Written In Stone Part 3 The Song of Songs

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive, but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be part 3 in our series about Written In Stone. It’s about the calendar and how the entire earth at one time professed that the year was 360 days long and then every civilization around the planet, all of a sudden, out of the blue, changed  their calendars from 360 days to 365 and what the bible says about this change, why it happened and when it happened.

Yesterday’s video was a description of a satanic ritual that archeologists, people who study history, know actually took place. Where they would have a temple and this temple would have some kind of architecture feature that caused a shadow to fall across different statues and images throughout the year. Each one of the images would represent one of the ten subordinate kings to satan and it would also represent satan himself, as well as his bride. Scripturally we know that satan’s bride ended up being Eve, but on an even bigger scale, the demons themselves all had brides, they were all human females and this could represent that entire system that existed back then. 

The reason this is so important is I tell you that you can understand the Bible for yourself. You don’t need someone to tell you what’s in the Bible, but you have to understand some key, very important things that have happened through history that are recorded in the Bible, that are the key to understanding the rest of the Bible. This is one of those things that the churches hide from us. If you go to church and ask them what is the Song of Solomon about, they will tell you some kind of esoteric foolishness about how that represents the relationship between god in the flesh and his elect. 

This is why I’m always emphasising you have got to get out of church. 

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