Written In Stone Part 5 Integrity in the face of the Trinity

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be another part in our series about Written in Stone, the calendar changing from 360 days to 365 days, what the bible says about it and what secular history says about it. We’re mixing the two together today. We’re going to finish up our story about the gold on the plains of Dura.

Now if you haven’t watched the other previous parts, you need to go back and look at that, otherwise you’re going to be completely lost. We’ve already discussed how Nebuchadnezzar has brought the people from Israel into captivity. He’s taken control of Israel, the land and he’s brought back all of that gold that Solomon stockpiled when he should have been resting. He’s built this huge image and basically that’s all the bible called it, is a huge image. It describe it and it appears to be similar to other things that were built around that time known as obelisks. 

So we’re out here on the plains of Dura at this huge gold obelisk and it has been setup as a sundial. As we said earlier sundials were not used for telling the time, they were used for telling you what days to worship which gods. As that shadow would fall across different areas in the courtyard it would indicate which gods’ feast day it was. The gods, there were twelve of them and it didn’t matter you were an egyptian, assyrian, phoenician, greek, roman, babylonian, medo-persian, they all had twelve gods and they all had this way of worshiping the gods that included setting up some kind of a pointer, so that a shadow from that pointer could fall across some gods. 

Now this story is going to be about three hebrew, young men named Mishael, Hananiah and Azariah. Now all the time I’m telling you if you’re going to learn anything about the bible, you need to get out of church. At the very least you need to get church out of your head, because as long as you’re trying to mix truth with church teachings you’re not going to get anywhere. You have to have a clear mind, a so called open mind, to understand the things I’m about to tell you. 

Now you’re going to tell me, that I’m

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