Written In Stone Part 7 Sabbath Math

Hello and welcome to another video from the only channel that you need to not only survive the current apocalypse, but actually enjoy it. Today’s video is going to be the next one in our video series Written In Stone, about the changes that took place in calendars spread all across the globe and cultures worldwide, about 2700 years ago from 360 day years to 365 day years. 

Now about the same time 2700 years ago, the prophet Daniel recorded in the Bible, in his book and you can see this today: Daniel 2:21 where it says “God is changing months and years”. So what daniel was doing was he was attributing the change in the calendar to an act of God. So we’re going to take a little bit more deeper look at some evidence that this actually happened just using basic math. 

Now before we start I want to address something that seems to come up quite a bit. In every one of these videos, someone says “what is the big deal with changing some numbers on a piece of paper”. Well that’s not at all what happened here. Our year, as it exists on paper, describes how the actual year works for us. In other words, the passing of all four seasons. So from the middle of winter to the middle of winter, it’s 365 days now, but what I’m saying is that at one time it was 360 days. If those people had a 365 year and a 360 day calendar, they would have ended up after just a short amount of years they would have ended up celebrating winter in the middle of summer. To an agrarian society that’s suicide. 

Just so that we can all have a basic understanding how this works, I’m going to just demonstrate. Say this is the earth. Through the earth is an axis and the earth spins on that axis. When the earth is straight up and down facing the sun, that’s called a vernal equinox. When the earth is leaning, that’s called the solstice. For the southern hemisphere, if it’s leaning this way, they’re experience summer, because they’re closer to the sun. While we up here on the northern hemisphere would be experiencing winter. Over the course of time,  you would be facing the other direction. 

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