Written in Stone Part 2

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be part 2 of the video I did about times and seasons a couple of days ago.

The thing that I always bring out before I even start talking, is that this bible that we’re talking about is not a book of rules about sexual content, cussing and alcohol. It is a written history of the war between God’s kingdom and Satan’s empire or if you prefer between civilization and creation. That’s what the bible is, that’s all it is. It’s not just the history of what’s happened, it’s the history of what’s going to happen in advance. 

So if that’s the history of the world recorded in the bible, then what is the secular history? Why is secular history different than bible history? Well there is a reason. Just like in our modern world where we know that there’s things that actually happen, but then what we get fed is the cover story. The network story. Whatever, I’m not even going to go into some of this conspiracy theory stuff. You know that news, real news, never matches the news that we’re fed. 

It’s the same thing with mythology. The reason we call it mythology now is because so much of it’s been uncovered as false, that they’re disassociating themselves from it. The government does not want to tell you that Apollo is real or that Ra is real or Ishtar is real or Nimrod, because they know they look stupid. But these were real people. I mean when I call them people, angels, demons, they’re people. They have emotions, they have personalities and they actually ruled the earth at one time. 

Well the Flood was brought about to humiliate them. Before the Flood the form of worship was that you would go to the temple and you would go up to Satan, go up to Eve, go up to the nephilim and bow down. Kiss their ring or whatever they had going on at that time. Give them a gift. They were there in fleshy form, but we know that sometime before the Flood Eve died. Then when the Flood came all the nephilim were wiped out and they never came back.

The demons after that never appeared to be able to materialize fleshy bodies. Don’t know why, the bible doesn’t go into any details. But that’s why all religions earth-wide are based on a trinity today. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, go back and watch my series about The All Seeing Eye, that explains it a little bit better.

After the Flood, Satan had to come out with a whole new scheme for his worshippers. With no nephilim there, all he could do was throw out some gods. There were ten of them. I’m going to tell you why there were ten. It’s based on the calendar. This entire religious scheme, dependent on being able to follow the gods throughout the year. So in January you’d worship this god, February you’d worship another god.

They’d have a festival, twelve festivals a year, but once a year was a very special festival. As we said before the year used to actually be 360 days long with twelve, 30 day months. So you could just look up at the moon, the way… You know if we look at a clock and it has no numbers on it. They have clocks like that, you go in office buildings and there is a clock with no numbers. I hate them, but really you look at it and you know what time it is. It’s 3:15 or 12:30. You can tell by looking at a clock face with no numbers, what time it is. That’s the way people in the past could look at the moon. It wasn’t marked with numbers or anything, but they could tell when it was a new moon, when it was a full moon or a quarter moon. So they knew, if not exactly what day it was, they pretty much knew close to what day it was.  You couldn’t deny a new moon or a full moon. So they would have their entire year based on this 360 day solar cycle and twelve, 30 day lunar cycle that were all matched up.

Now when God finished his creation he commanded his creation to rest. Shabbat.  Sabbath. In fact a lot of religions still observe a weekly sabbath in memorial of God’s sabbath. Which God’s sabbath is a little different. It ain’t a seven day week, where the six days are for work and one day is for rest. When he says shabbat to Adam and Eve, that meant rest forever.

The proof is in what we see around us. First day he created this, second day he created that, he got to the sixth day he created that. He said “very good, don’t touch nothing. This is very good, do not mess with my creation”. There is no evidence that god has created anything since then. You know we don’t new varieties of fish and birds and lizards any more. 

So we’re in the sabbath. But these people didn’t enter the sabbath. They started building things, cutting down trees, digging up rocks, cutting stone, melting metal. You know the vast majority of everything built in the ancient world was for worship. They had temples and I’m not just talking about the holy land. You can go to South America, China and they got temples. Almost every temple is designed with some kind of a feature that would follow the sun. There might be a big old obelisk with a point on the top and like a sun dial. As the sun would go across the sky, that obelisk would throw a shadow. That shadow sometimes during the course of the day would land on one of the statues of one of the other ten gods. You see Eve was represented by one of the months and Satan was represented by the other month.

Throughout history, every culture, it doesn’t matter if it’s ancient Egypt, Phoenia, Greece, Babylonia, Rome, they all had these ten minor gods that are in the inner circle of Satan and the mother goddess, which is Eve. You have to go back to watch the All Seeing Eye video if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. 

These statues… this feature would cast a shadow or it would be just an orifice, like a hole. You’d have this big temple with a hole in the roof and it would shine down a light onto a statue of one of the gods or it could be just one of the symbols for the gods. One that shows up a lot is the obelisk, like the washington monument. Once a year on the summer solstice it would cast a shadow on the all seeing eye, which represented Eve. That obelisk represented Satan’s sexual organ. The all seeing eye, like I say you got to go back to watch that video, represented Eve’s sexual organ. So that shadow once a year would come across there and land on that all seeing eye.

Well you could imagine, these people had no way to communicate. People in china couldn’t communicate with people in phoenicia, couldn’t come over here communicate with people in South America or North America. So no one really would have been paying close enough attention. They may have noticed that the shadow was kinda fallen across one of the other gods. Tamu’s maybe, the month of Tamu. It kinda fell across his image crooked. They never would have understand exactly how big of a deal this was until the summer solstice.

You could imagine how much affect this would have had. These people for generations had traveled to the temple, some of them hundreds of miles. They brought their gift offerings. They would get there, the priests would be wearing red costumes with white trim. The trees all the way around the temple would have been decorated. They would have hung ornaments all over the trees. They would have been singing carols.  I don’t know if I told you this or not, but the summer solstice is right around December 25th. 

So these people spent a month in preparation. Traveled, brought their whole families. Everybody, even the sick. Brought them to the temple. They’re all standing there waiting. The orchestra starts to play, blow the horns and beat the drums. They’re watching this shadow or watching this beam of light go across the courtyard. There’s the all seeing eye, Eve’s reproductive organs. The shadow coming from Satan’s reproductive organs.

They didn’t match. Nothing happened. Can you imagine planning your whole year out to watch that shadow fall across the center of the all seeing eye and nothing happened. In just one moment in time, the creator of the universe, Jehovah God, destroyed every single religion on the planet. 

This is just a very, very small part of the puzzle. In the future we’re going to explain every single prophecy in the bible with just that knowledge. The knowledge of the all seeing eye. The knowledge of the calendar. The knowledge that Jehovah stopped the calendar. The knowledge that he’s about to start it up again. The knowledge that when we look at these numbers: 12 months, 10 subordinate demons to Satan and Eve, 7 days a week.

If you look at Revelation. The book of Revelation, the entire book of Revelation is like a slap in Satan’s face. It goes through and it completely destroys his entire worship system and makes fun of it. Then it introduces God’s worship system and God’s real calendar. That’s what we’re going to talk about next.

If you don’t want to survive, then don’t listen to me. 

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