of the seventh month but in the southern hemisphere are seventh month would actually be there first hour northern hemisphere winter would occur during the southern hemisphere’s summer

understanding today is that the tilt of the Earth’s axis causes the changes in our seasons is not possible for us to know what will cause the changing of the colors of the moon but it is reasonable to believe that this tilt videos axis combined with other aspects of the complex relationship between the earth moon and sun will govern the changing of the colors of the moon the Bible only says that it is going to be done it does not give any details as to how

when the breastplate of the high priest was first made in Exodus chapter 28 and verse 30 says that Moses presented the aroma and from them the perfect lights Moses was the only person I could do such a thing when he came down from the mountain with the 10 Commandments determined from them was coming out of his face these lights of perfection were so bright that he had to cover his face with a veil just so that he could talk to people the rays were pure light from Jehovah when Moses stared into the breastplate of judgment light from his face passed through those transparent precious stones and shown all 12 colors of Jehovah’s rainbow onto the pure white cloth over the high priests art

later heights of perfection emanated from just above the ark of the covenant and once a year those lights would shine through that same breastplate that onto the white cloth over the heart of whoever happened to be

the high priest that year by priest would only appear before the ark of the covenant once a year on the day of atonement atonement means papering of things back to the way that they were meant to be when the priest entered the holy of holies in the light from above the heart shine through those stones by priest was engaging in a reenactment of Jehovah of making things and was recorded in Revelation 21 and verse five this event was often spoken of in the Bible as the marriage feast because it was a symbolic marriage of the sun and moon when they went back into synchronization

Just to confirm that the stones actually represents the 12 colors that will peer sequentially on the moon every month after the restoration of the sea of ice for two more stones worn by the high priest that each of the breastplate shoulder straps were stones that were not transparent. Onyx stones. Onyx is black. These two stones represented the two lunar eclipses that would occur annually back when the year was 360 days long.

What I just told you has not been revealed to any of mankind over 2000 years. I promise you when I started making videos I would not make a video unless it was to reveal a sacred secret. I hope that you recognized this without me having to tell you. Please feel free to do an Internet search to see if perhaps I got this information from one of Satan’s religions, then ask yourself why you are continuing to go to his government controledpropaganda centers for spiritual nourishment.

If you don’t want to survive, don’t listen to me 

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