Written In Stone Part 4 Gold on the Plains of Dura

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be the next part in our series about the calendar called Written in Stone.

Today we’re going to start talking about the plains of Dura. We’re not going to be able to cover everything, because the incident at the plains of Dura is all about the calendar. It’s all about destroying satan’s worship system and teaching the nation, or us as a people actually, a lesson. 

The entire account is about Nebuchadnezzar going into israel, conquering it and bringing back the people as well as their god. Not the god they were supposed to be worshiping, but their true God. He brings them out onto the plains of Dura. Now the reason that this is such a big event is because in the entire history of the earth, for three thousand years, kings have been trying to conquer the Promised Land with no success. In fact the Promised Land is often called the Decoration of Kings, because it’s the thing that every king wants to put on his mantle. 

So having done this Nebuchadnezzar is extremely proud of himself and he wants to force the israelites to worship his god by using their god. So he goes out into the plains of Dura and he starts to stack the israelite’s god into a pile. Now the god I’m talking is gold, a lot of gold, bricks of gold. Where did this gold come from? I guess that’s the question we have to answer to make this story make any sense. 

The bible tells us that Solomon, who was the king and who the Song of Solomon was about, is demanding every year that 666 talons of gold be paid to him. The key phrase here is every year. So every year of his reign they bring him 666 talons of gold and that’s the gold that Nebuchadnezzar is having stacked up out on what we call the plains of Dura. 


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